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Chapter 1134 - Too Easy

Chapter 1134, Too Easy

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As soon as Yang Yan Spirit Array activated, Yang Kai knew that the Xu Family was doomed.

The fog bank completely enveloped the surrounding three thousand meter radius and although his own sight was somewhat obstructed and his Divine Sense was unable to probe the inside situation, Yang Kai could at least still see the Xu Family masters.

On the other hand, the dozen or so Xu Family Third Order Saint King masters all wore blank expression. They were all standing near to each other but seemed to be unable to see one another. Soon, looks of horror-filled their faces as some began flying around like headless flies.

“Yang Kai, the current Spirit Array doesn’t have any offensive ability, if you want to kill them, you have to do it yourself,” Yang Yan’s voice suddenly sounded from the side, eliciting a grin from Yang Kai as he nodded, “Got it.”

As soon as he said so, and a dark cloud of fire burst from his figure and condensed into the shape of a roaring fire dragon before soaring towards the closest Xu Family Elder to Yang Kai.

That Xu Family Elder was still in a dazed state, and although he was being extremely vigilant of his surroundings, he was still unable to notice the fire dragon until it was right on top of him, leaving him only enough time to recklessly push his strength in an attempt to protect himself.

Unfortunately for him, the Saint Qi he sent out was like fuel for the black flames, failing to weaken them in the slightest and instead actually increasing their intensity and momentum. In the next instant, the giant Demonic Flame dragon swallowed its prey whole.

“Black flames…” The Xu Family Elder yelled out in horror before he died.

He had heard from the few cultivators who had fled back to the Xu Family that Xu Zhi Shen had been burned to death by these black flames, and that even the Hundred Mountains Picture was unable to resist their might.

His strength wasn’t as high as Xu Zhi Shen, and he didn’t have a powerful artefact like the Hundred Mountains Picture, so how was he supposed to resist?

In less than a single breath, the Xu Family Elder was burnt to cinders, the Saint King Grade Mid-Rank Artefact Armour on his body not providing any protection at all.

“Fifth Elder, what happened?” Just a few meters away, a middle-aged man shouted. He had heard the Fifth Elder’s cry just now, but when he called out, the Fifth Elder didn’t respond.

A thick sense of unease rose in this middle-aged man’s heart and when he turned around, he suddenly saw a young man standing right in front of him, a deep sneer filled with mockery and disdain upon his face.

“It’s you!” He recognized Yang Kai at a glance, and without thinking, immediately summoned a long whip artefact to his hand and sent out countless strikes towards this young man.

Yang Kai lightly stepped back, but to this middle-aged man’s amazement, that was all it took for him to lose sight of Yang Kai. The countless whip strikes also seemed to sink into the fog, all of them failing to connect with their intended target.

He had instantly exerted his full strength but was unable to even scratch his opponent. The middle-aged man suddenly felt his chest heave and a metallic taste filled his mouth. He wasn’t sure if the cause was the backlash from his failed attack or excessive panic in his heart, but before he was able to stabilize himself, he suddenly felt a great hand filled with burning strength grip his neck. Terror filling him, the middle-aged man felt his body being rapidly consumed by the flames and he only had time to let out one panic filled scream before he too died.

Yang Kai released the dead body from his hand and turned to stare at another nearby Xu Family master before casually strolling over to him.

A few breaths later, another blood-curdling scream rang out.

It was easy. Too easy!

Although Yang Kai believed that with his current strength, he could quickly win a battle against an ordinary Third Order Saint King, it would certainly not be as easy as this. The masters trapped inside Yang Yan’s Spirit Array seemed to be unable to even notice him, so all he needed to do was fly up to them and harvest their lives.

Was this the Spirit Array’s true might? The Spirit Array protecting Nine Heavens Holy Land was worse than trash compared to this.

What exactly was Yang Yan? She is so young, so how could she be both an Origin Grade Artefact Refiner and an Array Master of such astonishing ability?

It was always others who were stunned and amazed by Yang Kai’s skill, but this time it was Yang Kai who was shocked by Yang Yan. And according to Yang Yan, this was just a defensive Spirit Array, one that had been hastily arranged and was still incomplete. If she had completely finished it, would there even be a need for Yang Kai to take action? Wouldn’t all the Xu Family people have died inside the Spirit Array without even realizing what had happened?

This little girl was too terrifying. She was a little timid and didn’t understand how to fight, but her other abilities were beyond outrageous.

Yang Yan must have a profound story behind her, but Yang Kai didn’t have any interest in investigating her, if she wanted to explain one day, she would naturally do so.

Inside the Spirit Array which spans a three thousand meter radius area, the screams of the Xu Family masters rang out one after another, each scream representing the death of another person. Yang Kai strolled casually through the Spirit Array and wherever he passed, fog which could blind both sight and Divine Sense would separate on its own accord, guiding him towards the next enemy.

Yang Kai knew that this was due to Yang Yan assisting him.

The Xu Family Patriarch, Xu Zhi Kun, at this moment, had none of the previous confidence and arrogance left in his eyes. His face was incredibly pale as he swung a long staff in his hand around randomly, fiercely bombarding his surroundings while five of the Xu Family masters gathered tightly around him, not daring to separate by even a step.

But no matter how they attacked the fog, it continued enveloping them without scattering in the slightest.

Although this fog didn’t pose any direct threat to them, the Xu Family masters were still like frightened rabbits, each scream they heard in the distance sending chills up their spines.

