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Chapter 1144 - There Is No More Xu Family

Chapter 1144, There Is No More Xu Family

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Yang Kai hadn’t expected that the Shi of these two Origin Realm masters would be so difficult to deal with. Although Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother had fallen into Yang Yan’s Spirit Array, that did not prevent their Shi from hindering Yang Kai’s Golden Blood powered attack.

However, this only strengthened Yang Kai’s determination to kill both of them.

Dashing after the storm of golden blades, Yang Kai condensed another Demonic Flame sword and prepared to strike.

Those outside the Spirit Array were shocked when they saw Yang Kai dive into the fog bank, but soon, they heard the screams of Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother and immediately after, a powerful energy fluctuation burst forth, sending a figure flying out from inside the fog.

The one who had been thrown out was, of course, Yang Kai. Currently, he was spitting blood and his body was covered in a number of dazzling golden wounds. His face was extremely pale and the Demonic Flame sword in his hand was greatly distorted as if it would collapse at any moment.

Everyone could see that his chest had sunk in deeply.

“Yang Kai!” Wu Yi’s face turned white as she rushed over to catch Yang Kai. The force of their collision forced her back a dozen steps before she barely managed to stand firm.

Yang Kai spat another mouthful of Golden Blood as he staggered unsteadily. Waving to Wu Yi to indicate he was fine, Yang Kai took out a healing pill and stuffed it into his mouth before sitting down cross-legged and restoring his injuries at a rate visible to the naked eye.

The scene went quiet, with the only sounds coming from the fog bank where Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother were moaning in pain. The two of them hadn’t died! But besides Yang Yan, no one could see their current condition.

“Who dares disobey this old master’s command!?” A figure soon fell from the sky, exuding a terrifying pressure. As this old man’s eyes swept his surroundings, all who fell into his line of sight couldn’t help shivering; even Xie Hong Wen was trembling violently, unable to even speak.

“Elder Qian!” Luo Qing hurried forward and cupped his fists to Qian Tong.

“En, Nephew Yang?” After Qian Tong landed, the first thing he inquired about was Yang Kai’s condition, but before Luo Qing could answer, Qian Tong found Yang Kai who was currently healing. Sweeping him with his Divine Sense, Qian Tong immediately understood that Yang Kai had suffered serious injuries and his old face became even more ferocious, as if he was a volcano about to erupt.

Behind Yang Kai was an Origin Grade Artefact Refiner. Grandmaster Ge Lin of Shadow Moon Hall didn’t have much time left to live, and if a suitable replacement couldn’t be found before his death, Shadow Moon Hall would lose its ability to refine or maintain Origin Grade artefacts, forcing them to request services from other great forces instead.

This wasn’t just about a single Origin Grade Artifact Refiner; it was related to Shadow Moon Hall’s ability to stand in line with other top tier forces. If they needed to depend on others for all their Origin Grade Artifact Refining and maintenance, Shadow Moon Hall would have to pay an unimaginable price.

As such, as soon as Qian Tong received word from Luo Qing about this incident, he had immediately rushed over to see who dared stir up trouble for Yang Kai. He had clearly distributed Yang Kai’s image to everyone of importance in Heavenly Fate City, yet someone still brought people to attack him, what kind of bear hearts and leopard galls these people eat?

Now, seeing Yang Kai injured, he had to step forward, but before he could move more than a single pace, Qian Tong paused once more and stared towards the still active Spirit Array in shock, his eyes narrowing as he called out hoarsely, “A Grandmaster level Spirit Array?”

Qian Tong’s strength was higher than that of Hong Zhen and the other Origin Realm masters present, and his knowledge and experience were also far greater, so at a glance, he was able to see that this Spirit Array could not have been arranged by an ordinary master. Even with his Divine Sense and cultivation, Qian Tong wasn’t able to peer through it.

There were many people surrounding Yang Kai at the cave entrance, all of them staring vigilantly towards Qian Tong. Seeing this, Qian Tong immediately realized that they were very wary of him and understood that now may not be the best time to approach. Considering all this, he quickly shouted, “Nephew Yang, this old master has a Wild Rose Pill on him, its healing effects are quite good. If you’d like, please take it!”

Saying so, Qian Tong tossed a jade bottle over.

He understood that Yang Kai couldn’t answer him, or even respond at the moment, but Qian Tong had to do this in order to make his position clear to everyone.

Sure enough, after listening to his words, Wu Yi, Yang Yan, and the others all relaxed noticeably, with Wu Yi reaching out and taking the jade bottle while saying politely, “Many thanks, Senior.”

As Wu Yi spoke, she showed no emotion on her face, but in her heart great storms were raging.

The Wild Rose Pill was a Saint King Grade High-Rank pill whose main ingredient was the Saint King Grade High-Rank Scarlet Wild Rose. This material wasn’t difficult to find, but it was extremely difficult to refine. An ordinary Origin Grade Low-Rank Alchemist who refined ten furnaces of Wild Rose Pills would be lucky to succeed three times.

The difficulty of refining this healing pill was no less than that of an Origin Grade Low-Rank pill.

How could Qian Tong treat Yang Kai so attentively? What was the relationship between them that even a Wild Rose Pill could be freely gifted? If she hadn’t brought back Yang Kai from Starry Sky personally, and knew that he came from the outside world, Wu Yi would definitely think Yang Kai was the son of some Shadow Moon Hall Elder.

Just as she was about to take out the Wild Rose Pill and feed it to Yang Kai, Yang Kai’s weak voice called out, “No need.”

