Martial Peak

Chapter 1135 - Annihilated

Chapter 1135, Annihilated

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Inside the fog bank created by the Spirit Array, the last five Xu Family masters were panicking.

They all knew that this Spirit Array only encompassed a three thousand meter radius area, but no matter how they ran about or attacked it, they were still unable to escape.

It was obvious they were constantly moving around in circles!

What made them even more desperate though was they couldn’t use their Star Shuttles and there was no way for them to fly too high. There was some kind of mysterious force permeating this fog that suppressed their ability to fly more than ten meters high.

“Coward! Come out and fight this old master! Is your only skill hiding!?” Xu Zhi Kun roared angrily; his eyes completely bloodshot.

Being led around by the nose inside this fog had caused the irritation in his heart to soar to the point where he only wanted to immediately fight with Yang Kai, regardless of whether he lived or died, anything was better than being trapped in this fog.

“Old dog, do you think you’re worthy to fight against me?” Yang Kai laughed while snickering disdainfully.

To be honest, Yang Yan’s Spirit Array had also deeply shocked Yang Kai and right now he was in a wonderful mood. How could he care about Xu Zhi Kun’s taunts?

“Little friend, I surrender, I surrender! I’m not from the Xu Family, I was only hired by them as a Foreign Elder! Please let me go!” An old man with a yellow complexion shouted through his tears.

Stuck inside this Spirit Array for what seemed like forever, his will had long ago collapsed and understood that staying here meant certain death. Although he knew that his actions here would be despised and he would forever be branded as a coward and traitor, with his life on the line, what did any of that matter?

“Foreign Elder Huo, you…” Xu Zhi Kun’s anxious voice called out, “You disappoint me! My Xu Family has treated you well for so many years yet now, in our hour of need, you dare utter such disgraceful words?”

The Foreign Elder surnamed Huo wore an embarrassed look, but despite that, he still shouted loudly, “Starting today, I am no longer a Foreign Elder of the Xu Family and have nothing to do with the Xu Family! Little friend, please let me go, I can serve you in the future. I am also a Third Order Saint King, my strength isn’t bad. “

“Good, let me consider it!” Yang Kai’s voice rang out.

“You court death!” Xu Zhi Kun roared and violently pounding his long staff towards Foreign Elder Huo. Xu Zhi Kun knew that what he most had to avoid now was disunity. If the five remaining masters held fast together, they would still have a chance of surviving, but if they were to fracture, they would only be picked off one by one by Yang Kai.

For someone like Foreign Elder Huo, who coveted life and feared death, Xu Zhi Kun had not the slightest pity and naturally wanted to immediately kill him.

“Patriarch, don’t force me. This Huo has contributed greatly to the Xu Family these years, now I simply want to leave!” Foreign Elder Huo was obviously no pushover though and quickly fought back against Xu Zhi Kun, hoping to express his loyalty to Yang Kai in hopes the latter would let him go.

The remaining three Xu Family masters froze up, uncertain of what they should do in this situation.

Just as they were hesitating though, Yang Kai’s voice called out again, “Whoever kills Xu Zhi Kun, I will let go!”

As soon as this remark was made, two of the three remaining masters wore ruthless looks and leapt forward, “I will help you, Brother Huo!”

The last person remaining masters was a direct Elder of the Xu Family and naturally wouldn’t be led astray by Yang Kai words, immediately jumping into the fray, teaming up with Xu Zhi Kun against the three Foreign Elders.

Suddenly, the Spirit Array’s fog tumbled as the surviving Xu Family masters split into two camps, summoning their respective artefacts and engaging in a desperate life or death battle.

Yang Kai sneered and calmly left the Spirit Array.

A vomiting sound reached his ear as soon as he left though, and when Yang Kai looked over at the source, he was struck speechless.

Yang Yan clearly couldn’t withstand this brutal killing scene. Although the others couldn’t see the situation inside the fog bank, how could Yang Yan, the one controlling the Spirit Array, not see everything clearly?

Yang Kai didn’t know how long she had been vomited, but Yang Yan’s face right now was ghastly pale, and Wu Yi was next to her, gently patting her back to comfort her.

Seeing Yang Kai step out, Wu Yi shot him a wicked glare, “If you must kill people, can’t you do it a bit more cleanly? Is there any need to create such a disgusting scene?”

“Even this is called disgusting…” Yang Kai didn’t know what to say. He had only swiftly burned a few people to death. What was he supposed to have done? Cut them apart and have their broken limbs and internal organs splash out on the ground? If Yang Yan were to see such a scene, would she even still be able to retain her soul?

“You’re really quite insidious, actually manufacturing an internal conflict between them,” Wu Yi suddenly smiled, revealing an enchanting look that all the nearby men couldn’t help staring at.

Wu Yi didn’t have any affection for the Xu Family, so whether they lived or died didn’t matter to her.

“Those who provoke me never have good ends,” Yang Kai coldly snorted before turning to look at Yang Yan’s face, taking out a pill, and shoving it into her mouth.

“I… don’t care…” Yang Yan swallowed the pill before looking over at Yang Kai weakly, “Hurry up and collect enough materials for me so I can arrange a killing array. I don’t want to control the Spirit Array anymore while you kill people…”

“Got it, Wu Yi, help her inside so she can rest, there’s nothing more for her to do here.”

“En,” Wu Yi nodded, helping Yang Yan walk back towards the cave.

“Brother Yang, how many of them are left inside?” Yu Feng rushed over and asked with excitement while the several dozen cultivators who originally belonging to the Hai Ke Family also turned expectant eyes towards him.

