Martial Peak

Chapter 1140 - What Kind of Power Is This

Chapter 1140, What Kind of Power Is This

With this in mind, Xie Hong Wen actually rushed out to snatch these two, but he only managed to take a few steps before he was stopped by one of the two Origin Returning Realm masters.

“Young Master, there’s something strange in front of us, it should be a powerful Spirit Array,” The cultivator frowned as he stared at the large open space in front of the cave, his Divine Sense sweeping it repeatedly.

On their way here, Yi En had explained to them how the Xu Family’s dozen Third-Order Saint Kings had been annihilated, but they hadn’t taken his words seriously, thinking that even if a Spirit Array existed, it would have limited power and be unable to stop an Origin Returning Realm master. However, after arriving here, these masters discovered that this Spirit Array was not to be underestimated.

“Something strange?” Xie Hong Wen wasn’t stupid and quickly nodded, “I see. Then this Young Lord won’t rush matters.”

At this moment, Yang Yan had finished her task and swiftly returned to the cave. Hiding behind Yang Kai, her tender body shivered slightly, causing Wu Yi to take her hand and pat it gently.

Xie Hong Wen withdrew his eyes which had been following Yang Yan and instead squinted towards Wu Yi, smiling deviously as he wore a ruthless look upon his face and shouted, “Wu Yi, don’t say this Young Lord didn’t give you a chance. As long as you know your limits and obediently come back with me, this Young Lord won’t haggle over your past indiscretions. If you refuse my kindness though, don’t blame this Young Lord for being ruthless.

Although Wu Yi’s complexion was quite pale, she still managed to shout, “Stop dreaming! If you want me to follow you, you’ll have to kill me first!”

“Good!” Instead of becoming angry, Xie Hong Wen laughed. When he first learned that Wu Yi had gotten together with Yang Kai, he had truly been enraged, but now that he discovered the even more beautiful Yang Yan here, his gloomy mood dissipated greatly. This time, not only could he obtain Wu Yi, he could also acquire this, curvaceous beauty, killing two birds with one stone; naturally Xie Hong Wen was overjoyed.

No longer caring about Wu Yi, he instead turned to Yang Kai and snorted, “Little brat, your courage isn’t small, daring to have ideas about this Young Lord’s woman. No matter who you are, or what backer you have, you must die here today! Obediently kowtow and apologize to your Grandpa a few times and perhaps I will make your death painless. If you can give me that woman too, heh heh, this Young Lord may even spare your worthless life!”

Yang Kai frowned. He had seen plenty of rich second generations, but never had he encountered one as arrogant as Xie Hong Wen. It was almost as if this midget thought that so long as he spoke, others would have to obey him. First, he wanted Wu Yi to surrender to him, then he wanted Yang Kai to kowtow and beg for his life? Who did he think he was?

“Does this idiot only know how to talk big?” Yang Kai turned to ask Wu Yi.

Wu Yi sneered, “His brain is rotten.”

“En, seems so, his brain really must be rotten. It’s probably a mental condition caused by his physical deformity,” Yang Kai nodded seriously.

Seeing his calm and relaxed look, the tension Wu Yi and the rest of the crowd were feeling seemed to abate.

On the other side, when he heard Xie Hong Wen saying he might let Yang Kai off, Yi En hurriedly called out, “Young Lord Xie, this person has no background but still forcefully seized Dragon Cave Mountain from my Hai Ke Family, usurping the roll of host while being just a guest! Please uphold just and put this man to death, Young Lord Xie!”

Since he had decided to strangle Yang Kai to death in the cradle, lest he grow up and threaten the interests of the Hai Ke Family, Yi En would not easily let Yang Kai off. As for Wu Yi, she had already left the family, so whatever fate was in store for her after Xie Hong Wen carried her off was no concern of his.

“Do you want to interfere in this Young Lord’s business?” Xie Hong Wen glanced over at Yi En, causing the latter to flinch and shut his mouth.

Immediately after, Xie Hong Wen yelled towards the cave, “Little brat, your courage isn’t small, not only having ideas about Father’s woman, but daring to occupy another’s territory. It seems you don’t put my Shadow Moon Hall in your eyes! Could it be you don’t know this Hai Ke Family is attached to my Shadow Moon Hall?”

“If you want to fight, just fight, stop spewing nonsense!” Yang Kai was too lazy to talk with him anymore. This dwarf’s head wasn’t normal, so trying to talk to him was just a waste of breath, the result would be the same no matter what.

“Good, this Young Lord will let you understand the consequences of offending are today! You can rest assured; I won’t kill you immediately. That woman is yours, right?” Xie Hong Wen pointed to Yang Yan, “Since you’ve dared lay your hands on this Young Lord’s woman, this Young Lord will seize yours instead! I’ll let you watch as I satisfy her so you know just how inferior you are!”

Saying so, he lightly ordered, “Hong Zhen, capture that boy for me. Fuck, daring to offend me, I must make him suffer.”

The First Order Origin Returning Realm master called Hong Zhen frowned, hesitating for a moment before saying, “Young Lord, there’s a Spirit Array over there!”

“So what if there’s a Spirit Array? Is a trivial Spirit Array enough to stop you? If that’s the case, what use are you?” Xie Hong Wen shouted, “If you’re not enough then both of you go, I don’t believe it some trash Spirit Array can block both of you. Hurry up and grab him, Father here needs to step on his head and piss on his face.”

Hong Zhen’s expression drooped and became gloomy.

