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Chapter 1162 - Terrifying Bidding

Chapter 1162, Terrifying Bidding

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The Dragon Striker Whip’s auction has been relatively calm so far, and although the price was indeed rising, everyone’s bid had been incremental and sensible.

But Yang Kai had actually sent out a bid of 6 million, a million more than Yin Su Die’s previous offer!

The audience went into an uproar again.

Atop the auction stage, the beautiful woman who had previously been hosting the auction shot a questioning glance towards Old Yan Pei. She thought that this was all arranged by this Old Black Face, but a reckless bid wasn’t very professional and would easily draw suspicion.

However, Yan Pei actually shook his head slightly, indicating that the bidder he had arranged was not in that private room, causing the beautiful woman a certain degree of surprise.

In room C-13, when Yang Kai shouted the sky high price of 6 million Saint Crystals, Wu Yi and Yang Yan both covered their mouths and stared at him in shock, wondering what he was trying to do.

That was six million Saint Crystals; if this bid were to win the Dragon Striker Whip, wouldn’t there be no place for them to cry?

Yang Kai simply showed a look of absolute confidence.

He firmly believed that the price of the Dragon Striker Whip would be higher than 6 million!

After participating in this auction, Yang Kai had gained a general understanding of the values of artefacts of different grades, and this estimation of his was very different from his initial expectations. Originally he had thought that an Origin Grade Low-Rank artefact could sell for between 2 and 3 hundred thousand, while a Mid-Rank artefact would sell for around one million. But the twin daggers refined by Yang Yan had actually sold for the shocking price of 2.1 million Saint Crystals.

The Dragon Striker Whip was a genuine Origin Grade Mid-Rank artefact, so how could it sell for just a few million Saint Crystals? 10 million was far more likely.

If it weren’t for Qu Chang Feng’s previous remarks, this Dragon Striker Whip would surely have countless people bidding for it and the price would have already soared the Heavens. But because of Qu Chang Feng’s veiled threats, very few people were willing to bid for fear of offending him and Yin Su Die of Coloured Glass Sect.

Yang Kai didn’t have the slightest good impression of Qu Chang Feng, and he has no friendship with Yin Su Die, so naturally he wouldn’t allow his items to be sold at such a low price. Since no one was willing to bid, he just had to raise the price himself. At worst he would rather buy back the Dragon Striker Whip than let others take advantage of it.

“Hmph, this friend seems to like showing off, but can you even take out 6 million Saint Crystals?” The cold voice of Qu Chang Feng called out from his private room, obviously thinking Yang Kai didn’t have that many Saint Crystals.

“What business of yours is it if he can take out that many Saint Crystals or not? If he can’t, Treasure Trove Pavilion will handle him. If you want to bid, just bid, quit spouting nonsense,” Fang Tian Zhong said.

“Brother Fang, what business of yours is this? Do you just want to run your mouth?” Qu Chang Feng’s voice became even colder. Normally he and Fang Tian Zhong would trade taunts back and forth, but at this time he was feeling like his face was being spit at, driving Qu Chang Feng to the limits of his patience.

“I just can’t get used to some people putting on airs.”

“Two Juniors, mind what you say. If you dare to show improper decorum again, you will be expelled from Treasure Trove Pavilion and never allowed to participate in our auctions again!” Yan Pei coldly snorted.

With Old Yan Pe’s word, they dared not go overboard again. Qu Chang Feng and Fang Tian Zhong both admitted their wrong and apologizing immediately.

Yan Pei nodded lightly before saying in a strong voice, “The guest from room C-13 bids 6 million Saint Crystals, is there any higher offer?”

“6.5 million!” Qu Chang Feng immediately increased the price.

Before Yang Kai could open his mouth, Fang Tian Zhong’s voice came out, “7 million!”

Not waiting for Qu Chang Feng to bid again, Yang Kai ruthlessly called, “8 million!”

“Hahaha! I can’t let you younglings take all the fame! This old master will bid 8.5 million!” Qian Tong laughed and shouted.

Yang Kai gawked, but after thinking about it for a moment, he smiled slightly, lifted his cup of tea, and sipped it gently before turning to Wu Yi and Yang Yan and saying, “It’s just about over, get ready to collect our money.”

Qian Tong had already bid 8.5 million, but that wasn’t because he was intending to win this item but rather because he wanted to direct the audience’s attention and ire towards himself, which was why he had immediately increased the price after Yang Kai.

Qian Tong’s thoughts were quite sharp, earning him Yang Kai’s appreciation.

In the private room of Shadow Moon Hall, Wei Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er looked at Qian Tong in puzzlement, both of them wondering why their Elder had suddenly decided to participate in this auction again; however, neither of them asked anything, figuring Qian Tong had his reasons.

The Dragon Striker Whip’s auction had turned out quite dramatic. Almost from the start, this Origin Grade Mid-Rank artefact had very few willing to bid on it, the entire hall falling silent a number of times, but no one could have imagined that in the last possible moment the price had soared upwards. After Qian Tong’s bid of 8.5 million, Yin Su Die immediately followed up with a 9 million Saint Crystal bid which ended up being the final selling price.

Although the Dragon Striker Whip didn’t end up reaching 10 million, such a price was still enough to thrill and amaze most people.

9 million Saint Crystals, just how many great forces on all of Shadowed Star could take out such an amount?

In private room C-13, Wu Yi and Yang Yan both stared wide eyed with faces flushed red with excitement, their hands clasped tightly together as they directed looks of pure admiration towards Yang Kai.

