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Chapter 787 - This Can’t Be

Chapter 787 This Can’t Be

When he took out a pitch-black scythe and held it in his hand, he immediately felt like he had control over the destiny and death of all life.

But Roland knew clearly that it was just an illusion, a hint of the power of the Nether God’s Divine Spark left on this scythe.

He couldn’t feel it before because he wasn’t strong enough.

Now that he was linked to the floating city and in a pseudo-Demigod state, he had a vague sense of the Divine Spark’s power on the Nether God’s scythe.

Oftentimes, you saw something as mediocre because you didn’t reach a certain level.

In the distance, the World Tree, which had turned into a huge wooden colossus, flapped its butterfly wings and flew toward the floating city.

Bahamut struggled to raise his head. His soul was unaffected but the damage to his body was too severe. “All dragons, follow the World Tree and attack the enemy.”

The dragon’s roar resounded throughout the battlefield.

Though right now Bahamut still didn’t understand what the World Tree had just said and why she was suddenly disgusted with him, they were still allies so he still had to help.

So the huge purple woman was followed by a flight of golden and black dragons that crashed into the huge floating city. The players who could fly followed in the mix, wailing and excitedly rushing toward the floating city. For these players, killing Roland was just alignment player killing, and besides, Roland would come back to life, so there was no guilt to speak of.

Or rather, they acted more fanatical than the dragons.

As the World Tree led the charge, the dragons and players that converged behind her looked like a black swarm of locusts.

The angels in the blue sky, on the other hand, formed a solid blue wall in front of them in a square array.

Then the World Tree crashed in, and without using any magic at all, she smashed a big hole in the huge blue wall of people and then continued to lunge forward.

However, she flew so fast that she soon became disconnected from the supporters in the rear.

The blue angels quickly filled in, forming a new human wall to keep the dragons and players out.

Roland stood in the very middle of the floating city with his Nether God’s scythe, looking up at the huge female wooden sculpture that could almost fill his entire field of vision as it rushed out over.

Then he saw her throw a roundhouse kick that struck the magical barrier of the floating city.

Although the magic barrier withstood the attack, the huge impact appeared on the other side of the point of impact. A powerful blast came from that side of the barrier and spread with a huge ring-shaped dust cloud.

And directly below the floating city, a terrifying pressure was created by that sound. All the plants, for a moment, suddenly shortened considerably and then were pushed upward by the invisible blast that made the canopy and branches straighten frantically.

It was like being pulled up by a hurricane from the bottom to the top.

Being attacked, Roland frowned at that moment.

The floating city’s 40,000 plus magic power cap was directly reduced to a little over 30,000 from this whipping kick, meaning that this purely physical attack from the World Tree would require at least 10,000 magic power to form a barrier that could resist it.

In terms of combat power, few people could resist her whipping kick except for a few main gods. After taking a hit, the magic power of the floating city began to regenerate quickly.

It only took about two seconds to regenerate about a thousand magic power.

That was what made the floating city so powerful.

A unique ability that made all enemies feel it unreasonable.

The World Tree then laughed madly. “Hahahahahahahahaha! How interesting, to be able to take one full force attack from me. The dragon god of over 10,000 years ago was no better than that.”

All of heaven and earth echoed with the mad laughter of the World Tree.

Bahamut, who was still lying on the ground frantically healing himself and regenerating his flesh, froze once more.

He suddenly remembered something; a long time ago, the dragons used to see the elves as their enemy.


He was a bit confused, but the words of the World Tree just now seemed to reveal some crucial information.

After laughing madly, the World Tree turned her right hand into a blade and slashed down heavily.

The massive blade created a band of airflow visible to the naked eye as it swung down. The loud thud of it was like the sound of a drum sounding throughout the world. The vibrations transmitted to the eardrums of every intelligent creature.

Once again, the magical barrier blocked the World Tree’s attack, and once again, that weird band of conductive blast appeared below the floating city.

The impact hit the ground as if a huge meteorite had crashed down.

But by now, a crack had begun to appear in the magical barrier of the floating city.

Roland’s system interface showed the magic power reserve of the floating city had fallen to a little over twenty thousand.

Although the magic power regeneration of the floating was indeed fast, the floating city would blow up after three more attacks.

Roland looked up at the huge face of the World Tree two hundred meters away.

