Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 92 - 92 You Actually Want To Sleep With Me?

92 You Actually Want To Sleep With Me?

“What’s the problem?” Jiang Rongyan looked at her.

“You actually want to sleep with me?! Is that not a problem?” Who would have thought that Xu Anran would be so straightforward and use the word ‘sleep with me’. Jiang Rongyan was a little embarrassed, but at the same time, he said righteously, “What’s wrong? Can’t I? I’m a normal man. What’s so strange about wanting to sleep with you? What’s with your reaction? Don’t you want to sleep with me?”

Jiang Rongyan flew into a rage. “Sometimes? You just want to sleep with me sometimes? What about other times? Who do you want to sleep with at other times?”

Xu Anran was very helpless. “Who thinks about this every day? I’m not a pervert. You’re the one who’s weird, okay? No matter how weird I am, I’m not as weird as you! Could it be…” She leaned closer to Jiang Rongyan. “You think about sleeping with me every day? You think about sleeping with me all the time?”

Jiang Rongyan was stunned and didn’t say anything. Xu Anran saw his reaction and retreated a little. She looked at Jiang Rongyan’s expression in confusion and thought, ‘D*mn, he doesn’t really think of me that way, does he?! He actually thinks about sleeping with me all the time?!’

Jiang Rongyan straightened his face and skipped the topic. He placed the pen in front of her. “If you agree, then sign it. If you don’t agree, then forget it. But I’ll say this in advance. If you don’t sign it, I won’t help you.”

Xu Anran thought for a moment, picked up the pen, and signed her name. She would sign if he wanted her to. After all, she wouldn’t be at a disadvantage. Jiang Rongyan wasn’t the only one who was satisfied with sleeping with someone. She couldn’t wait to sleep with someone as beautiful as Jiang Rongyan with just a contract. “Is that enough?” Xu Anran pushed the contract forward. “I won’t be at a disadvantage anyway. As long as you don’t feel like it.”

Seeing her casual attitude, Jiang Rongyan was angry. He put the contract away and then turned around to press Xu Anran onto the bed.

“What are you doing? You just signed the contract and now you’re punishing me? Isn’t that a little too much?” When she saw this posture, her first reaction was that Jiang Rongyan wanted to question her. Otherwise, how could he have pressed her onto the bed with his eyes locked? Just as she was puzzled, Jiang Rongyan’s face got closer and closer. Finally, his lips landed on hers.

It was not a light kiss. Jiang Rongyan’s kiss was aggressive. He did not hesitate to use his tongue to lick her lips. He pressed on her step by step, forcing Xu Anran’s tongue to retreat. She could only entangle herself with his. Xu Anran was not mentally prepared to begin with. In addition, Jiang Rongyan’s kissing skills were too good. Her initially struggling hand stopped on Jiang Rongyan’s clothes for some reason and turned into a clenched position. Her fair fingers, which had distinct knuckles, were stained with some red. It was s*xy with desire.

Suddenly, the door creaked. Xu Anran opened her eyes and saw that Zhao Jing was stunned at the door. She quickly sobered up, reached out, and pushed Jiang Rongyan away. Zhao Jing’s face was red and his heart was beating fast. He bent down and left very sensibly. Before he left, he even helped them close the door.

Xu Anran was interrupted. Only then did she remember that she and Jiang Rongyan could not kiss. She was so embarrassed that she flew into a rage. “Jiang Rongyan, are you crazy? I’m just contracted with you.”

“The contract has already been signed. Isn’t it a little too late to go back on your word now?” Jiang Rongyan grabbed her arm. He made her look straight into his eyes. “You’ll be my woman in the future. You should satisfy my normal needs. Kissing is nothing. There will be plenty of it in the future. Forget about kissing, there’s even…”

Xu Anran jumped up and covered his mouth. “Shut up!”

Jiang Rongyan raised his eyebrows.

Xu Anran pointed at him. “Don’t say it!!”

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