Martial Peak

Chapter 1138 - , New Method of Attack

Chapter 1138, New Method of Attack

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“So low?” Yang Kai was taken aback. If that was the case, wouldn’t it mean that he and Yang Yan stood at the pinnacle of Shadowed Star in their respective fields?

Yang Yan may have even exceeded that peak as last time she had said that with the help of the Stone Puppet, she would be able to raise his purple shield to the Origin Grade Mid-Rank. This meant she was at least an Origin Grade Mid-Rank Artifact Refiner.

“En, it’s that low, as for why that’s the case, I don’t know why. In any case, Alchemists, Artifact Refiners, and even Chart Master and Array Masters grow much slower here on Shadowed Star,” Wu Yi laughed helplessly. She knew Yang Kai came from outside and from his tone, she could infer that this was not the case out there.

After listening to Wu Yi’s words, Yang Kai felt that using Alchemy to earn Saint Crystals was a good idea.

His Alchemy had already reached the pinnacle of Shadowed Star, so what worry would he have about raising enough Saint Crystals? He could even look for those great forces to directly trade pills for precious materials.

Yang Yan’s arrangement of Spirit Arrays was similar to him cultivating the Dao of Space, both burned money at an astonishing rate. Without enough Saint Crystals and supplies, they simply couldn’t continue advancing.

“Why does the Xu Family have ten King Transformation Pills then?” Yang Kai asked. Logically speaking, there shouldn’t be a Saint King Grade Alchemist working for the Xu Family, but without such an Alchemist, King Transformation Pills couldn’t be refined.

“They should have obtained them from Shadow Moon Hall,” Wu Yi explained, “The small families attached to Shadow Moon Hall all have the opportunity to purchase some more precious pills and artefacts from the Sect, but they have to pay an enormous price to do so. The Hai Ke Family acquired some King Transformation Pills this way; en, the Saint King Pill they sent last time was also purchased from Shadow Moon Hall.”

“I see, Yang Kai nodded before tossing two jade bottles over to Wu Yi, “Give them these and tell them not to quarrel.”

“What are these?” Wu Yi asked curiously.

“See for yourself,” Yang Kai smiled lightly.

Wu Yi opened one of the bottles suspiciously and peered inside. In the next instant, her beautiful face changed colour as she exclaimed, “King Transformation Pills? More than twenty of them? And so many of them have formed Pill Veins?”

She was really shocked.

The ten King Transformation Pills obtained from Xu Zhi Kun’s Space Ring were just ordinary pills, but the ones Yang Kai had just given her had a large number which had formed Pill Veins. Wu Yi couldn’t even imagine where Yang Kai was able to obtain these pills.

Ordinary King Transformation Pills could increase the chance of a cultivator being able to break through to the Saint King Realm by thirty percent, so King Transformation Pill that formed Pill Veins would improve upon that even further!

“Big Brother Yang, where did you get these?” When Wu Yi lifted her head and asked, only to realize that Yang Kai was already gone. Immediately, Wu Yi felt a bit dizzy. A single King Transformation Pill was worth more than two thousand High-Rank Saint Crystals, so this bottle along was worth more than forty thousand!

Wu Yi only now realized just how generous Yang Kai was.

Her delicate hands trembling slightly, Wu Yi opened the other jade bottle and once again called out in alarm, “Saint King Pills!”

And many of these Saint King Pills had formed Pill Veins. Wu Yi was absolutely certain that these two bottles of pills were refined by the same Alchemist, but… the percentage which had formed Pill Veins was too astonishing.

From infancy till now, Wu Yi had only ever seen a single pill which formed Pill Veins, and it was just a Spirit Grade High-Rank pill.

Even if Wu Yi had some worldly experience, she still felt like these two jade bottles were as heavy as mountains. King Transformation Pills would allow her brothers and sisters to easily break through to the Saint King Realm while Saint King Pills would help them quickly consolidate their cultivations. Yang Kai had prepared everything for them, all they needed to do now was take these pills.

“Thank you, Big Brother Yang!” Wu Yi shouted loudly before turning around and walking back into the noisy stone room, raising the two jade bottles and happily announcing, “Don’t quarrel, there are enough King Transformation Pills for everyone. Not only that, everyone will receive a Saint King Pill as well!”

The noisy stone room immediately calmed down as nearly twenty pairs of eyes simultaneously stared towards Wu Yi.

Outside the cave, Yang Yan was arranging a new Spirit Array. Aside from a few necessary for cultivation, all the Saint Crystals that Yang Kai handed over to Wu Yi last time had been exchanged for various materials. In her large black robe, Yang Yan busied herself arranging a Killing Array.

“Help me!” Yang Yan called out and Yang Kai immediately walked over to assist her according to her instructions.

After some time, Yang Kai suddenly asked, “Yang Yan, will the Spirit Array you arranged previously have any effect if Origin Returning Realm masters come?”

“Yes!” Yang Yan replied affirmatively, “But it won’t be like last time. Origin Realm cultivators are far more powerful than Saint Kings after all. If a Third Order Origin Returning Realm master comes, the Spirit Array will only be able to trap them for ten breaths.”

Yang Kai nodded in understanding.

Yang Yan’s action suddenly stopped as she turned and looked at Yang Kai seriously, “What are your plans for the future?”

“What do you mean?” Yang Kai asked in confusion.

“Do you plan to stay here long term or leave after the mineral lode down below is mined clean?”

“Of course I plan to stay long term,” Yang Kai replied immediately. He was not familiar with Shadowed Star at all, and now that he had a place to stay, he wouldn’t leave easily.

“That’s good, I also like it here. If we want to stay here long term, I will put my best into arranging powerful Spirit Arrays,” Yang Yan smiled faintly, “If you give me more advanced materials in the future, I can arrange a formation that will completely trap Third Order Origin Returning Realm masters!”

