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Chapter 1136 - , Cannot Become Friends

Chapter 1136, Cannot Become Friends

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Outside the cave, stunned silence resounded!

The several dozen cultivators who had followed Wu Yi and the masters from the Hai Ke Family all stared at this terrifying scene.

Although the last time Yang Kai had killed Xu Zhi Shen, they had also watched the whole process and knew Yang Kai was powerful, but now they all discovered that he had become significantly stronger since then.

Even if Xu Zhi Kun had been injured, he was a cultivator close to breaking through to the Origin Returning Realm, but in the end, after overdrawing his vitality and burning his Blood Essence, he was still unable to take a single punch from Yang Kai.

Was this guy a real monster? Yu Feng stared towards Yang Kai’s back and shivered slightly.

Or was it perhaps that cultivators from the outside world were all this incredible? If all cultivators from the outside were like Yang Kai, what had their Shadowed Star cultivators been wasting their time for?

As the crowd stood in shock, Yang Kai walked out calmly and collected the artefacts and Space Rings of the dozen or so fallen masters that were scattered on the ground. Sweeping these rings with his Divine Sense, Yang Kai scoffed disdainfully before tossing them all over to Yu Feng.

“Turn the Saint Crystals and raw materials over to Wu Yi then divide the rest amongst yourselves.”

“Ah?” Yu Feng was startled, “What about you?”

“I don’t need anything.”

Yang Kai really didn’t have any interest in the Xu Family masters’ treasures. Only the Hundred Mountains Picture and artefacts on that level could draw Yang Kai’s attention, but such things were clearly few and far between.

“Many thanks, Brother Yang,” Although Yu Feng was quite startled, he still nodded politely while expressing his gratitude before running back cheerfully to sort through the dozen or so Space Rings with a big grin. The others quickly gathered around and soon began shouting and cheering.

The Xu Family wasn’t very strong, but it was still an established force. Among the dozen or so Space Rings, Patriarch Xu Zhi Kun’s had the most artefacts, pills, and other valuables. There were also around twenty thousand High-Rank Saint Crystals, more than forty thousand Mid-Rank Saint Crystals, and a hundred thousand or so Low-Rank Saint Crystal.

Seeing such wealth, Yu Feng’s eyes went red.

Although he had long known that killing others and plundering their wealth was the fastest way to make money, their Hai Ke Family was among the lowest-level forces, so who could they annoy or kill freely? Seeing this scene today though, Yu Feng immediately realized that this saying was true.

Yu Feng and over a hundred of his brothers had risked their lives out in the Starry Sky for nearly two years to collect a Starship full of ore, but when they returned to the family, they had only received about ten thousand High-Rank Saint Crystals. On top of that, those Saint Crystals had been given to them by Wu Yi from her own pocket.

But today, Yang Kai had spent less than half an hour to kill a dozen or so people and harvested more than their several dozen brother could hope to gain in a lifetime. This huge gap made all of them feel both excited and bitter.

The artifacts and pills weren’t of very high level, mainly Saint Grade while a handful were Saint King Grade; however, these were perfectly suitable for these dozens of people who had chosen to follow Wu Yi.

Most of them were only in the Saint Realm, with just four of five of them having reached the First Order Saint King Realm. Saint Grade artefacts and pills were just right for them.

“King Transformation Pills, ten of them at that!” Yu Feng screamed suddenly, his big hands trembling as he held up a jade bottle.

Upon hearing these words, many people wore excited looks.

Although Yang Kai had never refined a King Transformation Pill, he knew what its function was. Saint King Pills could help consolidate one’s cultivation after they broke through to the Saint King Realm, but King Transformation Pills could increase the chance of one successfully breaking through from the Third Order Saint Realm to the Saint King Realm, thus this Saint King Grade Low-Rank pill was always in high demand.

Many cultivators would become stuck at the peak of a Great Realm and find themselves unable to break through to the next realm. The Third Order Saint Realm was a huge bottleneck, and it could be said that nine and a half out of ten cultivators would encounter difficulties crossing this Great Realm. People like Yang Kai who never encountered bottlenecks were extremely rare.

Yang Kai, however, managed to achieve this with the help of the Demon Eye of Annihilation. Without the Demon Eye of Annihilation, he would have been like any other cultivator that needed to refine certain pills when preparing to break through to a new Great Realm.

This King Transformation Pill could increase the chance of breaking through to the Saint King Realm by thirty percent. It could be said that as long as their aptitude wasn’t terrible, with the help of this pill, a cultivator would have a ninety percent chance of reaching the Saint King Realm.

Of the dozens of people who had chosen to followed Wu Yi, nearly twenty were Third Order Saints, so the value of these King Transformation Pills was self-evident.

The Hai Ke Family also had King Transformation Pills, but those were all reserved for disciples who had good aptitude and were closely tied to the family. The few dozen people who had followed Wu Yi weren’t qualified to even sniff such pills. The nearly twenty cultivators on the edge of a breakthrough had all become stuck at this bottleneck, but if they could refine a King Transformation Pill, becoming Saint King Realm cultivators was almost guaranteed.

Seeing the fierce look his brothers and sisters eyes, Yu Feng’s expression immediately became serious as he stored the jade bottle into his sleeve and quickly shouted, “This will be given to Young Lady; she will come up with a reasonable distribution plan!”

The crowd nodded together without objection.

Seeing this, Yang Kai suddenly felt that he should refine some pills for this group’s cultivation. He had never used pills to assist him with breaking through, but that didn’t mean such pills weren’t useful for others. On top of that, with his current level of skill, refining King Transformation Pills was quite easy.

After having decided so, Yang Kai shot a cold glare towards the distance.

