Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 793 - The Real Life Goddess

Chapter 793 The Real Life Goddess

Andonara’s face was still red after she left the secret chamber.

All the journals on the shelf were about sex.

Although Andonara was quite open-minded in bed, she could be quite shy outside of it.

In particular, she hadn’t been through the same things in reality as in her dreams, which always felt like illusions.

They sat back at the table, and Andonara said helplessly, “Why did you keep a record of those things instead of what really mattered?”

“Those things are what I use to take care of my needs,” said Stephanie matter-of-factly. “I’m a normal woman. How could I have endured five years without mental food?”

Andonara shrugged, not entirely convinced. Different professionals had different resolutions, but they were generally more determined than ordinary people. Stephanie was an Elite; it shouldn’t be a problem for her to hold back her urges.

Seeing that she wasn’t convinced, Stephanie said, “I’m different from you. You had sex for love. It was just a trick to please Roland and tie him to you. But I love having sex. For me, it’s one of the greatest pleasures of life.”

Andonara was instantly lost for words.

Indeed. Different people tended to have different opinions and definitions on happiness.

“Fine, you are the knowledgeable queen. I can’t defeat you in a debate.” Andonara heaved a sigh and said, “I’m here mainly for your intelligence, including the locations of the Evil Gods who are most likely to be on the main plane.” “You’re going to slay a god?” Stephanie clicked her tongue. “That shouldn’t be a problem. The colors of your eyes and hair have changed. You must’ve received your heritage as you did in your dreams. But how does killing a god help you find Roland?”

“I can sacrifice his Divine Spark and establish a space channel,” said Andonara with a smile. “Then, I can locate him and track him down.”

“As a Warrior, you’re planning a cross-dimension teleportation?” Stephanie was astounded. “You’re truly confident.”

“Not me; I’m just responsible for the materials. Mystra will take care of the rest,” said Andonara with a smile. “Her divine power isn’t very high even though she’s good at spatial magic. It will take a long time for her to regather her divine power to establish the channel if she’s to use it against the Evil God. So, I’ll finish off the god instead of her.”

“Wait!” Stephanie seemed shocked. “The Goddess of Magic is… related to Roland too?”

“She’s also quite manipulative.” Andonara snorted. “But thanks to her, I’ll have a chance to meet the real Roland.”

“We’ll be competing with a goddess. Can we really win?” Stephanie was slightly worried.

Andonara said with a smile, “Although Roland has many lovers, he’s not one to abandon us.”

“That’s true.” Stephanie nodded. “You can stay here for a day or two. I’ll sort out the latest information and give it to you. As far as I know, there’s a strange altar in Urganda. You can take a look there.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re too kind. We’re too close to each other for such formalities.” Stephanie seemed quite happy. “By helping you, I’m helping myself too.”

Two days later, after Andonara picked up the files, she left the capital of Fareins for Urganda.

On the other hand, Roland’s floating city traveled in the dark channel of space and time. Around the channel were indescribable shadows that were spinning and swirling.

One would feel that their sanity was dropping just by looking at them. Even if one were to close one’s eyes, those things would still appear in one’s mind. Roland didn’t understand what they were. He could only unfold a soul defense layer with his mental power to protect himself.

There was no telling how much time passed. Maybe it was one second, or maybe a dozen years. He simply locked his soul inside the defensive layer in case he was infiltrated by the weird stuff.

So, he didn’t realize the passage of time at all.

Finally, the floating city shivered, and there was light at the end of the tunnel.

The weird images around the channel were gone, and Roland’s soul woke up in the defensive layer.

Seeing that the floating city was approaching the light, Roland was relieved.

Somewhere inside the Astral Plane, a terrifying space quake knocked away the worms nearby and cleared an area that was as big as a small paradise.

Looking at the Astral Plane that was both strange and familiar, Roland took a deep breath.

While he was feeling happy, a stream of green energy hit the barrier of the floating city when he was least prepared.

The stream of energy was so enormous that the entire floating city was almost enshrouded.

The tremendous divine power of life was wearing out the magic power of the floating city.

