Martial Peak

Chapter 1146 - Pleasant Surprise

Chapter 1146, Pleasant Surprise

Lightly coughing while suppressing the joy and excitement in his heart, Yang Kai said lightly, “Since the culprit has suffered a grave punishment already, I’ll let this matter end here. I’ll only advice Young Lord Xie to consider his actions more carefully in the future.”

“Yes yes yes, many thanks Elder Brother, many thanks Elder Qian,” Xie Hong Wen wept as he continued offering his thanks.

“Why haven’t you scrammed yet?” Qian Tong shouted angrily, resulting in Xie Hong Wen quickly standing up and flying off unsteadily, not daring to stay here any longer, afraid he might lose the life he had barely managed to hang onto just now.

After the dispute was resolved, everyone was satisfied.

Yang Kai obtained the Soul remnants from two Origin Returning Realm masters, allowing him to absorb their sentiments of the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao while studying Shi. Naturally, he was quite happy. As for Xie Hong Wen, Yang Kai had no choice but to give Qian Tong face. If he had really insisted on killing Xie Hong Wen, Qian Tong would probably have become disgruntled with him, the cost wasn’t worth it.

On the other hand, Qian Tong managed to save Xie Hong Wen and was very satisfied. Although Yang Kai was young, he at least understood how to advance and retreat, an admirable quality.

All in all, it ended with a win-win situation.

“Elder Qian, many thanks for your efforts here. Junior will not forget this,” Yang Kai thanked him with cupped fists. He knew that if Qian Tong hadn’t arrived so quickly, he would definitely have killed everyone here, including Xie Hong Wen, and if Xie Hong Wen died, he wouldn’t have been able to remain here any longer. There was still a lot of Space Spirit Crystals beneath Dragon Cave Mountain, so if for nothing else, Yang Kai had to thank Qian Tong for giving him more time to mine it clean.

“Nephew Yang is too polite,” Qian Tong laughed, “This old master didn’t do anything. On the other hand, Nephew Yang is a true dragon among men, severely wounding Hong Zhen with just a First Order Saint Realm cultivation, Nephew Yang’s future achievements will certainly be limitless.”

“I cannot take credit for this, I was simply relying on the power of this Spirit Array,” Yang Kai smiled lightly.

Qian Tong had a clear understanding of the situation as he had taken quite a few looks at the Spirit Array already. However, because the Spirit Array was currently inactive, Qian Tong couldn’t examine its mysteries at all, shocking him greatly. Now, he guessed that the master behind Yang Kai was not only an Origin Grade Artefact Refiner but also a powerful Array Master.

His guess was, of course, correct, but Qian Tong was completely off about this master’s identity. The artefacts were refined by Yang Yan, and the Spirit Array here was also arranged by her. The master he was looking for was right in front of his eyes, but unfortunately, Qian Tong had no way of knowing this.

“Does Nephew Yang have a place to settle down?” Qian Tong asked, “If not, this old master can recommend you to Shadow Moon Hall. With Nephew Yang’s aptitude, after entering Shadow Moon Hall, you will surely become a Core Disciple. Is Nephew Yang interested?”

Yang Kai, of course, knew what Qian Tong was thinking and immediately shook his head, “No thank you, I quite enjoy living here. Junior is used to living freely and doesn’t understand proper etiquette. If I were to really enter a Sect, I’m afraid I would just end up embarrassing myself.”

Qian Tong smiled faintly and immediately put aside this issue. He knew if he were to continue pestering here, the efforts he just made would be squandered. Instead, Qian Tong made several glances towards the cave while remaining in place, waiting for Yang Kai to invite him inside to sit.

The Origin Grade Artefact Refiner and Array Master behind Yang Kai must currently be resting in the cave, so if Qian Tong could get invited in, he might be lucky enough to meet this man.

Qian Tong didn’t speak, but Yang Kai also remained silent. Right now, Yang Kai was anxious to enter retreat to research this strange thing called Shi, so how could he have to mood to say anything further. The problem was he also didn’t make it clear he wanted Qian Tong to leave.

