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Chapter 1006 - Alchemy

Chapter 1006: Alchemy

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Inside the jungle, Yang Kai and Shen Tu moved as swiftly as the wind, collecting one spirit herb after another.

The herbs produced here were at least Saint Grade, most of them Saint King Grade.

Shen Tu was so happy he couldn’t stop grinning.

He had never imagined that this continent would be filled with so many spirit herbs. Almost every hundred steps they took, there would be a spirit herb just growing wild, waiting for him and Yang Kai to collect.

The spirit grasses and spirit medicines on this Floating Continent were ten times more abundant than any Medicine Star in the Star Field. On top of that, each of these herbs was many years old and completely untouched.

The mysterious old man’s cultivation was extraordinary and wouldn’t even care about the herbs here so he hadn’t bothered collecting any of them, allowing the spirit grasses and spirit medicines ample time to grow.

Shen Tu didn’t know much about spirit herbs as he usually only handled already refined pills, but even so, just seeing the dazzling array of resources in front of him made it difficult to not be exciting.

Under Yang Kai’s careful guidance, Shen Tu swept away all the mature herbs.

“Hey Yang Kai, take a look at this…” Shen Tu suddenly called out excitedly, his voice trembling slightly, seemingly having found something incredible.

Yang Kai hurried over to and upon arriving at Shen Tu’s side, he saw a strange orchid. This orchid’s white petals overflowed with a soft radiance and exuded a delicate scent that relaxed one’s spirit with even the lightest of sniffs, it was clearly not ordinary.

Yang Kai’s eyes shrank as he shouted, “Seven Coloured Thousand Knot Orchid?”

The spirit grasses and spirit medicines that were produced on this continent were basically the same as those found in Tong Xuan Realm, the only difference being that their grades were extremely high. Of course, there were many herbs here that even Yang Kai couldn’t name. These were naturally herbs not native to Tong Xuan Realm.

This Seven Coloured Thousand Knot Orchid also grew in Tong Xuan Realm, but there it was only capable growing to the Saint Grade Mid-Rank; however, the orchid in front of Yang Kai right now was giving off an amazing energy fluctuation as well as a medicinal fragrance far beyond what a Saint Grade Mid-Rank herb was capable of.

“Yang Kai, what grade is this, why does it feel so different?” Shen Tu muttered hesitantly as he stared at the Seven Coloured Thousand Knot Orchid in front of him.

“According to the division of the Star Field’s cultivators, this should be an Origin Grade herb,” Yang Kai said solemnly.

Shen Tu drew a sharp breath, his expression fluctuating quick quickly as he whispered to himself, “There are Origin Grade herbs here? Heavens, there are actually Origin Grade herbs here!”

Even when taking the entire Star Field into consideration, Origin Grade herbs were extremely valuable, yet Yang Kai and Shen Tu had barely begun exploring this place and had already found one, it was easy to imagine from this point alone just how abundant the resources of this continent were.

Yang Kai carefully collected the Seven Coloured Thousand Knot Orchid and placed it in his Universe Bag, also quite excited deep in his heart.

Exchanging a knowing glance, he and Shen Tu then continued their search.

The Floating Continent was truly rich in herbs. Stimulated by the great wealth in front of them, both Purple Star and Sword Union’s cultivators seemingly forgot all about the awkward situation they were in and instead crazily scoured the land for spirit grasses and spirit medicines.

Whether they were able to leave this place or not, these herbs would have a huge impact on their future cultivation.

Yang Kai and Shen Tu also reaped a huge harvest. The size of this continent wasn’t small, and there were only about a hundred cultivators in total from Purple Star and Sword Union here, so after scattering in all direction, it was actually quite rare to run into others.

As such, they were able to search for herbs in a safe and secure way.

After a dozen days, Yang Kai suddenly paused.

“What’s wrong?” Shen Tu was still in high spirits as he searched around, but upon noticing Yang Kai stop, he couldn’t help asking.

“I’ve collected enough herbs, for now. I’m going to start performing Alchemy.”

“You’re going to refine a pill to break that seal?” Shen Tu asked.


“But you can’t use your Saint Qi right now, how are you planning on performing Alchemy?” Shen Tu asked in confusion.

“I have a way. In any case, you keep searching for herbs by yourself. There’s a small cave over that way, I’ll be staying there for a while. You can find me there,” Yang Kai pointed back towards a spot the two had just come from. As they were searching for herbs, Yang Kai had discovered a cave there and felt it was a good place to settle down temporarily.

“Good,” Shen Tu didn’t object. He knew how eager Yang Kai was to regain the ability to use his Saint Qi, “Then you be careful, I’ll continue searching for now.”

Saying so, he quickly ran off.

Yang Kai took a quick look around his surroundings before heading back towards the cave he found earlier.

A short time later, Yang Kai arrived in front of the cave and, after inspecting it with his Divine Sense to confirm there was no danger inside, he walked in.

This cave should have been formed naturally as there were many stalactites hanging from its ceiling. From the tip of these stalactites, droplets of milky water would occasionally drop.

Catching and drinking a few of these drops, Yang Kai immediately felt refreshed.

The water in the mountains here was not ordinary water, each drop contained a massive amount of World Energy; in fact, it was almost as if this water was liquefied World Energy. Anyone who drank it would receive great benefits. It even had similar effects to the Myriad Drug Liquid, such as the ability to improve one’s physique and enhance their strength.

Of course, the effect was far less potent than the Myriad Drug Liquid.

