Martial Peak

Chapter 1143 - Qian Tong Arrives

Chapter 1143, Qian Tong Arrives

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Xie Hong Wen however just ignored Luo Qing’s words and even kicked him rudely, “Get away!”

Xie Hong Weng’s strength wasn’t high, but in the face of his kick, Luo Qing didn’t dare to evade, allowing himself to be struck before taking a few steps backwards, standing firmly, and hurriedly said, “Young Lord Xie, Elder Qian is on his way. Please wait a moment Young Lord Xie, otherwise, if Elder Qian becomes angry, this disciple will not be able to withstand it!”

“Impudence!” Xie Hong Wen was completely irritated by Luo Qing and glared at him with a sullen expression, “What this Young Lord wants to do cannot be dictated by you, if you dare spout any more nonsense, I’ll have you die too!”

Luo Qing’s expression went cold and he really didn’t open his mouth to speak again. Although he was a Shadow Moon Hall master at the Origin Returning Realm, he didn’t have much of a background, so he opposes fight against Xie Hong Wen.

He could only turn around and yell to Yang Kai, “Friend, hold on for a while, as long as you can resist for a short time everything will be fine.”

Yang Kai frowned, unable to understand what this man was thinking, and soon shouting, “Do we know each other?”

Luo Qing shook his head, “No.”

Yang Kai sneered, “Since we don’t know each other, why would you help me?”

Luo Qing’s expression became awkward, knowing that his actions only made Yang Kai feel suspicious, thinking about it for a moment before saying, “Friend has not met me before, but I have seen you. Elder Qian Tong spread your image throughout Heavenly Fate City to all the shops which are associated with Shadow Moon Hall, we were told that if we meet you, we must treat you well. I am Luo Qing, a guard assigned to Treasure Trove Pavilion, so I have seen friend’s image.”

“Qian Tong?” Yang Kai gawked for a moment, then soon realized what was going on. Qian Tong must have taken notice of him due to his last two transactions. Both times Yang Kai had purchased a large amount of materials while at the same time selling a number of high-quality Saint King Grade artifacts, making him a high priority client.

After all, the highest-level Artifact Refiners on Shadowed Star were just Origin Grade Low-Rank. Saint King Grade High-Rank artefacts were incredibly valuable and there was no need to worry about finding buyers for them.

However, that wasn’t enough to explain this situation. Qian Tong didn’t need to act so prudently if this was all he was concerned about. Yang Kai even felt that these actions had signs of flattery behind them! Qian Tong had even gone so far as to deliberately spread his image throughout Heavenly Fate City to all shops owned by Shadow Moon Hall and instructed them to treat him as a VIP. If this wasn’t flattery, what was?

Yang Kai was a loner, a mere Third-Order Saint, so why would someone of Qian Tong’s status feel the need to flatter him?

Yang Kai wasn’t stupid, and though his mind wasn’t the sharpest out there, after thinking about it for a moment, he understood that Qian Tong wasn’t trying to flatter him, but rather the one who was refining those artefacts.

In other words, he was actually trying to flatter Yang Yan!

However, Qian Tong shouldn’t know about the existence of Yang Yan and probably just assumed there was a powerful Artifact Refining Grandmaster standing behind Yang Kai.

Considering all this, Yang Kai nodded slightly before cupping his fists to Luo Qing and saying, “I appreciate friend’s kind intentions, but there is no need to trouble Senior Qian Tong over this matter, we can handle it ourselves.”

Yang Kai didn’t like owing other favours, even if Qian Tong didn’t have any malicious intentions, if he were to own him a favour, in the future, it would be difficult for Yang Kai to refuse a request. This was especially true since Qian Tong seemed to want to recruit him.

The conversation between these two people was not done in secret so it naturally entered everyone else’s ears. When he heard these words, Xu Zhi Bing fell to the ground limply while the other Xu Family members went pale and began trembling.

Xu Zhi Bing hadn’t expected that taking advantage of a past grace to invite Luo Qing here would result in such a situation. With Yang Kai being related to Elder Qian Tong, what did his trivial Xu Family count for? If Xu Zhi Bing had known this beforehand, he wouldn’t have invited Luo Qing here at all. Although the Patriarch, Elder, and Foreign Elders had all died, the Xu Family still had a lot of members left in it, including many direct descendants, so there was still a chance for them to stage a comeback, but now, that chance had been thoroughly destroyed by him.

It was simply laughable; the other party hadn’t come to destroy them while he could while they had sought revenge when they weren’t capable of doing so! At this moment, Xu Zhi Bing wished to simply commit suicide here on Dragon Cave Mountain.

After learning that Yang Kai and Elder Qian Tong were acquainted, it wasn’t just the Xu Family people who began panicking, everyone from the Hai Ke Family wore equally forlorn looks, with Ba Qing Yan once again wiping his forehead with his soaking wet handkerchief. Yi En’s face was ashen as both his heart and body were spasming non-stop.

He finally understood why he had been feeling so uneasy this whole time, it turns out it was because of this.

He thought that when he boarded Xie Hong Wen’s ship, the Hai Ke Family would experience nothing but smooth sailing, but what was Xie Hong Wen in front of Qian Tong?

The former was just a second-generation ancestor, relying on his father being a Deacon of Shadow Moon Hall to bluff and bluster all day long, but Qian Tong was a genuine Elder of Shadow Moon Hall! Even Xie Hong Wen’s father wouldn’t dare speak loudly in front of Qian Tong, let alone Xie Hong Wen.

