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Chapter 786 - Large and Wild

Chapter 786 Large and Wild

“Bahamut, since when are you qualified to meddle in the affairs of the main plane?”

Faced with the question of the Life Goddess, the wounded Bahamut turned his body upright. The huge gaping hole in his neck was slowly healing, and his right wing was slowly regenerating

To a god, a normal superficial wound wouldn’t be a fatal blow, no matter how bad it was.

This was a god being badly injured by a mortal, and whether he could recover or not, that was a humiliation in itself.

Bahamut gave Roland an irritated glance before looking at the eyes in the sky as he said matter-of-factly, “We, the Metal Dragons, have been the reconcilers of the world since our birth, a mission given to us by the entire world, whether this is the dragon’s plane or the main plane, or any other plane.”

“Then you should have balanced the Realm of Devils first, instead of messing with the main plane,” the Life Goddess said mockingly.

Bahamut shook his head. His huge head seemed like a mountain peak as it created a huge gust of wind with every shake. “Life Goddess, you don’t need to provoke me. I won’t fall for it.”

Seeing Bahamut evade her question, the Life Goddess grunted mockingly.

At that moment another pair of eyes appeared in the sky, and as soon as she appeared she shouted at the Goddess of Life, “Elyse, you’d better stay out of this one. It’s between us elves and the Golden Sons. If you don’t want your Divine Spark’s traits to change…”

Elyse’s pretty eyes narrowed slightly. A large number of angels coming down to support Roland was a desperate move on her part. if she could, she would have thrown a spell down and settled the matter.

She wouldn’t have to risk her angelic daughters at all.

The helpless reality was that the Golden Sons were not creatures of the main plane.

Not recognized by the main plane, they were as much an invader from the outside world as the dragons.

And the elves weren’t exactly human, but they were still intelligent beings of the main plane in general.

A war between the elves and the Golden Sons was normal and reasonable under the fundamental laws of the main plane.

It was like immune cells eating a foreign virus or bacteria.

It didn’t matter if the bacteria was beneficial or harmful to the body.

And for the Life Goddess to help Roland, she would be a bit of an enabler.

At that moment, the Life Goddess did feel the faint opposing force of the world’s will and laws placed upon her.

“Roland, I may only be able to help you this far.”

The voice of the Life Goddess sounded in Roland’s mind.

There was an equality contract on both of them, and it was easy and convenient to communicate in this way.

“But don’t worry, I’ll find a way to help you get back after this one.” There wasn’t much more the Life Goddess could do to help Roland this time.

But as the strongest of the gods, she had hundreds of ways to mess with the elves in the days to come.

Roland smiled indifferently and said, “I’m already thankful to you for helping me fight off these dragon attacks.”

“Don’t mention it, our relationship… sigh!”

Seeming to sense that she and Roland were still a little unfamiliar with each other, the Life Goddess let out a long sigh. Then her beautiful eyes in the sky vanished.

The densely packed white angels also flew back into the divine realm.

As the angels left, the protection outside the floating city became weak once more.

The World Tree looked at the floating city in the distance, narrowed her eyes, and smiled.

The elven goddess’s eyes disappeared with it.

She had to go back and keep an eye on the other Lawful Goddesses. Because according to her intelligence, the Goddess of Magic and the Nether God, too, had an unspoken and ambiguous relationship with Roland.

After the two gods’ gazes disappeared, the situation once again turned against Roland.

Looking at the floating city without the protection of the angels, the countless dragons, once again, charged at the floating city.

Without obstruction now, they could probably bring down the massive floating city.

Accomplishing a sacred epic.

However, just as they tried to approach the floating city once more, the sky full of angels appeared around the floating city again.

However, this time the angels were translucent and light blue all over.

And they had dull expressions; they were puppets.

Everyone was stunned.

After a while, the World Tree gritted her teeth and shouted angrily, “Good on you, Life Goddess, to use this method to avoid the regulation of the world’s laws.”

It was well known that the Lawful Gods all had their distinguishing features.

For example, the Saint Samurai of the Light Goddess.

