Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 90 - 90 I’ll Make Him Pay Back Tenfold

90 I’ll Make Him Pay Back Tenfold

“Who?” Xu Anran couldn’t help but raise her voice.

Jiang Rongyan, who was driving in front, glanced at them.

Tao Ran smiled at him in a flattering manner. When she saw that his gaze had turned away, she turned her head and said to Xu Anran, “You only need to know that he’s the only one who can save you now.”

“No, why did he agree to save me?” Xu Anran lowered her voice again. “He… He still treated me like that.”

Tao Ran repeated what she had said to please Jiang Rongyan and how much Xu Anran loved him. Xu Anran understood that Tao Ran had created a persona for herself as a wife who was bitterly waiting for her husband to save her in prison. Not only was it pitiful, but it was also touching.

“I don’t care. I’ve already told the lie and he saved you. The rest is up to you. We have such a good relationship, you can’t sell me out. You have to act well as a lovesick woman. Otherwise, I’ll die for you to see.”

Xu Anran quickly comforted her, “It’s not necessary. I’ll just act.” After all, Jiang Rongyan had saved her life. If she did not cooperate with the act and turned around to treat the male lead coldly, it would not be appropriate. Also, how did Liu Xin frame her? What evidence did he use to put her in prison? She wanted to find out and prove her innocence.

“No, there’s no need.”

“Ahem!” Tao Ran pretended to cough at the side.

Xu Anran raised her head and met Jiang Rongyan’s cold gaze.

Xu Anran: “…”

Her expression changed from politeness to shyness. She pushed Jiang Rongyan’s hand and pulled his sleeve. She said in a delicate voice, “No need. I’m a little heavy. I’m afraid I’ll tire you out.”

Jiang Rongyan said coldly, “I’m not tired.”

Xu Anran heaved a sigh of relief. She was carried into the hospital by him.

Tao Ran, who was following behind her, gave her a thumbs up. She mouthed, ‘Sister, you’re amazing. Let’s just act like this!’

After they entered the hospital, Jiang Rongyan helped Xu Anran to the emergency room. The doctors in the emergency room saw his posture and did not dare to delay any longer. They instructed the nurses to take Xu Anran for a physical examination. They worked for almost an hour before they could check her entire body.

In the consultation room, after the doctor looked at the results of the examination, he frowned and said to Jiang Rongyan, “This external injury of hers is a little serious. Moreover, her body was not particularly good to begin with. Now that she has caught a cold and injured her body, I’m afraid…”

“Doctor, just say it directly.” Jiang Rongyan pursed his lips and made the best plan.

“I’m afraid that it will be difficult for her to get pregnant in the future.” The doctor looked at him with a deep gaze. “Right now, I can only prescribe some medicine for her to slowly recuperate. You can let her take care of her body and relax her mind.”

Jiang Rongyan let out a muffled “Hmm.”

Although he did not have any plans to have a child right now, did not know when he would have a child, and did not even know if he really wanted to have a child, when he heard this result, he was still a little emotional. She would be sad if she knew. Fortunately, this result was not the worst result he had imagined. It was just a child. If there was no child, then forget it.

After returning to the ward, Xu Anran felt that the expression on the face of the person who had been tensed up ever since she was brought out of the prison had finally eased up a little. He bent down, supported her, and let her lie down.

Jiang Rongyan asked Tao Ran to take care of her while he went to deal with some matters on his own. As soon as he reached the door, his relaxed expression turned cold and stern. He took out his phone and called his assistant expressionlessly. “Investigate the matters at the Lu Hotel as quickly as possible. I’ll definitely make him pay back tenfold for Anran’s imprisonment!”

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