Yang Kai went all the way to the innermost part of the cave, searched for a dry spot, then sat down cross-legged.

The total area of this cave wasn’t large, perhaps a few houses in size at most; on top of that, the light was dim, but this environment was perfect for Yang Kai’s needs.

While he wasn’t able to use his Saint Qi, his Spiritual Energy had not been sealed!

Since long ago, Yang Kai had not needed to use his Qi to perform Alchemy. With his Conflagrated Spiritual Energy, he could refine any pill he wanted to far faster and more efficiently than using with his Saint Qi.

After calming his breathing, Yang Kai began organizing some Saint Grade herbs and prepared to refine several Saint Pills.

Taking out his small pill furnace, he placed it in front of himself.

Yang Kai wrapped up the herbs in his Divine Sense, using his Conflagrated Spiritual Energy to condense them into medicinal liquids.

A moment later, the several Saint Grade herbs were purified, leaving behind only several drops of fragrant medicinal liquid.

Quickly portraying all sorts of Spirit Arrays used in Alchemy inside his pill furnace, Yang Kai then inserted the drops of medicinal liquid and began to control the heat.

Yang Kai handled this familiar task easily and methodically.

Even though he had not performed Alchemy in quite some time, the various processes had already become ingrained in his instincts.

Yang Kai completed each step in the refinement with impeccable precision, not making a single mistake along the way.

The mountain cave soon began to fill with a rich pill fragrance.

When the medicinal fragrance in the air reached a certain density, Yang Kai took back his Conflagrated Spiritual Energy and waited a moment before tapping his pill furnace with his fingers.

As he did so, a perfectly round medicinal pill flew out and was quickly pinched between his fingertips.

There were no Pill Veins on this pill which was a bit disappointing, but it was still a genuine Saint Grade Mid-Rank pill.

Gently nodding, Yang Kai was very satisfied, storing the pill into the Demon Mystic Tome before closing his eyes to restore himself.

Refining a Saint Pill required him to consume some Spiritual Energy, and although the quantity wasn’t great, Yang Kai couldn’t just squander his Spiritual Energy thoughtlessly here, so he intended to maintain his peak condition at all times.

After the time it would take to burn a stick of incense, Yang Kai continued.

Even back in Tong Xuan Realm, Yang Kai was already able to refine Saint Grade High-Rank pills. Nine Heavens Holy Land had gathered an incredible amount of herbs and wealth before he had left, allowing him to upgrade his Alchemy proficiency as he wished.

However, a Saint Grade High-Rank pill was unlikely to be sufficient to break the seal Lu Gui Chen had placed on him.

Lu Gui Chen was a Saint King Realm master, so only a Saint King Grade pill would be able to break his technique.

As such, Yang Kai’s priority now was to quickly use the vast amount of resources he had gathered here to improve his Alchemy skills.

When he left Tong Xuan Realm, he had brought many resources with him, and on this Floating Continent, he and Shen Tu had collected many Saint King Grade and Origin Grade herbs.

Therefore, he wasn’t worried about the materials at all.

Time flowed by and Yang Kai immersed himself in the world of Alchemy, living alone in the cave, filling the air with a thick pill fragrance while the Floating Continent was filled with activity as the cultivators from Purple Star and Sword Union continued their rich harvest.

However, Lu Gui Chen was a bit disgruntled.

Because he didn’t have a storage artifact on hand!

Without proper storage artifacts, even if they collected all these herbs, they had no place to put them. This was just a minor matter though. The more serious problem was that after these herbs were picked, without being properly stored, their efficacies would quickly fade.

This made Lu Gui Chen feel extremely distressed as he watched these Saint King Grade and Origin Grade herbs slowly but surely lose their potency.

He even wished he could go find the mysterious old man and snatch back his own Space Ring.

However, he only dared imagine this in his head. Facing that old man, Lu Gui Chen couldn’t even summon the will to resist.


Atop a great mountain peak, the mysterious old man stared fixedly at a large flat piece of land. On this flat land, there were many extremely high-grade Saint Crystals arranged into a large array.

At the centre of this array was something which resembled a door erected on the ground.

The door was refined from the debris of the two broken Starships and seemingly led nowhere.

The two broken Starships were giant Saint King Grade High-Rank artifacts, and the material used in their hulls was also extremely precious, the surviving pieces of which were used by the old man to refine the door.

There were no precious ores on this continent, so the old man had been unable to find the right materials to refine this most critical door for a very long time.

It was difficult to describe just how excited he was when he saw the Starship shards fall from the air and descend on this continent!

On the door’s frame as well as the base surrounding it were many extremely high-grade Saint Crystals, giving it a beautiful appearance.

A strange energy fluctuation radiated from this door, causing even a character like the mysterious old man to not dare approach it recklessly, as if it contained a great hidden danger.

The look on the old man’s face became wild with anticipation as he paced back and forth nearby, muttering to himself, “Soon, very soon!”

The mad light flashing across his eyes would cause anyone who met them to shudder.

After inspecting his arrangement for a while, he suddenly came to a halt and spread his Divine Sense across the entire continent.

Instantly, the movements of all the people who were scurrying about the continent clearly appeared in his mind.

Grinning fiendishly, he snickered, “Heh heh, everyone is quite active, good, good, good. This old master most hates this place’s suffocating silence. This old master has been alone here for two thousand years and can no longer bear such torture. If they didn’t have any energy at all, this old master would have had a headache… Oh, this little brat is a bit interesting.”

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