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Chapter 1005 - Abundant Resources

Chapter 1005: Abundant Resources

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On the Floating Continent, the cultivators of Sword Union and Purple Star lived in peace with one another. It had been more than ten days since the mysterious old man had snatched all of their space rings. No one knew what he wanted with those Space Rings, nor why he had collected those broken bits of Starship debris.

Yang Kai and Shen Tu, the only independent group, kept their distance from both forces.

After such a long period, Shen Tu had finally finished recovering, all of the injuries he had suffered basically having been restored.

Because Yang Kai was still sitting in meditation though, he didn’t dare to run around.

The cultivators from the two great forces, on the other hand, had begun to investigate this strange continent’s situation, and after some initial probing, they found that there was indeed nothing dangerous here, just as the mysterious old man had said before.

They didn’t find any other living creatures here. It seemed like before they arrived, the only living, breathing entity in this place was the mysterious old man.

While they deeply dreaded this old man, they also felt some sympathy for him.

Living alone in such a place, without anyone to even converse with, it would indeed be quite taxing on one’s spirit.

Lu Gui Chen and Yue Xi also used their Star Shuttles to soar up into the sky in an attempt to leave this strange place, return to the Star Field, and escape from under the grip of this terrifying old man.

However, what made them depressed was that no matter how high nor how far they flew, they could never see the stars; all that ever lay before them was the seven coloured sky, like a cage trapping them all on this continent.

As time passed, everyone’s mood became somewhat impetuous, and if not for the old man’s previous threats, the two sides would likely have already started fighting again.

Inside his Knowledge Sea, Yang Kai used his burning hot Spiritual Energy to wrap up Wu Suo’s remnant Soul and refine it.

He had been continuing this process for ten days now, but he was still unable to completely refine the strange Star Chart.

Apparently, he had underestimated the worth of this Star Chart.

However, he saw hope.

Wu Suo’s remnant Spiritual Energy had disappeared, leaving behind a glittering ball of starlight, the embodiment of the strange Star Chart.

Yang Kai continually fed it his Spiritual Energy in order to leave behind his Soul Brand and engrave his life aura on it.

The entire process was similar to refining an artifact.

Suddenly, the Star Chart began to become unstable and gradually expand, almost as if it would explode at any time.

Seeing this, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling slightly uneasy, moving his Soul Avatar to the six coloured island before continuing to push his Spiritual Energy to refine the Star Chart.

A quiet snap suddenly resounded from the Star Chart, as if it had cracked ever so slightly, but in the next moment, Yang Kai felt his Spiritual Energy being madly drawn into the Star Chart. The ocean-like water in his Knowledge Sea rapidly drained as a result.

Colourful rays of light bursts inside his Knowledge Sea and a myriad of twinkling stars shot out in all directions, causing Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea to become turbulent and chaotic and his consciousness to become blurry.

An uncountable number of stars flooded into Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea before quickly rising up into its empty sky, filling it with light.

Slowly, the blank sky above Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea sky was filled with colour, like a tiny invisible hand was painting a picture on it.

Yang Kai was dazed, his Soul Avatar standing atop the six coloured island staring at the scene in front of him, his eyes growing brighter and brighter.

The scenery in his Knowledge Sea was undergoing a tremendous change at an extremely fast pace.

After about the time it would take to make a cup of tea, Yang Kai’s turbulent Knowledge Sea finally stabilized.

Now, the view inside his Knowledge Sea was very different from before.

The six coloured island still floated dead centre in the ocean, the Demon Eye of Annihilation was also quietly floating above it, but the sky, which had previously been empty, was now filled with a beautiful starry night.

This wasn’t something Yang Kai had condensed from his Spiritual Energy, but an actual existence.

It was the result of Yang Kai successfully refining and integrating the Star Chart into himself!

Yang Kai was overjoyed and grinned broadly as he stood atop the six coloured island.

Eager to experiment, Yang Kai stared at a certain place in this starry sky and the stars in that sector suddenly became clear to him.

These stars were slowly turning under the influence of some miraculous force, maintaining their relative position with the stars around them which were also being moved by this force.

Yang Kai’s Divine Sense swam through this sea of stars and witnessed many of the magical and mysterious elements of the Star Field, his Spiritual Energy draining rapidly as he went.

Although it took a lot of Spiritual Energy to spy on the Star Chart, Yang Kai was still very satisfied.

With such a Star Chart inside his Knowledge Sea, he no longer had to worry about losing his way, he could accurately find any destination he wanted to and could even instantly become an outstanding Chart Master.

Restraining his thoughts, Yang Kai began to search for where he was.

In the mysterious Star Chart, Yang Kai soon found a white spot of light that was continually flashing, and when he focused his Divine Sense there, the white point gave off a subtle fluctuation that allowed him to understand that it represented his current position.

Realizing this, Yang Kai’s expression became weird.

Because he found that according to the Star Chart, the white dot that showed his current whereabouts was actually inside the black hole that had swallowed everyone at the centre of the Chaotic Abyss.

Whether this Star Chart was truly accurate or not, Yang Kai wasn’t completely clear, but he would have to wait until later to verify it.

Unable to learn anything more for the moment, Yang Kai decided to stop wasting his Spiritual Energy and ended his exploration.

