Married To The Cruel Crown Prince

Chapter 33 - Madly In Love With Me

An-Ying Lili gawked at Sheng Li and then averted her gaze from him. "So, when are we leaving?" Ying Lili asked.

"We have to change our clothes. We cannot go outside in these clothes," asserted Sheng Li. Ying Lili amusingly stared at the crown prince. "You sent away Hu Jingguo?" The crown princess asked to which Sheng Li nodded.

"Even the walls have ears, Lili. His death was portrayed so that no one raises a finger at me," replied Sheng Li and called out for court lady Xu. "Take this food back to the royal kitchen. And, call General Xiao. Tell him to bring the commoner dresses for the crown princess and me," Sheng Li ordered. Court Lady Xu bowed her head and strode out of the chamber.

"So, we are going into hiding? Why so? You can tell them that I want to meet my childhood friend," Ying Lili suggested in her soft voice. Sheng Li chuckled. He was demented by Ying Lili's questions. "Is this woman dumb or is she trying to be dumb?" Sheng Li wondered. "So, you want me to tell the entire kingdom that my dear crown princess has a lover who came to meet her by sneaking into the palace?" Sheng Li raised his brow a bit and waited for Ying Lili's response.

"I have told you many times that he is not my lover," Ying Lili with a stern expression told Sheng Li who was amusingly looking at the crown princess.

"Lili, how will you prove it to the people? The first brother caught him and told me to punish him but for you, I forgave him," Sheng Li pronounced. Ying Lili astonishingly looked at Sheng Li. "Thank you for sparing the life of my friend," Ying Lili stated with a tiny smile. Sheng Li did not expect this from her, but General Xiao came there before he could speak. Ying Lili wondered how General Xiao could reach there that soon.

Two maidservants came inside and took away the untouched food in the two trays. "Lady Xu, if anyone asks for the crown princess then tell them that she is with me," Sheng Li ordered.

"Yes, your highness," replied Lady Xu and walked out of the chamber. General Xiao was standing at the door with his eyes lowered. Sheng Li walked to him and whispered something which Ying Lili could not hear. Taking the dresses from Xiao, Sheng Li turned to Ying Lili while General Xiao left the chamber.

"Wear this," Sheng Li told Ying Lili, handing her a white Hanfu dress. Ying Lili looked at the white-colored robe and then looked at Sheng Li. "Why do we have to wear such clothes when people already know your face?" Ying Lili queried the crown prince.

"Are you dumb or you are pretending to be one?" Sheng Li questioned Ying Lili.

"Can you not answer simply? Why do you always start arguing with me instead of replying?" Ying Lili annoyingly asked.

"Dear crown princess, if I will go with you in these clothes then, I will get the attention along with you and I do not intend to tell people that because of you I had to turn kind by sparing the life of that man. Moreover, I do not want people to see you and get head over heels for you," proclaimed Sheng Li.

"I understood," Ying Lili replied. The two kept looking at each other when Ying Lili spoke, "Go out as I have to change."

Sheng Li chuckled and stated, "You can change here. It is not like you are going to excite me in any way." Ying Lili stepped forward when Sheng Li asked her where she was heading to. "To the dressing room. Unlike you, I am not shameless," Ying Lili snapped at the crown prince.

"Control your sharp tongue, Lili," Sheng Li warned her as she walked away from there. Sheng Li looked at the dress in his hand and walked out of the bed-chamber. Sometime later, Ying Lili came to the chamber and looked for Sheng Li. She went towards the dressing table and started brushing her hair. "Did he lie to me?" Ying Lili muttered as she looked at her reflection in the mirror.

The crown princess picked a hairpin from the dressing table and was putting it on her bun when the crown prince grabbed her hand. They both looked at each other when Ying Lili urged him to let go of her hand. "You cannot wear this golden hairpin," Sheng Li asserted as he took it away from her hand and placed that on the table. He then used the other hairpin he had with him and put it on the hair bun.

Ying Lili who was looking at Sheng Li through the mirror met his gaze and the two kept staring at each other for a while. "Now, a few things which you shall keep in mind while we will be out," Sheng Li proclaimed as he put his both hands behind his back. "First, this is the first and last time you are meeting him. Second, do not tell him about our relationship and third, you cannot touch him else I will cut his hands," Sheng Li pronounced as he peered at Ying Lili through the mirror.

"The first thing you told me is quite unfair to me. I think he would have already found out about our relationship when you were fighting with me and the third, you cannot order me what to do or what not to!" Ying Lili enunciated.

"This is the most fairground I have provided to you. Fights happen between couples for a happy married life. This is your headache how to make him believe that you are madly in love with me." Ying Lili glared at him as she heard that statement. "I know I cannot order you but you shall keep in my mind that your friend is alive because of my generosity," Ying Lili contended and got away from Sheng Li.

"I understood," Ying Lili replied.

"Let's go then," Sheng Li stated and walked ahead while Ying Lili followed him.

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