Martial Peak

Chapter 1158 - Hot-Headed Ge Xiong

Chapter 1158, Hot-Headed Ge Xiong

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As Yang Kai’s expectations soared upwards, atop the auction stage, the beautiful female auctioneer began the bidding for the first Origin Grade Low-Rank artefact.

Because the Flowing Flame Sand Field was about to open, and due to the scarcity of Origin Grade artefacts, even if Treasure Trove Pavilion had brought out twelve artefacts for this auction, the enthusiasm of the masters in the private rooms did not fade; if anything, it was even higher than normal.

There was no doubt all twelve of these Origin Grade Low-Rank artefacts would be sold at high prices.

Yang Kai heard Thunder Typhoon Sect’s Fang Tian Zhong call out a high bid, soon followed by Heaven Battling Union’s Qu Chang Feng. He also heard the silver bell-like voice of Coloured Glass Sect’s Yin Su Die. All these young geniuses seemed to be scrambling to acquire these Origin Grade Low-Rank artefacts to enhance their strength in preparation to enter the Flowing Flame Sand Field.

The starting price of one hundred thousand Saint Crystal’s for the first Origin Grade Low-Rank artefact quickly rose to six hundred thousand and showed no signs of slowing down.

Yang Kai realized as he listened that he had still been underestimating the purchasing power of these great forces as well as the preciousness of Origin Grade artefact on Shadowed Star. He had thought that since Saint King Grade High-Rank artefact sold for between thirty and fifty thousand Saint Crystals, an Origin Grade Low-Rank should sell for around two or three hundred thousand.

But this was not the case at all.

Although Origin Grade Low-Rank and Saint King Grade High-Rank were only separated by a single rank, their prices of each differed immensely.

But after thinking about it, Yang Kai soon understood. These great forces did not lack wealthy as years of accumulation had given them huge reserves of Saint Crystals. What they lacked was the opportunities to purchase good treasures, so once such items did appear, they wouldn’t hesitate to spend more Saint Crystals to acquire them.

Origin Grade Low-Rank artefact were such treasures. On Shadowed Star, the highest level of artefact Refiner was Origin Grade Low-Rank, but not all of them could successfully refine every artefact they attempted to make like Yang Yan.

Like in Alchemy, Artefact Refining also carried with it a great chance failure, and once an artefact was damaged during the refinement process, not only could it not be completed, even the raw materials would be lost.

The probability of destroying the raw materials was quite high, naturally causing the prices of Origin Grade artefacts to rise dramatically.

The first Origin Grade Low-Rank artefact quickly broke through the million Saint Crystal mark and although the number of bidders had gradually decreased, many people were still continuing to increase the price.

Yang Kai very much wanted to see how much this artefact would sell for, but suddenly, his expression changed and he whispered to Yang Yan and Wu Yi, “I’m going out for a bit, I’ll be back soon.”

The two women gave him a stunned glance but didn’t ask any questions, simply nodding while seeing him off.

Yang Kai quickly left private room C-13 and walked straight out of Treasure Trove Pavilion. He lingered around the Treasure Trove Pavilion for a while before diving into the crowd and disappearing.

Although he had been paying attention to the progress of the auction, Yang Kai had not relaxed his observation of the cultivator who had bought the ancient map fragment earlier. The appearance of the twelve Original Grade artefacts had raised the tension in the auction hall greatly, and when everyone’s attention had been drawn to the twelve Origin Grade artefacts, the First Order Saint King cultivator who bought the map fragment actually tried to sneak out.

Obviously he thought it was a good opportunity to escape unnoticed!

Before, when this man had unhesitantly spent a hundred thousand Saint Crystals to snatch up this ancient map fragment, he had attracted many people’s attention, so he was now trying to get away while most people were distracted.

However, it was now too late for any of that. A cultivator like him should never have tried to win this map fragment.

Yang Kai’s Divine Sense was comparable to that of an Origin Returning Realm master, so it was naturally quite easy for him to monitor this man. Moreover, Yang Kai had found that many others had the same plan as him as, after he left Treasure Trove Pavilion, a number of others also quietly exited, all of them trailing behind the new owner of the map fragment.

Yang Kai was struck speechless for a while. He had thought that not many people would be paying such close attention to this cultivator besides him, but now it appeared the exact opposite was true.

The great forces behind these people obviously thought that this First-Order Saint King had more than one piece of this ancient map, and once they were able to acquire them, they might be able to uncover some useful clues.

Yang Kai’s face went black. Although he no longer had any good way to grab this map fragment, it was impossible for him to simply give up just like that; after all, Yang Yan definitely had another piece of this ancient map, so for the time being, he decided to take one step at a time, staring by tailing this man out of Heavenly Fate City.

Although the owner of the map fragment deliberately concealed his aura and tried his best to be mindful of his surroundings, how was a mere First Order Saint King supposed to escape the eyes of so many experts?

After less than an incense stick worth of time, this man left Heavenly Fate City with a series of silhouettes following close behind.

Yang Kai was the furthest back of this group, and although many people’s Divine Senses had already found him, including some belonging to Origin Returning Realm masters, no one paid a minor character like Yang Kai any mind.

Fifty kilometres west of Heavenly Fate City.