He naturally knew that the people from Hai Ke Family had been standing there without moving. The Hai Ke Family masters had arrived together with the Xu Family forces, but unlike the latter, they had not made any aggressive moves, so Yang Kai didn’t see a reason to deal with them right now.

Perceiving Yang Kai’s eyes landing on them, Ba Qing Yan suddenly trembled and anxiously said, “Patriarch, I forgot to report something. Last time I was here, Yang Kai said that anyone who approaches to within fifty kilometres of the cave will be regarded as an enemy.”

When Yang Kai said this last time, Ba Qing Yan hadn’t taken him seriously; after all, Dragon Cave Mountain belonged to the Hai Ke Family, so wasn’t it Yang Kai who was occupying their land, not the other way around? But now, with the dead Xu Family master as an example, Ba Qing Yan didn’t dare to dismiss Yang Kai’s warning.

If Yang Kai used this as an excuse to attack them, it wasn’t certain if the Hai Ke Family could resist.

“What?” Yi En panicked, “Fifty kilometres?”

Forget fifty kilometres, where they were standing right now was not even five kilometres from the cave.

“Fall back!” Yi En didn’t dare to remain and immediately shouted before hurriedly retreating, the other Elders and Foreign Elders swiftly following behind him.

After retreating to outside the fifty-kilometre zone, the Hai Ke Family masters noticed that Yang Kai didn’t show any intent to pursue them. The group all stopped and stared at each other, all of them feeling somewhat embarrassed that they had panicked and fled like stray dogs from a youth far younger than them.

But now was not the time to think about such things. After seeing the dozen-plus Saint Kings of the Xu Family annihilated, all of them had come to realize how huge Yang Kai’s value was.

Yi En gave Ba Qing Yan a vicious look.

Ba Qing Yan obviously understood that Yi En was blaming him and he quickly took a step forward, cupped his fists, and said, “Patriarch, this time I failed to clearly understand the situation, I never expected Yang Kai to possess such enormous potential or for that woman to have such profound accomplishments in the field of Spirit Arrays. If I had known earlier, I would have stopped Xu Zhi Shen from coming here to seek trouble with them and of course never allowed Wu Yi to separate from the family, leading to this…”

“Enough, it’s useless to say this now,” Yi En waved his hand impatiently.

“Patriarch, are we going to earnestly try to earn his favour now?” Huang Juan asked anxiously, “His potential is too terrifying, and that woman’s skill in arranging Spirit Arrays is too profound, being on good terms with them will be very beneficial to us.”

“En, what Foreign Elder Huang says is right, we should really try to become friends with those two talents while trying to win them over,” Wa Lun nodded in agreement.

“We cannot become friends with them now!” To everyone’s surprise, however, Yi En decisively shook his head.

“Why?” Huang Juan didn’t understand. If they hadn’t witnessed the abilities of this young man and the woman, there really would be no need to become friends with them, but now that they had seen their true skills, how could they be willing to pass up such a good opportunity? Had the Patriarch become muddled?

“Have you all forgotten what Xu Zhi Kun shouted before he died?” Yi En coldly snorted.

Everyone thought back carefully, but before long, they all showed grim expressions.

“Patriarch means Shadow Moon Hall will…” Huang Juan asked hesitantly.

Yi En sneered, “Although my Hai Ke Family and the Xu Family are just the lowest level of attached force and mean nothing to Shadow Moon Hall, since we officially hang Shadow Moon Hall’s name next to ours, this matter concerns their honour. Killing so many masters from the Xu Family, including their Patriarch, is nothing short of slapping Shadow Moon Hall’s face. If they don’t come to manage the situation, how could any family like ours rely on them in the future? Shadow Moon Hall will definitely act. We also must report everything we saw here today to them, otherwise things will become troublesome when they come to investigate.”

“It is as Patriarch says, but by doing so, aren’t we going to offend that young man? Weren’t we trying to recruit him?” Wa Lun asked in a confused tone.

“Recruit him?” Yi En sneered, “Even if we managed to do that, could we make him submit to us? Since we can’t subdue him, what use is there in recruiting him? With his potential and aptitude, plus that woman’s accomplishments in Spirit Arrays, once they are allowed to mature, what room will there be here for my Hai Ke Family? By that time, this place will be surnamed Yang.”

Previously, Yi En had been very interested in Yang Kai and wanted to subdue him, but that was before he had witnessed this young man’s strength and ability and thought with his own years of experience and the power of the Hai Ke Family he could control this youth.

But after seeing the last moment of today’s battle, where Yang Kai had exploded Xu Zhi Kun apart with a single punch, Yi En realized he didn’t have the ability to tame such a person. Since he couldn’t control Yang Kai, there was no need to even think about soliciting him, doing that would only be inviting in a ravenous wolf that would sooner or later swallow the Hai Ke Family, bones and all.

Although Yi En’s attitude towards Yang Kai had changed extremely quickly, becoming completely opposite what it was a moment ago, no one present felt uncomfortable with this and instead admired Yi En’s decisiveness.

The thoughts of one who became Patriarch really weren’t comparable to those of ordinary people.

The Hai Ke Family masters swiftly returned to their manor and immediately sent someone to Heavenly Fate City to report the events of today to the City Lord’s Mansion.

Heavenly Fate City was located within Shadow Moon Hall’s sphere of influence. The city itself was owned by Shadow Moon Hall, so naturally the City Lord’s Mansion was occupied by a master from Shadow Moon Hall.

The one who was sent by the Hai Ke Family to report was Huang Juan.

However, she hadn’t expected that after arriving outside the City Lord’s Mansion, she would be firmly stopped by the guards. These guards all grinned and directed obscene and unscrupulous gazes towards her, making Huang Juan very uncomfortable.

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