With a thought, Roland quickly mobilized the magic power of the floating city and built three umbrella-shaped layers that blocked the invasion.

Even so, the floating city was still quickly pushed back.

“Such divine power… Doesn’t it belong to the Life Goddess?”

Roland identified the nature of the power.

After all, he had been intimate with Elyse and was quite familiar with her sacred body.

The green pillar of light shined for almost one minute, and then vanished.

At this moment, an enormous space portal opened, and Elyse the Life Goddess, who was at least twenty meters tall, walked out.

She had the familiar face and body, except that she was much bigger.

“Elyse, how did you…”

Then, Roland realized that she was not the Elyse he knew, but the Elyse from this world who had no feelings for him.

“You are a thief and a bandit. How dare you come to us? Do you really think I can’t detect the disgusting energy of chaos in you?”

The real Elyse held a shield in her left hand and a green sword in her right hand. The sword was at least eight meters long and stretched out to several kilometers when she waved it.

The sword was attached to the enormous power of law that the floating city failed to stop. The holy sword cut the floating city precisely.

However, the floating city was too big. Its stone layer alone was more than ten kilometers thick.

The holy sword that was several kilometers long was stuck in the shell of the floating city.

Roland breathed a sigh of relief. If he hadn’t flashed away, he would’ve been cut into pieces.

As expected of the strongest Lawful Goddess… The Elyse in the game world was truly not as strong as she was in reality. Was it the difference between a counterfeit and the original?

However, Roland had purposefully thickened the floating city. The stone layer that was more than ten kilometers thick was meant to protect the Magic Grid Core.

As long as the core of the floating city remained safe, it wouldn’t matter how damaged the floating city was.

“We don’t have to fight, Elyse.” Roland extended his hand and made a stopping gesture. “I’m just here to pick up several people.” However, the Life Goddess turned a deaf ear to him and looked at him angrily. “Thief and bandit… You’re not qualified to talk.”

Along with her declaration that was full of her hate, a lot of divine power of light transferred into the gigantic holy sword.

The holy sword got greener and brighter.

The divine power of life was separated from the holy sword and quickly corroded the floating city.

Green cracks spread on the floating city. Their number and length grew quickly. They were also leaking to the depths of the floating city.

Seeing that, Roland tried to summon the floating city’s magic power to resist. However, the divine power was of a higher level than the magic power. It was impossible for the magic power to resist the divine power unless it was much bigger in amount.

His resistance was only meant to slow down the corrosion of the green divine power.

Very soon, green cracks were all over the floating city.

Roland could tell that he was losing control of the floating city.

Was her original self so strong in reality?

Ever since he built a floating city, Roland had never felt overwhelmed until now.

“Thief, give up and surrender your soul.” The Life Goddess stared at Roland. “Then tell me the coordinates of your world. I’ll fetch my stuff, and the clone who dared to break free from me.”

Roland took a deep breath and simply put a green crystal in front of himself.

Then, he gazed at the Life Goddess. “Don’t touch my Elyse, or neither of us will end well.”

“Your Elyse?” The Life Goddess’s beautiful face seemed twisted after she heard that. “I’ve decided that you must die. I’ll confine you to my paradise. Then, I’ll capture the counterfeit too and execute her right in front of you. You are a filthy couple.”

Roland looked at her familiar face, which had expressed both pain and happiness right underneath his body not long earlier.

Yet, the same face was full of hate toward him at this moment.

It was rather strange how things turned out.

While the Life Goddess talked, she increased the output of her energy.

At this moment, a green circle enshrouded the entire floating city.

Roland could tell that the green circle could forbid spatial magic.

If he didn’t run immediately, there wouldn’t be time.

Roland didn’t want to use the energy crystal just yet.

He laid his right hand on the green energy crystal, which quickly shrank. Roland’s body began to glow more and more brilliantly. Both of them were releasing green energy, but the Life Goddess’s greenness was that of fresh grasses, whereas Roland’s was more transparent and looked like the color of ores.

“Chaos divine power!” the Elyse roared and increased the energy output on her sword, and her giant body quickly reduced in size. “It was a man who had such power who stole my Divine Spark and world piece. Give us back the things that belong to our world!”

