Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 86 - 86 Taken Away By the Police

86 Taken Away By the Police

Since she was still here at that time, it was much easier to handle. Xu Zhenwei revealed a sinister smile. “Go and call the police. Push all the blame onto Xu Anran.”

Xu Anning nodded. “I’ll do it right away.”

At this moment, Xu Anran had not expected a pot to fall on her. She was discussing the style of the perfume with Xie Si at the company. Recently, she had received quite a few big orders, and all of them had specifically asked her to design it. Recently, Xu Anran had been very busy. Suddenly, they heard a discussion coming from the office door. Xie Si turned his head to look outside and saw two police officers walking in.

“Are You Xu Anran?” the police officer asked Xu Anran.

Xu Anran nodded. “Yes. What can I do for you?”

“The Xu Corporation has provided sufficient evidence to prove that you were corrupt and used inferior materials to cause the user to be allergic.”

“What?” Xu Anran looked at Xie Si helplessly and defended herself. “I left the Xu Corporation a long time ago. What has the Xu Corporation’s matter got to do with me?”

“It’s just before you left the Xu Corporation. You’ll know the exact situation when you get to the police station.” Two police officers, one on the left and one on the right, held her and pushed her out.

Xu Anran was pushed away. She realized that the Xu Corporation might have set her up. She shouted to the police, “It was Xu Zhenwei and Xu Anning who set me up!” But why would the police care about these things?

The police were only responsible for escorting her. As for what she wanted, that was after they returned to the police station. Outside the door, the reporters who had received the news at some point pointed their cameras at Xu Anran when they saw the police escorting her out. In less than an hour, the news of Xu Anran embezzling and using low-quality raw materials to make perfume that caused users to be allergic became a hot topic.

Xu Anran’s reputation took a sharp turn for the worse. Along with her, Xu Anran’s company, which was also Xie Si’s company, was also implicated. For a time, the partners who had previously placed orders with them began to refund their money.

[You can’t judge a book by its cover. I didn’t expect Xu Anran to actually dare to do such a thing.]

[Nonsense, who hates money? If it wasn’t for the fact that she was exposed, she would still be at large.]

[The higher-ups are right. Who knows how many of these things Xu Anran has secretly done? I suggest a thorough investigation.]

[I’ve long said that this woman relied on marketing to build her reputation. As expected, a foreign top student doesn’t even need to set up a dog. I suggest that we investigate how this woman obtained the notice and graduation certificate.]

There were still a few Xu Anran fans who were struggling. However, they were quickly silenced by the scolding. Xu Anran, who was at the police station, was completely unaware of all of this.

She looked at the police officer in front of her and said, “I’ve said it long ago. I didn’t do it. It really wasn’t me. I suspect that Liu Xin framed me.”

“The evidence of the Xu Corporation is conclusive. You don’t have the chance to quibble.”

Xu Anran was speechless. “What evidence? Why didn’t I know that I was embezzling?” It was definitely Liu Xin who was taking revenge on her. Back then, she couldn’t stand Liu Xin and reported him for embezzlement. Who knew that this time, he actually found an opportunity to frame her? She didn’t expect that even after she had already left the Xu Corporation for so long, she would still be framed by them.

“People who enter here will always quibble. Sometimes, they even believe what they say. Whether you are corrupt or not, you have evidence to prove it. However, your ability to distort black and white is top-notch.”

They had already determined that Xu Anran was a morally corrupt woman. Moreover, with the background of the female lead, it would be easy for her to twist the truth. “Impossible. You can’t contact anyone before the case is closed.”

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