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Chapter 795 - Special Methods To Repair the Soul

Chapter 795 Special Methods To Repair the Soul

In Roland’s soul world, the soul space that protected his core had been crushed into pieces to force back the Life Goddess.

There was only a core in his soul, and he suffered from the corrosion of external energy all the time. It was quite painful.

It felt just like skinning someone, throwing away all his fat, and leaving just the veins, muscles, and bones behind. The pain of a person without skin was very hard to describe.

Most people who lost their skin wanted to kill themselves even if they were rescued in the end.

Roland’s situation was similar. He sacrificed all his soul space in exchange for a chance of escape.

That seemed to be a reckless decision, but it was the best solution at the time.

It would’ve been impossible to survive after the strongest goddess invaded his soul world if he didn’t have the courage to die with the enemy.

Everything was easier after he escaped.

Even if he hadn’t met Lady Bluebird, he would’ve found someone else and hid in their soul for a while.

If he didn’t have a choice, it was always possible to take shelter in the souls of some large animals.

At this moment, Roland’s soul core entered Lady Bluebird’s soul. Around him was the soul space that equaled fat and skin and prevented the core from being corrupted by the energy of the outside world.

Roland was greatly relieved when he was no longer corrupted by the magic power that was everywhere.

Lady Bluebird, who looked warm and gentle, asked happily, “Roland, have you come from the dreams for us?”

Lady Bluebird knew that she wasn’t very important to Roland, which was why she said “us.”

She probably wouldn’t have a chance if Roland were here for only one or two lovers, but if he was here for a bunch of women, she would have a chance to be counted among them.

“Yes.” Roland nodded.

There were a lot of people that he wanted to pick up, including Andonara, the Holy Lady of Winterwolf, Stephanie, etc. If possible, he would take Mystra away too, as long as she was willing to abandon her identity as a goddess. “That’s great.” Lady Bluebird grabbed Roland’s arm with both hands happily. Lady Bluebird was not on Roland’s list at the beginning

After all, Lady Bluebird was just an acquaintance to him in the game, even though he could tell that she was quite interested in him back then.

He had enough women at that time, so he didn’t make a move on her.

However, he had already escaped into her soul world, so he probably had to be responsible for her.

Holding Roland’s hand, Lady Bluebird simply smiled at him affectionately without a word.

Anyway, she felt that she had to hold on to him tightly.

Roland intended to struggle, but gave up after seeing her expression. He said, “I’ll stay for three hours in your soul world, okay?”

Lady Bluebird nodded with a smile.

It was the first time she had entered her soul world. The direct connection between hearts and souls made her very satisfied.

Nothing could be more delightful than regaining her lost memories and seeing Roland from the dreams.

Roland found Lady Bluebird surprisingly easy to talk to.

He had to stay in Lady Bluebird’s soul partly to protect himself and partly to rebuild his own soul space.


After becoming a Demigod, Roland had already touched the essence of souls. In particular, after absorbing the Dragonborn Divine Spark, he was capable of observing the nature of the world too.

That was also the reason why he could shatter his own soul and force back the Life Goddess.

If the soul could be destroyed, it could certainly be rebuilt.

Roland spent the following days in Lady Bluebird’s bedroom.

Lady Bluebird brought him food and water and offered him a soul to stay in. After he gathered enough spiritual power, his soul returned to his own body and he constructed magic arrays to repair his soul.

One could do a lot of things with magic. It could heal the body as quickly as it could heal the soul, as long as the soul core wasn’t damaged.

Lady Bluebird stayed in her room and stared at Roland every day. She felt that she could never be tired of him.

She should’ve informed the queen of Roland’s arrival.

However, for her own selfish thoughts as a woman, she didn’t. She wanted to spend more time with Roland.

After all, the queen and Roland were already in a real relationship in the dreams, whereas she only had a crush on him. If she didn’t seize the opportunity to get closer to him, she might never have a chance to.

Most of the time, something would happen when a man and a woman were alone in a room.

These two were no exception.