The Life Goddess didn’t seem quite rational.

Roland stopped talking and focusing on resisting the Life Goddess’s energy corruption with his new magic power. She seemed to be trying to take away his floating city for herself.

There was no way that he would give away the floating city, which was the very foundation of his survival.

He couldn’t survive in the Astral Plane without the floating city.

However, the power of the Life Goddess was so enormous that he could only struggle to resist the corruption even with the energy from the crystal. It was hard for him to squeeze out the energy.

As more and more energy was discharged, the Life Goddess’s body shrank to regular size.

She sneered at Roland, and her eyes were suddenly filled with green light.

Roland had been staring at her. After all, observing the enemy was a critical part in every battle.

However, Roland didn’t see it coming that the enemy would use a mental spell.

After a green flash, Roland’s consciousness sank to the soul world.

Then, the sky of his soul world was pierced by a gigantic green sword, and the Life Goddess dived down.


Roland really didn’t know that the Life Goddess was capable of such powerful soul attacks.

At least, the Life Goddess in the game didn’t know much about soul attacks.

Or rather, she was definitely not capable of pulling Roland, who was connected to the floating city, into the soul world.

Looking at the Life Goddess who was jumping at him indifferently, Roland was quite helpless.

The gap between the purities of their souls was too huge.

Roland was only thirty years old, whereas the Life Goddess was almost seven hundred years old.

Even if she hadn’t learned much about soul magic, her soul had become terrifyingly pure and hardy after hundreds of years.

Besides, the real Life Goddess was even capable of soul attacks.

In the real world, Roland was able to resist the real Life Goddess with the floating city head-on, but in the soul world, Roland couldn’t even resist one of her fingers.

So, he could not let her touch his soul core, or everything would be over.

The situation was already extremely dangerous, but his calmness as a Mage helped a lot.

Without hesitation, Roland blew up his soul world into countless pieces, which were then thrown at the enemy as sharp blades.

He launched a dying strike with his world as blades.

“You’re crazy!”

Watching Roland’s soul disappear from the pieces that were cutting at her, even the Life Goddess had to step back. She instantly retreated from Roland’s soul world.

Then, she saw that Roland’s body collapsed softly.

As Roland lost consciousness, the entire floating city began to collapse.

The magic elements that had been fighting the divine power of life went on a rampage and consumed a lot of divine power, before they were all redirected to the Magic Grid Core.

The Magic Grid Core, which had been reaching its upper limit, finally approached destruction. It began to collapse inward and absorbed everything nearby crazily, including magic elements, divine power, and substances.

Its force of attraction was so unbelievable that even space was twisted.

A lot of worms were drawn over even though they were struggling. The Life Goddess couldn’t jump away with spatial magic. She could only unfold a protective barrier while she stepped back to resist the powerful attraction force.

In no more than three seconds, the Magic Grid Core which was at least thirteen meters in diameter was compressed to the size of a millet.

The floating city was already gone, and a lot of worms were pressed into dust.

The millet wasn’t releasing any light, but the Life Goddess somehow felt that it was brighter than anything.

Also, it was highly unstable and extremely dangerous.

The Life Goddess retreated even faster.

However, she didn’t manage to run too far when the millet exploded. A flash shone throughout the Astral Plane and illuminated the main plane where it was already night.

A dazzling ball of light appeared and expanded to the size of a massive paradise.

The whole world saw the ball of light that looked like a sun.

Several seconds later, the ball of light collapsed into countless spots and spread out infinitely as a round glittering cloud.

The cloud was made of countless bright spots of light.

Those spots of light carried no damage. They were pure energy.

“You don’t know what you’re doing.” The Life Goddess escaped from the destruction range of the explosion. “This is just a petty trick.”

Her magnificent senses scanned the area. She had the feeling that Roland was still alive.

However, exactly at this moment, a blue portal showed up.

A goddess with long pink hair jumped out and charged at the Life Goddess crazily with the Sword of Wisdom in her hand and tears in her eyes.

“Elyse, you bi* ch! I’m going to kill you!”

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