Martial Peak

Chapter 1007 - Showing You The Right Path

Chapter 1007, Showing You The Right Path

The mysterious old man’s cultivation was extraordinary, and as long as he wished to know something, there was no way anyone on this continent could hide anything from him.

As such, he had quickly discovered the unusualness of Yang Kai.

That old man focused his Divine Sense towards the cave Yang Kai was in.

Inside the cave, Yang Kai, who was trying to refine a Saint King Grade pill suddenly, went stiff, his eyes shooting open and quickly scanning his surroundings, his expression dignified.

Just now, he had felt like there was an invisible eye spying on his movements, causing him to feel nervous.

However, after careful investigation, Yang Kai couldn’t discover anything wrong, so he shook his head wryly, thinking he was just being overcautious.

Having interrupted his focus, the Saint King Grade pill he had been refining had instantly failed and a burnt smell began leaking from his pill furnace. The medicinal liquids he had worked so hard to purify and blend now could no longer be used.

Yang Kai let out a faint sigh and removed the burnt slag from his pill furnace, recalling his Conflagrated Spiritual Energy and closing his eyes to steady his mind.

Seeing this scene, the mysterious old man, who was nearly ten thousand kilometres away, took back his own Divine Sense and muttered suspiciously, “Are his senses so keen?”

He was confident that given his means, it would have been impossible for this little brat to detect his Divine Sense probing. It was more likely that due to being in a heightened state of vigilance, this boy had vaguely sensed danger and responded accordingly.

Shaking his head, the old man no longer paid any attention to Yang Kai and focused on his own matters instead.

The old man really didn’t care much about a little brat like Yang Kai.

Inside the cave, Yang Kai secluded himself and continued refining pills.

Although Yang Kai didn’t know how much time has passed, he had refined several hundred Saint Grade Mid-Rank and Saint Grade High-Rank pills. Among these pills, there were many that had given birth to Pill Veins.

His Alchemy proficiency had also greatly improved, and he was now even capable of refining Saint King Grade pills.

On a certain day, Yang Kai carefully pulled out some herbs from his Demon Mystic Tome, each one of them Saint King Grade containing vast amounts of energy.

He was going to start refining the Seal Breaking Pill!

Yang Kai was quite familiar with the Seal Breaking Pill’s pill recipe, as it was one of the recipes from Tong Xuan Realm. The grade of Seal Breaking Pill produced would depend entirely on the grade of herbs used.

Today, Yang Kai had chosen Saint King Grade herbs, so naturally the Seal Breaking Pill he would refine would be Saint King Grade as well.

Although he was lacking a few of the specific herbs in the recipe, he had found appropriate substitutes.

Yang Kai was already an excellent Alchemist, so it wasn’t difficult for him to make minor adjustments to a pill recipe.

Calming himself, Yang Kai adjusted his condition to its peak before beginning the refinement.

His movements were smooth and precise as his mood remained steady, not anxious, as if he was refining any ordinary pill.

Because he had full confidence in refining this pill!

He had no doubt he would succeed.

His confidence was not unfounded and two hours later, Yang Kai completed a perfectly round, pale yellow, Seal Breaking Pill filled with energy.

Taking this pill out of his pill furnace, Yang Kai pinched it between his fingers and silently examined it, shaking his head slowly a moment later.

This pill was a genuine Saint King Pill.

However, according to his observations, it should only be Saint King Grade Low-Rank.

He didn’t know if such a pill could break the seal placed on him. If Lu Gui Chen’s strength was also only at this level, there wouldn’t be any suspense, but Yang Kai estimated that Lu Gui Chen was at least a Second-Order Saint King or possible even a Third Order one.

Therefore, he couldn’t be certain.

Frowning in thought for a while, Yang Kai eventually stuffed the pill into his mouth and swallowed it.

Closing his eyes, Yang Kai sat cross-legged and waited for the medicinal energies to take effect.

A short time later, Yang Kai’s face warped with pain. He felt a wave of heat spread from his lower abdomen, like a torrent of lightning that had suddenly exploded outwards in all directions.

His blocked meridians stretched and a tearing pain spread throughout his body.

Yang Kai clenched his teeth and remained still, using his Divine Sense to observe his condition as the medicinal efficacies progressed.

He clearly saw an illusory set of bindings in his body loosen as the effects spread; these shackles contained Lu Gui Chen’s aura and were naturally the seal he had placed on him.

The Seal Breaking Pill’s medicinal energies were like a dragon and Yang Kai’s body was its battlefield, fighting a desperate struggle against these shackles.

The entire process brought him unimaginable pain.

Although the Seal Breaking Pill’s effects were good, it was obviously not enough to smash open the shackles and restore Yang Kai’s freedom. Every time the medicinal energies tried to move forward, they would lose a great deal of strength while the shackles themselves remained intact, sealing Yang Kai’s Saint Qi and meridians.

Half a day later, Yang Kai opened her eyes weakly, a helpless look upon his face.

A Saint King Grade Low-Rank Seal Breaking Pill really wasn’t sufficient.

However, with his current means, this was the highest grade of pill Yang Kai could refine.

It wasn’t a matter of material, nor was it because of his lack of skill, but because of his cultivation.

Yang Kai was only a First Order Saint, being able to successfully refine a pill an entire Great Realm higher than his own cultivation was already an incredible feat, if he wanted to refine higher grade pills, he would need to enhance his cultivation first.