This time, the Xu Family had turned out in full force, so everyone here had thought they would have to fight a desperate battle and all of them had prepared themselves to die here today.

How could they have imagined that before they even had a chance to fight, almost all of the Xu Family’s masters would die? All of them were very excited and profoundly felt that staying here was far more promising than staying in the Hai Ke Family. They were all rejoicing that they had boldly decided to abandon the family and follow Wu Yi.

How could living in the family even be compared to here?

In the family, they all had to pay a certain amount of Saint Crystals to enter cultivation rooms. If they didn’t have enough Saint Crystals, they needed to pay contribution points. Those contribution points could only be obtained by completing tasks for the family.

But here, there were hundreds of stone chambers, each with its own small Aura Gathering Spirit Array. In each of these Aura Gathering Spirit Arrays, there were many Saint Crystals allowing them to cultivate in their own private chambers without any need to worry about resources.

Whether it was in terms of efficiency or speed, these stone rooms were far better than the family’s cultivation rooms.

Each stone room was also equipped with a brilliant isolation Spirit Array that guaranteed that as long as the stone door was closed, no noise or Divine Sense would be able to disturb them.

The future was bright!

On top of everything, there was a large scale Aura Gathering Spirit Array arranged around Dragon Cave Mountain, so as long as enough time passed, the World energy aura here would become richer and more abundant. The several dozen cultivators’ hearts were filled with joy and the lingering fear and regret they had about having to leave the family had completely disappeared, the treatment here was incomparably better than what they could receive in the family.

Now, even if they were driven away, none of them would be willing to leave. All of them were even more determined to stay here and follow Wu Yi for the rest of their lives.

They also understood that Wu Yi had chosen to follow Yang Kai, so them following Wu Yi was equivalent to following Yang Kai.

Of all these people, Yu Feng was the proudest, because it was he who had fished Yang Kai out from the Starry Sky. If he hadn’t accidentally found that blood-red crystal, how could there have been such a scene today?

Hearing Yu Feng’s question, Yang Kai replied casually, “Five.”

As soon as he said this though, a scream rang out from inside the fog.

“Make that four,” Yang Kai corrected.

With the Xu Family’s Patriarch Xu Zhi Kun and the only remaining Xu Family Elder confronting the three former Foreign Elders, neither side could afford to hold back, and soon after the battle began, one of the Foreign Elders, the one surnamed Huo who had first tried to escape, was beheaded.

Such traitorous cowards were exactly the kind of people Yang Kai hated the most, so he felt no pity for him after he died.

However, the strength of this Xu Zhi Kun was truly quite good, much higher than Xu Zhi Shen at least, it was clear that what Wu Yi said about him soon breaking through to the Origin Returning Realm was true. From the looks of it, if Xu Zhi Kun were given another couple of years, he might really make such a breakthrough.

Unfortunately, he would never get that chance.

A moment later, another scream came out. It was the last Xu Family Elder. Although Xu Zhi Kun was strong, he had not yet reached the Origin Returning Realm after all. This last Elder was killed under the combined pressure of the two Foreign Elders.

Xu Zhi Kun was furious and spat a mouthful of Blood Essence from his mouth, causing his strength to rapidly increase and his momentum to soar. Waving his staff wildly, he repeatedly forced back the two Foreign Elders.

Without Yang Yan’s control, the battle inside the fog couldn’t be seen clearly even by Yang Kai and its progress could only be judged by the sounds that rang out. Although his Demon Eye of Annihilation could see through this Spirit Array, Yang Kai did not use it because he didn’t find it necessary.

Moreover, after Yang Yan entered the cave to rest, the fog covering the surrounding three-thousand-meter radius gradually dissipated.

A moment later, when the fog had completely disappeared, Yang Kai, Yu Feng, and the others just happened to witness Xu Zhi Kun knocking down the last remaining Foreign Elder with his staff.

Corpses were spread all around. The Xu Family had brought more than a dozen Third Order Saint Kings, but in the end, only Xu Zhi Kun was left, standing proudly amidst all the blood and gore, one of his arms missing, looking extremely miserable.

Only after a short silence did Xu Zhi Kun realize that the Spirit Array that had been tormenting him this entire time had disappeared. Looking around at the corpses around him, Xu Zhi Kun eyes went red. Turning to Yang Kai, he rushed out and shouted hysterically, “Little bastard, surrender your life!”

A ferocious aura erupted from Xu Zhi Kun, causing Yu Feng, who was standing next to Yang Kai, to pale and stumble backwards a few steps.

Yang Kai remained motionless, pushing his own imposing manner forward to meet Xu Zhi Kun’s. When these two auras collided, it was as if an invisible storm had been stirred up as crackling noises spread through the air. Xu Zhi Kun’s rushing figure suddenly came to a halt, but after spitting another mouthful of Blood Essence, his stagnant figure rushed towards Yang Kai at even greater speed.

“Hmph!” Yang Kai coldly snorted, sending out a burst of Spiritual Energy that instantly tore through Xu Zhi Kun’s Knowledge Sea defences. At the same time, he stepped out and threw a heavy punch.

With a massive eruption of energy, Yang Kai’s punch flew out and struck Xu Zhi Kun’s flying body. The Xu Family’s Patriarch’s figure came to halt mid-air, as if he was blocked by an invisible wall and could no longer move forward.

His face pale, Xu Zhi Kun stared at Yang Kai with wide eyes and growled, “Shadow Moon Hall will not let you off!”

After those words left his lips, Xu Zhi Kun’s body burst open, his blood and flesh scattering through the air in a great explosion.

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