A First-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator was considered a powerful master on Shadowed Star; after all, the highest realm achievable here was Third Order Origin Returning Realm. But since Hong Zhen’s orders were to protect Xie Hong Wen, so he could not refuse his orders.

The other Origin Realm master glanced over at him and seemed to want to say something, but Hong Zhen waved his hand first and said, “I’ll test it, if I can’t break it, we’ll do it together.”

“Good,” The man nodded.

Hong Zhen walked step by step towards the cave, fully releasing his Divine Sense to scan his surroundings, but the more he searched, the more frightened he became. The space around him was like a quagmire; as soon as his Divine Sense fell into it, it seemingly disappeared. Immediately, Hong Zhen realized he had underestimated the power of this Spirit Array.

It was too late to retreat though as he had clearly entered the Spirit Array’s range, but what stunned him was it seemed the other party had no intention of activating it, making him wonder if it could be opened at all.

It was then that the young First Order Saint King actually started walking over towards him, surprising and delighting Hong Zhen.

“Sister Yang Yan, start the Array,” Wu Yi grabbed Yang Yan’s small hand nervously. Last time, more than a dozen people from the Xu Family were easily killed by Yang Kai because they fell into the Spirit Array, but now he was facing an Origin Returning Realm master, so naturally, Wu Yi was worried.

First Order Origin Returning Realm and First Order Saint King Realm were an entire Great Realm apart. Even if Wu Yi had great confidence in Yang Kai’s strength, she didn’t think he could defeat this Hong Zhen in a head-on confrontation.

Yang Yan shook her head though, “Yang Kai said not to open the Spirit Array right away.”

“Why not?”

“I do not know either.”

However, Yang Yan soon learned why Yang Kai didn’t want her to open the Spirit Array immediately, because Yang Kai actually made the first move, condensing a jet-black Demonic Flame sword and slashing it down towards Hong Zhen.

Yang Kai clearly wanted to test the limits of his combat effectiveness.

“Overconfident brat!” Hong Zhen sneered, pushing his fist forward. However, this seemingly casually thrown punch actually caused the space within a several hundred meters of him to undergo a strange mutation, as if something had been added to it.

Yang Kai’s expression changed greatly. Although he knew there was a huge gap between Third-Order Saint King Realm and First Order Origin Returning Realm, he hadn’t expected the attack of an Origin Returning Realm master to be so weird.

The power behind this fist wasn’t too strong, but when Hong Zhen punched out, Yang Kai felt a strange sensation, as if he was wrapped in an invisible force, causing the speed at which he could circulate his Saint Qi to drop noticeably. At the same time, Yang Kai felt his physical body become more difficult to move and the speed at which his black sword was falling also dropped precipitously.

His strength was instantly suppressed.

What kind of power was this? Yang Kai was startled. He had met a lot of Origin Returning Realm masters, but he had never once fought against one of them. This was the first time.

Yang Kai suddenly discovered that Origin Returning Realm cultivators seemed to posses some special type of power that could suppress those in lower realms, what he didn’t know was whether this power was unique to Hong Zhen or was something all Origin Realm masters could use.

He was eager to know what this power was.

Back in Tong Xuan Realm, if Yang Kai ever encountered some problem with his cultivation, he could speak to Meng Wu Ya or one of the other masters to help him, but out here, there was no one Yang Kai could rely on. If he wanted to comprehend this strange strength, he had to kill an Origin Returning Realm cultivator and absorb their sensibilities about the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao.

While his thoughts churned about quickly, a great wind blade burst forth from Hong Zhen’s fists, shattering Yang Kai’s Demonic Flame sword in an instant.

If his strength wasn’t suppressed, Yang Kai would still be able to dodge this blow, but now that his movements were much slower than usual, he wasn’t able to dodge the approaching wind blade.

There was an extremely violent power contained with this wind blade, and Yang Kai believed that even if his physique was strong, he would definitely be injured if he was hit.

Wu Yi called out in alarm as worry filled her eyes.

“Cheap slut!” Xie Hong Wen scolded once again. Wu Yi’s worrying about Yang Kai upset him greatly and he secretly decided that he would tear off her clothes and devastate her ruthlessly in front of everyone here before tossing her away like a piece of trash so she would know the price for offending him.

On the other hand, Yang Yan expression remained indifferent and she didn’t show any intention of opening the Spirit Array.


The huge wind blade hit Yang Kai, forcing him back several meters.

“Eh?” Hong Zhen thought Yang Kai was dead for sure, but he quickly found that at some point, this young man had summoned a purple shield in front of him. A purple hue surrounded this shield and the aura it released was quite astonishing. At first glance, it was obviously a very high-grade defensive artefact; his wind blade hadn’t even left a scratch on it.

“An Origin Grade artefact?” Hong Zhen’s eyes lit up, and a look of greed appeared on his face.

With his eyesight, it was easy for him to tell what grade this artefact was, and he also could tell that this artefact hadn’t been completely refined so it shouldn’t have been long since this young man obtained it.

If he could snatch this Origin Grade artefact, his strength would definitely increase.

“Fierce!” Yang Kai glanced at his purple shield before shaking his body a bit and calming the rolling blood in his chest, praising Hong Zhen without hesitation.

“You’re not bad yourself, boy!” Hong Zhen sneered, but on the inside, he was actually quite surprised, because if it was an ordinary First-Order Saint King cultivator, even if they had such a powerful defensive artefact, they would have at least been injured just now. However, it was clear that this young man wasn’t the slightest bit affected; no wonder he was able to fight opponents above his realm and even kill Third Order Saint Kings. From his performance in this exchange, it was clear he had such ability.

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