Martial God Asura

Chapter 5436 – This Could Be a Chance

Chapter 5436: This Could Be a Chance

“What is that?”

Even though the crowd outside Painter Mountain had already distanced themselves from the black aura, they still felt unnerved by its presence. Those who were more cowardly had already made their escape, but even the remaining ones were prepared to flee at any moment.

They sensed that the dark aura was something ominous. 

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They also noticed that the World Spiritist Painter’s complexion was turning increasingly awful, which led them to think that the situation had evolved beyond his control. Indeed, the World Spiritist Painter was losing control of the situation too. 

“Damn it! Who is doing this?” 

The World Spiritist Painter was infuriated. As the master of the All Lives Are Equal Palace, he knew better than anyone else that all of them would die if the monster sealed inside the palace was released, but someone was foolishly trying to free it. 


More and more black aura flooded the palace, to the point where a mysterious image had formed on the entrance door. This image was not just any ordinary image, for its appearance was causing the paintings plastered on the entrance door to disintegrate. 

That also allowed even more black aura to flood into the palace. 

The increasing concentration of black aura boosted its destructive might, and the revolving barrier of paintings slowly lost its ability to fend them off. Wisps of black aura were starting to slip through its defense, and those immediately darted toward the gate at the opposite end of the palace. 

The gate began to tremble. Eerie wails reminiscent of vicious ghosts could be heard from within. 

“This is bad, Chu Feng. Is there no way for you to escape from here?” Eggy asked. She could tell that whatever was sealed inside the palace was likely to be malevolent in nature.

“The entrance door has been sealed. I can’t leave anymore,” Chu Feng replied. 

“Elder, what is your condition?” Chu Feng asked the Divine Deer.

“I have not recovered yet. You’ll have to find a way out yourself,” the Divine Deer replied.

Left with no choice, Chu Feng could only take a gamble. He began marching toward the gate where the malevolent being was sealed. Eggy was startled by his action, but knowing that he must have a plan in mind, she didn’t stop him. 

Chu Feng constructed a formation on his ear before placing it against the gate. He had tried using his Heaven’s Eye to determine what was on the other side of the gate but to no avail, so he could only resort to his sense of hearing. 

“I can’t tell exactly what it is, but the being that is sealed inside seems to be rampaging. The black aura that seeped inside the gate only seemed to have further enraged it,” Chu Feng said. 

“Why is that so? Isn’t the black aura here to save it?” Eggy asked.

“It’d be more accurate to say that the black aura is here to control it.”

“Oh? In other words, someone is trying to control the sealed malevolent being.”

“That’s likely the case.”

“Why isn’t the World Spiritist Painter back yet?”

“The World Spiritist Painter must have already noticed that something is going on, given the huge commotion happening here. I’m guessing that he’s helpless against this situation too,” Chu Feng replied.

“What should we do?” Eggy asked.

“We’ll bide our time. This gate is resilient, but it’ll unravel as more black aura seep in. The more the gate breaks down, the better I can perceive what is happening inside,” Chu Feng said.

“Isn’t that dangerous?” Eggy asked worriedly.

This gate was the only thing that was keeping the malevolent being away from them. Should it break down, Chu Feng would be the first one to suffer. 

“Don’t worry, Eggy. I have my plans,” Chu Feng said confidently as he began constructing a control formation.

Time passed by. 

Even more black aura had evaded the revolving barrier of paintings to seep inside the gate where the malevolent being was sealed. Surprisingly, the black aura didn't harm Chu Feng at all, as if its only purpose was to seep inside the gate and control the malevolent being. 

Chu Feng had already completed his control formation, but he didn’t activate it right away because he was waiting for the ideal time. 


A crack finally appeared in the gate. 

Chu Feng immediately rushed up to the gate. He pressed his right hand against the crack while his left hand continued to form seals. 

“Now!” Chu Feng exclaimed excitedly.

The trembling gate quickly calmed down. Even as more black aura seeped into the gate, the malevolent being sealed within didn’t rampage as intensely as before. 

After calming down the malevolent being, Chu Feng proceeded to invoke the control formation he had previously constructed. Golden light poured out from his formation and surged into the paintings containing the sealing formations. At the same time, he roared, “Obey my command. I’ll deal with the intruder on your behalf!”

As if they understood Chu Feng’s words, the paintings took in the golden light, granting him control over them. Under his command, the paintings halted their revolving and formed a military formation to fight against the black aura. 

The black aura inside the palace was instantaneously destroyed, and the further influx of black aura was no longer able to get to the gate. 

The woman in the mountain valley sensed what was happening inside the palace and frowned, but she didn’t lose her nerves just because things hadn’t gone to plan. Instead, she took out a dark purple talisman and quietly buried it into the ground. 

Once that was done, she left the mountain valley through the spirit formation gate.

Meanwhile, the World Spiritist Painter was still doing everything he could to suppress the black aura. He soon noticed a person wrapped in the same black aura walking out from the All Lives Are Equal Palace. While he could not perceive her facial features, he could tell from her long hair that she was a woman. 

“Who are you?” the World Spiritist Painter asked with a furious roar, knowing that she was the culprit behind this.

“Don’t bother. You can’t seal it,” the woman said before leaving the premises.

After she was gone, the World Spiritist Painter was able to quickly suppress the remaining black aura. The first thing he did was to rush into the palace where Chu Feng was. As he barged through the entrance door, he was shocked by what he saw. 

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