Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 91 - 91 Sharing a Room At Least Once a Week

91 Sharing a Room At Least Once a Week

The assistant had never stopped Jiang Rongyan’s cold tone before. He quickly replied, “Okay, I’ll go check right away.” The assistant did not dare to delay and only used an hour. He told Jiang Rongyan about the previous developments of this matter one by one.

“So, Anran was taken as a scapegoat?”

“President, that’s what I mean.”

Jiang Rongyan understood and said to his assistant, “I understand.”

On the other side, the Lu Corporation had hired a lawyer to prepare an appeal, accusing Xu Anran of embezzlement and causing damage to the Lu Corporation’s interests. They also demanded compensation for all of the Lu Corporation’s losses. Xu Anran did not know about all of this.

Jiang Rongyan had ordered food from a seven-star hotel and sent it to her ward.

Xu Anran, who had not been able to eat or drink well in prison, was already salivating at the sight of the usual food. When faced with these sumptuous dishes, her eyes almost poked into the plate. If Jiang Rongyan had not been by her side and she had to maintain her image at the very least, she would have impolitely poured all the food into her mouth. However, she could not appear to be so subservient to Jiang Rongyan, so she said in a very casual tone, “Since you’ve bought it, I’ll just eat some.”

Jiang Rongyan sat by the bed and nodded at her. He placed his right hand on the blanket and tapped it unconsciously. He carefully thought about what he wanted to say to Xu Anran. He was afraid that Xu Anran would be upset, and he did not even know how to say it. “Anran, the doctor said…”

Xu Anran did not stop eating. As she stuffed her chopsticks into her mouth, she asked casually, “What did the doctor say?” Although she was not feeling well, she had only been splashed with cold water and slept in a cold and damp place for a few days, there shouldn’t be any major problems, right?

“The doctor said that you’ve hurt your foundation this time. If you hurt your foundation, you might not be able to get pregnant in the future.”

Xu Anran’s hand that was picking up food stopped in mid-air. She frowned and looked at Jiang Rongyan.

“But it’s okay. I won’t mind. Besides, the doctor said that there’s still hope if you take good care of yourself.”

Since the doctor had already said that, it was obvious that the hope was slim. Xu Anran pursed her lips and pretended not to care as she asked, “I don’t need to have a child, right?”

Jiang Rongyan knew that she was not in a good mood, but she still pretended to be strong. So, he nodded and said, “I think so too. Children are so annoying.”

Xu Anran heard him and glanced at him. She thought to herself, ‘I’m not giving birth for you. Annoying.’

“Also, Liu Xin is the one who bribed the women in prison to deal with you.”

This time, Xu Anran could not take it anymore. She raised her head. “I thought he was just embezzling. I didn’t expect his methods to be so vicious.” Xu Anran shuddered.

“But this is also your responsibility.”

“Because you’re too stupid. How many times have you done this? You’ve done it again and again. Have you counted how many losses you’ve suffered from the Xu family?”

“Then I was also framed by someone. What can I do…” Xu Anran said without confidence.

“So, in order not to repeat the previous tragedy and to prevent you from repeating the same mistake, I want to add some content to the marriage agreement.”

When she heard the words ‘marriage agreement’, Xu Anran didn’t even want to eat. She kept looking at him. “What content do you want to add?”

Jiang Rongyan took out the marriage agreement that he had prepared long ago and handed it to her.

Xu Anran took it and glanced at the content that he had added. “You are not allowed to be intimate with other men.” After she finished reading, she nodded. “That’s understandable.” However, when she glanced at the next line, she realized that she could not understand it. She read it out in disbelief, “I have to sleep with you at least once a week?!”

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