Martial Peak

Chapter 1142 - Brain Damaged

Chapter 1142, Brain Damaged

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Outside Dragon Cave Mountain, the two First-Order Origin Realm masters fiercely pushed their Saint Qi to bombard the surrounding space in an effort to wear down Yang Yan’s Spirit Array.

Wu Yi clenched her fists nervously as she shouted, “Yang Yan, stop them, quickly.”

Last time, Yang Yan operated the Spirit Array in order to assist Yang Kai in killing the Xu Family’s Saint King Realm masters, and as a result, none of the Xu Family managed to survive. Wu Yi naturally thought Yang Yan could do the same here again.

However, Yang Yan shook her head and said, “If they enter the Spirit Array, I can guarantee they won’t escape, but if they don’t go in, there’s nothing I can do.”

Spirit Arrays had such a disadvantage. Although they were profound and powerful, if others were careful and avoided entering their scope, Spirit Arrays had no way of displaying their might.

“Then what do we do?” Wu Yi panicked.

Yang Yan smiled lightly, “Don’t worry, that Spirit Array is for them to break.”

Yang Kai glanced over at her in surprise, but immediately understood that there was far more to the Spirit Array than meets the eye. Yang Kai was certain that if Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother broke the Spirit Array they were currently attacking, they would immediately charge forward, after which they would find themselves trapped in an even more powerful Spirit Array.

The timidest of them all, Yang Yan, was perfectly at ease at this moment, so how couldn’t Yang Kai see that she had something up her sleeve? What was truly ridiculous was that the two Origin Returning Realm masters had no idea about this and thought they were successfully breaking the Spirit Array apart.

*Hong Hong Hong…*

Hong Zhen’s twelve flying knives and the other Origin Realm master’s war-hammer constantly bombarded the Spirit Array, soon resulting in cracks forming, an indication it was on the verge of collapse.

Xie Hong Wen seemed to be tired of shouting and had decided to just wait expectantly, his eyes moving back and forth between Yang Yan and Wu Yi, the obscene look causing both of them to feel uncomfortable.

Patriarch Yi En and the other Hai Ke Family Elders and Foreign Elders stood side by side, sneering with derision, causing Wu Yi’s stomach to turn.

While the Spirit Array was being attacked, more than a dozen kilometres away, another group was rapidly approaching.

“Hm? Why do I hear sounds of combat?” Among this group, an Origin Realm master muttered in confusion. Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother attacking the Spirit Array had raised quite a ruckus, so even more than a dozen kilometres away others could easily hear the fallout.

“It must have been that boy provoking someone he should not have,” A middle-aged man following behind glanced in the direction of the cave and secretly rejoiced, whiling continuing to maintain a desolate look upon his face as he cried out, “Senior Luo, that little bastard is simply insane, a few days ago he murdered more than ten of my Xu Family’s masters, including our Patriarch and Young Master. My Xu Family has suffered unbearable losses. I beg Senior Luo to seek justice for my Xu Family!”

Luo Qing nodded lightly, “I know, Xu Family’s Patriarch also helped me with some small matters in the past. This time I will help settle this matter for your Xu Family. If that boy understands his limits then so be it, if he does not, I will teach them to him.”

Luo Qing emphasized the words ‘small matters’ to remind everyone here that he would not go all out to help them this time.

“Many thanks, Senior Luo, many thanks, Senior Luo!” Under the leadership of the middle-aged man, a group of people continued to thank Luo Qing.

This group of people were cultivator from Xu Family, who when they heard about the annihilation of their Patriarch, Elders, and Foreign Elders, feared the Xu Family would soon be destroyed. They immediately knew that there was no way for them to seek revenge with their paltry strength, so they instead rushed to Heavenly Fate City for help.

The middle-aged man in the lead was Xu Zhi Bing, the cousin of the Xu Family Patriarch Xu Zhi Kun, and was just a Second-Order Saint King, yet he had managed to invite Luo Qing, an Origin Realm master, to help them this time.

Xu Zhi Bing understood his own worth and knew that with his strength and wealth, it would be impossible to move City Lord Fei Zhi Tu to support them, and the facts had proved him right. Even Patriarch Yi En of the Hai Ke Family, who brought extremely generous gifts with him, could not get Fei Zhi Tu to take him seriously.

How could such a great man bother to meddle in the grievances between small families? If Yi En didn’t happen to meet Xie Hong Wen, he would still be waiting for news from the City Lord’s Mansion.

Xu Zhi Bing didn’t even go to the City Lord’s Mansion, but instead went directly to Luo Qing, because he knew Luo Qing owed Xu Zhi Kun a small favour and wouldn’t be able to just stand idly by.

Sure enough, when Xu Zhi Bing invited Luo Qing, the latter had agreed and quickly led a righteous crusade towards Dragon Cave Mountain, but before they had even arrived, they heard sounds of fighting.

The group sped up and soon reached the cave, looking but forward, Luo Qing was quite startled and immediately flew over to Xie Hong Wen and saluted, “Greetings, Young Lord Xie.”

Xie Hong Wen was busy urging Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother to break through the Spirit Array quickly, so when he heard Luo Qing, he too was quite surprised, “Aren’t you one of Treasure Trove Pavilion’s guards? What are you doing here?”

Luo Qing quickly replied, “Young Lord Xie, I had some friendship with the Xu Family Patriarch who died here, so I have come here today to seek justice from his killer.

Xie Hong Wen nodded, “So you’ve also come here to enforce justice. Nice. You’ve come at just the right time, go over and help Hong Zhen and I’ll see to it your rewarded appropriately. Hmph, those two wastes are really useless, taking so long to break through a simple Spirit Array.”