Naturally Yang Kai wouldn’t use Qian Tong’s pill. Firstly, the healing pill he had just taken was one he had personally refined, and although the grade was slightly worse than the Wild Rose Pill, it was still quite good. On top of that, even without any auxiliary pills to help him, with his incredibly resilient physique, Yang Kai would still be able to quickly recover after a short period of cultivation.

The second, and main reason Yang Kai didn’t take this pill though, was that he wasn’t sure what side Qian Tong would stand on. If he stood in opposition to him, he would soon have to fight again.

Fortunately, Qian Tong had shown goodwill towards him the moment he arrived, raising Yang Kai’s opinion of him. Regardless of his true purpose for showing him favour, Yang Kai didn’t feel any malicious intent from Qian Tong at least.

“What happened, explain everything to me carefully,” Qian Tong’s face became gloomy again as his eyes went from the still trembling Xie Hong Wen to the still active Spirit Array as he asked Luo Qing.

Luo Qing didn’t dare to conceal anything and immediately explained what had happened before Qian Tong arrived.

After hearing that Xie Hong Wen had dared try to kill Yang Kai after being informed of his order, Qian Tong became enraged and immediately slapped Xie Hong Wen in front of everyone’s eyes, sending him tumbling through the air several dozen meters before smashing into the ground.

“Elder Qian…” Xie Hong Wen’s courage completely broke. Several of his teeth fell from this mouth and his cheek swelled up fat, but he didn’t dare issue a single complained and just called out pitifully.

“If your father wasn’t a Deacon, you’d be dead already!” Qian Tong glared over at him coldly.

Hearing this, hatred flashed across the depths of Xie Hong Wen’s eyes but he still quickly kowtowed, “Many thanks, Elder Qian, for showing mercy!”

Since Qian Tong’s words indicated he didn’t intend on killing him, Xie Hong Wen was able to regain his composure and quickly discovered that his clothes were soaked with sweat.

“Don’t hurry to thank me. I won’t kill you, but that doesn’t mean others won’t. Whether you live or die will be up to Nephew Yang!” Qian Tong coldly snorted.

Xie Hong Wen froze up once more. He had never imagined that this little brat he had been looking down upon so arrogantly just a moment ago would now be in control of his life. When he thought about his attitude and approach just before, Xie Hong Wen desperately wanted to cry but was unable to shed any tears.

If his fate landed in the hands of this little brat, was there any way he could survive? Just what kind of origin did he have that would cause Elder Qian Tong to show such favouritism towards him?

Not only was Xie Hong Wen unable to figure this out, everyone from the Xu Family and Hai Ke Family were just as lost. Wu Yi, Yu Feng and all the others on their side were also confused, but although they didn’t understand everything, they did know that they had passed through this crisis and all wore excited smiles.

“Xu Family?” Qian Tong set his sights on Xu Zhi Bing, who had collapsed on the ground, and declared firmly, “From now on, there is no more Xu Family!”

Xu Zhi Bing completely fainted while the other Xu Family cultivators went deathly pale.

They were originally a small family attached to Shadow Moon Hall, so let alone an Elder like Qian Tong, even Xie Hong Wen would be able to destroy their Xu Family if he wanted to.

The Xu Family’s hearts were filled with regret. If they hadn’t tried to seek revenge, they could have at least preserved the last remnants of their foundation and possibly even made a comeback in the future, but after Qian Tong made this declaration, they knew there would not be a Xu Family here ever again.

“Yes, Disciple will see to it!” Luo Qing nodded before turning to the remaining Xu Family cultivators and saying, “Follow me.”

The Xu Family cultivators knew their future would be bleak, but none of them dared to disobey, two of them going forward and picking up the unconscious Xu Zhi Bing before all of them followed behind Luo Qing.

“Hai Ke Family?” Qian Tong turned his head to look at Yi En.

Yi En’s whole body shivered as he hurried went forward and shouted, “Yi En greets Elder Qian. Please show mercy, Elder Qian, Yi En was muddled before, mercy, Elder Qian!”

Qian Tong smiled coldly, “You’ll keep your life for a little while longer. As for how to process you, that will be up to Nephew Yang.”

Revenge was best exacted by oneself. With a single sentence, Qian Tong had destroyed the Xu Family, so if he were to completely destroy the Hai Ke Family now, where would Yang Kai vent his anger? If Yang Kai didn’t have somewhere to vent his anger, how could Qian Tong discuss anything else with him?

Listening to Qian Tong’s words, Yi En’s face went pale, he felt that falling into Yang Kai’s hands would definitely not end well for him.

At this moment, Yang Kai stood up, and although his face was still pale, his Saint Qi aura was at least somewhat stable.

“Stop the Spirit Array,” Yang Kai called out to Yang Yan.

Yang Yan nodded, and in the next moment, the thick fog dispersed, revealing the empty space in front of the cave to everyone’s eyes. After seeing the tragic state of Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother, everyone drew a sharp breath.

Just now, when Yang Kai had been blown out of the fog bank, he had looked seriously injured, so everyone thought that Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother would be fine, but now it was obvious that these two’s injuries were far more serious than Yang Kai’s.

Their bodies were covered with blood, and it could be said that there wasn’t an unscarred placed on them. Hong Zhen had lost and arm while his Senior Brother had lost a leg. The two sat together, their faces pale and filled with dread as they kept glancing around.

With a sigh, Yang Kai knew that he had still underestimated these Origin Returning Realm cultivators. He had thought that by using his Golden Blood and Yang Yan’s Spirit Array, he would be able to kill them, but the moment he launched his attack, he realized that he was wrong.

The power of their Shi was amazing and with their two Shis overlapping, they were able to interfere with Yang Kai’s movements, slow down his attack, and even sense what direction he was attacking from.

Without using his Golden Blood, Yang Kai wouldn’t have even been able to injure them.

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