However, Yang Kai wasn’t disheartened but instead filled with hope.

Just because a normal Saint King Grade Low-Rank Seal Breaking Pill wouldn’t work, didn’t mean a Seal Breaking Pill with Pill Veins would be the same.

Once a pill formed Pill Veins, its medicinal effects would at least double in potency.

As long as he could refine a Seal Breaking Pill that formed Pill Veins, Yang Kai was confident he could break this seal.

He didn’t concern himself with his failure just now and instead used a drop of Myriad Drug Liquid to quickly restore himself and start again.

During this time, Shen Tu had collected a lot of herbs, enough for Yang Kai to refine four or five Seal Breaking Pills.

Yang Kai busied himself and after another two hours, he removed a second Seal Breaking Pill from his furnace.

It was an ordinary pill again, without Pill Veins.

Apparently, it was much more difficult to refine Saint King Grade pills that formed Pill Veins.

Yang Kai wasn’t rushed though, his state of mind remaining stable, unaffected by any failure because even if these materials were exhausted, he could simply collect more and try again. In this place, herbs were essentially inexhaustible.

Reminding himself of this point, Yang Kai felt that even if he failed a few more times, it wouldn’t be an issue.

When the fifth Seal Breaking Pill was taken out of the pill furnace, Yang Kai’s eyes lit up and his mood lifted.

This pill had formed human-like meridians across its surface, and the medicinal energies which were contained within it were clearly stronger than before.

[Success!] Looking at this pill, Yang Kai, who had dedicated much thought and effort into its refinement, couldn’t help smiling.

It had been a few months since Lu Gui Chen had placed this seal on him, and there was no one here he could rely upon for assistance with it. Although he had made friends with Shen Tu, the latter was powerless to help him break this seal.

Yang Kai had to rely on himself.

Now, with this Seal Breaking Pill in his hand, a strong sense of excitement and pride rose in his chest.

Yang Kai wasn’t in a hurry to take this pill but instead chose to restore himself first.

Half a day later, Yang Kai popped the pill into his mouth while looking forward to its effects.

Worthy of a pill that had formed Pill Veins, the moment Yang Kai swallowed it, a violent torrent of heat burst forth from his abdomen, one that as several times stronger than last time.

Yang Kai’s face turned red and his blood began flowing rapidly, seemingly on fire as it coursed through his veins. Enduring the unimaginable pain, his expression contorted but Yang Kai’s eyes remained bright.

He noticed that the shackles in his body were slowly being broken.

The meridians that had been sealed for the past few months finally became free and the Saint Qi which had been stagnant this whole time once again showed signs of flowing.


The sound of the shackles breaking was transmitted directly to the depths of Yang Kai’s soul and as his Saint Qi began flowing faster and faster, his strength was slowly recovered.

According to this situation, in time than it would take to make a cup of tea, the seal would be completely broken.

But at that moment, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly dimmed and he spread out his Divine Sense.

He had noticed that someone had entered his vicinity and couldn’t help raising his vigilance slightly.

While he had been performing Alchemy, there would occasionally be one or two cultivators that passed by and noticed his life aura, but none of them had come to disturb him.

This was obviously because no one dared to make trouble in the old man’s site.

But this time seemed to be a bit different. After the cultivator outside the cave noticed Yang Kai’s existence, not only did he not leave, but instead walked straight in.

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled and his expression became disgruntled.

Although he wasn’t worried about this person seeking trouble with him, it was still very uncomfortable to be disturbed at such a critical juncture.

Stimulating the movement of the medicinal efficacies, Yang Kai sped up the rate at which they were breaking through the seal while on the surface he wore a calm and undisturbed look.

A moment later, a bright light appeared in front of Yang Kai, and a figure emerged.

The light was being emitted by a strange stone and was quite soft, capable of illuminating a wide area. The cultivator trail holding this strange stone came walked in front of Yang Kai who was sitting on the ground and grinned, “I was wondering who was hiding here, it turns out it was you.”

Between his words, the light from the strange stone revealed this person’s gloomy expression.

“You’re He Zao and He Miao’s Senior Brother?” Yang Kai looked at him indifferently.

He recognized this guy. Every time He Zao and He Miao tried to come find him, they had been intercepted by this person. If Yang Kai recalled correctly, Yue Xi had called him Wei Wu.

“Indeed,” Wei Wu nodded, “Why are you hiding here little brat? There doesn’t seem to be anything good here.”

“No reason, it’s dangerous outside.”

“It really is dangerous out there, especially for you,” Wei Wu said, taking pleasure in his misfortune, “Your strength was sealed by Lu Gui Chen, right? What a pity, all alone with no one to depend on, only capable of living on by hiding from others’ sight, you must feel miserable!”

From the cynical tone of his voice, it seemed he was quite happy to see Yang Kai in such dire straits.

Yang Kai said nothing.

“Little brat, how about I show you the right path out of this?” Wei Wu suddenly squatted down in front of Yang Kai.

“What right path?” Yang Kai frowned.

“You should be able to tell. In this unfamiliar place, without anyone to rely on, with your strength sealed, once you fall into any kind of danger, you’ll have no way to fight back. For example, when someone approaches you with ill intentions!” Saying so, he smiled coldly while staring meaningfully towards Yang Kai.

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