Martial God Asura

Chapter 5435: Something Sealed?

Chapter 5435: Something Sealed?

“Qing Xuantian? Could it be the Nine Provinces Continent’s Qing Xuantian?”

Eggy couldn’t be sure whether it was the same person. There were plenty of people with the same name in the vast world of cultivation.

“The scenery depicted in the painting is a mountain range in the Nine Provinces Continent. It should be him.” In contrast, Chu Feng looked much more certain.

“How is the quality of the painting?” Eggy asked.

“It’s not bad. I can tell that it’s the work of a True Dragon World Spiritist,” Chu Feng replied.

“A True Dragon World Spiritist? Qing Xuantian is not just a world spiritist but a True Dragon World Spiritist? He actually became this powerful? I thought… that you have already surpassed him long ago.” Eggy was surprised.

Qing Xuantian might be a legend in the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm, but that hardly meant anything at all in the vast world of cultivation considering how remote that place was. That was why Eggy thought that Chu Feng had surpassed Qing Xuantian and left the latter in the dust.

It would appear that she was mistaken.

“Chu Feng, are you certain that he is a True Dragon World Spiritist?” Eggy asked.

“Yes, I am certain of it,” Chu Feng replied.

“Exactly how strong is he?”

“I can’t be sure, but I think he’s in the earlier ranks.”

“Could someone else has written it on his behalf?”

“That’s unlikely. I’m basing my deduction that this painting is from Qing Xuantian not just on the painting depicting a location in the Nine Provinces Continent but that the handwriting belongs to him as well. I am certain that it’s him.”f𝚛e𝚎𝙬𝑒𝚋𝚗𝚘ѵ𝐞𝒍. c𝐨𝙢

“If he has become a True Dragon World Spiritist, his martial cultivation must have reached a comparable level too. After all, he is first and foremost a martial cultivator. How did he become this powerful?” Eggy was perplexed.

“I’m not too surprised, considering how he gave up on the third strongest Divine Power. Even if Qing Xuantian wasn’t aware of that, he should have had a rough sense of how formidable the Four Symbols Divine Power was. The fact that he willingly gave up on it meant that he had an even better choice,” Chu Feng said.

“We should ask the World Spiritist Painter about this. He must have met Qing Xuantian given that the latter’s painting is here,” Eggy said.

“That was what I was thinking too.”

Chu Feng continued browsing the artworks. He noticed that some of the older works were from the Ancient Era, and they were made out of the same formation despite depicting different content. These artwork appeared to be produced in the same era by the same person.

Most important of all, these artworks shared a similar aura. It was a faint aura, but it was still perceptible to Chu Feng. It was an aura identical to the All Lives Are Equal Palace. This led him to wonder if their painter was the true master of the All Lives Are Equal Palace.

He wondered why the painter had constructed so many similar formations on painting.

Meanwhile, the first woman Chu Feng had met in the mountain valley walked up to the palace door and tried to push it open, but it was to no avail. However, she didn’t give up just like that. She began touching the door with her hand, as if she was drawing something on it.

“What are you doing? Stop it! This is not a place where you can mess around!”

The crowd criticized her action, but she turned a blind eye to them. A man finally couldn’t stand it anymore and marched up to her, berating, “Do you want to die? I’m telling you to stop!”

The woman suddenly turned around to glare at him. The man immediately went silent as his face scrunched up in fear. He was intimidated by her terrifying gaze, so much that he didn’t dare to say anything else.

The woman proceeded to form a peculiar hand seal.

“What’s that fellow doing? Does she think that she can force this door open?” the crowd sneered.


A terrifying roar echoed from the woman’s body, sounding as if she had a monster living inside her. A dark purple aura filled with complicated runes rippled outward and covered the mountain valley.

“What’s that monster? What is she up to?”

The crowd panicked as they couldn’t understand why the woman was able to release such a terrifying aura when their cultivation had been sealed here, though there was a group of people who looked at the woman expectantly.

Regardless, it was clear that something was going to happen.

Some of the crowd rushed toward the spirit formation gate to make their escape, only to realize that it had stopped functioning. This was likely due to the dark purple aura that had enveloped the mountain valley.

At the same time, Chu Feng’s surroundings began to tremble. He first glanced at the gate at the opposite end of the palace before looking outward. He couldn’t see what was transpiring outside as his powers had been sealed, but his instincts told him that something had happened.

“What’s wrong, Chu Feng?” Eggy asked.

“Something bad has happened,” Chu Feng replied.

Meanwhile, the eyes of the woman in the mountain valley turned dark purple. She clasped her hands together and formed a series of hand seals.


A black aura gushed out and enveloped not just the mountain valley but beyond it too. It quickly seeped outside of the All Lives Are Equal Palace. It was so frightening that even those outside felt unnerved by it and backed off.

“This is bad!”

The World Spiritist Painter was shocked. He rushed back to the All Lives Are Equal Palace, only to see that it had been enveloped by a black aura. His face turned awful.

Taking a deep breath, he waved his sleeves and tossed out hundreds of paintings. These paintings quickly expanded into humongous glowing talismans, giving rise to an extremely powerful sealing formation that suppressed the black aura.

However, the black aura was a force to be reckoned with. The sealing formation was only able to stop its expansion, but it couldn’t fully suppress it.

At the palace Chu Feng was in, he noticed that many of the paintings around him began glowing as if they had a mind of their own. With the exception of those pinned on the entrance door and walls, the remaining artworks began revolving around the room to form a gigantic barrier.

Chu Feng finally understood why some of the paintings had a similar formation. It turned out that they were all sealing formations, a particularly powerful one at that.

Even so, the black aura still seeped through the entrance door and walls before darting toward the gate at the opposite end of the palace. However, it was crushed by the barrier before it could even get close.

“Chu Feng, could it be that something is sealed in here?” Eggy asked.

“Whatever it is, it looks to be quite formidable,” Chu Feng replied as he gazed at the gate.

The gate was shaking with increasing intensity as if something terrifying was about to break out from within.

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