Married To The Cruel Crown Prince

Chapter 32 - Survive With Me

"Why? Do you not love Miss Xue? Because of me, you two separated so, it is your chance to kill me when I insulted you so much," Ying Lili proclaimed. Sheng Li snickered and asked her why she was now desperately wanted to die.

"Because you keep killing my people from Juyan," Ying Lili stated.

"When did I kill anyone from Juyan? Before bloodshed could really happen, your father surrendered and the marriage alliance was put forward. I did not even touch them," Sheng Li replied and took out a tiny bottle of medicine from inside the pocket which the royal physician had handed him earlier. "Lay straight. This medicine needs to be applied over the wound," proclaimed Sheng Li as he showed the medicine bottle to Ying Lili.

"I will apply myself. You almost killed me earlier," Ying Lili snatched the medicine bottle from Sheng Li's hand.

"You infuriated me that time," Sheng Li in a low voice replied. Ying Lili sat up on the bed and turned her back towards Sheng Li, The crown princess opened the bandage around her neck gently and put it down on the mattress. She opened the medicine bottle and placed the powder on her right palm. She was trembling as she applied the medicine over the wound. "Ahh," she passed a low scream.

Sheng Li grabbed Ying Lili's arm and turned her towards him. "Are you a kid? Just put it over there," Sheng Li scolded her and instantly applied the powder over the wound. "Ahh," Ying Lili screamed and clutched Sheng Li's hand tightly. "It is stinging," Ying Lili complained and tightly shut her eyes.

"What kind of warrior are you? It is just a minor cut and you are weeping like a child. Did you really defeat the general of the neighborhood army? Today's sword fight told me a thing about you," Sheng Li asserted. Ying Lili opened her eyes and peered into Sheng Li's. "What thing?" she asked with an inquisitiveness.

Sheng Li leaned closer to Ying Lili and tilted her neck slightly to get access to her neck. He picked some powder from Ying Lili's palm and gently applied it over there. He then blew air and lifted his eyes to meet Ying Lili's gaze to answer. "I found that we shall do this daily," Sheng Li replied.

"So that you can create a drama with me daily?" Ying Lili questioned him with a frown.

Sheng Li gave a smile to her. "Lili, from tomorrow it will be different. Whoever will be defeated, will have to fulfill one wish of the other. Let's say if you get defeated then you will fulfill a wish of mine and vice-versa," asserted Sheng Li, boring his gaze onto Ying Lili.

"I do not want to do anymore. I do not believe you anymore," Ying Lili pronounced and turned her gaze away. Sheng Li menaced and grabbed Ying Lili's chin gently. Making her look at him, Sheng Li stated, "You have no right to choose."

"Make me meet my friend first and I want to meet Su Binxi as well," Ying Lili put forward the two conditions in front of Sheng Li.

"I will let you meet Hu Jingguo but for Su Binxi you cannot meet. She is a spy of the first prince and now, I will not give more details to you," Sheng Li with a stern expression said.

"She is not even 18," Ying Lili muttered and lowered her gaze.

"How do you know? Lili, I have told you already that this is the palace where everyone wants the downfall of the other. You should be thankful to me that I have put you away from such politics but till when? Do not trust anyone here except me," Sheng Li manifested as he pulled back his hand from Ying Lili's chin.

"I do not trust you," Ying Lili stated simply.

Sheng Li smiled and amusingly looked at Ying Lili. From outside the bed-chamber, Court Lady Xu loudly said, "Your highness, the meal is here."

"Send it inside," Sheng Li in a loud enough voice commanded.

Court Lady Xu opened the doors when two maidservants came there with trays in their hands. Court Lady Xu instructed them to place the trays over the table there who did so and after bowing their heads left from there.

"Come, let's have the afternoon meal. I am hungry after talking with you," Sheng Li asserted and stood up from the bed. He forwarded his hand towards Ying Lili who did not hold that. Sheng Li then grabbed her arm and pulled her up. "When I offer help then you shall take it without ignoring it," Sheng Li stated as he released his hand from Ying Lili's arm.

They both sat on their respective seats around the table. Ying Lili opened the lids from over the bowls. "What is this?" Ying Lili asked as she looked inside the bowl.

Court Lady Xu took a china dish and chopstick to check the food. After Lady Xu was done eating, she told the crown prince and crown princess to start eating and walked out from there.

Ying Lili picked the spoon and drank the soup. She started coughing which confused Sheng Li and he quickly poured the water into the silver glass for Ying Lili. The crown prince handed the glass to Ying Lili and told her to drink. Ying Lili quickly drank the water and then glared at Sheng Li.

"Are you taking revenge on me?" Ying Lili angrily asked. Tears had formed in her eyes.

"I thought you liked spicy food," Sheng Li stated with a frown. "Why are you angry at me?" Sheng Li queried her.

"I do not eat spicy food. You pulled a prank on me for that day. That's why I am angry," Ying Lili stated and stood up from her seat. "I want to request to you something," Ying Lili proclaimed.

"Yes, speak," Sheng Li permitted the crown princess.

"Let me meet Hu Jingguo today. To tell you the truth, I am anxious about him as he is gravely injured. You punished him without giving any second thought," asserted Ying Lili. Sheng Li put the spoon on the table and stood up. Sheng Li stepped closer to Ying Lili. "Lili, but you did not give me an answer to the questions I asked you earlier. If you will answer me and then abide by them then, I will consider taking you there," Sheng Li cleared himself.

Ying Lili nodded. "I will do daily sword fighting with you and whoever will lose has to fulfill the wish of the winner," Ying Lili proclaimed, gazing into the eyes of Sheng Li. "One more thing I would like to say," Ying Lili further added.

"Say," Sheng Li permitted the crown princess.

"You cannot ask for my heart towards you," Ying Lili stated.

The crown prince started laughing which befuddled the crown princess. Controlling his laughs, Sheng Li went further closer to Ying Lili. "Lili, you forgot our wedding night?" Sheng Li asked Ying Lili.

"What do you mean?" Ying Lili queried.

"That you will not warm my bed ever," Sheng Li stated, stressing his words. "We have a very strange relationship, Lili. But, beware!" Sheng Li sounded somewhat threatening. "Do not fall for me because if you fall for me then, it will be tough for you to survive with me," Sheng Li asserted and smiled.

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