Martial Peak

Chapter 1139 - Space Blade

Chapter 1139, Space Blade

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Inside his stone room, Yang Kai looked happy.

He didn’t expect that the idea he had come up with on something of a whim, a small moving tear in space, could actually be realized so easily.

Although the space crack was only a finger long, a thumbnail wide, disappeared after travelling less than a meter, and moved quite slowly, Yang Kai believed that as long as he practised hard and strengthened his own ability to manipulate Space Force, he would definitely be able to use this method in combat.

Once the speed of this space crack increased, who could stop it? The tear in space could devour everything, it was not something ordinary cultivators could resist.

His heart roused, Yang Kai immediately began experimenting, creating one finger long space crack after another and pushing them forward. Gradually, the speed of these space cracks increased, along with the distance they could travel before disappearing.

Yang Kai soon forgot the passing of time, completely immersing himself in the study of this new attack method.

Finally, the travelling space cracks managed to reach the stone room’s wall, silently erasing a narrow strip of rock from existence, as if someone had carefully dug out a small strip of the rock wall.

Yang Kai knew, however, that this stone hadn’t really vanished, but had been sent to The Void.

Examining the traces on the stone wall, Yang Kai nodded slightly. This attack could inflict serious injuries if it hit, but it moved far too slowly and could easily be avoided. Also, it wasn’t powerful enough, probably due to the space crack itself being unstable. Yang Kai believed if he could stabilize this space crack enough, he would be able to open a hole straight through the stone wall.

This moving tear in space couldn’t be used in combat in its current form. Any cultivator at the Saint King Realm would be able to use their Saint Qi to interfere with its stability and disperse it, rendering it useless. However, this didn’t dim Yang Kai’s enthusiasm.

Its shape was similar to a wind blade, so after some slight though, Yang Kai decided to name this new method of attack the Space Blade!

Yang Kai could almost foresee that once his Space Blade reached a high level of proficiency, it would be even easier for him to fight and kill opponents above his own realm. The might of this esoteric strength was extremely difficult to block.

Yang Kai studied Space Blade in his stone room for three days straight, and its power greatly increased over that time, but as he was deeply immersed in his work, his brow suddenly frowned, and his face became cold.

He noticed a large number of masters were rapidly approaching the cave, and he was quite familiar with many of their auras; they were the masters from the Hai Ke Family.

Releasing his powerful Divine Sense to probe the situation, Yang Kai’s expression became somewhat dignified. He found that these visitors weren’t just the Hai Ke Family masters, there were even two First-Order Origin Returning Realm masters.

Recalling what Wu Yi said before, Yang Kai immediately realized that these two Origin Returning Realm masters were helpers that Yi En had managed to invite from Shadow Moon Hall.

This old bastard was really ruthless! There wasn’t any kind of irreconcilable grudge between him and the Hai Ke Family; at most, there were some bad feelings about Wu Yi and the others having separated from the family. There wasn’t any spilt blood between them. Yet, the Hai Ke Family had actually moved even faster than the Xu Family to try to oppress him.

At this moment, Yang Kai was already certain Wu Yi’s guess was correct.

His performance had been too intimidating, and with him occupying Dragon Cave Mountain, it made the Hai Ke Family unable to sleep peacefully. Dragon Cave Mountain was part of the Ke Family’s territory and wasn’t far from their main manor, so clearly, they feared Yang Kai would continue to rise up and one day threaten their existence.

Just because of this though, they had decided to exterminate him and everyone else here. Realizing this, Yang Kai coldly snorted and silently decided to not show the Hai Ke Family any kind of mercy regardless of whether they were Wu Yi’s former family. If they dared to challenge him, he would ensure they never leave.

Standing up, Yang Kai opened the stone door to his room and immediately spotted Wu Yi and Yu Feng standing there with nervous expressions.

“Big Brother Yang…” Wu Yi called out, her face somewhat pale.

“I know, make sure no one leaves the cave. These past few days, Yang Yan has improved the Spirit Array greatly, so as long as you don’t go out, they won’t be able to touch you.”

“No, I must face them together with you.” What Yang Kai didn’t expect was that Wu Yi would flatly reject his suggestion. She probably wanted to take this opportunity to make a clean break with the Hai Ke Family.

Yang Kai glanced at her for a moment before nodding gently, “Then don’t act rashly. Even if the situation becomes critical, don’t leave the cave entrance.”

“En,” Wu Yi responded quickly.

Yang Kai then led them to the entrance of the cave where he found Yang Yan was still furiously working on the Spirit Array, apparently not willing to withdraw until the very last moment.

After discovering that Yang Kai had come out, Yang Yan secretly breathed a sigh of relief and her movements became even faster and more fluid.

Inside the cave, the cultivators who had chosen to follow Wu Yi also realized what was happening and ran out one by one to stand solemnly behind Yang Kai and Wu Yi.

“Hmm… how did that little dwarf come? He really sticks out no matter where he goes,” Yang Kai suddenly said with some surprise. Among the group approaching them, like a crane among chickens, was the one Yang Kai had met when he first arrived on Shadowed Star, the incredibly short and equally arrogant, Xie Hong Wen.

At that time, Xie Hong Wen had shown up just after Wu Yi and the others had returned to Shadowed Star and confiscated the precious ore they had mined. Yang Kai also knew that this little dwarf, Xie Hong Wen was interested in Wu Yi and last time had even boldly declared that one day her surname would be Xie. His presence here now should be related to Wu Yi.

