Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 85 - Perfume Accident

Chapter 85: Perfume Accident

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Xu Anning didn’t have any tricks up her sleeve. She really didn’t have any tricks up her sleeve. She had made up all the things that she had done to frame Xu Anran, and she didn’t have any evidence at all. She could only look at the cursing under her Weibo, but she couldn’t do anything. She could only throw her phone aside in anger and stop looking at it.

Xu Anran, on the other hand, had both fame and fortune because of this incident. After many people found out about her resume, they privately messaged her on the Internet asking her to design a perfume. Xie Si’s company also accepted several big projects because of her becoming an online celebrity design company. For a time, Xu Anran and her company were doing very well. They were very famous in the industry.

As expected, the news spread to the Xu family. Xu Anning looked at the Weibo that praised Xu Anran and the Weibo that scolded her below. She gnashed her teeth in hatred.

“Mom, Dad, please think of a solution. Xu Anran is too proud.”

“My dear daughter, it’s not that we don’t want to. We’ve been thinking about it.” The key was that there was really no good solution.

“Please explain. Why is your perfume causing so many people to be allergic?”

“President Lu, do you know that there’s a problem with the composition of the perfume?”

“Do you know that the company uses inferior perfume?”

At the entrance of the Lu Corporation, the second largest family in the city, there were more than a hundred reporters blocking the entrance. These reporters had mics and cameras in their hands. They blocked the entrance of the president of the Lu Corporation and scrambled to ask questions.

President Lu used his glasses to cover his face. He was escorted to his private car.

“What’s going on? Quickly contact the Xu Corporation!” Once in the car… President Lu took off his glasses. His face was filled with hostility. He had been in the business for more than thirty years and had never been surrounded by reporters at the entrance of the company. Everything that happened today was all thanks to the Xu Corporation!

“Get the Xu Corporation to come over and explain it to me!” The supplier of their perfume had always been the Xu Corporation. Previously, it had been fine. Recently, more and more people had revealed that they were allergic to their perfume. However, the media and netizens did not know that their perfume was supplied by Xu Corporation, so they vented all their anger on Lu Corporation.

“Alright, President Lu. I’ll call President Xu right away.” After the assistant finished speaking, he was about to leave when he was suddenly stopped by President Lu. “There’s no need for you. I’ll do it myself.” He insisted on getting Xu Zhenwei to explain it to him. What exactly was going on with their perfume!?

President Lu dialed the number and said to his assistant, “Ask the Public Relations Department to push all the problems with the perfume onto the Xu Corporation.”

“Yes.” After the assistant replied, Xu Zhenwei also picked up the phone. “Hello, President Lu. Long time no see. How are you?”

President Lu snorted coldly. “You don’t have to be so polite. Because all the losses caused by the perfume problem in your company, you’re fully responsible for it.’

“What problem?” Xu Zhenwei subconsciously felt bad. When had President Lu ever spoken so coldly?

Xu Anning, who was watching the news at the side, turned to him and said, “Dad, the problem with Lu Corporation’s perfume has been exposed. It seems to be part of our supply.”

“What did you say?!” Xu Zhenwei’s voice was about to break. “President Lu, it’s like this. There must be a misunderstanding. I’ll first find out which part of the perfume problem was. I’ll definitely give you a satisfactory answer.” After saying this, President Lu hung up the phone.

“What’s going on? Go and find Liu Xin.” Before he could look for him, Liu Xin had already come in.

Liu Xin was the person in charge of connecting with the Lu Corporation. He was also the person in charge of the entire project. He rushed over with beads of sweat on his forehead. “Uncle, what should we do?”

“Where did the problem come from? Have you found out?”

“It’s the raw materials we used last time…”

Liu Xin didn’t finish his sentence, but when Xu Zhenwei heard it, he knew that it was their company’s problem. In order to save costs, they changed a batch of raw materials. Who knew that there were so many problems with this batch of raw materials, and it actually made people allergic!?

He paced back and forth. It wasn’t a big deal to give an explanation to the Lu Corporation, but how was he going to give an explanation to the netizens? Suddenly, he stopped and turned around to look at Xu Anning. “When we were supplying the Lu corporation with perfume, was Xu

Anran there?”

Xu Anning looked up. “She was!”.

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