Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 26 - Gave Jiang Rongyan a Kiss

Chapter 26: Gave Jiang Rongyan a Kiss

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Xu Anran jumped down from the bed excitedly. She was about to look for Jiang Rongyan in her slippers when she opened the door and saw that he was already there.

“Did you receive it?” Jiang Rongyan chuckled. However, when he saw Xu Anran’s mouth that was about to reach her ears, he had an answer in his heart.

“Yes, yes!” Xu Anran looked like she was looking at a hotpot. Her eyes were shining as she nodded.

After a while, Jiang Rongyan said, “The other two houses have been transferred to your name. You should be able to find them if you go and check them now.”

Xu Anran ran from the door to the bed. She crawled to the bed and touched her phone. She swiped the screen a few times and soon. The smile on her face appeared again. She did not expect that she would get such a great deal for nothing! It was just a transaction between the two of them, and Jiang Rongyan was still so generous! Xu Anran felt that her heart was warm. With money, she would have more confidence. She jumped up and down excitedly on the bed. Looking at Jiang Rongyan at the door, she wanted to jump off the bed to thank him properly.

However, there was a sudden look of worry in Jiang Rongyan’s eyes. He strode forward and caught her before she landed on the ground. At this moment, Jiang Rongyan only wanted to hold his forehead. This girl was still a little money-grubber… “What if you fall? Don’t look down on the bed. You jumped so high. It’s easy to hurt your legs,” he instructed like an old father. For a moment, he actually forgot that Xu Anran was still hanging on his body.

“Why are you so good to me? I really, really, really love you!” Xu Anran was blinded by the money and could not help but Kiss Jiang Rongyan’s face hard! A loud sound was heard.

Jiang Rongyan, who had been single for twenty to thirty years: “…”

He had never been so intimate with a woman before. Now that he was kissed by Xu Anran, his ears turned red. He frowned slightly, hugged Xu Anran, and placed her on the bed. When he saw that she had no reaction at all, he smiled helplessly.

Xu Anran was in a particularly good mood. She had originally planned to start her own company. Although she did not lack money, how could she complain about having too much money? She completely did not notice that the ‘partner’ beside her was looking at her differently.

The next day, Xu Anran changed into a capable professional outfit. Her hair was also combed into a high ponytail.

After registering for the company, she still had a lot of things to do. However, she had already found agents to help her with these things. She found the agents based on her memories from her previous life. They were all famous people in the industry, so she was very assured. However, she did not plan to stay at home and do nothing. She especially found a new and cutting-edge perfume brand. She planned to return to her old line of work and become a prescription pharmacist, so she could be considered to be familiar with the current market in the country. To her, there was no harm in doing it.

The interview went smoothly. She took out the prescription she had developed and the interviewer praised her endlessly. Then, he made an exception and brought her to meet the CEO of the company. The CEO of the company was surnamed Zhao. He looked very shrewd. When he received Xu Anran’s perfume prescription, his eyes flashed with surprise. “You developed this?” Director Zhao originally thought that it would be an older person, but he did not expect it to be a young person.

Xu Anran did not have any stage fright and nodded her head generously. “Yes.”

Director Zhao’s eyes were filled with admiration. “The younger generation is really awesome!”

Xu Anran was very confident in herself. Any of the prescriptions that she had developed could become the main payment for this new brand. However, after a while, Director Zhao’s eyes were filled with disappointment. This prescription was really good, but they were just a small company that had just opened.. He felt that Xu Anran would waste her talent in their company.

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