The spatial abilities of the Goddess of Magic.

The angel corps of the Life Goddess.

And the angel corps was recognized as the strongest battle system, although it was also affected by the main plane’s suppression.

Many gods would like to have angel-like soldiers, but it wasn’t clear to anyone how the angels were made.

However, now Roland’s floating city produced a large number of angels. Even if it was just puppet mode, it was enough to show that the Life Goddess had given Roland the angel’s data.

Compared to the originals, the puppet-mode angels would be much weaker. But there were a large number of them.

Densely packed angels poured out from inside the floating city.

They engaged the dragons all around.

Although the puppet angels were no match for the dragons, it would be a different story when a dozen angels tangled with a single dragon.

The dragons began to get hurt and were unable to break through the protective net formed by the angels.

“This Roland must be Life’s lover.” The World Tree looked at this situation with a pained expression, as if she had eaten feces. “Why else would she have given something so important to a mortal.” “I’ll join the attack.” Now, Bahamut’s wounds were fully healed and his right wing was fully grown. “World Tree, please cover me.”

“Of course, no problem.” The World Tree smiled reservedly.

Bahamut roared, and the dragons directly in front of him made way.

Then he opened his huge mouth, and streams of light coalesced into a ball of light in his mouth.

It was about to be fired.

But at this moment, a dozen blue dots flew out of the floating city. Because of their previous experience, they already knew what these blue dots were.

The World Tree flew straight away.

Bahamut was not good at turning and flying because his body was too big, so he could only take it head-on.

So he had to stop his dragon breath and inhale instead.

A large number of nuclear blasts were sucked into his mouth, but still three of them, once again, hit him.

The nuclear blast ripped through a large number of platinum scales as well as blood and flesh.

Huge bloody holes appeared on Bahamut’s back, the left side of his waist, and abdomen. The internal organs in his abdomen could already be faintly seen.

Bahamut howled in pain and fell through the air.

This time the World Tree, instead of helping to steady his body, let him fall.

Bahamut who was like a mountain range crashed to the western edge of the Elf Forest.

The entire earth trembled and the ground ripped apart as if it had produced an earthquake of at least magnitude 7.

Even the capital of Fareins far away on the horizon experienced a slight tremor.

All the dragons saw this and attacked as if they had been provoked.

Yet the gap in strength didn’t come down to emotion.

The floating city continued to mass-produce angels like crazy.

The dragons were not only unable to break through these angels’ protective net, but their array was also retreating further and further backward.

There were so many blue angels before them that they barely had any room to move.

“How troublesome the floating city is.” The World Tree shook her head helplessly as she watched the scene. From the information she had inquired, Roland’s floating city hadn’t been around for a year yet and couldn’t be considered fully formed.

There was neither a magical arsenal nor a magical golem-processing plant. But now, these dense blue angels proved one thing.

Roland had made up for one of the shortcomings of the floating city. While the dragons tangled with the angels, the World Tree flew down and landed on Bahamut’s massive head.

She stood barefoot, her graceful, smooth lower legs peeking out of her skirt. “You’re so useless, Bahamut III, you’re not even close to your grandfather.” Hearing that, Bahamut had an incredulous expression in his eyes. “You knew my grandfather?”

“Of course I knew him, he wooed me just like you did.” The World Tree smiled playfully. “He’s a gentleman and quite kind. Why so gentle when you’re obviously a dragon?” Bahamut was a little puzzled, as he heard a hint of sarcasm in the World Tree’s words. “Isn’t it good to be gentlemanly and tender?” “To me, it is called waste.” The World Tree shook her head helplessly. “In my opinion, intelligent beings should not turn away from their true nature.”

“What do you mean?”

“Meaning, you dragons have been so useless and so disappointing to me.” The World Tree revealed a sly look. “I’m laying my cards on the table; I’m not pretending.”

“I had thought that the dragons would have given birth to a mate that I would approve of.”

With those words, the World Tree flew away.

Bahamut was left behind, stunned.

The World Tree flew high into the sky as she watched the dragons retreat in defeat and waved her right hand.

