Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 84 - Jiang Rongyan Wants a Divorce

Chapter 84: Jiang Rongyan Wants a Divorce

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Jiang Rongyan glanced at him and moved his gaze away from him. He walked to the target and tore all the darts off. He used all his strength and threw the darts towards the target. However, he used the calmest voice to say to Zhao jing, “I want a divorce. Help me find a villa. I want to move out.”

When Zhao Jing heard this, he quickly tried to persuade him, “No, calm down. This is not a small matter. Are you sure you want to divorce her?”

“What if I don’t divorce her? Do I have to watch her cheat on me every day?” This was not the first time. He had tolerated Xu Anran a few times, but he realized that Xu Anran’s liking was too cheap. Because she liked faces, she liked pretty faces.

“You can think about it again. It’s not too late to contact me after you’ve thought about it,” Zhao Jing quickly said. “But I’ll find a villa for you first. It’s not too late to contact me after you’ve thought about it.”

“I’ve thought about it very well.”

Zhao Jing quickly nodded. “Okay, okay, okay. I’ll help you find it.”

Tao Ran also saw the news. These people on the Internet were too fierce. They even went to Xu Anran’s Weibo to attack Xu Anran. Up until now, they had already scolded her with hundreds of thousands of comments.

Xu Anran was from a wealthy family. The comments on her Weibo could even be compared to the comments of a second-tier artiste whose house had collapsed. She clicked on it and saw that none of the comments were good. Tao Ran really could not stand it anymore. She found Xu

Anran and said, “Anran, why don’t I help you with your PR? I can’t let them scold you like this!”

Xu Anran, on the other hand, was very calm. She shook her head and lowered her head to look at her phone. Then, she raised it up for Tao Ran to see. “Anti-fans are also fans. Look, it’s only been a day. My Weibo has already gained millions of followers. Even though they’re all scolding me, I don’t mind. ”

“You really… have such a good mentality.” Tao Ran was speechless.

Xu Anran was not in a hurry. Justice was in the hearts of the people. She was waiting for a chance to publicly retaliate against Xu Anning. When her Weibo followers exceeded eight million, she recorded a video.

The video explained in detail how Qin Xiaokun had betrayed her because of Xu Anning, how she had dumped Qin Xiaokun, and the inside story behind Xu Anning and Qin Xiaokun’s breakup. There was no evidence that Xu Anning had spread rumors about her, but everyone knew that Qin Xiaokun had stepped down from his position as the CEO a few days ago.

The moment the video was posted, a thousand waves were stirred up. The people who had been speaking up for Xu Anning immediately changed the topic and started to attack in groups.

[I thought it was strange. Xu Anning and Qin Xiaokun broke up not long after Qin Xiaokun stepped down. I originally thought that Xu Anning didn’t like Qin Xiaokun, but when she suddenly posted a photo, we were all diverted.]

[This woman is too fake. I remember in the video released by the reporters last time, Xu Anning also said that it was Xu Anran who stole Qin Xiaokun. At that time, Xu Anran didn’t even dare to say a word. ]

[I’m here, I’m here to apologize to Xu Anran. I’ve written Xu Anran a thousand times, I’m wrong.] For a moment, Xu Anning’s Weibo was full of curses.

[Thieves shout to catch thieves. The fragrance of tea is overflowing. My sister wasn’t born in a wealthy family. I’m afraid she was born in the Imperial Palace.]

[Get lost, ugly people are always causing trouble! ]

[No wonder Xu Anran didn’t pay much attention to her. The difference between the two sisters is too great.]

[Upstairs, speaking of this, I remember that Xu Anran graduated from a famous university. She even won an award overseas.]

[Does the person on it have a picture?]

[I’ll go and look for it. Have you seen it before? At that time, I was thinking how could there be such an outstanding woman in the world? Not only is she good-looking, she’s also good at her studies and is extremely talented.]

Not long after, this person posted the story of the female lead winning an award overseas. There was a video to prove it. The woman in the video was calm and confident. She was wearing an ordinary shirt, but she had the aura of a wealthy family. Her every movement was very poignant.

[Beauty! I love you! I love you!] [I’ll call you my wife first!]

[The one above is my wife!]

Xu Anran put down her phone in satisfaction. She looked into the distance quietly. “Xu Anning, let’s see what else you have.”.

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