The two of them both glanced back and forth at one another, the situation quickly growing somewhat awkward.

“Wu Yi greets Elder Qian,” At the critical moment, Wu Yi arrived with Yang Yan and politely offered her greetings, breaking the awkward air.

“Good good good,” Qian Tong smiled and nodded, “Are you a disciple of the Hai Ke Family?”

“Yes, but I have separated from the family and now only follow Senior Brother Yang,” Wu Yi replied softly.

“Very good. Following Nephew Yang will definitely give you a more promising future than remaining in the Hai Ke Family. You have good vision little girl, work hard; it would be best if you can tie down Nephew Yang in body and mind.”

[This damn old fart, spouting off unnecessary nonsense!] Yang Kai cursed to himself.

Wu Yi’s face turned red as she pursed her lips and smiled helplessly, “This Wu Yi’s future is quite limited, not worthy of being joined to Senior Brother Yang.”

She didn’t mean to belittle herself, but after seeing Yang Kai’s abilities, she truly felt that very few women would be worthy of Yang Kai, and she was definitely not one of them. Moreover, she currently wasn’t interested in pursuing matters between men and women. Qian Tong had spoke casually just now, so she responded in kind.

“This is…” Qian Tong then set his sights on Yang Yan. Since she could follow Wu Yi here, her position in Yang Kai’s circle was certainly not low, so Qian Tong would not neglect her.

“This is my Junior Sister,” Yang Kai did not wait for Yang Yan to speak and took the initiative to introduce her as such.

Wu Yi and Yang Yan both turned looks of surprise to him.

“Oh, so she’s Nephew’s Junior Sister, very good.”

“She is a Saint Grade Artefact Refiner,” Yang Kai added specifically.

Qian Tong’s eyes brightened, seemingly very happy, letting out a big laugh as he nodded, “So young yet already a Saint Grade Artefact Refiner, en, it seems Nephew’s Junior Sister’s achievements won’t be lower than your own in the future.”

“Naturally, Junior Sister is truly amazing,” Yang Kai nodded quickly.

“This old master thought the disciples in my Sect were already quite good but seeing your Senior Brother and Junior Sister’s talents today, my eyes have been opened. It’s unfortunate that Nephew Yang and your Junior Sister don’t want to join my Shadow Moon Hall.”

“Afterwards, if we must join a Sect, Shadow Moon Hall will be our first choice.”

Qian Tong laughed and nodded with satisfaction, “Good, this old master will wait for good news from Nephew Yang then!”

Seeing that Yang Kai didn’t intend to welcome him inside, Qian Tong didn’t press the issue, talking about a few other minor things before saying goodbye and flying off.

Before he could go far though, Qian Tong suddenly turned back.

“What else does Elder Qian wish to discuss?” Yang Kai looked at him curiously.

Qian Tong quickly asked, “Does Nephew Yang want to attend the Treasure Trove Pavilion’s upcoming auction?”

“Auction?” Yang Kai frowned. He had never participated in auctions before and currently he didn’t have any interest in doing so. What he wanted to do right now was study Shi. Just as he was about to refuse though, Yang Kai saw Wu Yi and Yang Yan wearing looks of anticipation, so he quickly changed what he was about to say, “When will the auction take place?”

Qian Tong took out a golden invitation from his Space Ring and handed it to Yang Kai, “The time and place are written above. If Nephew Yang has the time to go and see, even if you don’t purchase anything, it will still be a nice way to relax. Naturally, if Nephew Yang has anything good to sell, it will be a good opportunity to earn some Saint Crystals, things often sell for more at auctions after all.”

Yang Kai accepted the invitation but didn’t look at it, simply handing it over to Wu Yi before saying, “If I have time, I’ll attend.”

“Good, when the time comes, this old master will also attend. Nephew Yang can simply report this old master’s name at the event if you need anything,” Qian Tong said before leaving once more.