[It’s over, it’s all over!] Yi En’s eyes filled with gloom as he struggled to remain standing, his face going from white to blue.

If he had only known, how could he have possibly offended Yang Kai, even having thoughts of killing him as soon as possible? The Hai Ke Family had countless chances to make friends with Yang Kai, but they rejected them at every turn, none of them capable of seeing the bigger picture. Only Wu Yi and Yu Feng were able to make the right choice in this situation.

But those two had already chosen to separate from the Hai Ke Family!

“What are all of you wastes doing? It’s like your parents just died or something,” Xie Hong Wen spat angrily, trampling Yi En and Xu Zhi Bing with his fat feet before stepping on them ruthlessly.


At that moment, the Spirit Array outside the cave finally broke.

Xie Hong Wen smiled happily and shouted, “Kill that little brat for me at any cost!”

Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother were stunned for a moment, but soon understood Xie Hong Wen’s idea. In for a penny, in for a pound, he wanted to kill Yang Kai before Elder Qian Tong arrived.

If Yang Kai was alive, they would definitely be punished by Elder Qian Tong and even possibly be expelled from Shadow Moon Hall, but if Yang Kai died, even if they were punished, the consequences wouldn’t be too bad.

After all, the dead had no value, Elder Qian Tong wouldn’t kill two Origin Realm masters for a dead boy, not to mention, if the sky really fell, Xie Hong Wen and his father would be there to hold it up, they were just following orders.

Considering all this, Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother didn’t hesitate to unleash their killing intent and rush towards the cave, staring at Yang Kai as if he was already a dead man.

“You dare!” Luo Qing was shocked. He never expected Xie Hong Wen to be so ruthless and by the time he realized it was too late for him to do anything about it, he could only watch as Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother short forward.

With a sneer on his face, Xie Hong Wen coldly snorted said, “Want to fight with me? Naive!”

Yi En also felt like he had just gotten a second lease on life and showed a pleasant expression. Xie Hong Wen’s approach really surprised him, but it was definitely the result he most wanted to see.

Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother were as fast as lightning, and before they even reached the cave, their powerful Shi burst forth and covered the entire region, obviously intending to kill Yang Kai in one shot!

Yang Kai however just showed them a cold, meaningful grin, causing Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother’s hearts to clench tight.

“Not good, there’s another Spirit Array!” Hong Zhen suddenly saw the woman in black robes form another set of seals and suddenly realized that he and his Senior Brother had fallen into a trap. The two of them tried to retreat, but they were a step too late as a sound rang out that caused his courage to completely break.

“Start!” Yang Yan shouted aloud, and the scenery in front of the cave suddenly changed dramatically. A thick fog bank appeared, blocking everyone’s vision and engulfing Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother in an instant.

Yang Yan next formed a new set of hand seals while sending out her Saint Qi. Shouts and violent energy fluctuations soon erupted from the fog.

The last time the Xu Family came here, Yang Yan’s Spirit Array could only be used for defence, but now, she had added a Killing Array as well.

These Spirit Arrays alone however wouldn’t be able to kill two Origin Returning Realm masters, but if Yang Kai were to enter as well, Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother would definitely suffer.

Luo Qing saw this and suddenly understood why Yang Kai had said such words before. It turned out that he really didn’t need help from him, this profound Spirit Array could completely trap Origin Realm Masters and even wound them.

As for killing these two Origin Returning Realm masters, Luo Qing wasn’t optimistic about Yang Kai’s chances. The Origin Returning Realm and Saint King Realm couldn’t be put on the same level. Even if they were a true genius, it would be impossible for a Saint King to kill an Origin Realm master.

“You can start.” Yang Yan said lightly.

Yang Kai nodded, condensing a new Demonic Flame sword.

But before he could rush into the Spirit Array, a loud voice shouted, “Everyone stop!”

Hearing this voice, Xie Hong Wen shuddered and a look of panic appeared on his face.

Qian Tong had arrived!

Yang Kai also frowned; he hadn’t expected Qian Tong to arrive so quickly. Not even hesitating, Yang Kai dove into the Spirit Array.

The moment his body entered the fog, Yang Kai dispersed the Demonic Flame sword in his hand and replaced it with a drop of Golden Blood. This drop of Golden Blood exuded a shocking vitality that even Yang Yan’s Spirit Array was not able to completely conceal.

Before Qian Tong arrived, Yang Kai had to quickly end this battle. Originally, he did not have such plans because the power Origin Returning Realm masters called Shi had piqued Yang Kai’s interest greatly. Now that there were two Origin Realm masters trapped in this Spirit Array. So long as he could kill them, he would be able to absorb their insights into the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao and perhaps learn about this Shi thing.

Once he was able to comprehend this mysterious force, Yang Kai’s strength would definitely increase. How could he let such a rare opportunity slip through his fingers?

As for how Qian Tong would react, Yang Kai didn’t care, as long as Qian Tong wanted to forge a relationship with the Artifact Refining Grandmaster behind him, he wouldn’t fall out with Yang Kai, not to mention, this time Yang Kai was the one forced to fight back, it wasn’t like he killed these two masters for no reason.

For these reasons, Yang Kai immediately used a drop of Golden Blood, transforming it into a thousand golden blades that he launched towards where Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother were.

These golden blades shot out at extreme speed, but in the next instant, as if they had sunk into a quagmire, their advance rapidly slowed.

Yang Kai knew that this was the two masters’ Shi affecting his attack.

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