Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 29 - Was Stolen

Chapter 29: Was Stolen

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The event was scheduled for 3 o’clock in the afternoon, so Xu Anran went to the company first and confirmed it with the project manager one last time. She sat quietly at her desk and glanced up. Everyone was buried in their work and almost didn’t hear anyone talking. There were only constant keyboard sounds. Then, she looked out of the window. The sky was not as bright as in the morning. It was extremely gloomy and dark clouds were everywhere.

For some reason, Xu Anran felt as if a huge stone had been placed in her heart. No matter how hard she tried, she could not put it down. She kept feeling as if she had overlooked something, but she could not remember anything.

On the way to the conference venue, thick dark clouds floated in the sky. Very soon, bean-sized raindrops fell. They kept knocking on the car window as if they were knocking on Xu Anran’s heart. When the project manager saw that Xu Anran’s expression was a little pale, he could not help but be a little worried. He asked softly, “Anran, are you alright?”

Today was especially important. Seeing that Xu Anran’s condition was not good, he suddenly felt a little worried. Xu Anran took a deep breath, smiled, and met his gaze. She shook her head. “I’m fine. I’m just a little nervous.”

Only then did the project manager let out a sigh of relief. He comforted her, “You’re a newbie. This is your first time participating in such an event. It’s normal to be nervous. You’ll get used to it in the future. Calm down.”

Xu Anran nodded when she heard that. She adjusted her breathing and her complexion gradually improved. They arrived at the venue in about an hour. Xu Anran and the manager walked in side by side and sat in the waiting area. Not long after they sat down, Xu Anran felt the gaze on her. She followed the gaze and met Xu Anning’s provocative expression.

She sneered and immediately looked away. Xu Anning did not have any talent in this area, to begin with. Moreover, she had only been in the market for less than half a year. She did not think that Xu Anning would pose any threat to her today.

Very soon, the event began. The order was randomly arranged according to the computer. Unfortunately, Xu Anning happened to fall behind her. The representatives of each company went on stage according to the order, introducing their own company’s design proposal and design philosophy. Xu Anning was the sixth. It took her about an hour to get her turn.

“This time, our Xu Corporation’s proposal has changed a lot as usual. We no longer blindly follow the traditional brand names. Instead, we choose to co-sign with Guochao to promote our traditional culture while making profits…” Xu Anning held the microphone in her hand. She looked at the powerpoint behind her and introduced the design concept of the proposal.

Xu Anran didn’t realize it at first, but when Xu Anning introduced it, she suddenly realized that something was wrong. The powerpoint that she put in was exactly the same as the one that she had done! Even the design concept was almost the same as what she had prepared.

Xu Anran’s eyes were full of surprise, mixed with thick anger. Her breathing was rapid, and her chest kept heaving up and down. She had been feeling uncomfortable all day. She had always felt that something bad was going to happen, but now she finally understood. All her hard work over the past few days had been stolen by Xu Anning!

The project manager, who was standing at the side, did not react in time. He turned his face to the side and asked in confusion, “Is your plan exactly the same?” He had personally witnessed Xu Anran’s project being deleted and modified. In the end, it had become this version.. Xu Anran gritted her teeth and nodded.

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