Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 65 - Dug Up a Big Piece of News

Chapter 65: Dug Up a Big Piece of News

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Xu Anning let out an “Ah”, but it didn’t attract Qin Xiaokun’s attention.

She hurriedly got up and used a tissue to wipe the red wine off her body. There were a few red dots on her beautiful long dress, which looked very abrupt.

After wiping for a while, she realized that she couldn’t wipe it clean, so she could only do this for now. She threw the handkerchief into the plate at the side and turned to look at Qin Xiaokun.

Qin Xiaokun, however, was still looking at Xu Anran.

His gaze must have been on Xu Anran. The emotions in his eyes were indescribable. It was as if he was envious, but it didn’t seem like it.

She was very jealous.

Qin Xiaokun was someone she had put in a lot of effort to obtain. In the end, this woman had only appeared in front of him, but she had already attracted all his attention. He had even ignored his own fiancée.

Today was their engagement party!

Xu Anning gritted her teeth. She was very unwilling to accept this.

Her gaze was also fixed on Xu Anran. ‘Just you wait, I’ll definitely make a fool of you! Here, I’m the graceful and generous Miss Xu, while you’re just a drowned rat who was chased out by the Xu family!”

‘When Grandma was young, she could be considered a well-known figure in the business circle. Among the people present, other than the big shots in the business circle, there were also some reporters who had been invited to attend the birthday party.

The reporters were taking photos outside. Xu Anning’s gaze fell on a reporter. When the reporters saw an opportunity, they quickly walked over and asked, “Miss Xu, are you free now?”

“Lhappen to be free now.” Xu Anning nodded. “Let’s go over there. If you want to know anything, just ask.”

‘The reporters didn’t expect Xu Anning to be so easy to talk to. For a moment, they became bold. “I heard that Qin Xiaokun, Young Master Qin, used to be a couple with Miss Xu Anran. Please respond to the rumors of a mistress that have been circulating in the outside world.”

Usually, when the reporters asked this question, Xu Anning would have wanted to chase them out. But now, her question was exactly what Xu Anning wanted.

She smiled and made the most common expression when facing the camera. She was neither angry nor shamed. She said slowly, “The rumors of a mistress are not true. At that time, Sister was indeed with Xiao Kun, but as you can see, Sister changed her groom because of a small matter, making it

difficult for the Xu and Qin families. We have always been on good terms with the Qin family, and this situation is not something that both our families want to see. Therefore, for the sake of our relationship, I am with Xiao Kun.”

“So you didn’t interfere in the relationship between your sister and Young Master Qin?”

Xu Anning shook her head. “Of course not. My sister and I grew up together. I’ve never taken anything that she liked. How could I possibly snatch her man? I also don’t know who spread the rumors about being a mistress and what their intentions are.”

“Then may I ask if Young Master Qin is only together with your sister because of the relationship between your families? Is that why you are together with him on behalf of your sister?”

Hearing this, Xu Anning frowned slightly.

She pretended to think and looked at Xu Anran who was chatting with Jiang Rongyan in the distance. Then, she shook her head.

“Although it’s for the business relationship between our Xu family and the Qin family, you should also know that Qin Xiaokun and I grew up together. We can be considered childhood friends. Since my sister chose someone else, Qin Xiaokun and I are not completely without feelings. We can promote many

things by being together, so we can be together.”

Xu Anning saw Qin Xiaokun looking over and nodded at the reporters. “You see, it’s not like we don’t have a foundation in our relationship. You know, this is what happens when rich and powerful families get married.”

The reporters nodded and thought to themselves, ‘Looks like I’ve got big news today!”

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