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Chapter 1145 - Qian Tong’s Show of Goodwill

Chapter 1145, Qian Tong’s Show of Goodwill

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Yang Kai had used a drop of Golden Blood, but thanks to their Shis, he was only able to cut off one of their arms and one of their legs; this poor return on investment filled him with annoyance.

A drop of Golden Blood was equivalent to three months of dedicated cultivation, not something he could casually waste.

Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother shouldn’t have much fighting strength at this moment, to the point where any Saint Realm cultivator could easily kill them, but with Qian Tong here, it was naturally impossible for Yang Kai to kill them as, regardless of the circumstances, they all belonged to Shadow Moon Hall.

Shooting Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother a glance laced with regret, Yang Kai walked towards Qian Tong.

“Nephew Yang, this old man is ashamed he arrived late and allowed you to experience something frightening,” Qian Tong welcomed him and said with a look of fear.

While speaking, he was quietly glancing over towards the cave, worried the Origin Grade Artefact Refiner behind Yang Kai would be dissatisfied with his attitude. Qian Tong was extremely annoyed with himself right now, he had tried so many ways to forge a friendly relationship between Yang Kai and Shadow Moon Hall, but this waste, Xie Hong Wen had actually ruined all his previous efforts.

Fortunately, Yang Kai didn’t seem to have suffered any mortal wounds or even too serious injuries. On top of that, the Origin Grade Artifact Refiner behind him had still yet to show themselves, allowing Qian Tong to slightly relax. If the Artifact Refining Grandmaster really became angry with Shadow Moon Hall, he would surely appear personally to speak, but since he hadn’t shown up yet, it was obvious he was incredibly confident in Yang Kai’s ability to handle this situation.

This all only made Qian Tong more certain of his previous conjectures and caused him to act with greater prudence.

It wasn’t surprising that Qian Tong couldn’t see through the truth of this matter though, Yang Yan’s existence was simply too unbelievable. Qian Tong would never be able to imagine that she was the Origin Grade Artifact Refiner he wanted to win over.

“Elder Qian is too serious, Junior wasn’t affected in any major way,” Yang Kai cupped his fists and replied. Qian Tong gave him a good impression, so even if he was showing goodwill with some selfish intentions, that was simply the way of the world. Qian Tong hadn’t plotted against him or used dishonest means to entrap him, and since Yang Kai had to establish a presence on Shadowed Star, forging a friendship with this Shadow Moon Hall Elder wasn’t a bad idea. As such, Yang Kai lowered his posture greatly and assumed the stance of a Junior in front of him, allowing Qian Tong’s heart to calm down further.

“Good, very good,” Qian Tong nodded.

“I’ll return Elder Qian’s Wild Rose Pill back; Junior has some healing pills on him already so I temporarily have no need of it. Elder Qian’s intentions are enough,” Yang Kai said before handing back the Wild Rose Pill.

Qian Tong’s eyes flashed and he immediately understood that Yang Kai was unwilling to owe him a favour, so he didn’t press the issue, retrieving the Wild Rose Pill with a big laugh. In Qian Tong’s opinion, Yang Kai had an Artifact Refining Grandmaster behind him, so he obviously wouldn’t lack good things. How could he care about a trivial healing pill?

“Nephew Yang, I have already settled the issue of the Xu Family, Luo Qing will handle the matter in a way that will surely satisfy you. As for the Hai Ke Family, seeing how they seem to have some relationship with you, I’ll let Nephew Yang deal with them personally,” Qian Tong was an old fox so he naturally knew how to handle such situations. He hadn’t acted too forcefully just now because he had seen many cultivators of the Hai Ke Family standing beside Yang Kai. While he didn’t recognize most of them, Qian Tong had some slight impressions of Wu Yi as she was one of the best disciples of the Hai Ke Family.

Yang Kai nodded to express his thanks before glancing over at Yi En, the latter going pale and unsteadily walked forward and bowed, “My family and I had eyes but failed to see. When Your Excellency arrived, not only did my Hai Ke Family fail to show hospitality, but also committed several serious offences, I request Your Excellency mete out an appropriate punishment!”

Yang Kai coldly snorted, thinking this Yi En was only harming himself by trying to act clever. If he had apologized sincerely and begged for mercy, out of consideration for Wu Yi and her follower’s faces, Yang Kai may have not tried to hold him accountable, but Yi En claiming he had failed to show hospitality was obviously him implying that Yang Kai was a guest on Dragon Cave Mountain while the Hai Ke Family was his host, and a guest embarrassing the host in his home was never appropriate.

Qian Tong could also read the hidden meaning of this old man’s words and couldn’t help sneering before closing his eyes, apparently disinterested in watching this cheep performance.

“Although your Hai Ke Family never acted directly against me, those who dare to threaten and annoy me are not worthy of me showing mercy,” Yang Kai looked at Yi En coldly, causing the latter’s knees to weaken and nearly give out.

“However…” Yang Kai continued, “Your lives mean nothing to me either way, so if you want to survive, ask Wu Yi yourself.”

Yi En gawked for a moment before a surge of joy welled up inside him as he kneeled down and kowtowed, “Many thanks, Your Excellency, for sparing our lives!”

Yi En immediately understood that the Hai Ke Family would not perish today as no one knew Wu Yi’s temperament better than him. As long as he asked, Wu Yi would definitely not kill them; after all, she still had attachments to the family.

“Go away!” Yang Kai shouted impatiently.

“Yes yes yes!” Yi En quickly got up and walked over to Wu Yi’s side, trying to come up with the best way to speak to her.

“Nephew Yang’s forgiving heart is admirable! En, if it was this Elder, he would directly kill them all, death ends all troubles,” Qian Tong commented.

