Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 67 - Hypocrisy

Chapter 67: Hypocrisy

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Hearing Xu Anning’s voice, a wave of disgust rose in Xu Anran’s heart. She coldly shook off Xu Anning’s hand. “Are you two done? Can you not come here to disgust people?”

When Xu Anning heard this, she did not show any signs of anger. Instead, she held Qin Xiaokun’s hand. With a slightly coquettish tone, she said, “Xiao Kun, Sister is so angry because of you. Please help to persuade Sister. She always thinks that it’s my fault, and that I stole you away.”

She looked pitiful, and her eyes were full of sincerity. After waiting for a while, Qin Xiaokun did not respond. He turned his head and saw that his gaze was on Xu Anran. He kept staring at her, as if he was mesmerized by her.

Xu Anning suddenly pinched his hand and forced a smile while suppressing her anger. “As expected of Sister. She’s so pretty. If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to wear this dress as well as Sister, right, Xiao Kun?”

Liu Li stood by the side, feeling very dissatisfied. Xu Anran and Xu Anning… At a glance, one could tell who had the better temperament and figure. Xu Anning was originally very good-looking, but in front of Xu Anran, she looked like a passerby, losing all of her color. Even Qin Xiaokun’s eyes only stared at Xu Anran, not moving away for a moment.

“Anning, you’re right. I’m indeed good-looking and naturally beautiful.” Xu Anran tilted her head. She looked at Xu Anning with a smile. “Unlike some people, not only are they ugly, but they also have dirty thoughts in their hearts. They only know how to use dirty tricks to deal with others. They work hard in places where they shouldn’t. They think they’re smart, but in reality, they’re useless.”

Xu Anning gritted her teeth and looked at Xu Anran.

Xu Anran continued, “Also, don’t pretend to be hypocritical in front of me. You know very well when you and Qin Xiaokun were together.”

“Enough!” Qin Xiaokun was already immersed in Xu Anran’s beauty. Who knew that her words would ignite his anger again.

Xu Anran was too aggressive. What kind of situation was this? There were still so many reporters and business bigwigs here. Some words could be said in private, but they had to be said in public. Wasn’t this letting Xu Anning’s reputation die? As expected, she still had a vicious heart. No matter how good-looking she was, it still couldn’t change the fact that she was the most vicious woman in the world.

“Xu Anran, your words are a bit too much!” Qin Xiaokun’s tone was filled with anger as he spoke coldly.

Xu Anran rolled her eyes at him and turned around, wanting to leave.

“You’ve been quarreling since the beginning!” Xu Zhenwei walked out and was very dissatisfied with Xu Anran. “When can you make me less worried? Look at Anning, and then look at you!” He was angry. He pointed at the private room. “Go to the private room to take care of your paralyzed grandmother. You’d better not come out and embarrass yourself!”

When Xu Anran heard this, a hint of doubt finally appeared on her cold face. Grandmother was paralyzed? When did this happen? How did she not know anything about this?

Xu Anran frowned and hurriedly walked to the private room. “Grandma!” After opening the door, she found a strange woman standing inside. She stared at the woman warily. “Who are you? Why are you in my grandmother’s room?”

“I’m the new nanny. I’m here to take care of your grandmother,” the woman said.

Xu Anran felt that something was not right. “Where’s the old nanny?”

The woman was a little afraid. She said in an unnatural tone, “I think she said that because your grandmother was paralyzed, she didn’t want to take care of her and ran away.”

It was really hard to say. The nanny who had taken care of her grandmother for so many years had turned around and left because her grandmother was paralyzed? How sad would it be to leave her alone?

Xu Anran walked in and walked in front of Grandma who was sitting in the wheelchair. She held her hand and said sadly, “Grandma, I came back to see you.’

“Is it Nono?” the old lady said excitedly.

Xu Anran frowned. “Who?”

“Nono, it’s really you!” Grandma immediately hugged her, as if she was wronged like a child.

Xu Anran suddenly remembered that the person Grandma called was her deceased aunt!.

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