After Qian Tong had truly left, Yang Kai glanced around and discovered that the Hai Ke Family had disappeared. Yang Kai didn’t know what happened to them, but it was obvious Wu Yi had not embarrassed them.

“Yang Kai, why did you say I was your Junior Sister?” Yang Yan looked at Yang Kai with a puzzled look.

“Let’s go back first,” Yang Kai beckoned to her, not explaining right away.

Outside the cave, Yu Feng and the former Hai Ke Family disciples all stared at Yang Kai with admiration and worship.

Seriously wounding two Origin Realm masters, even with the assistance of a powerful Spirit Array, was not something any ordinary man could accomplish. There were too many outsiders around just now, so all of them could only behave calmly, but now, they were free to reveal their shock and reverence.

“Go back and cultivate,” Yang Kai waved at them before leading Wu Yi and Yang Yan to his own stone room and closing the doors behind him.

Seeing Yang Kai’s solemn appearance, Wu Yi and Yang Yan couldn’t help becoming serious themselves, understanding he had something important to say, otherwise he wouldn’t be showing such a face.

“Aren’t you wondering why Qian Tong is so partial to me?” Yang Kai asked the biggest question the two of them had.

“Yes,” Wu Yi nodded.

“He naturally has a reason for it,” Yang Kai turned his eyes to Yang Yan, “That reason is you!”

Wu Yi asked thoughtfully, “Because of Yang Yan’s Spirit Array abilities?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “Because Yang Yan is an Origin Grade Artefact Refiner!”

“What?” Wu Yi called out in fright. After Wu Yi came here, Yang Yan had never refined any artefacts, spending all her time arranging the Spirit Arrays around the cave, so she was completely unaware that Yang Yan possessed such ability. But now that Yang Kai had explained the situation, Wu Yi immediately understood why Qian Tong showed such an attitude towards Yang Kai.

“Qian Tong knows that there is an Origin Grade Artefact Refiner behind me, but he doesn’t know that person is Yang Yan. He also probably thinks that this imaginary Artifact Refiner is my master!” Yang Kai spoke his guess.

“I see, him treating you favourably is because he wants to forge a friendship with that imaginary master,” Wu Yi nodded.

“Right. I didn’t know that the best Artefact Refiners on Shadowed Star were just Origin Grade Low-Rank. If I had known, I would not have sold those artefacts before. Now it’s too late to try to conceal all of this. Fortunately, Qian Tong doesn’t dare to offend an Artefact Refiner of this level and can only try to win them over, so we’re not in any immediate danger,” Yang Kai said before staring deeply at Yang Yan and saying, “From now on, you can’t publicize the fact that you’re an Origin Grade Artefact Refiner. Your strength is too low, once you’re found out, others will definitely try to capture you!”

Yang Yan muttered, “Even if I tell everyone, none of them will believe me.”

She had worked at the Artefact Refining Pavilion in Heavenly Fate City for a time and was constantly advertising her true Artefact Refiner grade, but no one had ever believed her or provided her with Origin Grade materials to perform Artifact Refining.

“In any case, you can’t say that anymore, otherwise it will be a disaster for us,” Yang Kai said solemnly, “Understood?”

“I understand,” Yang Yan nodded.

Yang Kai was helpless, thinking that he and Yang Yan were total opposites. He wished to conceal his Alchemy skill from the world and looked forward to others underestimating him. Yang Yan, on the other hand, seemed to want everyone to know about her abilities, but in the end, she too was still perfectly fine. The world was a strange place.

“No wonder you specifically told Qian Tong that Yang Yan was a Saint Grade Artifact Refiner and that she was your Junior Sister. So it was like this,” Wu Yi said thoughtfully, understanding Yang Kai’s intentions.

“Yes, with Qian Tong thinking there’s an Origin Grade Artefact Refiner behind me, it’s only normal I have a Junior Sister who is a Saint Grade Artifact Refiner.”

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