Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 93 - 93 Contraceptives

93 Contraceptives

Fortunately, this was a hospital after all. Jiang Rongyan could not do anything about it. However, Xu Anran was still tossing and turning. She could not sleep at night. After pondering for a long time, she still did not understand what Jiang Rongyan meant. She could only send a message to Tao Ran. “Tao Ran! Help!”

Tao Ran was a night owl. She had not fallen asleep at this time. When she saw the message from Xu Anran, she thought that something had really happened to Xu Anran. She hurriedly asked, “Anran, what’s wrong?”

Xu Anran smeared her face and turned on the lights. She took two pictures of the marriage agreement and sent them to Tao Ran. “Jiang Rongyan suddenly wants to sign something like this with me. What do you think he means?”

Tao Ran opened the small picture and was extremely shocked when she saw the content of the text. “…Maybe he wants to have some kind of communication with you.”

Xu Anran typed, “What communication?”

Tao Ran could not say it out loud. She only said, “You’ll know.” After she finished replying to the message, she logged out of the interface and opened up the app for Tong Cheng. She ordered a box of essential contraceptives for couples and sent it to her villa. After paying, Tao Ran clapped her hands and left successfully. “Anran, this is the best I can do for you.”

Xu Anran recuperated in the hospital for a few days. After all the examinations, the doctor still said the same thing. He told her to take good care of her body and use medicine to recuperate. She knew that this kind of recuperation required a lot of time, and it was definitely not something that could be done just by recuperating. Hence, she did not stay in the hospital and returned to the villa.

“Madam, Tong Cheng sent over a box with your name written on it. It should be something you bought. I’ll bring it over for you.” When the housekeeper saw her return, she took out a box from the room at the side and placed it in her hand.

“What is it?” Xu Anran glanced at Jiang Rongyan beside her. “You bought it?”

Jiang Rongyan shook his head. “No, I’ve never bought anything from Tong Cheng.”

“That’s strange. I didn’t buy it either,” Xu Anran said as she opened the box. “What is this…” Xu Anran saw a small square bag. Just as she was about to take it out to look, a name suddenly flashed through her mind. Her voice suddenly stopped — d*mn it!

“What’s wrong? What is it?” Jiang Rongyan saw that her expression was very strange, so he stood up and wanted to look at it.

“Oh, nothing.” Xu Anran pretended to be calm. She closed the box and said casually, “It’s nothing. The company sent me a small perfume sample. Maybe they want me to choose a suitable one.”

“That senior of yours still dares to use you?”

Jiang Rongyan scoffed. “Since he trusts you, why didn’t he save you? Why did he need me to save you?”

Xu Anran was in a hurry to get rid of this box of things. She did not bicker with Jiang Rongyan. She hugged the box and raised her eyebrows at him. “He just didn’t know. It’s not that he didn’t save me.” After saying that, she did not delay at all, she walked into the room, turned around, and slammed the door shut.

She gnashed her teeth as she looked at the box of things. She said angrily, “Who bought these things? And they even wrote my name!”

She could not let Jiang Rongyan see these things. If he saw them, her innocence and reputation would be lost. She had to hide them quickly! Xu Anran searched the house for a long time. When she saw that the only thing that could hide things was the wardrobe, she stuffed the things inside with the box into the wardrobe. “This time, he won’t be able to find out.”

Sure enough, Jiang Rongyan did not suspect anything and did not ask her what was inside the box. She escaped this calamity. After lunch, Xu Anran felt a little sleepy. She changed into thin pajamas and went back to her room to sleep. Not long after she fell asleep, Jiang Rongyan walked in.

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