The woman revealed an ecstatic smile, one that was even a little twisted. The other party seemed to be enjoying the fight.

Roland thought it was outrageous.

Didn’t they say that the main plane would suppress god-level strength?

Just by looking at these two attacks, the World Tree could casually kill the majority of gods.

This was the height that Demigods could reach?

Roland took a deep breath as he saw the World Tree raise her hand again, brandishing her arm-blade.

He couldn’t wait any longer.

Roland took a deep breath and poured almost all of the magic power left in the floating city into the Nether God’s scythe.

It could be due to a large amount of magic infusion, or it could be that Roland was now in a pseudo-Demigod state that the Nether God’s scythe “unlocked” super fast. In less than half a second, the huge black female humanoid stood above the floating city. Then she reached out and kicked the World Tree in the face.

The blow was a complete surprise, and the World Tree was kicked backward and almost fell through the air, but she was able to stabilize her body with her butterfly wings.

A pitch-black female humanoid, the size of the World Tree’s current body, joined the battle.

The black scythe she carried was a daunting sight to behold.

“First Life, now Death.” The World Tree scoffed with arms akimbo. “Will Light and Magic jump out later, too?”.

At this point, Roland could no longer control his body and could not see outside, but he was not afraid as he was surrounded by warm currents shielding him, faintly hearing the sound of heartbeats coming from around him.

The black female humanoid didn’t speak and slashed horizontally with the black scythe.

The pitch-black spatial rift was in a half-arc shape and stretched several kilometers long.

The World Tree strangely shifted downward by half a body’s distance while she bent backward. With such a huge body, it was surprising that she dodged the Nether God’s slash.

But those dragons behind her, as well as the players, weren’t so lucky, and nearly half of them were engulfed by the black rift.

A lot of the blue golem angels were lost too.

However, the floating city could create as many magic-formed props as he wanted.

Dodging a powerful spatial slash, the World Tree laughed aloud as both her hands simultaneously transformed into long blades while a large amount of natural energy transformed into long light swords over the blades, then simultaneously attacked the black female humanoid from the left and right.

The two light swords passed through the black female humanoid with barely any force, cutting it in half, but half a second later, the woman formed from black gas immediately returned to her original form.

The black scythe in her hand slashed down at the World Tree.

Spreading her butterfly wings, the World Tree shifted sideways to dodge it, and then laughed. “Putting power on another person so that it’s not considered your problem? To use this method to circumvent the punishment from the main plane, how does it feel for you to merge with this man? It’s public intercourse, isn’t it-don’t you feel shame?”

At those words, many players who were dodging the black rift attack couldn’t help but gasp in astonishment.

This news was so overwhelming. So this was what it meant for the black humanoid to envelop a man?

Players directly in front of the livestream also typed a screen full of question marks.

The black humanoid didn’t speak and only attacked with more ferocity. And inside the black humanoid, Roland was speechless.

How come him using the black scythe’s abilities had something to do with that kind of thing again?

It was rumored that in the old feudal days of China, women’s feet were considered sex organs.

The goddesses of this world were just as strange as the ancient feudal period—they had weird fetishes.

But in this world—now that it was indeed the feudal era-it seemed somewhat reasonable.

Seemingly having been exposed, the irritated black humanoid slashed at the World Tree with deadly force.

Completely disregarding defense, every time the scythe was swung, a black spatial rift appeared, and the previous spatial rift didn’t disappear immediately. It wasn’t much longer before the battlefield was densely covered with giant giant lines.

There was less and less room for the World Tree to dodge.

However, she didn’t feel any anxiety, still easily dodging the attacks of the Nether God.

Now and then, she launched a counterattack or two.

She even had the time to taunt.

“I can’t believe it, someone as reserved as you is actually passionate on the inside, liking to flirt in front of strangers. “What’s so great about this man? Life played him and you came back to play, did Magic also dabble too? I can still smell Magic on him.

“It’s a shame your man’s body isn’t too great, or I’d have snatched him up and taken him home.

“Angry? You do something like that in public and no one else is allowed to say anything?”

Roland clicked his tongue. He was a little upset now…. not being able to fight in person was one thing, the other was that the heartbeat he heard was becoming quite rapid, not the kind of rapidity that came from prolonged exercise, but simply a rapid heartbeat.

