Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 27 - Creative Proposal

Chapter 27: Creative Proposal

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As he thought about it… He said with some regret, “Xiao Xu, right? This prescription of yours is very good. This time, the large perfume factory’s marketing project is quite suitable for you. You can be in charge of this for the time being.” He did not have much of a chance of winning… His company had almost no presence in the corporate world. The previous year’s projects were just a formality for his company.

Xu Anran heard this and nodded with a smile. Director Zhao’s words not only informed her that she had passed the interview, but also entrusted her with an important task. Xu Anran had been doing a lot of research in the past two days and had a general understanding of the current situation of the perfume market. She had also heard of this project. Although this company was not well-known, she was very confident that she could win this project. However, she had just come to this company and planned to hide her talents first. Otherwise, as a newcomer, she would be coveted if she won this project as soon as she arrived.

“Xiao Li, take her down and arrange a desk for her.” Seeing Xu Anran’s talent, Director Zhao was especially warm to her.

The project manager quickly handed over the work to her, but he also had a worried look on his face. He did not have much confidence in this project. This time, many big perfume manufacturers were participating, so small companies like them were more transparent. Xu Anran worked for a few days continuously, constantly revising the plan. She felt that there was still something missing.

The sunlight was just right. Xu Anran was constantly typing on the keyboard, carefully looking at the documents on the computer screen. After a long time, she walked to the office with a stack of documents in her hands. She handed the documents in her hands to the project manager. After he flipped through a few pages, she said, “I want to redo this plan. I feel that it’s a little old-fashioned.”

Although the company was small, it was still considered a century-old brand. For so many years, it had been using the name of an old Chinese brand. There had been no innovation. “The name of a century-old brand is indeed good, but I feel that the consumers are also tired of the aesthetic. Our marketing plan is still not amazing enough. It gives people the feeling that it’s very ordinary. Now that many national trends are rising, I feel that we can completely co-sign with some national trends and integrate the cultural national trend into our perfume brand so as to promote it.”

Xu Anran seriously explained his idea. When the project manager heard it, he also felt that it was novel. The domestic perfume market had not done this yet. How could he not have thought of combining the national trend and perfume? If this plan was really done, he felt that his company could also become popular!

After the project manager told Director Zhao about Xu Anran’s idea. Director Zhao was also very curious about her design. He immediately decided to hand the project over to Xu Anran. However, the main person in charge of this project was not only Xu Anran, but also another employee. The female employee was called Lin Ying. She had been working in the company for several years and could be considered an old employee.

Xu Anran did not like her. She always looked like she had eyeballs on the top of her head. She had high standards and looked down on this and that. She could not stand being told what to do and having her plans completely messed up. Her work was originally orderly, but when she came, it was completely messed up. Xu Anran did not give in to her. She immediately went to the project manager and asked the two of them to design their own plans. They would compete fairly and choose the best candidate to participate in the bidding.

Lin Ying was originally very opinionated, but after arguing with Xu Anran for a long time, she felt that Xu Anran was arrogant.

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