Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 66 - Surrounded By Reporters

Chapter 66: Surrounded By Reporters

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“Do you have any more questions?” Xu Anning had a smile on her face, which made people feel as if they were bathed in a spring breeze. The reporter was very cooperative. “No, thank you, Miss Xu.”

Xu Anning smiled and said, “It’s okay. Today is my grandmother’s birthday. You guys can be more casual.”

When the reporter heard this, he repeatedly praised her. “As expected of Xu Anning. Not only is she good-looking, but her personality is also too good!” There were many voices that were led by Xu Anning’s words. “Am I the only one who cares about the meaning behind Xu Anning’s words? Did she say that Xu Anran kicked Qin Xiaokun out?”

“That should be what she meant, right? If Xu Anran didn’t kick Qin Xiaokun, she and Qin Xiaokun wouldn’t be together.” The reporters swarmed over and began to look for Xu Anran at the scene.

Xu Anran was washing her hands after going to the toilet. Jiang Rongyan made her legs go soft. She thought that if her hands were in Jiang Rongyan’s pockets for a while longer, they would definitely burn up. She could only find an excuse to go to the toilet to be free. As soon as she walked out of the toilet door, she saw a few people with cell phones walking over. They looked like reporters.

Xu Anran was a little displeased that they were blocking the entrance of the toilet. She frowned and asked, “Why are you guys filming here?”

The reporters did not care about the venue and time. They swarmed over and said, “I’m really sorry, Miss Xu. We came here to ask you a few questions. Could you please answer them for us?”

Xu Anran immediately frowned. “What questions?”

The reporters seized the opportunity and asked repeatedly, “l heard that you didn’t want to be with Young Master Qin at that time, so you temporarily got together with Jiang Rongyan, right?”

“What does it have to do with you guys?” This kind of question already involved privacy. Xu Anran, who was already unhappy, was even more displeased. After she said that, she turned around and walked out.

The reporters pressed on with their questions. “Just answer. You don’t want to be surrounded by such rumors, right?”

Xu Anran’s tone became much colder, and her expression was also very unfriendly. “Go and find whoever you hear about. I only know that when I was about to get married, I realized that the groom had run away. I don’t want this kind of man.”

“What kind of attitude does she have?” The reporters immediately became angry from embarrassment and started discussing. “That’s right, her words are too harsh!”

They had interviewed so many people, but Xu Anran was the first not to give them face. She was too arrogant. With her personality, she would be at a disadvantage in front of the cameras sooner or later!

Xu Anran turned a deaf ear. These words did not affect her much. She turned around and walked out. At this moment, her stepmother suddenly ran out and heard the reporters scolding Xu Anran. She quickly stood up and said, “Reporters, you’ve misunderstood. Anran didn’t mean it that way. It’s just that this matter is a sad matter for Anran. She probably doesn’t want to talk about it.”

A reporter who knew the inside story quickly asked, “What do you know?”

“How should I put it?” Liu Li sighed and glanced at Xu Anran. “I guess she feels that Qin Xiaokun has let her down.”

Thanks to Liu Li, the reporters’ words were even more unpleasant. “With such a personality, no wonder she’s not popular.”

“Stop acting,” Xu Anran said bluntly. “Didn’t you guys know that Qin Xiaokun ran away from the marriage from the beginning? What are you pretending for now? If you really care about my feelings, you should have stopped me at the beginning instead of acting hypocritically in front of the reporters now. How disgusting.”

After she finished speaking, Liu Li’s face alternated between red and white. It was very ugly.

“Anran, do you have any conscience? I’m speaking up for you. It’s for your own good!”

“Who doesn’t know how to speak? It’s just that I haven’t done anything. If you like to listen to flowery words, I can say it too. But can I just say it to you to show that I respect you? How ridiculous!” Xu Anran exposed her with a sneer. Liu Li was rendered speechless by her words.

Xu Anran saw her expression and laughed mockingly. She turned around and was ready to leave. At this moment, Xu Anning suddenly came up and grabbed her arm. “Sister, what did you mean by what you said just now?”.

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