Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 794 - Are You Awake?

Chapter 794 Are You Awake?

The Sword of Wisdom was blocked by the green holy sword of life.

The collision of divine power caused such terrifying turbulence that countless worms were hacked into pieces. The Life Goddess stared at the Goddess of Magic coldly. “Mystra, wake up. Your shadow fell in love with that man. It wasn’t you.”

“It was me.” Mystra kicked the Life Goddess in her abdomen.

The Life Goddess retreated quickly and roared, “Don’t be too outrageous. You’re no match for me. I won’t show you any mercy if you don’t stop.” When the Life Goddess said that, she looked shocked and quickly moved hundreds of meters back. A black spatial gap several kilometers long appeared where she had been standing.

If she had been hit, she would’ve been heavily wounded even with the protection of divine power.

“Sophie, why have you lost your mind too?”

The Life Goddess looked extremely awful. She was a sure winner in a duel with the Goddess of Magic, but if the Nether God joined the battle, she would certainly lose.

If her Divine Spark hadn’t been broken and she were in her prime state, the Life Goddess would’ve been confident in fighting Mystra and the Nether God at the same time.

However, at this moment, she looked at the two friends who were glaring at her side by side and said angrily, “You’re main goddesses anyway. Do you really think it’s appropriate to fight your fellows for a man?” “Do you think it’s appropriate to be mean to your friends’ man?” Mystra’s beautiful eyes shed tears. “So… you can go to hell. Don’t worry, I’ll teach the new Life Goddess well.”

The Life Goddess looked at the Nether God. “Sophie, is that what you think too?”

The Nether God didn’t cry, but the indifference in her eyes was obvious too.

“Crazy. You’re all crazy.” The Life Goddess couldn’t be madder. “All the Neutral and Evil Gods will laugh at us for what you did.”

“It’s none of my business.” The tears in Mystra’s eyes were gone, and the hate in them was replaced by the determination to kill. “Roland came a long way for us, but he’s already gone. How can we not do something for him in return?”

The rules of Death were attached to Sophie’s black scythe.

That kind of divine power could significantly offset the power of Life.

Life and death were the two sides of the same coin anyway.

“Never mind. There’s nothing to talk about with two lunatics who are stupid enough to fight for a man.” The Life Goddess assumed a battle posture too. “As a senior, I have the responsibility of teaching you. If you’re ignorant, I’ll simply beat sense into your heads.”

Both parties seemed more and more aggressive. When the battle was about to begin, a portal appeared, and the Goddess of Light who glimmered with golden light appeared between them. “Stop!”

“Don’t stand in our way, or we’ll beat you too,” said Mystra coldly. “Roland is Schuck’s best friend. He died here, yet you turned a blind eye to it. What will Schuck think if he learns this?”

“Roland isn’t dead,” replied the Goddess of Light coldly. “Instead of fighting the Goddess of Life here, you might as well search for him first.”

“What?” exclaimed both Mystra and the Nether God.

“I sensed him too when he first arrived. I observed remotely with my divine senses,” explained the Goddess of Light. “I intended to help them, but you know that it’s night in the main plane and it took a long time for me to activate my power. He made a mirror before he blew himself up and then escaped with Dimensional Walking after the explosion, which was so powerful that all his traces were wiped out… Hey, where are you going?”

Before she could finish, both Mystra and Sophie had disappeared.

Staring at the blue light that resulted from their teleportation, the Life Goddess said regretfully, “What’s good about men? Are they really worth being so crazy about?”.

The Goddess of Light turned around and said to her, “Elyse, you’re mistaken. Men are good, and the man you love is the best.”

“You’ve been poisoned by men too? It was your clone who was in a relationship with men, not you.” “We shared all our thoughts and senses. We shared all our feelings. Our clones were us, and we were our clones. There’s no difference,” said the Goddess of Light casually. “So, I feel sorry for you. The piece of your Divine Spark developed an independent personality and cut off her connection to you, so you have no idea what we’re feeling right now.”

“Hmph, boring,” snorted the Life Goddess. “I stand by what I said. I have to take back the world piece and the piece of my Divine Spark. That’s nonnegotiable.”

The Goddess of Light stared at her for a while and said, “You seem to be corrupted, Elyse. You’d better examine your soul world.”

“How is that possible? Who do you think I am?” The Goddess of Life snorted and teleported away.

The Goddess of Light heaved a sigh and teleported away too.

It was late at night in the main plane.

