Martial God Asura

Chapter 5434: Milord, Chu Feng is Here

Chapter 5434: Milord, Chu Feng is Here

Jia Chengxiong’s heart clenched up upon hearing Chu Feng’s name. While he had been wanting to exact vengeance on Chu Feng, the latter had traumatized him so much that he instinctively shuddered upon hearing that name.

However, the World Spiritist Painter didn’t stop just because of that. Jia Chengxiong was thrown out of the mountain valley.

“Chu Feng? He must be a fake, right? Chu Feng wouldn’t be so dumb as to announce his arrival even if he is really here.”

“Indeed. He must be using Chu Feng’s name to intimidate Jia Chengxiong.”

The crowd quickly thought that Chu Feng was a fake, and that was exactly what Chu Feng was going for. It didn’t matter whether he was telling the truth or not in here anyway since he could simply blend into the crowd after leaving this place.

The World Spiritist Painter proceeded to open another box, and countless sheets of paper flew out. While there was a limited number of brushes, it looked like there was a free-flow supply of papers. Having received both brush and paper, the crowd began to try their hands at making a painting.

Chu Feng was the only one who didn’t make a move. Instead, he paid close attention to the paintings on the wall while trying to recall the method the World Spiritist Painter had imparted to them.

“Everyone, you have two hours,” the World Spiritist Painter announced.

Those words sent the crowd into a panic. Chu Feng was the only one who remained calm.

Time quickly passed by.

Most people struggled to even construct a formation with the brush, but a small portion of people managed to pick up on that trick.

“Hey, why hog on such a good brush when you aren’t even going to draw? You might as well just give that brush to me!” a voice echoed behind Chu Feng.

It was a man. He had made many decent attempts to manifest a formation with his brush, but he hadn’t managed to succeed yet. It seemed like he had attributed the problem to his brush.

Chu Feng might have considered swapping brushes with him if he had talked things through nicely, but the other party’s arrogant attitude happened to be something Chu Feng detested.

“Your lacking control over spirit power is the reason you aren’t able to form a formation. Why blame the brush?” Chu Feng coldly pointed out the truth.

“You’re saying that my control over spirit power is lacking? How interesting. I am only a small bit away from success. Why don’t we have the crowd to prove whether I’m right or not?” the man spoke loudly.

Those words drew the crowd’s attention.

“Indeed. He’s already close to success if he’s already able to get that far.”

The crowd nodded in agreement.

“Do you see that? You are the only one who has no idea what’s going on. The only thing holding me back is my brush. It’s wrong of you to hog onto a good brush when you aren’t going to draw at all. Hurry up and give it to me,” the man ordered.

If not for the rule against fighting, the man would have probably snatched Chu Feng’s brush.

“Stop disgracing yourself here. Your ‘small bit away from success’ is much larger than you think. You weren’t listening to Lord Painter’s words at all,” Chu Feng said.

Those words caught the World Spiritist Painter’s attention.

Unwilling to accept Chu Feng’s criticism, the man sneered, “What a joke. Do you know who I am? I am the Pill Dao Immortal Sect’s Jia Lianfeng!”

“Jia Lianfeng? He’s actually Jia Lianfeng?”

More and more people were paying attention to the commotion.

“Never heard of you,” Chu Feng replied in disdain.

He didn’t have a good opinion of the Pill Dao Immortal Sect in the first place, and the fact that they were all self-assuming fools who thought that they could intimidate him by revealing their identities didn’t help either.

“How ignorant. It’s one thing for you to impersonate Chu Feng, but you actually don’t know Jia Lianfeng either. He used to be the most talented prodigy in the Pill Dao Immortal Sect! He has already reached Gray Dragon God-cloak despite only being 267 years old.”

“You should give your brush up to him. It’s selfish of you to hog onto it and hinder him!”

The crowd began to criticize Chu Feng.

“If you have been listening to Lord Painter’s instructions, you wouldn’t have been so caught up with the brush,” Chu Feng said. He turned to the World Spiritist Painter and said, “Master, I don’t think that these people are worthy of your brush. Allow me to return this to you.”

Chu Feng threw the brush back to the World Spiritist Painter, who received it without any hesitation.

“That fellow sure is disgusting. It’s one thing for him to impersonate Chu Feng, but he’s even disgusting others by doing stuff like that. He’s trying to drag others down with him just because he is unable to pull it off.”

