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Chapter 792 - Does Any Decent Person Write Journals?

Chapter 792 Does Any Decent Person Write Journals?

Teleportation arrays were appearing in this world too, but not quite as fast as in the dreams.

Andonara wasn’t sure of the reason.

There was only one teleportation array in Hollevin to the other countries, and it was in the capital, so Andonara traveled to the capital.

It took her three days to finally reach the gate of the capital.

It was still Antis who guarded the city gate. He was watching over the other guards at the gate.

However, Andonara’s astonishing appearance and her Legendary vibe were enough to distinguish herself from the long queues.

After Andonara entered the city, Antis stopped. “Anna, are you back in the capital because you want to return to the royal palace?”

Andonara smiled mockingly. “Do you think it’s possible?”

“No need to regard me as an enemy,” said Antis helplessly. “We’re friends who grew up together.”

Andonara said, “We’ll still be friends as long as you don’t persuade me to return to the royal palace.”

“I won’t do that again.” Antis smiled. “Shall we have a drink?”

Andonara nodded.

At the Silver Moon Lake Tavern…

On the independent terrace on the third floor, Antis poured a glass of wine for Andonara and smiled. “You had brown hair and brown eyes before, and you have blond hair and blue eyes right now… I don’t remember much from the dreams, so I don’t know what you went through. However, you look more like a noble and a queen in your current appearance.”

In this world, blond hair and blue eyes were expected of a noble.

Although many nobles had other hair or eye colors, everybody regarded those with blond hair and blue eyes as the nobles with the purest bloodlines.

Andonara stroked her hair and smiled. “You thought I turned into this in order to show off my identity? It’s only because Roland liked it.” Hearing Roland’s name, Antis seemed disappointed for a moment, before he said sadly, “The memories of the Golden Sons and the dreams are disappearing. It’s not happening to some individuals, but to everybody. The weaker you are, the faster you forget. Most folks barely remember anything about the Golden Sons now.”

Andonara sipped the wine. “I don’t care. It’s fine as long as I remember Roland.”

“But don’t you think that this whole thing may be some Evil God’s joke?” Antis scratched the wine cup with his thin fingers. “The Golden Sons are immortal, kind-hearted, and possess boundaries… Do you think such a group of people can really exist?”

“That’s not my business. I simply want my man back,” said Andonara unconcernedly. “Whether or not other people remember the Golden Sons, and whether they’re as kind-hearted as they were in the dreams, those are just secondary things.” “Like I said, it may be a plot of an Evil God. They might all be fake.”

Andonara shook her head. “No. To this day, I can feel the vague mental reaction from Roland. It’s very feeble, but I can feel it.”

“That’s just your imagination.” Antis gently tapped the table with his finger. “You want a man that really loves you too badly.”

Andonara frowned. “You said you wouldn’t persuade me to go back to the royal palace. If you do, we won’t be friends.”

“I’m not asking you to go back to the royal palace.” Antis heaved a sigh. “I simply don’t want you to waste your life on an ungrounded goal. You are a Legend. You have plenty of time to be admired and worshiped by the world. Don’t waste your time on an illusion, or even walk on the wrong path.”

“You are just a Master, and a fairly new one,” said Andonara solemnly. “So, you have no idea how sharp the senses of a Legend, especially one with double abilities such as myself, can be. Roland is real. He’s out there somewhere. If he can’t come here, I’ll go to him.”

Antis frowned and said, “Fine, let’s assume that Roland is real. Can you come back if you go to his world? Have you considered your family and friends?”

“Uncle will understand me.”

“What about people besides your uncle? Like your students, the two princesses who regard you as a mother, and your former mercenary friends?” said Antis, expecting better from her. “Is it worth it to abandon your family and friends for someone who might not be real?” Andonara smiled. “I’m a weak woman. I can live without family and friends, but I’ll die without the pillar in my heart.”

She spoke in a soft yet serious tone.

Antis realized that Andonara would certainly kill herself if Roland wasn’t real.

She wouldn’t make another choice.

“Is it really necessary?” Antis covered his face in pain. “You’re so strong. Why can’t you make yourself a pillar to you and others?”

“That’s too hard,” said Andonara. “It requires a strong mind, and I’m just a small woman.”

Antis understood what Andonara meant. He heaved a long sigh and didn’t know what to say.

When both of them fell silent, noises came from the street.

They looked at the source of the noises, only to discover that a young noble was making fun of a beggar with a few lackeys and kicking him now and then.

The beggar dared not run. He kowtowed and begged for mercy.

The young noble laughed hard and kicked the beggar again, before he swaggered off.

Andonara had already laid her hand on the Hero’s Sword.

However, she didn’t take any action, as the young man didn’t really attack him.

After the young noble left, the beggar rose to his feet and left fearfully.

The beggar wasn’t hurt, albeit quite scared.

“What a boring world,” said Andonara casually. “If the Golden Sons were here, would he have dared to do that?”

After a moment of silence, Antis said, “Like I said, they’re fake. It was just a dream.”

“Three months ago, when everybody remembered their dreams, the nobles contained themselves much better,” said Andonara with a smile. “In particular, the evil nobles who were killed by the Golden Sons were quite frightened in reality, fearing that a Golden Son would jump out of nowhere and cut their throat. Now, when they start to forget their dreams, the evilness in their bones surfaces again.”

“That’s… true.” Antis didn’t open his mouth until a long time later.

The nobles were truly obedient three months ago. They didn’t even dare to evade taxes.