Lady Bluebird was beautiful, gentle, and had a great body. More importantly, she seemed submissive and ready to be taken.

Roland tried to be courteous at first, but half a month later, they ended up in bed in each other’s arms.

He had to admit that names could be wrongly given but nicknames never were.

Lady Bluebird got her nickname because she was a great singer.

Her voice was as delightful and alluring as a bluebird’s.

Roland found that it was definitely true.

Lady Bluebird’s other voice was even more delightful.

When it was high, she sounded like a waterfall from the sky; when it was low, she sounded like a spring rain, or the stirring murmur of a kitten.

Although she wasn’t as pretty and her body wasn’t as great as Andonara’s, her special voice made up for her shortcomings.

From a comprehensive point of view, she was equal to Andonara in bed and better than Stephanie.

Roland had a great time constructing magic arrays while entering Lady Bluebird’s soul and flesh.

The supposedly painful reconstruction of his soul space got a lot easier.

In the blink of an eye, Roland had spent 23 days in Lady Bluebird’s bedroom.

The reconstruction of his soul space had come to an end.

Also, Roland specifically made gadgets that could increase his mental resistance with alchemy.

He had learned a lesson from his failure.

There were two reasons why Mordenkainen could fight the gods in his floating city. One reason was that the strongest Life Goddess didn’t take action, and the other reason was that he was invulnerable.

Roland had been growing too fast. There might be shortcuts in other aspects, but not in the soul. That was his weakness.

The purity of the soul had to do with one’s own resolve. That took time and couldn’t be faked.

By the time Mordenkainen flew to the Astral Plane on the floating city, he was already in his seventies, even though he looked no different from a man in his thirties.

Roland, on the other hand, had just turned thirty. More importantly, he had only learned magic for ten years. However talented he was, he still had shortcomings in terms of his soul.

However, human beings were intellectual creatures that could use tools. If his own capabilities weren’t good enough, he should make use of tools to make up for it.

These gadgets were all carefully crafted. They were tiny and could be hidden in the clothes without being discovered.

In such a way, when he was mentally attacked, the enemy wouldn’t realize the existence of the equipment and would believe that Roland had a tough soul, so they wouldn’t launch more soul attacks on him.

Ending the magic array construction for the day, Roland looked at Lady Bluebird who was wearing sexy pajamas and got aroused again. Carrying the beautiful woman to the bed and letting her sing a song to him happily was an enjoyable entertainment.

At the same time, Jeff, the old butler, was talking to a middle-aged man courteously. “Lord Wayne, her ladyship won’t meet you. Please go. Also, her ladyship said that in case of any rumors, you should come in the daytime if you must. She doesn’t want anyone to misunderstand you and affect her reputation again.”

Wayne subconsciously clenched his right fist and said angrily, “I’m her husband! Her reputation won’t be affected even if I come to her at night!”

The old butler said softly, “Yes, and you must know the reason, Lord Wayne.”

Of course he did.

Lady Bluebird simply had no respect for him anymore.

Wayne was of a mind to storm off.

However, his family had been cornered. He asked his enemy to spare him, and the high and mighty lord simply said, “I heard that Lady Bluebird has the most wonderful voice. I hope that I can listen to a few of her songs. If I’m happy, then everything is easy.”

It was the reason why he had been frequently asking to meet Lady Bluebird.

He wanted her to help his family survive the disaster.

However, it had been more than a month, and he still hadn’t seen her yet.

If it were before, Wayne would’ve broken in and dragged her away. But he didn’t dare anymore, as Lady Bluebird was backed by the queen.

The grand noble didn’t dare to force her either. He could only adopt an indirect approach.

The place was quiet. The sound of the night animals and their chirps were clearly audible.

Standing outside of the manor, Wayne heard faint, pleasant songs from the manor, but when he tried to listen, it seemed to be just his imagination.

He looked even more awful and couldn’t help but ask, “I’m told that a man from outside entered the manor. Old Jeff, you’re the butler, you must know if it’s true. Tell me.”