“Those are the kind of people I hate the most.”

Chu Feng was criticized by the crowd, but he turned a blind eye to their words. He was already used to the ignorant crowd running their mouths. Besides, there was a good chance that these people were just fawning at Jia Lianfeng even though it was meaningless to do so here.

“Time is almost up. Those who haven’t finished their painting yet should hurry up,” the World Spiritist Painter reminded.

Chu Feng waved his sleeves and unfurled a sheet of paper.

“What is that fellow doing? Why is he putting up an act when he doesn’t even have a brush?”

“There are all sorts of nonsensical people in the world of cultivation.”

The crowd sneered.

Chu Feng paid them no heed and began drawing out a formation with his hand. His movements prompted the World Spiritist Painter, who had settled down on a chair, to shoot to his feet, and he watched Chu Feng with glowing eyes.

He was the only one who could tell how ingenious Chu Feng’s means were.

The brush was indeed a good medium for drawing the painting, but true experts wouldn’t require them. The ability to substitute one’s hand as a brush was the highest realm for a painter. But this skill required time to learn, so how could someone grasp it so quickly?

Even the most intelligent person in the world shouldn’t have been able to grasp it that quickly. The World Spiritist Painter himself took a thousand years before he finally grasped the method.

Yet, Chu Feng was painting adeptly with his hand. There was no pause in his movements as he completed his formation in a single breath.

“Did that fellow really manage to pull it off?”

Those who had mocked Chu Feng earlier were taken aback.

“How could that be possible? He’s just putting on a brave front. I reckon that his painting is completely different from what Lord Painter taught us,” Jia Lianfeng sneered.

He refused to believe that Chu Feng could complete a painting within such a short period of time without a brush when he had struggled so much over the last two hours.

Chu Feng began to fuse the formation with the paper. With a brilliant glow of light, the painting impeccably showed on the paper. It depicted the mountain valley they were in, including those who were present here at the moment.

The painting was so lifelike that it looked as if the people inside would move despite it being a still portrait. Even those who knew next to nothing about art were shaken by it.

“Did that fellow really manage to pull it off without a brush?”

“Who in the world is he?”

An uproar broke out amidst the crowd.

Even the woman who had first entered this mountain valley, the one whom Chu Feng suspected to be Jia Lingyi, also looked at him with a conflicted look on her face. With a wave of her sleeves, she destroyed the formation before her.

She had also grasped the painting method and had produced a decent painting, but she knew that it was meaningless as soon as she saw Chu Feng’s painting. There was no way she could outdo his painting.

“What a wonderful painting!” The World Spiritist Painter rushed over to Chu Feng’s side and lavished compliments on him. “Young friend, why don’t you put your name on this beautiful painting?”

“All right.” Chu Feng wrote his own name on the painting.

The name ‘Chu Feng’ astonished the crowd, and the woman’s eyes grew even colder.

“Is he really Chu Feng? Is Chu Feng really that talented as a world spiritist?”

The endless outpour of compliments for Chu Feng left those who had previously humiliated him feeling ashamed.

“Let’s end the competition. The one who is qualified to enter my private gallery is young friend Chu Feng. Please, come with me,” the World Spiritist Painter said before leading Chu Feng toward the door.

No one raised any objections, for there was no other painting here that could match Chu Feng’s. Even the paintings displayed in the mountain valley paled in comparison.

Walking through the door, Chu Feng found himself in a palace filled with artwork. Some of these artworks were hung up on the wall, whereas others were simply floating in mid-air. A gate could be seen at the other end of the palace, but the gate was tightly shut.

“Young friend, the paintings in here aren’t just my own creations. Some of the masterpieces of the other painters too. Take your time admiring the paintings. I still have matters to attend to, but I’ll be right back,” the World Spiritist Painter said before taking his leave.

Chu Feng was curious about the tightly shut gate, but he decided to take a look at the paintings first. The artworks here were indeed masterpieces worth learning from. He started with the paintings on the wall before moving to those floating in mid-air.

All of a sudden, he noticed a painting of scenery that looked awfully familiar. It resembled a place in the Nine Provinces Continent. The painter who had signed off on it was also a familiar name.

Qing Xuantian!

Meanwhile, the World Spiritist Painter had arrived at the entrance of a grand palace located in the depth of Painter Mountain. He walked up to the entrance and bowed deeply, saying, “Milord, Chu Feng is here.”

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