If it weren’t for Yang Kai’s intervention a moment ago, the Dragon Striker Whip could likely have sold for just 5 million, yet now it sold for nearly twice as much.

Counting the profits from the Origin Condensing Pill and twin daggers earlier, this time, the three of them had reaped a huge harvest.

Obtaining more than ten million High-Rank Saint Crystals so easily was something they had never before imagined, and Wu Yi and Yang Yan even began to wonder if they were dreaming right now.

“You think that 10 million is a lot?” Yang Kai chuckled.

“Isn’t ten million a lot?” Wu Yi was stunned, “How much do you want?”

“Just watch, something more terrifying is about to appear,” Yang Kai took another sip of his tea as he stared at the platform slightly excitedly. He could already vaguely tell that the true last item would sell for more than the Dragon Striker Whip. Although he didn’t know what price it would fetch in the end, since Treasure Trove Pavilion decided to put it up for auction after the Dragon Striker Whip, Yang Kai didn’t doubt its value was higher.

Atop the platform, Yan Pei lightly coughed before announcing, “The last item of the auction will be present now…”

As he spoke, the beautiful female auctioneer personally held a jade plate and walked over to Yan Pei. Everyone could clearly see the tender body of this woman trembling as she held this item.

This scene made the masters in the private rooms curious. This beautiful woman was an auctioneer of Treasure Trove Pavilion so she wasn’t someone ignorant of the world. On the contrary, she should be used to handling rare and precious items, so just what kind of treasure could make her so excited that even the smile on her pretty face had become a bit tight.

“Please see for yourselves!” Yan Pei lifted the red cloth covering the jade plate and the last auction item immediately appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

It was a transparent bottle, made from neither gold nor jade. It wasn’t clear what material this bottle was made from, but it was obviously quite valuable in and of itself; however, it was not the bottle which attracted everyone’s attention, but the pill which was quietly laying inside it!

This pill was perfectly round with a smooth surface filled with clearly visible lines which crisscrossed over each other, just like the human meridians.

“Pill Veins!”

“An Origin Condensing Pill that formed Pill Veins!”

Countless shouts rang out from all directions, and from many of the private rooms the sound of shattering chairs, overturned tables, and broken tea cups resounded…

At this moment, the representatives of Shadowed Star’s great forces could no longer retain their calm. Each of these figures was normally so calm and stalwart that even if a mountain collapsed in front of them, they wouldn’t bat an eye, but now they were all behaving like country bumpkins who had never seen the world, all of them displaying disgraceful and frantic performances.

The cultivators in the auction hall were all thrown into an uproar.

The Origin Condensing Pill that had been sold at the mid-point of the auction had been won by Jiang Huai An, one of the Temple Masters of Sea Temple, for a price of one million ten thousand Saint Crystals, so now that another Origin Condensing Pill had appeared, everyone could naturally recognize it.

However, this Origin Condensing Pill was obviously different from the previous one; it was an Origin Condensing Pill that formed Pill Veins!

The Origin Condensing Pill was a Saint King Grade High-Rank pill, but refining it was extremely difficult and generally required an Origin Grade Low-Rank Alchemist to act. But an Origin Condensing Pill with Pill Veins wasn’t necessarily even able to be refined by an Origin King Grade Alchemist.

Yet at this moment, such a pill had actually appeared on the auction stage!

*Shua Shua Shua…*

Suddenly, a group of people flew out, their auras surging as their eyes swept over the crowd fiercely. These people were all Origin Returning Realm masters of Treasure Trove Pavilion, and after they appeared, they formed a water-tight circle around the Origin Condensing Pill, the solemn expressions on their faces saying they would kill anyone who dared to approach. The thick murderous intent emanating from these masters caused all the clamouring in the auction hall to immediately cease.

Seeing this scene, the representatives of the great forces in their private rooms gradually calmed down and slowly took their seats; however, their faces were still filled with shock and determination flashed across their eyes.

They finally understood why Yan Pei had leaked out a message for them to raise more Saint Crystals.

It turned out that the real finale was not the Dragon Striker Whip, but this Origin Condensing Pill with Pill Veins. This pill was absolutely worth them losing everything in order to win.

Yan Pei observed his surroundings silently, and after everyone had finally calmed down and the noisy auction hall fell silent, he proudly declared, “Have you all seen clearly now? Good, since that is the case, let’s not waste time. The starting price for this Origin Condensing Pill is 5 million, each new bid must increase the price by at least 5 hundred thousand!”

Yan Pei’s words had barely ended before numerous calls were made from all over, the intensity of the bidding far outstripping any previous auction.

Moreover, everyone who made a bid did so with great vigor.

The representatives of all the great forces were personally participating in this auction.

There were far too many bids all at once, as almost every private room was calling out, but Yan Pei didn’t pay this any mind, simply directing his attention towards the one who made the highest offer.

6 million, 8 million, 10 million, 15 million, 20 million…

After less than ten breaths of time, this Origin Condensing Pill’s price had risen to 30 million, and the bidding was not slowing down in the slightest; in fact, the competition was becoming even fiercer, with every successive bid adding millions more to the last.

Yan Pei didn’t even need to say anything, or deliberately try to heat up the atmosphere, he simply needed sweep his eyes around and others would automatically increase the price.

35 million, 40 million… the price soared upwards with unstoppably momentum, reaching 50 million, then 60 million…

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