Although Luo Qing was a guard at Treasure Trove Pavilion, he was also a Shadow Moon Hall disciple, so naturally, he didn’t dare disobey Xie Hong Wen’s words and immediately nodded, “I will respectfully obey Young Lord Xie’s command.”

Saying so, Luo Qing also summoned his own artefact and walked over to join forces with Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother who were still attacking the Spirit Array.

On the other side, Yi En saw Xu Zhi Bing had also brought an Origin Realm helper so he walked over and greeted him with a smile. Xu Zhi Bing greeted him with a few words but was more puzzled about why the Hai Ke Family had brought masters here to deal with Yang Kai. On top of that, Yi En had apparently arrived here even before Xu Zhi Bing had. Although Xu Zhi Bing didn’t understand what was happening, he didn’t ask any questions. The Xu Family was no longer what it used to be. Under the watchful eye of Shadow Moon Hall, the Hai Ke Family would not openly annex the Xu Family. However, slowly encroaching upon their territory and demanding some benefits from them was inevitable. Facing such a neighbour, Xu Zhi Bing could only show humility and hope that Yi En would show some restraint.

Yi En was naturally very happy. Although he felt a little uneasy before, with Xu Zhi Bing bringing another Origin Returning Realm master, Yang Kai’s death was no assured.

This time, Yi En could eliminate Yang Kai while satisfying Xie Hong’s obscene desires, possibly even allowing the Hai Ke Family to soar upwards in the near future. If Xie Hong Wen brought Wu Yi back with him, so long as Yi En used her appropriately, the Hai Ke Family’s status would naturally rise and joining Shadow Moon Hall’s inner circle wouldn’t be just a dream. Yi En just preyed that Xie Hong wouldn’t kill Wu Yi in anger.

While thinking about this bright future though, Hong Zhen’s dissatisfied voice rang out, “What are you doing?”

Hearing this angry shout, everyone turned their heads to the source and suddenly saw a strange scene.

Luo Qing, the Origin Realm master Xu Zhi Bing brought with him, was actually staring dumbly towards the cave entrance, holding his artefact in his hand but not pouring any of his Saint Qi into it. Seeing his appearance, it seemed that he had not attacked the Spirit Array.

Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother both looked disgruntled and immediately rebuked, “If you aren’t going to help then step aside, the two of us will be enough. Hmph, this Spirit Array will soon be broken anyways, whether you help or not is irrelevant!”

Just now, Xie Hong Wen disparaging their strength had caused Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother to feel indignant. At this moment, when the Spirit Array was about to break, they were naturally not willing to share credit with Luo Qing.

“Wait, wait!” Luo Qing suddenly shouted as if he had just discovered something important and with a hint of dread flashing across the depths of his eyes, he quickly went forward to prevent Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother from continuing their attack.

“Luo Qing, we just told you to back down and now what? What are you trying to do?” Hong Zhen shouted furiously.

“What happened?” Xie Hong Wen’s face also darkened.

“Young Lord, this guy not only didn’t help but is actually obstructing us now. His brain must be damaged!” Hong Zhen shouted, “I suspect he’s on the same side as this youth.”

“Is that true?” Xie Hong looked sternly at Luo Qing.

“Young Lord Xie, please listen to me,” Luo Qing was shocked and quickly waved his hands, swiftly walking over to Xie Hong Wen and whispering something in his ear.

No one knew what was said, but Xie Hong Wen’s face expression changed dramatically when he heard it and swiftly asked, “Really?”

“It’s true,” Luo Qing nodded repeatedly before saying in a low voice, “Young Lord Xie, please be patient, I will notify Elder Qian immediately.”

Having said so, without waiting for Xie Hong Wen to react, Luo Qing swiftly took out his communication type artefact and poured his Divine Sense into it.

“Bastard!” Xie Hong knocked Luo Qing’s communication artefact to the ground while sending a gloomy look towards him before shooting a glare towards Yang Kai in the distance.

Hong Zhen and the other Origin Realm master didn’t know what was happening and just looked at each other blankly.

“What are they doing?” Yang Yan tilted her head curiously, muttering somewhat anxiously, “I have to wait for them to break in.”

“They seem to be having some kind of disagreement.” Yang Kai also couldn’t figure out what was happening. He only knew that Luo Qing had been staring at him a moment ago and seemed to recognize him. However, Yang Kai was sure he had never met this person before.

Yang Kai’s memory was quite good, so if he had met this person before, he would definitely have some kind of impression of him.

This sudden change not only confused Yang Kai, but also Yi En. The feeling of crisis in his heart that had all but disappeared a moment ago was now roaring back stronger than ever. Yi En shot a glance over at Xie Hong Wen and actually discovered an extremely ugly look on this reckless evildoer Young Lord’s face, as if he was struggling with a very difficult decision.

Yi En was incredibly frightened. Could it be that this young man named Yang Kai had some kind of incredibly strong background? If that wasn’t the case, how could Xie Hong Wen show such a distressed look? If Yang Kai didn’t have some kind of powerful backer, with Xie Hong Wen’s temper and character, he would definitely not relent, but Yang Kai didn’t seem like someone with any background.

Yi En’s heart was in turmoil.

But soon, Xie Hong Wen made his decision and sternly yelled at Hong Zhen, “Why are you stopping? Did this Young Lord tell you to stop? Continue!”

“Yes!” Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother responded immediately and once again attacked the Spirit Array.

“Young Lord Xie must not!” Luo Qing was shocked and hurriedly tried to intervene.

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