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up and his evaluation of Yang Yan rose even higher.

While the two were talking, Wu Yi rushed out of the cave suddenly, her face somewhat flushed, obviously very excited.

“Finished?” Yang Kai smiled at her.

“En, all of them have now entered secluded retreat. It won’t be long before they can become Saint Kings. Thank you, Big Brother Yang,” Wu Yi nodded, and then said, “I just forgot to tell you something a moment ago.”


“Foreign Elder Chang and Foreign Elder Hao sent a messenger over to say that the Patriarch brought a lot of gifts to the City Lord’s Mansion in Heavenly Fate City three days ago.”

“Foreign Elder Chang, Foreign Elder Hao?” Yang Kai frowned but soon recalled these two. Foreign Elder Chang naturally referred to Chang Qi, the one Yang Kai had met back on the Starship. Foreign Elder Hao should refer to Hao An, the one who had come to greet them when the Starship returned to Shadowed Star.

Apparently, the relationship between these two Foreign Elders and Wu Yi was quite good, otherwise, they would not have sent someone to deliver such a letter.

“Foreign Elder Huang Juan also sent someone to deliver a letter say9ing the same thing,” Wu Yi frowned, obviously not understanding why Huang Juan had suddenly decided to help her this time. Also, from what she wrote in the letter, it seemed like Huang Juan planned on leaving the Hai Ke Family and was advising her to leave Dragon Cave Mountain as soon as possible.

Yang Kai wasn’t familiar with Huang Juan, but he didn’t care either way, simply asking, “Did your former Patriarch go to Heavenly Fate City to seek assistance from Shadow Moon Hall?”

“En. Big Brother Yang, what should we do now? Once Shadow Moon Hall learns that you have killed so many of the Xu Family’s masters, they definitely won’t sit idly by and will likely send out Origin Returning Realm masters.”

“Origin Returning Realm!” Yang Kai frowned, to be honest, he didn’t know how his current strength compared to Origin Returning Realm cultivators, but with each new Great Realm crossed, the strength of a cultivator would change dramatically. Right now, Yang Kai could easily kill Third Order Saint Kings, but that didn’t mean he could face a First Order Origin Returning Realm master.

However, Yang Kai soon knit his brow and became suspicious, “Strange, why is your family the one rushing to report this situation, shouldn’t it be the Xu Family doing so?”

Wu Yi thought for a moment before biting her lower lip and saying, “It may be that the Patriarch feels since he can’t control you or drive you away, he needs to rely on the power of Shadow Moon Hall.”

It had to be said that Wu Yi mind was quite sharp; taking what she knew about Yi En’s character, she was quickly able to arrive at the truth of the matter.

Yang Kai nodded, “No need for concern, just continue going about your day like normal, if an Origin Returning Realm master really comes, we can still block them.”

“En,” Wu Yi nodded lightly; although didn’t have much confidence in this matter, since Yang Kai had said so, she wouldn’t raise any objections.

After Wu Yi left, Yang Yan said lightly, “Don’t expect my Spirit Array to kill an Origin Realm masters, without higher-grade materials, the Killing Array I’m arranging won’t have that kind of power.”

“I wasn’t planning on relying on your Spirit Array for that,” Yang Kai grinned. As long as Yang Yan’s Spirit Array could keep an Origin Returning Realm master trapped for a while, and as long as it wasn’t a Third Order Origin Returning Realm master who came, Yang Kai felt he could handle the situation.

Since this concerned the giant Space Spirit Crystal lode, forget about Origin Returning Realm masters, even if an Origin King was to arrive, Yang Kai would still choose to fight. This treasure must not be given away.

Instead of helping Yang Yan continuing arranging the Spirit Array, Yang Kai immediately returned to his stone room to enter retreat. Holding a Space Spirit Crystal in his hand, and drawing energy from it, he began adding to his own Space Force.

The Dao of Space was very esoteric, but also extremely powerful. Yang Kai felt that if he had to fight against Origin Realm masters, using Space Force was his best option.

Previously, Yang Kai had used his comprehension of the Dao of Space to enhance or manipulate his Saint Qi attacks, allowing them to leap across space and strike from otherwise impossible directions, making them difficult to predict or block. This approach could strengthen the power of a Saint Qi attack, but wasn’t really making use of the Dao of Space’s full potential.

If he could use his Space Force directly to attack, Yang Kai believed his combat power would increase greatly and become even more difficult to counter.

Yang Kai didn’t know when people from Shadow Moon Hall would come for him, but it was safe to say that it would be sooner rather than later. As such, Yang Kai dedicated himself to comprehending the Dao of Space while trying to develop his new method of attack.

After refining so many Space Spirit Crystals, Yang Kai’s understanding of the Dao of Space had reached new heights and he could no longer be considered someone with only superficial knowledge of it.

Yang Kai believed that with his current level of comprehension, if he was back on the floating continent, he could easily find his way out.

Tearing Space was a means of escape and couldn’t be used to kill an enemy, but from all his experienced tearing space, Yang Kai was able to conceptualize a method to use this principle to attack. Running many simulations in his Knowledge Sea, Yang Kai refined his hypothesis over and over again until he came up with an initial prototype, his eyes shooting open in the next instant.

Lifting his right hand, Yang Kai made a slicing motion and created a finger-length long thumbnail-sized space crack in front of himself. This space crack overflowed with the aura of The Void and seemed akin to a bottomless hole in space.

However, unlike before when Yang Kai tore space, after this crack appeared, it didn’t remain in place but began slowly moving forward.

Wherever this tear in space passed, everything from air to World Energy was completely swallowed up.

After moving forward about a meter, the tear suddenly closed and disappeared.

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