Married To The Cruel Crown Prince

Chapter 34 - Fault Of Their Princess

Empress Wei could be seen drinking the chrysanthemum tea along with his son, Jian Guozhi. "Mother, I do not love Xue Yu. Still, for your sake, I agreed to make her my consort. But, does the mother think it is going to benefit me in any way?" Jian Guozhi raised his doubt as he sipped the tea.

"You lost the seat of the crown prince. I had told you that time not to be indecisive and see what has happened? Sheng Li has acquired the throne. He is the fifth son of his majesty but the most favored one. That's why as soon as you are dethroned, his majesty without giving any second thought put him on the throne," Empress Wei stated as she tightened her grip around the porcelain cup.

"Mother, Sheng Li was a coward in his childhood days but now he has transformed. Furthermore, he got An-Ying Lili as his wife- the smart woman who should be with me," Jian Guozhi pronounced. "What is the use of your power when you cannot even stop this? Sheng Li always snatched away the things on which I have the right. I think father still longs for his beloved wife that is why he only concerns for Sheng Li," Jian Guozhi with utter hatred stated.

Empress could see the helplessness of his son and indeed, the imperial emperor was partial towards Jian Guozhi. "Son, the ministers, and the military both support Sheng Li at this moment. The crown princess does not like Sheng Li that's why I did not oppose his majesty. We can use the crown princess in our way," Empress Wai suggested to Jian Guozhi who furrowed his brows.

"What is the mother trying to say?" Jian Guozhi queried.

"The crown prince will soon go to the Southern Province to suppress the rebellions there. We will get enough time to make the crown princess on our side. Her father is already dead which is the reason for the rift between them and you know what you have to do next? Juyan people are the weakness of the crown princess and once we will use them as our pawns we will win this chess game. The crown princess will herself kill the crown prince. And, I know Sheng Li will soon fall for the crown princess. The only thing a man cannot resist is the beauty of a woman," Empress Wai pronounced and smirked.

Jian Guozhi smiled as well and poured more tea for his mother. "Mother, you are tactful. Once she will kill the crown prince then my path towards the throne and the crown princess will be cleared," Jian Guozhi proclaimed and smirked.


"Can you not walk fast?" Sheng Li asked Ying Lili with annoyance.

"How do you expect me to walk fast when there is so dark? What if I will fall?" Ying Lili snapped at Sheng Li. General Xiao slightly laughed seeing them fighting when Sheng Li glared at him. Xiao lowered his eyes right away and apologized. "Why is there no fire torch here?" Ying Lili complained.

The lantern that Sheng Li was holding, he handed it to Ying Lili and then carried her up in the arms. "How dare you touch me?" Ying Lili shouted at Sheng Li and struggled in Sheng Li's arms.

"If we will walk with your speed then, I am afraid we will reach there after two days," Sheng Li announced. "Now, try saying anything to me and we will go back," Sheng Li threatened Ying Lili.

"General Xiao, tell your crown prince that leave me this instant if he does not want to die," Ying Lili stated, glaring into the eyes of Sheng Li which were visible in the dim light of the lantern.

"Do not play with me, Lili. Make me angry and there your lover has to take the punishment," Sheng Li stated with a playful grin. Ying Lili calmed down when Sheng Li told her to lift the lantern as the path was not visible. Ying Lili lifted her hand slightly. Sometime later, the light from the other end was visible to them. "Leave me now. How long are you going to hold me?" Ying Lili questioned Sheng Li who released his grip around her. Ying Lili fell to the ground and screamed.

General Xiao rushed to the crown princess and looked at the crown prince. "Help her and I will cut your hands," Sheng Li asserted as he walked ahead. Ying Lili stood up and caressed her arm and then ran after Sheng Li. "How dare you throw me like that? Am I bag or something?" Ying Lili bellowed at Sheng Li and using her full force hit at his shoulder. Sheng Li wavered at his step and snickered. Ying Lili looked around and saw that they were in the forest. General Xiao, on the other hand, smiled seeing the two. Sheng Li was angry when Xiao went to him. "The crown prince must not hit a woman," General Xiao whispered near Sheng Li's ear.

"Is she a woman? She hit the crown prince of the kingdom," Sheng Li shouted which Ying Lili heard, and turned to look at him.

"Are you a man? Throwing the crown princess on the ground," Ying Lili too snapped at Sheng Li.

Sheng Li chuckled and was going to speak when General Xiao intervened between them. "We will be late if the crown prince and the crown princess kept fighting like this," Xiao opined and gave them a tiny smile, trying to appease both of them. They started walking in that forest and after a while reached near a hut. Sheng Li entered the porch. Stepping the two stairs, they entered inside the door.

Ying Lili came forward and saw Hu Jingguo who was lying on the bed, covered in bandages. Lei Wanxi was also there as he was treating Hu Jingguo. "Elder First brother brutally thrashed this young man," Lei Wanxi stated as he turned to look at the crown princess who looked at the crown prince.

"Is he awake or still unconscious?" Sheng Li asked Lei Wanxi.

"He is awake," Lei Wanxi replied and stood from his seat. "It will take at least a month to heal him," he further added.

Sheng Li walked near Hu Jingguo who lowered his eyes to greet him. "F-Forgive me for my w-wrong attitude, y-your highness," Hu Jingguo said with some pauses.

Sheng Li did not give any response to him and looked at Ying Lili who was staring at him. "I think the people of Juyan lacks manners. To tell the truth, it is not the people's fault but the fault of their kind, beautiful and smart princess," Sheng Li stated stressing his last few words, glaring at Ying Lili. "You can talk with him," the crown prince then permitted the crown princess.

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