Slowly opening his eyes, Yang Kai suddenly heard an excited shout coming from nearby.

Glancing over to the source of the sound, a short distance away, Yang Kai discovered to his surprise that in the Purple Star camp, Liu Shan and Bi Ya were holding some medicinal herbs excitedly rushing over to Lu Gui Chen to say something.

Lu Gui Chen’s expression gradually became more and more excited as his eyes flashed brilliantly, accepting the herb from them and beginning to examine it.

“What happened?” Yang Kai asked.

“Those people from Purple Star seem to have found something incredible,” Shen Tu had also been paying attention to the movements there and although he didn’t hear exactly what they said, he was able to make an educated guess.

“What thing?”

“A Saint King Grade herb!” Shen Tu said solemnly.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up hearing this.

“They discovered it when they were out exploring this continent, and apparently there was far more than just one!”

“That old man did say that the aura here was rich and there were abundant resources…” Yang Kai wrinkled his brow as he thoughtfully said, “He also said that the only thing it lacked was rare ores!”

Shen Tu suddenly glanced over at him and said, “No rare ores here, but rich in materials… Does that mean there are many precious medicinal herbs here?”

“It’s possible!” Yang Kai gently nodded.

“Purple Star’s people won’t just sit still after learning about it,” Shen Tu muttered again, and as Yang Kai turned to look over there, he truly found that all of Purple Star’s cultivators were soaring off in all directions.

A short time later, Yue Xi of Sword Union also summoned all her subordinates and after speaking a few words to them, the people of Sword Union also set out.

He Zao glanced over at Yang Kai before leaving and nodded to him apologetically.

Yang Kai smiled faintly in response.

These days, Yang Kai had noticed He Zao and He Miao several times wanting to talk to him, but each time they were stopped by a male cultivator from Sword Union.

Yang Kai understood that this was all because of Yue Xi’s instructions, so he didn’t pay it any heed.

“Yang Kai, we should also go out and have a look!” Shen Tu said restlessly, “There’s nothing to do here anyway, and with such a rich World Energy aura, the quality of the herbs produced here are definitely not low.”

“Good,” Yang Kai hesitated for a moment before nodding in agreement, “It’s a good opportunity to collect some herbs to perform Alchemy!”

“You’re also versed in Alchemy?” Shen Tu shot him a look of surprise.

“En, I have some small experience in the field. If I can find the right materials, I might be able to refine the Seal Breaking Pill and unlock the seal placed on me!” Yang Kai declared.

“Then what are we waiting for? Instead of asking others for help it’s always better to help yourself; let’s go, I’ll help you out!” Shen Tu said while circulating his Saint Qi, covering Yang Kai with it, picking a direction, and soaring out.

Sword Union and Purple Star’s cultivators were now spread out all over the continent, and as Shen Tu and Yang Kai flew along, every now and then they would hear someone call out loudly.

“Saint King Grade High-Rank Blue Blood Grass, such a big piece, hahaha, I’m rich!”

“Saint King Grade Mid-Rank Refreshing Spirits Flower…”

“Come quick, there’s a Dark Moon Spirit Mushroom here!”

“Saint Grade High-Rank Earth Emperor Fruit, better than nothing I guess…”

It seemed like the abundance of high-grade herbs produced here had caused the visions of these cultivators to rise significantly. In the past, a Saint Grade High-Rank spirit grass or spirit herb would seem like a rare treasure to them; but now, the Sword Union and Purple Star cultivators were essentially ignoring any herb which was not at least Saint King Grade.

Shen Tu’s face filled with bitterness as he listened to the joyful cries around him, it was as if these cries were grating against his heart, causing him to increase his speed out of fear all the herbs on the continent would be swept away.

“Damn it, without a Star Shuttle, there’s no way to keep up with them,” Shen Tu flew for more than an hour but couldn’t find a suitable place to begin searching; everywhere so far had already been picked clean by the other cultivators.

“Fly over there!” Yang Kai stared towards a certain direction where he vaguely saw a lush jungle.

Jungles had always been a place rich in herbs.

“How come no one discovered that this continent was so rich in herbs until now?” As they flew forward, Yang Kai asked suspiciously. It had been almost half a month since they arrived here, so logically they should have noticed this point before now.

“Everyone was too frightened of that old man and didn’t dare act before. It was only a few days ago when people began to explore the surrounding area and investigate the sky. It was during those explorations that they started finding these rare herbs,” Shen Tu explained casually, his eyes suddenly becoming bright, “The jungle up ahead seems to be untouched, let’s go in and see.”


The two people’s figures flew through the air and rushed into the jungle.

Just after they entered this jungle, both of their spirits shook because the World Energy aura here was actually more intense than where they had been resting before.

Glancing at each other, the two of them knew they had come to the right place.

The denser the aura, the higher quality of herbs would be bred.

Simultaneously releasing their Divine Senses, it only took a moment before Yang Kai pointed to a certain spot, “There’s something over there.”

Shen Tu shot him a curious look, “Are you sure?”

“Absolutely! Because there’s a strong medicinal fragrance wafting from that direction.”

“Don’t tell me you really are an Alchemist?” Shen Tu was stunned.

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