Countless teleportation gates appeared on the outskirts of the Elf Forest.

They cleverly appeared at the edge of the Dimensional Anchor’s range.

One by one, the players stepped out of the spatial portals, and they let out battle cries as they looked at the huge floating city in the air and the mass of blue angels and dragons. They then also received an epic quest from the system.

“Help the World Tree defend itself against Roland’s attack. This quest is an alignment quest, and once accepted you will join the Elf Forest’s alignment and your relationship with the human world will become neutral.”

Almost everyone chose to accept it.

They had guessed this when they were recruited by the World Tree.

“It’s finally time to go to war with Roland fair and square.”

“That floating city has been an eyesore for a long time.”

“It’s not fun to have a game system where humans are the majority. Multiple alignment chaos is what the game is really about.”

“Take out Roland and win the heart of the World Tree.”

Players joined the elves for different reasons, but it didn’t matter what they were. The World Tree wanted their powerful fighting abilities and unlimited resurrection.

The population of the elves had now hit rock bottom.

They could no longer afford even one more war.

This was why bringing in foreign aid was imperative.

The players then immediately launched an attack on the floating city.

The World Tree teleported three times.

At least 80,000 players joined the fray.

As they joined the battle, the situation immediately stabilized.

The dragons were finally able to stand their ground.

And in the floating city, Roland held two large bullets in his right hand.

He had pretty much used up his tritium stockpile to deal with Bahamut.

Now there were only two of the strongest ones


He was waiting for the right moment to strike, to deal a greater blow.

The players joining didn’t surprise Roland.

The World Tree would undoubtedly use this brilliant move.

Up until now, nothing that happened was outside of Roland’s predictions.

But what happened next was shocking for Roland.

The World Tree looked at the floating city in the air with some admiration.

She’d heard that Roland had built the floating city after less than 10 years of learning magic.

And she had heard a little about Roland.

He was a genius, a very wild genius.

“Too bad he’s not physically wild enough to qualify as my man.”

She sighed with slight regret. Then she flew back into the middle of the Elf Forest and merged into the canopy of her tree


Roland had been following the range and actions of the World Tree.

Seeing that she was one with her body, he was tempted to throw the two bullets in his hand.

But also at that moment, a sudden change occurred.

The huge World Tree glowed with a dazzling purple light, and the entire tree slowly rose.

Its huge tree roots pulled out of the dirt.

Every root of the tree was a huge vine.

As the World Tree rose, more and more vines were pulled out of the land, and the entire elven capital was instantly in shambles.

Luckily, the elves had evacuated the elven capital before the battle.

The World Tree flew higher and higher, and the light emanating from it grew brighter and brighter.

When Roland saw this, he subconsciously threw a bullet.

The enemy was going to transform, and there was no such rule as waiting for the transformation and not attacking in the player’s eyes. A violent nuclear explosion unfolded in front of the World Tree.

A large number of players and trees were blown away.

The fallout alone blasted a lot of players to death.

But after the explosion, nothing happened to the World Tree at all. The purple barrier protected it completely.

By the time the World Tree was at the same height as the floating city, a drastic change occurred again.

The branches on the World Tree began to come together to fuse and morph.

The same thing happened with the tree trunks.

Under watchful eyes, a huge tree transformed into a curvaceous wooden carving of a girl in less than three minutes.

There were strands of woodgrain all over her body.

And this wooden girl had a pair of huge butterfly wings on her back.

Everyone on the battlefield was dumbfounded.

When Bahamut, who was recovering his body and getting ready to fight again, saw this, he wore a fanatic and adoring look.

Like a simp who had been tricked into a relationship.

“That’s the true form of the World Tree,” Bahamut muttered. “No wonder Grandpa fell in love with her.”

Roland was also a bit in a daze at this point. “So the World Tree can move?”

“This isn’t going to be a good fight.”

After some thought, Roland finally pulled the Nether God’s scythe out of his Backpack.

“I didn’t want to use it, but now I owe the Nether God another favor.”

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