Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 30 - Framing

Chapter 30: Framing

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“Wait!” She immediately stood up from her seat. Her tone was extremely cold, and her face was extremely dark. She would never allow Xu Anning to steal the fruits of her labor!

In an instant, the entire venue fell silent. Everyone’s gaze followed the voice and fell on Xu Anran. Some were curious, and some were puzzled… When Xu Anning saw this, a flash of panic appeared in her eyes. However, it disappeared immediately. She had long solved all the evidence. With just Xu Anran’s mouth, who would believe it? When she thought of this, Xu Anning became even more proud. However, she pretended to be puzzled and asked, “What’s wrong?”

When Xu Anran saw that she was pretending to be confused, she could not help but sneer. Her gaze was like a knife as it fell on her. “You stole my design and you’re asking me what’s wrong?” She raised her voice. Her voice reverberated throughout the entire venue.

Soon, the venue was filled with all kinds of whispers.

Xu Anning did not panic at all. She looked down at her and retorted, “When did I steal your design? Don’t you even have a draft when you’re lying?”

“Then tell me, when did you design this design? Where are the drafts that you’ve modified?”

Xu Anning’s throat tightened. Her voice was cold and her face was pale. She clenched her fists tightly and suppressed the urge to curse.

Xu Anning did not know that she would do this. She just copied the final draft that Xu Anran had confirmed. She hesitated for a moment and immediately said, “After I came up with the plan, I naturally deleted all those drafts! Don’t you care about evidence when you slander people?”

The managers of the other companies could not help but speak up.

“That’s true. I also like to delete useless waste manuscripts…”

“Me too…”

“Alright, stop talking!” At this moment, a deep male voice suddenly sounded during the banquet. Xu Anran looked up. It was a middle-aged man. She recognized him. He was the current president of the Perfume Association.

She looked at the President and said, “President, the works and design proposal that Xu Anning displayed is exactly the same as mine.” Her meaning was self-evident.

The President frowned slightly and asked, “You have to pay attention to the evidence in everything. For today’s incident, you said that she stole your idea, so you have to show evidence.”

Xu Anran immediately replied, “I have saved all the proposals and drafts into the USB drive. Wouldn’t it be clear at a glance when I open the USB drive?” As she said that, she took out the USB drive from her bag. She handed it to the President of the Perfume Association. The President didn’t hesitate and immediately sent someone to plug it into the computer on the stage.

Xu Anran stared blankly at the projected image and said in disbelief, “How is this possible!?” She had clearly checked it once before coming here. Everything was fine and the documents on the USB drive were still there. How did it become an empty shell now!? She looked up at Xu Anning. It was as if she could see her smug smile, and her heart ached terribly.

She was extremely careful, but she didn’t expect to be tricked in the end… She still had a glimmer of hope as she said, “No, maybe an employee of the company accidentally deleted it for me!”

Xu Anning walked up to her, looking aggrieved. “Sister, don’t be like this! You know how much effort I’ve put into this project these past few days…. I really can’t give it to you!”

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