There was a small manor in the remote forest to the north of the royal palace.

Lady Bluebird heaved a soft sigh at the moon in the sky.

Widely acknowledged as the most beautiful woman of the capital, she was feeling down.

In fact, she didn’t think she was the most beautiful woman. At least, the Holy Lady of Light seemed prettier than her.

But nobody dared to say that the Holy Lady was the most beautiful woman… The Church of Light wouldn’t allow them to comment on one of its symbols.

The same applied to Queen Stephanie.

Queen Stephanie was also slightly prettier than her, but nobody dared to comment on her either.

Remarking on the looks of someone in power signified contempt. So, Lady Bluebird, who came from a powerful family and had a special vibe, became the most beautiful woman of Fareins.

That was quite hilarious, and unfortunate.

She became a “luxury good” that men competed over to prove their abilities and power.

However, there was a silver lining to the misfortunes.

Queen Stephanie offered her protection.

That was quite weird… The queen never looked for another man after her husband died, so many people were suspicious that the queen had developed an interest in women.

They thought that Lady Bluebird was her “mistress” that she kept outside of the royal palace.

Of course, that was just a misunderstanding of the outsiders.

The queen protected her because they were friends in their dreams.

In those dreams, she seemed to have fallen in love with a man too.

However, she couldn’t quite remember who the man was anymore.

It was just a vague feeling.

She became even more frustrated when she thought of that.

Her frustration had haunted her for almost four years.

Time didn’t heal her. Instead, she felt sadder and sadder.

She had completely forgotten who the man she loved in her dreams was, and what he looked like.

Lady Bluebird heaved another sigh.

At this moment, Dorothy, her maid, walked in and said slowly, “My lady, your husband is waiting for you outside and wants you to go home.”

Lady Bluebird sneered. “What else did he say?”

“He said that he was wrong and he shouldn’t have abused you or forced you to serve another man.”

Lady Bluebird shook her head again. “He wants me to come back, yet he’s here in the middle of the night? Is he too proud to be seen apologizing to a woman? He’s just the same as he was five years ago. Drive him away.”

The maid hesitated for a moment. “My lady, why don’t you talk to him? I think my lord knows that he was wrong.”

Lady Bluebird stared at the maid for a while and said, “Leave. Claim two months’ salaries from the butler tomorrow and then go.”

Shocked, the maid fell to her knees. “My lady, I was wrong. Don’t kick me away. Please don’t kick me away.”

Lady Bluebird frowned and said, “If you linger, you’ll lose those two months’ salaries.” Seeing the determination in Lady Bluebird’s eyes, the maid wiped her tears and walked away.

Looking at the back of the soft and pitiful maid, Lady Bluebird felt rather sorry, but then she hardened herself when she remembered the disgusting things her husband did.

There was no way that she was going to let her husband spread influence in this manor, or there wouldn’t be a single place where she could live.

The night was very beautiful. After feeling sorry for herself for a while, Lady Bluebird was going to bed, when she saw a green ball of light coming from the sky.

It crashed into the courtyard of her manor, causing such a huge blast that all the guards were drawn to it.

Lady Bluebird was quite shocked and subconsciously took shelter in the room.

A moment later, the old butler came. He knocked at the door and said, “My lady, it’s a man and Mage who just fell to the courtyard. We don’t know what to do. Please make a decision.”

Mages were as powerful as nobles. The Association of Mages in the capital of Fareins was very influential.

“Send him to the Association of Mages… Wait, as a Mage, he’s under your control?” asked Lady Bluebird curiously.

“No, he passed out, and he seems rather miserable.”

Okay… Lady Bluebird thought for a moment and said, “I’m going to check the situation with you and see if I know him. If I do, we’ll ask Degar to treat him. Maybe we’ll be able to win the gratitude and friendship of a Mage.”

Then, Lady Bluebird put on a thicker pajama to cover her tempting body. After that, she came to the courtyard with the butler.

A dozen guards formed a circle and looked at the Mage at the bottom of the pit nervously.

It was because the Mage was still emitting faint green light, and he was clearly protected by magic power that didn’t disappear even though he had passed out.

The pit was big and deep, indicating the power of the impact. Yet, the Mage wasn’t killed in the crash, which indicated his strength.

Lady Bluebird came to the courtyard in the company of the butler, who carried a lantern.

The guards made way for them.

“It seems that the courtyard requires a major renovation.” Lady Bluebird walked to the edge of the pit and looked at the male Mage at the bottom with the illumination of the lantern. “Black hair and black eyes? He looks quite exotic. I don’t think he’s a local… Wait, his face is familiar.”