They certainly didn’t dare to feign their tax reports either.

In their dreams, the Golden Sons would’ve served justice if they discovered the matter.

Andonara withdrew her gaze from the street and said, “The wine is almost finished. It’s time for me to go. If there’s anything else you want to say, say it.”

“No, I don’t. I simply wanted to talk to you about the dreams,” said Antis sincerely. “We’re friends. Whenever you feel tired, remember that there’s always a room in my place where you can take a good rest.”

Andonara stood up. “Thank you, but it won’t happen. There will only be two endings for me: either I’ll find Roland and live happily ever after, or I’ll be gone from this world.”

She then smiled and jumped from the terrace to the street, moving to the teleportation array at the center of the capital.

About half an hour later, after a blue flash, Andonara disappeared with the other travelers.

Antis, on the other hand, returned to the royal palace.

The king, who seemed even older, asked, “She still refuses to come back?”

“I can’t persuade her. She’s too stubborn.”

The old king heaved a long sigh. “What a shame. How could I have made such a stupid decision about such a great woman?”

Antis didn’t say anything, because he too found the old king stupid.

On the other hand, Andonara was stopped when she passed the checkpoint after reaching the capital of Fareins. In front of her were two Mages and the elite guards of the royal palace wearing heavy armor.

“You are a powerful lady… May I know your purpose in Fareins?”

Normally speaking, the guards of the Fareins capital would register foreign travelers who arrived via teleportation in case they were malicious.

The professionals, in particular, would be vetted more thoroughly. However, Andonara was both gorgeous and had the Legendary vibe. Nobody dared to be rude to her.

“I am Andonara. I want to meet your queen. Report the matter to her. I’m sure she’ll accept my request.”

Then, Andonara was invited to a VIP room, and someone reported the matter in a hurry.

In no more than an hour, an order was relayed.

“Bring Ms. Andonara to Stephanie immediately.”

About half an hour later, Andonara met Stephanie in her bed palace.

Stephanie, wearing her daily clothes, hugged Andonara warmly and said with a smile, “It’s been a long time, my bed partner.”

Andonara hugged Andonara too with a smile.

In the dreams, they were good friends who had endured a lot of things together.

After embracing each other for a while, they let go of each other happily.

Andonara sat down casually and said, “I’m glad you still remember Roland.”

“No, I don’t,” said Stephanie with a smile.

Andonara’s smile was frozen.

“All human beings are forgetting their dreams. The weaker they are, the faster they forget.” Stephanie sat down and smiled. “How much do you think I, who’s barely an Elite, can remember?”

“I thought I could take you to meet Roland,” said Andonara regretfully. “Vivian is married. You don’t remember him. Wouldn’t he be devastated if he sees me alone? Wait… If your memories are weakened, how can you remember our activities with Roland?”

“I love writing journals,” said Stephanie with a smile. “I’ve been writing journals about my dreams for ten years.”

Writing journals sounded easy, but it was actually a difficult task in this world.

In this world, paper was very expensive. Even the parchments were quite costly.

Most people could afford writing journals for a couple of days, or maybe half a year. However, writing journals for ten years was really a lot. Even if the events of every day were kept on one piece of parchment, that would be 3,650 pieces in total after ten years.

One piece of parchment was worth about four silver coins, so writing journals for ten years cost almost 150 gold coins.

Therefore, not everybody could afford writing journals.

“That’s really awesome of you.” Andonara sounded quite weak.

“Although I don’t remember Roland anymore,” said Stephanie with a smile, “I can feel my appreciation and love for him, as well as my friendship with you, when I read my journals. So, neither he nor you is a stranger to me.”

Andonara felt a lot better after hearing that. “Do you want to meet Roland?”

“You want me to choose between the throne and a man?” Stephanie asked back with a smile.

Andonara smiled bitterly.

She thought she already knew Stephanie’s choice.

How many people in this world could refuse the temptation of power?

Stephanie stood up and hugged Andonara again. “Your expression is really heartbreaking. Do you not trust me at all?”

Andonara was dazed.

Stephanie smiled. “If there were only Roland, I would definitely choose the throne; but if there were both Roland and you, I’d naturally choose you two.”

Andonara’s eyes were filled with delight.

“I’ll have both my man and my friend.” Stephanie chuckled. “Tempting as the throne may be, I think it’s better to stay with you.”

Andonara grew delighted. Then, she became slightly worried. “But your memories… Wouldn’t you feel that Roland is a stranger?”

“Of course not.” Stephanie grabbed Andonara’s hand. “Follow me.” Stephanie pressed a switch on her nightstand and led Andonara into a secret chamber.

Inside the chamber were several huge bookshelves that were laden with books with beautiful, thick covers.

“They’re all my journals. You’ll understand after you read them.”

Andonara picked up a random journal. On its cover, the detailed date of the journal was written with tiny calligraphic words.

Opening the journal, Andonara blushed in no more than ten seconds.

Year XX, Month XX, Day XX: Roland’s 000XXX, Anna was on top of me OOOXXX, oh my god, 000XXX, I was going to 000XXX, I can’t 000XXX believe he can OOOXXX both… Year XX, Month XX, Day XX: Roland didn’t come. Disappointing.

Same as above.

Same as above.

Same as above.

Year XX, Month XX, Day XX: I was OOXX from the back, and OOXX… I shivered for almost three hours. He was no different from a dragon. OOXX!

Pa! Andonara closed the journal with a reddened face. “Why didn’t you write anything else?”

The entire journal was just pornography.

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