Yang Kai smiled slightly but didn’t say anymore.

It was impossible for him to really kill Yi En in front of Wu Yi. If it was during a battle, then that was another story, but with Yi En not able to put up any resistance, killing him became unimportant. No matter how clever Yi En tried to be, with his current strength, Yang Kai had no reason to fear him.

“Nephew Yang, how do you want to handle this little bastard? No matter what decision you make, this old master will support you unconditionally,” Qian Tong stretched out one of his hands and grabbed the swollen faced Xie Hong Wen before tossing him in front of Yang Kai.

Yang Kai stared down at Xie Hong Wen with an indifferent look.

However, Qian Tong was keenly aware that there was a thick murderous intent flashing in the depths of Yang Kai’s eyes, causing the former to feel somewhat startled. Yang Kai had not revealed any murderous intent towards Yi En just now, but facing Xie Hong Wen, it seemed he really wanted to murder him.

Xie Hong Wen dying wasn’t a big deal, but with his father being a Deacon in Shadow Moon Hall, once Yang Kai killed him, there would still be some trouble.

The subtle expression on Qian Tong’s face was not missed by Yang Kai. If Qian Tong was truly indifferent, Yang Kai wouldn’t hesitate to kill Xie Hong Wen here and now; after all, one should beat a snake to death to avoid future calamity. The performance of the Xu Family these past few days perfectly illustrated this point. But reading the meaning behind Qian Tong’s words and expressions, Yang Kai understood that killing Xie Hong Wen would cause problems even for him.

How powerful could a Deacon be though? Could he even cause problems for an Elder?

Yang Kai quickly realized that Qian Tong wasn’t afraid of Xie Hong Wen’s father, but rather the person behind Xie Hong Wen’s father, similar to how he didn’t want to become friends with Yang Kai, but the powerful Grandmaster Artifact Refiner behind him.

Understanding this, Yang Kai fell into a dilemma.

Xie Hong Wen had brought two Origin Realm masters here to cause trouble, and if not for Yang Yan’s Spirit Array, even if Yang Kai was confident he could still escape, Wu Yi and Yang Yan would have ended up in a terrible situation, this matter couldn’t just be brushed aside.

Seeing Yang Kai’s murderous intent growing stronger by the moment, as if he would strike in the next instant, Qian Tong kicked Xie Hong Wen’s stomach and sent with a rolling while cursing, “You little animal, tarnishing my Shadow Moon Hall’s face wherever you go, do you think just because your father is a Deacon you can act however you please? Do you think this old master doesn’t dare to clean up Shadow Moon Hall’s mess by killing you right now?”

Xie Hong Wen’s face changed greatly as he hurriedly crawled back, latching onto Qian Tong’s thigh and crying, “Elder Qian, please show mercy, disciple knows his wrong! Disciple won’t dare commit such acts again. After today I will certainly return to Shadow Moon Hall to enter secluded penance, please spare my life, Elder Qian!”

Qian Tong quietly glanced over at Yang Kai’s face and found that his murderous intent had not diminished at all, causing him to sigh in his heart knowing that if he couldn’t satisfy him quickly, Xie Hong Wen would definitely die, raising his voice in anger and shouting, “A mere Saint King dares to act so wantonly, thinking himself invincible in the world? It was clearly a mistake to allow you to have two Origin Realm masters as guards, it was definitely them who gave you the courage to dare oppose this old master’s words! Since that’s the case, I’ll kill those two bastards first!”

Saying so, Qian Tong raised his hand and sent out two Saint Qi blades towards Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother who were even now unable to catch their breath.

Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother had managed to escape from the clutches of death just now, and although one had lost an arm, and one had lost a leg, they were simply glad to be alive, but when Qian Tong’s words rang out, by the time they reacted, the former’s strike had already arrived in front of them.

“Elder Qian, mercy!” Hong Zhen was terrified and called out in panic, but by the time his words ended, there was a new hole in his forehead and the forehead of his Senior Brother. As their eyes quickly grew dim, the two Origin Realm masters died.

Xie Hong Wen froze up, a foul smell overflowing from the ground beneath him, his face as pale as paper.

Yang Kai was also dumbfounded.

He hadn’t expected Qian Tong to actually kill these two Origin Realm masters. From Qian Tong’s words just now, Yang Kai had at first thought he was subtly reminding him that Xie Hong Wen’s background was strong and that he should show mercy where possible. Yang Kai had also made up his mind to take a step back and extract some compensation out of Xie Hong Wen in exchange for not killing him, but in the blink of an eye, two Origin Returning Realm masters had actually been killed.

After gawking for a moment, Yang Kai became overjoyed, and quickly used the power of his Demon Eye of Annihilation to stealthily absorb the two remnant Souls into his Knowledge Sea then using the golden light to purify them.

Even after using a drop of Golden Blood and Yang Yan’s profound Spirit Array, Yang Kai had been unable to kill these two, causing him a lot of annoyance as it meant losing a great opportunity to learn about Shi, but now Qian Tong had finished them off for him.

However, Yang Kai soon understood why Qian Tong had acted so decisively. Both Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother had been crippled, so even though they hadn’t died, their futures were incredibly bleak. There was no pill in this world that could completely regenerate broken limbs. By sacrificing these two essentially worthless Origin Realm cultivators, Qian Tong could calm Yang Kai’s anger and save Xie Hong Wen.

And sure enough, after the death of Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother, the haze clouding Yang Kai’s face finally eased, allowing Qian Tong to breathe a sigh of relief. What he didn’t know was that Yang Kai’s expression had relaxed only because he was able to obtain the two remnant Souls of these Origin Realm masters, allowing him to finally learn about Shi.

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