In the beginning, they could still hear the calls of many masters as they launched attacks or screamed for help.

But over time, such sounds and screams gradually diminished, eventually disappearing.

An Elder following Xu Zhi Kun kept shouting the names of the other Xu Family masters, but he received no responses.

“They’re all dead… they’re all dead…” The man paled and mumbled repeatedly.

The remaining six masters couldn’t restrain the fear in their hearts as they unconsciously shivered in fright.

Death itself wasn’t terrifying, waiting for death to come was what was terrifying! When they came here, they had brought more than a dozen Third Order Saint Kings. They were the strongest elites of the Xu Family, but now more than half of that group had died without being able to put up any resistance.

The few survivors hadn’t even figured out how the enemy was attacking them.

“I can’t take it anymore! I want to leave!” One of the Xu Family masters snapped under the pressure and while waving the giant machete in his hand madly, he dove into the fog in an attempt to escape.

“Foreign Elder Liu, don’t run!” Xu Zhi Kun shouted as he stretched out his hand and grabbed towards Foreign Elder Liu’s back. Unfortunately, his outstretched hand grabbed only air for with a single step, Foreign Elder Liu’s figure disappeared right before everyone’s eyes.

Xu Zhi Kun’s face became even gloomier as he knew Foreign Elder Liu was certain to suffer a disaster

Before he could even complete this thought, Foreign Elder Liu’s scream echoed from nearby for a moment before it was cut off; apparently Foreign Elder Liu had been instantly killed.

Xu Zhi Kun’s eyes filled with unparalleled resentment and powerlessness. Inside this Spirit Array, he was unable to exert any of his strength. If he had fought Yang Kai face to face like his Third Brother had and ultimately suffered defeat, he would have nothing to say, it would simply mean his skill was inferior to his enemy, but to die like this was completely unacceptable to him.

There was another master from the Xu Family who wanted to rush out like Foreign Elder Liu. Although it had only been about half a cup of tea’s worth of time since they had entered this Spirit Array, it felt like a year has passed and he could simply not bear with it any longer.

But when he heard the forlorn scream of Foreign Elder Liu, he was glad he had hesitated just now; otherwise, he would be following in Foreign Elder Liu’s footsteps right now.

“Everyone stay close!” Xu Zhi Kun, as the head of the family, was quicker to analyze the situation, and after passing through the initial turmoil, he immediately realized several important factors. “This Spirit Array can only trap and mislead us, it has no lethality, so we must not separate from one another! Once we become separated, we will fall into that brat’s evil clutches. Everyone follow me, we will definitely find a way out, I don’t believe this Spirit Array can trap us forever!”

The spirits of the few remaining masters rose as they all nodded and followed after Xu Zhi Kun, making sure to not leave his side.

As the remaining five Xu Family masters rushed to and fro inside the Spirit Array, the couple dozen masters from the Hai Ke Family watched from the distance.

A moment ago, they had all been waiting for Yang Kai to fall into a hopeless situation before they went up and offered to save his life in exchange for his servitude, but how could they have anticipated that after less time than it would take to boil a cup of tea, the situation would undergo such dramatic changes.

Although none of them could see the situation inside the fog bank, they were able to infer what was happening from the screams they heard.

The Xu Family was finished!

Of more than a dozen Third Order Saint Kings, the entire elite of the Xu Family, only four or five possibly remained, but whether these four or five could escape was highly questionable.

The strength of the Hai Ke Family and the Xu Family had always been similar. Now, the Xu Family had no way to handle this strange Spirit Array, so didn’t that mean that if the Hai Ke Family were to fall into it, they would find themselves in the same hopeless situation?

Ba Qing Yan had at some point pulled out a handkerchief and was constantly wiping the sweat on his forehead. The handkerchief was already soaking wet, but he was too distracted to even notice and simply continued wiping himself with it.

The expressions of Wa Lun, Huang Juan, and all the other Elders and Foreign Elders weren’t much better and each of them couldn’t stop themselves from shivering.

None of them had ever imagined that their family’s Dragon Cave Mountain, a trivial piece of land no more than ten thousand meters in radius, would one day turn into the burial ground of all the Xu Family’s masters. Xu Zhi Shen had been killed here less than a month ago, and now more than a dozen Third Order Saint Kings from the Xu Family had died one after another in this place. The Xu Family had all but been destroyed.

Patriarch Yi En’s expression also became pale as he secretly rejoiced, he had not acted rashly and agreed to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Xu Family when they launched their attack against Yang Kai. If he had brought all the Hai Ke Family masters into the strange Spirit Array in front of them, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

It was laughable that a moment ago he had still been thinking about how to reap the benefits from this conflict. The roots of the Xu Family had been wiped out without any need for their help, so what benefit could the Hai Ke Family possibly harvest?

This Spirit Array filled Yi En with envy!

No matter who arranged this Spirit Array, if they could arrange a similar one for the Hai Ke Family, wouldn’t their family’s defence now be as solid as gold?

“Patriarch…” Wa Lun called out in a trembling voice, “What should we do now?”

“Just watch, just watch…” Yi En replied wryly. In any case, his Hai Ke Family had not gone to embarrass Yang Kai directly, and Wu Yi, Yu Feng, and several dozen of their disciples were also on the other side. Yi En was certain Yang Kai wouldn’t come to find trouble with them as long as they didn’t make any aggressive moves, so it didn’t matter if they stayed here to watch. Yi En also wanted to know if any of the Xu Family masters would escape today’s tribulation or if they would wind up completely exterminated.

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