Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 28 - An Important Day

Chapter 28: An Important Day

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Xu Anran was too lazy to argue with her, but fortunately, the manager agreed to the proposal. Then, she was busy and devoted to her work. She was determined to win the project and win the bidding. Because the Qin and Xu families had both participated in the marketing project, Xu Anran secretly made up her mind to take it from the two families this time.

Ever since she joined this company, Xu Anran had been very busy. Sometimes, she didn’t even have time to eat. Jiang Rongyan would drag her out of her room helplessly every time. He would only let her go back after watching her eat a few mouthfuls of rice. In a good name: if she starved to death here, he would still have to bear legal responsibility.

She got up early and worked in the dark for more than half a month. She worked overtime and kept deleting and modifying. Xu Anran finally came up with a satisfactory plan. She stored the plan on the USB drive. She opened the door and was about to go downstairs to get some food to fill her stomach when she bumped into Jiang Rongyan.

“Are you hungry?” Jiang Rongyan asked when she saw her. These days, Xu Anran was often busy until late at night, so it was normal for her to go downstairs to eat in the middle of the night.

Xu Anran covered her mouth with her hand and yawned, then nodded.

“I just ordered takeout. Let’s eat together,” Jiang Rongyan said faintly. Then, he went downstairs by himself. Xu Anran followed behind him quietly. Then, as if she had thought of something, she trotted back to her room and went downstairs with her notebook.

In front of the dining table, the supper was already placed on the table. Xu Anran was not in a hurry to eat. She opened the proposal she had designed and placed it in front of Jiang Rongyan. She smiled and said, “I’ve designed a proposal!” Then, she introduced her design concept to Jiang Rongyan.

After a few minutes, Jiang Rongyan’s face revealed a look of surprise. He nodded and said, “Your idea is indeed not bad, but don’t be too proud.”

Xu Anran pursed her lips and muttered, “I believe I can win this project anyway.” The next day, she went to the company early in the morning and presented her design to Director Zhao. “My design philosophy is to put down the brand of century-old Chinese goods and promote our country’s culture. Consumers will definitely find it novel,” she explained in a low voice, her tone calm and confident.

Director Zhao had already seen Lin Ying’s proposal and felt that it was ordinary. Now that he looked at Xu Anran’s proposal, the contrast was extremely strong. He could not help but praise Xu Anran on the spot. “Your proposal is very creative. I really did not misjudge you. You will be in charge of the entire project this time. However, don’t be arrogant. Be more stable.”

Xu Anran was especially happy when she heard Director Zhao praise her. She didn’t waste half a month’s work. She walked out of the office but didn’t notice Lin Ying not far away. Her eyes were dim and filled with hostility.

The market proposal was submitted two days later. When Director Zhao saw the dark circles under Xu Anran’s eyes, he immediately decided to give her a half-day off. Xu Anran was not pretentious. After a day of rest, she could adjust her condition.

Two days passed very quickly. When the first ray of gentle light shone in, Xu Anran woke up. She washed up carefully and put on light makeup. She wore a black suit on top, a pair of suit pants on the bottom, and high heels. She looked particularly mature and experienced.

Today was a very important day. She could not be in a bad state!

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