A palpitation at the deepest part of her soul burst out in Lady Bluebird’s head.

The things that she thought she had forgotten, everything that happened in the dreams, flashed before her eyes like a kaleidoscope. Her heart pounded faster and faster.

Scorching blood surged in her body. Her face became red. The ecstasy from the depths of her soul made her cry.

“Roland…” Lady Bluebird covered her mouth and squatted in disbelief, gazing at the man at the bottom of the pit. “I remember everything. You’re Roland.”

Although Roland looked different than in the dreams, Lady Bluebird knew that the man was the person that she dreamed about day and night.


The guards and the butler all looked at the Lady Bluebird who lost control of herself. “My lady, what’s wrong?” asked the butler concernedly.

That woke Lady Bluebird up from her ecstatic dizziness.

She wiped her tears and said quickly, “Carry him to my bed.”

Everybody was shocked again.

They couldn’t believe that Lady Bluebird had given them such an order.

For years, Lady Bluebird had been abstinent and was never involved with any men.

Yet, she was so excited to see this young Mage that she shed tears, and she even offered her own bed to him.

Something wasn’t quite right.

“Hurry up!” shouted Lady Bluebird.

A few guards quickly jumped to attention and carried the Mage upstairs to the big bed in Lady Bluebird’s bedroom. Then, all the guards vacated the room.

The butler guarded the room personally.

During the process, Lady Bluebird kept saying “Easy, easy. Don’t hurt him. Be careful. He seems rather miserable.”

She also said other things to express her concern.

After everybody left the room, Lady Bluebird looked at Roland on the bed both happily and regretfully.

It was because Roland’s face was twisted and he seemed to be in great pain.

She held Roland’s right hand tightly, hoping that it could make him feel better.

Very soon, someone knocked at the door, and the butler’s voice came from the outside. “My lady, Degar is here.”

“Come in.”

An old female Priest of the Church of Light walked in, apparently sleepy.

“Degar, take a look at him and see what’s going on. He seems rather uncomfortable.”

The female Priest nodded and examined him. After casting a healing spell, she said, “My lady, this Mage is very strong. He isn’t physically injured, but something might have happened to his soul, which is the reason for his unconsciousness.”

“Can you treat him?” asked Lady Bluebird.

Degar shook her head. “I’m not familiar with souls, but I was told that the soul is capable of healing itself as long as the body isn’t damaged. The Mages, in particular, have high mental power and their self-healing is much faster. I estimate that he’ll wake up tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Lady Bluebird was greatly relieved. “Thank you for your trouble.”

“You’re welcome. I’m just doing my job.”

The female Priest left.

Lady Bluebird shouted, “Jeff, go to the royal palace and inform… Never mind, go take a rest.”

The old butler outside of the room said, “Okay, my lady. Just ring the bell if you need anything.”

The butler then left too.

Lady Bluebird looked at Roland and stuck her ear to his chest, listening to his powerful heartbeat with a blushing face.

“You are real.”

“You are warm.”

“I remember everything.” As she mumbled gently, the night gradually passed.

When it was dawn, Roland woke up in pain.

The excruciating pain of his soul almost drove him crazy.

He opened his eyes and intended to examine his environment, only to find that his chest was quite heavy. He was quite surprised at the person he saw.

“Lady Bluebird?”

Hearing the man’s voice, Lady Bluebird instantly woke up.

She opened her beautiful eyes and looked at Roland delightedly. “You’ve woken up?”

Roland raised his head and massaged his temples hard, trying to make himself feel better.

His head was in agony… In fact, the brain had no nerves and couldn’t sense any pain. The pain was just a reflection of the suffering of his soul.

Seeing Roland’s twisted face, Lady Bluebird asked anxiously, “Do you feel uncomfortable? What can I do to help you?” Holding her right wrist, Roland gritted his teeth to hold back the pain and said, “Can I hide in your soul world for a while? I can’t take it anymore!”

Lady Bluebird nodded quickly. “I will do anything to make you comfortable.”

Hardly had she nodded when her eyes lost focus and she slowly fell asleep on Roland’s body.

Roland fell asleep too.

In Lady Bluebird’s soul world, Roland caught his breath.

“This is much more comfortable.” Roland covered his face, feeling lucky. He had almost reached his limit just now.

Next to him, Lady Bluebird was gazing at him affectionately.

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