A desolate clearing with some small rocky outcroppings standing at the edge of a chaotic, messy stone forest. It was definitely a good place to rob and kill someone.

Ge Xiong had long ago noticed that some people were following him, but even if he knew this, he had no way to get rid of them as he clearly knew why they had him in their sights.

His legs were shaking and his face was pale, wishing he could slap himself a few times.

For the Treasure Trove Pavilion auction in Heavenly Fate City this time, he had managed to buy an admission ticket from his friend and brought along all the Saint Crystal he had accumulated over the years, hoping to buy something good to improve his strength.

But instead of buying something that could immediately bring him benefits, in a fit of what must have been insanity, he had actually bought this map fragment for an absurd hundred thousand Saint Crystals.

That wasn’t just all of his savings, but also the savings of several generations of his family.

If he was given another chance, Ge Xiong swore he would never have waded into these muddy waters. Whoever wanted this ancient map fragment could buy it, as long as it wasn’t him.

Unfortunately for him, it was too late to regret it now, and as he continued flying forward, Ge Xiong could feel the countless cold stares piercing his back.

He didn’t even dare to summon his Star Shuttle for he was certain the moment he did that, he would be greeted by a storm of attacks.

Looking at the messy stone forest roughly ten kilometres in front of him, Ge Xiong came to a halt, not daring to go any further, for if he did, he would definitely die!

A cold wind blew past him, causing Ge Xiong’s shirt which was filled with sweat to flap wildly. Unable to bear the stress any longer, Ge Xiong collapsed to the ground, knelt down and shouted loudly, “Seniors, please spare this Junior’s life! This Junior should never have bought this map fragment! I just broke through to the Saint King Realm, I don’t want to die!”

The wind’s howled slightly, carrying the sound of Ge Xiong’s wailing, causing this deserted place to seem even eerier.

There was no movement from anywhere, but Ge Xiong knew that these people weren’t afraid of him, but rather each other!

Truly unable to withstand his own anxiety any longer, Ge Xiong took out the map fragment from his Space Ring, held it up high, and along with the wind continued to shout, “The map fragment is here, if several Seniors want it, please take it, just spare this insignificant Junior’s life!

Although no one appeared, Ge Xiong noticed an invisible pressure well up from all directions, as if a dozen great hands stretched out towards this map fragment but in the next moment drew back.

Ge Xiong continued crying and begging for mercy, a short time later shouting once more, “Seniors, I’ll leave the map fragment here, whoever wants to take it may do so freely. May this Junior withdraw now?”

Still, no one answered.

Ge Xiong shouted the same request three times before speaking as if trying to deceive himself, “Since Seniors have no objection, this Junior will take his leave.”

Saying so, he set the ancient map fragment down on the ground, placing a stone on top of it to ensure it didn’t blow away, then slowly stood up.

As soon as this man turned around though, he saw a young man standing behind him, scaring Ge Xiong so greatly he collapsed to his knees again. This young man wore a powerful artefact Armour and at first glance was clearly not an ordinary person. What surprised Ge Xiong the most wasn’t this youth though, but the two masters who wore grim expressions standing behind him. From the aura these two revealed, it was easy to infer that they were both Origin Realm Masters.

”Do you think this place is the same as an auction? You shout three times and everything is settled?” The young man sneered.

Ge Xiong quickly waved his hand, “I dare not! I’ve shown this Young Master something disgraceful, but no matter how long I shouted here, no one here bothers with me. Young Master, I’ve left the map fragment here, if you want it, please take it, I only ask you not to kill me!”

“You’re not qualified to bargain with me!” The young man remained unmoved, motioning to the master behind him to pick up the map fragment.

He didn’t want to come out so early, because there were at least thirty people here waiting to pounce, but seeing this timid Saint King Realm cultivator try to leave, this Young Master couldn’t restrain himself any longer and stepped forward.

One of the Origin Returning Realm masters behind this young man lifted his hand and drew the map fragment over towards him, opening it and inspecting it for a moment before nodding, “It is the one that appeared at the auction.”

Saying so, he handed the map fragment to the young man.

The young man took it and tossed it into his Space Ring before turning to stare at Ge Xiong and demanding, “Show me your Space Ring!”

“Ah?” Ge Xiong hesitated for a moment. Apparently this was his first time being robbed, but even though he was unwilling, he didn’t dare to resist, obediently removing his Space Ring and handing it to the young man.

The young man used his Divine Sense to sweep the inside of the Space Ring, his face immediately becoming gloomy afterwards as he questioned angrily, “You don’t have any other map fragments?”

“I never said I did…” Ge Xiong replied weakly.

“Bastard!” The young man was furious and viciously kicked Ge Xiong’s stomach, grinding his teeth as he shouted, “If you didn’t have any other fragments of this map, why did you bid on it?”

“Didn’t that beautiful woman say this map fragment led to amazing wealth, powerful Secret Arts and high-grade artefacts?” Ge Xiong asked in an aggrieved voice. It was only because he had listed to the beautiful female auctioneer’s words that he had gotten all riled up and spent a hundred thousand Saint Crystals to win this map fragment.

“Since she said it, you believed it?” The young man’s face sank even further as he shouted, “Did you think you’d be able to find any clues with just this tiny piece of a map?”

Ge Xiong nodded awkwardly, as though it was a given he would.

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