Martial Peak

Chapter 1137 - Compromise and Share

Chapter 1137, Compromise and Share

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Although Huang Juan wasn’t young anymore, she retained her beauty and now looked like she was only in her thirties. She gave off a mature aura and her figure was equally ripe, with tall twin peaks, a full rounded bottom, long straight legs, a slender and graceful waist, and skin that while jade white had a constant pink hue to it. Such a beautiful woman naturally aroused the guards’ attention.

“Big Brothers, I am an Elder of Hai Ke Family and have something important to report to City Lord Fei Zhi Tu,” Huang Juan forced a smile out while she scolded Yi En like a dog in her mind.

Yi En had sent her here alone to deliver this message precisely because she was a woman. He apparently thought that a beautiful woman would have an easier time dealing with the City Lord.

However, before she even entered the City Lord’s Mansion, she had caught the attention of these Saint Realm guards, causing her to feel both angry and helpless. If this was anywhere else, with Huang Juan’s Third Order Saint King cultivation, she could easily butcher these rude men, but this was the City Lord’s Mansion under Shadow Moon Hall, so unless she didn’t want to live any longer, she couldn’t act out.

“Hai Ke Family?” One man with a face as long as a horse wore a sneer and shook his head, “Never heard of it, do any of you know it?”

Immediately, another guard chimed in, “It’s a small peripheral family under the Sect.”

“A peripheral family,” The horse-faced cultivator nodded casually, “No wonder I’ve never heard of it. So, what does someone from a mere peripheral family need here?”

His attitude couldn’t be any clearer, he didn’t even place Hai Ke Family in his eyes at all, making Huang Juan secretly grit her teeth. But regardless of how she really felt, all she could do was smile and says, “Big brothers, I really need to meet City Lord Fei Zhi Tu, if you could please pass on this request on my behalf, I would be very grateful.”

The horse-faced guard coldly snorted and said, “Sir City Lord is busy with many things, how could he have time to see someone like you? Go back to wherever you came from.”

Shadow Moon Hall had many peripherally attached forces, each one of them was extremely weak and unimportant. Although these guards were only Saint Realm cultivators, they could use their status as Shadow Moon Hall disciples to bluff and bluster about while having eyes higher than the top of their heads, so even if Huang Juan’s cultivation was far higher than their own, they didn’t give her the slightest bit of respect.

Listening to the horse-faced guard say this, Huang Juan grit her teeth even harder for a moment but suddenly flashed an enchanting smile and beckoned to him, “Big brother, can you come a little closer so we can speak?”

Huang Juan could still be regarded as a worldly woman who was proficient in human affairs, how could she not understand how to handle a little brat like this?

“Oh?” The horse-faced guard chuckled indifferently, “Is there something little sister wants to say that’s difficult to discuss in public?”

As he laughed, he shook his head and stepped towards Huang Juan.

After he approached close enough, Huang Juan took a couple Saint Crystals out of her Space Ring and quietly shoved them into his hand, whispering softly, “Big Brother, I hope you can be a bit accommodating.”

The horse-faced guard didn’t even glance down as he silently stuffed the Saint Crystals into his own Space Ring before suddenly grabbing Huang Juan’s small tender hand and rubbing it wantonly, as if he had never held a woman before, an obscene look appearing on his face as he whispered back, “Little sister, it’s not that I don’t want to be accommodating, it’s really just that Sir City Lord has no time to spare…”

Being touched so roughly by this man, Huang Juan’s tender body suddenly trembled and goosebumps popped up all over her skin. She wished she could tear this man’s corpse into ten thousand pieces right now, but she had no choice but to hold back her anger as she took out a big handful of Saint Crystals and gave them to him while continuing to beg, “Please go in and notify Sir City Master, if he refuses to see me, I will have no complaints.”

After receiving so many Saint Crystals, the horse-faced guard finally showed a satisfied smile as he continuing rubbing Huang Juan hand and said, “Good, it seems coming here hasn’t been easy for you, so I’ll especially pass a message along for you, but you shouldn’t get your hopes up, Sir City Lord is very busy.”

“En, I know, many thanks, Big Brother,” Huang Juan exhaled secretly. She was afraid that this bastard would continue taking advantage of her.

Seeing the horse-faced guard walk into the City Lord’s Mansion, Huang Juan stood outside and waited anxiously.

After a short while, the horse-faced guard came out again, this time with a gloomy expression. When Huang Juan saw this, her heart sank as she knew the situation wasn’t good and hurriedly asked, “What did Sir City Lord say?”

The guard, having obtained some benefits from Huang Juan, didn’t shout angrily but just said, “He won’t see you, not only that, he reproved me for wasting his time.”

“En…” Huang Juan sighed, feeling a sense of powerlessness deep in her heart. She had no true relatives in this world and had relied on her own effort to cultivate till the Third Order Saint King realm. It was only a dozen or so years ago that she entered the Hai Ke Family and obtained the status of Foreign Elder. Huang Juan had wanted to use the Hai Ke Family as a springboard to join Shadow Moon Hall. She had been looking forward to one day joining Shadow Moon Hall, but now she realized that in Shadow Moon Hall’s eyes, the Hau Ke Family was nothing. A Foreign Elder like her coming here couldn’t even see the City Lord.

Deep down, she scolded Yi En who had sent her here to the City Lord’s Mansion thousands of times.

Inside the Hai Ke Family, there were several Elders who had ideas about her, and coming here to the City Lord’s Mansion, she had been taken advantage of by someone far weaker than herself. Lacking strength backing made living in this world truly difficult.