Xie Hong Wen may have been short, but he was actually the one leading this group, all the Elders and Foreign Elders of the Hai Ke Family following behind him along with the two First-Order Origin Returning Realm masters who were presumably from Heavenly Fate City’s City Lord’s Mansion.

Listening to Yang Kai’s comments, Wu Yi couldn’t help giggling, but she quickly composed herself, knowing that this was no time to laugh. The masters from the City Lord’s Mansion had come, Xie Hong Wen had also come, it looked like her former family were dead set on eliminating Yang Kai today, causing Wu Yi’s expression to become gloomy.

Just like Yang Kai discovered Xie Hong Wen, Xie Hong Wen discovered him. Glancing over and seeing Wu Yi standing so close to Yang Kai, Xie Hong Wen’s eyes nearly shot flames as he clenched his fists and cursed, “Bitch, always acting like an innocent maiden. Turns out you’re just another slut!”

Knowing Xie Hong Wen was growing irritated, Yi En quickly reminded, “Young Lord Xie, that young man named Yang Kai cannot be underestimated. Although his realm isn’t high, his combat strength is unimaginable, the Xu Family…”

“Enough! Father’s ears will soon go deaf from hearing you say that nonsense over and over again! Now that this Young Lord has come forward though, he will die without a doubt, just stand there and watch!” Xie Hong Wen waved his hand impatiently, interrupting Yi En’s words.

The two Origin Returning Realm masters that were following behind Xie Hong Wen shot disdainful looks towards Yi En, in their minds thinking that small families were really small families. Whenever they encountered a cultivator who could fight above their realm, they were instantly astounded.

Inside Shadow Moon Hall, there were many disciples who could fight above their own realm, any Second-Order Saint Realm disciple there could beat an ordinary Third-Order Saint Elder or Foreign Elder of a small family.

Let alone, this time two Origin Returning Realm masters had come out, so it was certain that this place would soon be razed to the ground.

Yi En let out a sigh but didn’t dare to say anymore, lest he annoy Xie Hong Wen further, but in his heart, he felt quite bitter.

He hadn’t expected to bring Xie Hong Wen here. A few days ago, Yi En had taken a lot of gifts to the City Lord’s Mansion. He had actually managed to see City Lord Fei Zhi Tu and reported what had happened with the Xu Family; however, Fei Zhi Tu didn’t seem to take the matter seriously. If not for Yi En accidentally meeting Xie Hong Wen at that time, he would likely still be waiting for an official response from the City Lord’s Mansion.

Moreover, Xie Hong Wen hadn’t come here to support the Hai Ke Family, nor to uphold justice for the Xu Family, he was simply here for Wu Yi.

Listening to Yi En saying that the woman he had his eye on was now mingling with a man of unknown origins who was just a First-Order Saint King, Xie Hong Wen flew into a rage and immediately brought two masters with him to kill Yang Kai.

Regardless of the process, he had managed to invite some powerhouses to handle the situation, which gave Yi En some psychological balance. Unfortunately, today, Wu Yi was going to die. One shouldn’t look just as the lewd look in Xie Hong Wen’s eyes, it was his personality that was truly twisted and deformed like his figure. Once he found a woman he wanted, he would stop at nothing to obtain her, and anyone who got in his way would suffer unspeakable consequences.

He once spotted the Young Lady of a small family and stated clearly that the next day he would come to her home to bring the bridegroom’s gifts to the family. But in order to escape this fate, this Young Lady went and slept with her favourite man to lose her innocence.

The Young Lady thought that by doing this, she could escape Xie Hong Wen’s poisonous hands, but Xie Hong Wen instead killed that man then brought the Young Lady back to his home, tortured and humiliated her for a month, then stripped her naked and tossed her out into the crowded streets of Heavenly Face City.

The Young Lady could not bear the humiliation and immediately committed suicide, but afraid of what would happen to them, no one dared to remove her body until her corpse had thoroughly rotted.

One month later, the family of that Young Lady was inexplicably destroyed. Although there were no clues to the perpetrators, as long as one had any sense, they would understand that it was Xie Hong Wen’s doing.

It could be said that Xie Hong Wen’s personality had been distorted to an incurable degree.

Yi En didn’t know what kind of fate was waiting for his Hai Ke Family and could only pray that Wu Yi had kept her innocence, unlike that other Young Lady. If she still had her innocence, there might be room to bargain, but if not, Yi En couldn’t even imagine what kind of storm the Hai Ke Family would have to face.

The Elders and Foreign Elders of the Hai Ke Family also didn’t have very good looks on their faces, all of them trembling as they clearly recalled all of Xie Hong Wen’s previous crimes, worrying that they would be implicated because of Wu Yi’s actions.

With the gloomy look on Xie Hong Wen’s face, no one dared breathe loudly.

After arriving in front of the cave though, Xie Hong Wen’s gloomy complexion suddenly dissipated as he stared towards Yang Yan who was still arranging her Spirit Array, his eyes flashing with slight surprise as he let out a wild laugh, “Amazing, there’s another beauty here. Seems taking this trip was the right call.”

Although Yang Yan was wearing a large black robe, her incredible curves were still clearly visible. On top of that, her small, exquisite face perfectly matched Xie Hong Wen’s appetite. His eyes fixed on Yang Yan as his blood began to boil. He wished he could immediately grab Yang Yan and Wu Yi now and leave to have his way with them.

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