Old Jeff replied unhurriedly, “There’s nothing of the sort. This is Her Majesty’s territory. Who dares to trespass?” “For the sake that you served the Wayne family for more than thirty years, give me an answer.” Wayne began to appeal to feelings.

The old butler remained as tranquil as before. “There’s nothing of the sort.”

Wayne gritted his teeth and left. He always felt irritated in the past month, probably because the grand noble was pushing him harder and harder.

He left the manor, having no idea that he was followed by at least three Rogues in disguise.

After Wayne returned to his manor, a Rogue left and came all the way to the royal palace through a tunnel that few people knew, reporting the intelligence.

Soon, the parchment where the latest intelligence was written came to Stephanie’s hands.

Because there was too much work to do, she didn’t go to bed even though it was very late.

“Wayne is not a man at all.” Stephanie shook her head. “He tries to make his wife sell herself out for the temporary safety of his family. If Ro—What’s his name? I just read the diary this morning, yet I’m already forgetting his name.”

She heaved a helpless sigh and continued reading the report. Very soon, she frowned.

“Lady Bluebird’s manor recently bulk purchased magic materials? A strange man is believed to be in her chamber?”

Holding the piece of parchment, Stephanie had mixed feelings. In the end, she sighed. “That’s not her fault. She waited five years for Rowhat’s-his-name with nothing but her memories from the dreams. Her feelings must’ve faded away. It’s perfectly reasonable that she found another man.”

Stephanie put the parchment on the table and mumbled to herself, “I’ll just help her a while longer. I hope her new man has the power to protect her.”

After another seven days, which made his stay here one month in total, Roland finally finished repairing his soul.

It was quite lucky that Lady Bluebird had a large room. If she rearranged the furniture, it wouldn’t be a problem to draw a mid-sized magic array. Although the soul space had been reconstructed, it wasn’t stable enough, and it would take a much longer time for it to fit around the soul core.

All the gadgets to increase his mental resistance were collected too.

Thanks to the enhancement of the gadgets, his shortcoming of low soul resistance had been fixed.

Then, it was the reconstruction of the floating city.

This was a real world. Roland had realized that the density of magic power here was thirty percent higher than that in the game.

After all, the game world was illusional and transformed from a tiny piece of this world.

It couldn’t completely simulate reality.

A density thirty percent higher allowed Roland to achieve something even more unbelievable than he could in the game world.

For example, he could build a floating city in ten days.

But Roland didn’t start doing it immediately. Instead, he considered how the new floating city could be perfected. Theoretically speaking, the elements and qualities of the mud decided the hardness and flexibility of the stone plates that it was transformed into.

His old floating city was cut by the Life Goddess mainly because its shell was made of regular mud.

What if he were to cast the spell with more advanced materials?

The shell of the floating city would definitely be a lot harder.

If the new shell was still ten kilometers thick but much harder, it wouldn’t be as easy for the Life Goddess to cut it apart in another battle.

Thinking about that, he asked Lady Bluebird, “Can you help me reach out to the queen?”


Lady Bluebird knew that the day would come, and that Roland wouldn’t stay in her bedroom for the rest of his life.

When he was healed, he would come out sooner or later. So she didn’t feel too bad. Over the past month, she had slept with Roland so many times that she was already satisfied.

Even if Roland abandoned her, she wouldn’t regret having a relationship with him.

But of course… If Roland was really leaving, she probably would still feel sad.

Still, she could live with it. That was her feeling in general.

Lady Bluebird was quite a doer. After she accepted Roland’s request, she instantly took a carriage to meet Stephanie. Stephanie received her in the living room and even voluntarily hugged her, because she said with a smile, “Why have you come to my place instead of spending time with your new man in your manor? Huh… As expected of a woman who’s nurtured by love. Your skin looks much better.”

Indeed, Lady Bluebird’s skin was smooth and healthily red and could be the envy of any woman.

Lady Bluebird looked around and whispered in Stephanie’s ear, “He’s Roland.”


Stephanie was stumped.

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