Suddenly, Huang Juan felt discouraged and wondered if it was time for her to leave the Hai Ke Family. This family had no future at all, continuing to stay with them would only waste her time.

“Little sister, why don’t you wait here for a few days and if a chance comes up, I can pass a message along for you again?” The horse-faced guard didn’t seem to be satisfied with the advantages he’d gained so far and asked with a grin.

“No need,” Huang Juan’s expression became cold as she turned around and left.

“Can’t appreciate kindness!” The horse-faced guard coldly snorted.

After Huang Juan returned to the Hai Ke Family and Yi En learned she was unable to complete this seemingly simple task, he became furious and scolded her severely before preparing several precious gifts and hurrying off to Heavenly Fate City in person.

Huang Juan felt incredibly aggrieved as she became increasingly disappointed with the Hai Ke Family.

Yang Kai stepped out of his stone room and immediately heard a commotion coming from outside. Walking towards the source of the noise, he soon came to a huge stone room.

This stone room should have been excavated by the Stone Puppet on Yang Yan’s request at some point to be used as a conference room of sorts. At this moment, nearly twenty people were gathered inside, many of them with bloodshot eyes and looks of indignation on their faces as they shouted over one another.

Yu Feng was the loudest of the bunch as he stood on a stone table in the centre of the room and shouted while pointing at one cultivator after another, scolding them viciously as spittle flew from his mouth.

Yang Kai frowned and suddenly felt a little displeased.

He thought that those who followed Wu Yi were making a fuss because of an uneven distribution of resources. If that was the case, Yang Kai wouldn’t want them to remain here any longer. Even if they had followed Wu Yi here, he would still need to expel them. Those who didn’t understand how to compromise and share with their fellow Brothers and Sisters and simply cared about how many benefits they could snatch would only cause instability in the future. But after listening to the shouting for a while, Yang Kai discovered that things weren’t as he had initially thought.

Although this really was an argument about distributing materials, it wasn’t about Saint Crystals or artefacts, but pills.

Specifically, the ten King Transformation Pills that would improve the chances of breaking through to the Saint King Realm!

Most importantly though, no one here was making a fuss because they couldn’t obtain one of the King Transformation Pills, but instead were trying to push these precious King Transformation Pills onto others.

It had been three days since this argument began yet they still weren’t able to come up with a reasonable distribution plan yet. Wu Yi was also standing in the stone room, her pretty face full helplessness but also happiness.

“Damn it, Liu Ping, I remember that you broke through to the Third-Order Saint nine years ago, and now you’ve reached the Peak of this realm, why don’t you want to take one of these King Transformation Pills? Are trying to not give the Young Lady any face? Is that it? If you don’t give the Young Lady and this Yu Feng face, don’t blame father here for punching your face!”

The cultivator named Liu Ping cracked into a grin and said calmly, “Yu Feng, this Liu Ping is almost sixty years old this year, and my aptitude is quite low, what point would there be for me to take a King Transformation Pill? There’s a great possibility that me taking one would simply waste it and still not be able to break through to the Saint King Realm. Instead of wasting this treasure on me, it would be better to give it to Ge Wu Sheng. His aptitude is much better than mine and he’s also a Third-Order Saint. If he obtains one, he can definitely break through.”

Ge Wu Sheng, a middle-aged man in a blue shirt, heard this and shook his head immediately, “I don’t want one, just give me another two years and I’ll be able to break through on my own. There’s no need to waste a King Transformation Pill. Yu Feng, give it to Xiao Ya instead.”

A young woman wearing a beautiful dress quickly waved her hands, “I don’t want it either, I can break through on my own.”

Yu Feng’s forehead filled with blue veins as let fly another flurry of curses, but after some time, still unable to find a solution, he could only look to Wu Yi for help while complaining, “Young Lady, I can’t do this job. All of these bastards keep stubbornly refusing, how am I supposed to divide up these pills like this?”

Wu Yi sighed and was about to say something when she spotted Yang Kai standing at the door with a smile on his face and hurriedly walked over to him.

“These people are very good,” Yang Kai said with sincere admiration. He had wandered about outside for many years and had become accustomed to men and women mistrusting and using each other. Men die for wealth as birds die for food, yet in front of these King Transformation Pills which could help them break through to the Saint King Realm, saving at least one or two years of hard work, none of these people were willing to accept them, all of them insisting their fellow Brothers or Sisters take them. Such a harmonious atmosphere was something Yang Kai had not seen for a long time and if gave him a sense of warmth.

“I’ve let Big Brother Yang see something embarrassing,” Wu Yi blushed, “They’re just a group of people who haven’t seen the world; ten King Transformation Pills actually let them quarrel for three whole days yet we still haven’t been able to decide how to distribute them. Did we disturb Big Brother Yang?”

Having witnessed Yang Kai’s abilities, Wu Yi had changed how she addressed him; on top of that, it was clear she had matured greatly after having made the decision to separate from her family.

“It didn’t disturb me, the Spirit Arrays arranged by Yang Yan are excellent, I didn’t even hear anything until I left my room,” Yang Kai smiled and asked curiously, “Is it difficult to obtain King Transformation Pills?”

Wu Yi nodded, “King Transformation Pills are Saint-King Grade Low-Rank pills and their price isn’t low, at least two thousand High-Rank Saint Crystals per pill. It’s not something an ordinary cultivator can afford. The price is only secondary though, the key is that no one sells them. There are too many people who need this kind of pill and not many Alchemists are capable of refining them. Shadowed Star’s Artefact Refining and Alchemy standard is far below the rest of the Star Field; apparently, the most powerful Artifact Refiner sand Alchemists are only Origin Grade Low-Rank.”

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