Speaking of which, does this black mist body have a heart? Roland felt like he was about to give up thinking

He wanted to curse now, first for inexplicably having divine intercourse with the Goddess of Magic and then for being duped by Life and branded with an equality contract. And now publicly merging with the Nether God?

He felt like a little white rabbit who had been taken advantage of.

His macho mentality took a serious hit.

Because he liked to take initiative, like the kind of athletic relationship that would be normal with Andonara.

It felt like he was taking advantage of her, rather than being taken advantage of by others.

The battle between the two giant females in the air continued.

But by now, anyone with a discerning eye could see that the black humanoid was going to lose, as her movements had become much slower and the spatial rift unleashed with each scythe slash was much smaller in range.

With another horizontal slash, the World Tree took half a step back before attacking with both her left and right hands, slicing the black humanoid directly into three pieces.

This time, the black humanoid did not recover again but simply dissipated.

Roland’s body was exposed to the air.

The World Tree looked at Roland and laughed aloud.

And at that moment, the dragon king Bahamut also stood up, then unfolded his wings and floated back into the air.

His huge body, following behind the World Tree, was like a dog on a leash. By now the Elf Forest was pretty much destroyed, and there were dragon carcasses everywhere.

The incredible weight of such creatures would cause a disaster after falling from high in the air.

They could easily create a huge crater with a radius of three to four hundred meters.

Bahamut saw that there were only one-third of the dragons left in the air with a pained look on his face. “I shouldn’t have brought them here.”

The World Tree, who was sizing up Roland, heard this and twisted her head to look at Bahamut. There was vague contempt in her wooden pupils.

Then she turned back and looked at Roland. “You lost, Roland the Golden Son, and although you are immortal, you will be greatly reduced in strength after you die once, and I… If I can kill you once, I can kill you forever. Now, do you still have the confidence to protect the humans of Wetland City and Hollevin?”

“What makes you think I’m going to lose?” laughed Roland.

“The Nether God is greatly reduced in strength on the main plane. It is already remarkable that you can fight me like this, what other maneuvers do you have?” The World Tree looked at Roland. “Admit defeat, hand over everything we want, and then make a contract to become a tool and weapon of the elves forever.”

Roland smiled and spread his hand open, a bullet appearing in his right hand.

“Powerful alchemical props, but useless to me,” the World Tree grunted. “You still haven’t given up?”

“Why should I give up?”

The bullet in Roland’s hand suddenly disappeared!

Spatial magic.

“How can you still use spatial magic?” The World Tree was startled, and then she looked in disbelief at the Dimensional Anchor trapping Roland’s floating city, breaking into pieces. “Goddess of Magic, you played me?”

In this world, no one had more mastery in spatial magic than the Goddess of Magic.

She quietly broke the spatial spell the World Tree had set up while the Nether God and the World Tree were fighting.

She also parsed the World Tree’s coordinates and told them to Roland.

All these little actions took time to process; the Nether God was here to buy that time.

Looking at the World Tree with indignation, Roland snapped his fingers.

The World Tree covered the right side of her chest all of a sudden.

A look of pain appeared on her face… Then the left side of her body swelled violently, and a huge bubble appeared, followed by endless white flames spewing out from these bubbles.

Instantly, the left half of her body was set on fire.

She didn’t even have time to scream before she fell through the air.

With her massive body taking up almost the length of one side of the Elf Forest, even as half of her body caught fire, she stood up before reverting to tree form and rooting herself in the silence of the earth.

“Is this giving up on running away and waiting to die?”

Roland cocked the other bullet into his hand and was about to teleport.

But suddenly, his expression paled, because the earth nearby was cracking, and a large amount of molten lava was roiling out of the ground.

The range of it included the entire Elf Forest and a large area of uninhabited land.

Smoke and fire were spreading everywhere.

“What’s going on?”

Roland was a little surprised.

“So the World Tree is actually part of the underlying rules of the main plane,” the Life Goddess’s voice said in Roland’s ears. “Well hidden. We’re finding out for the first time too.”

Roland frowned as he thought for a moment. “That means that by wounding the World Tree, I’ve wounded the world?”

“Yes, it seems we can’t kill her, we can only seal… What!” The Life Goddess suddenly let out a painful grunt, and then said in an incredulous voice, “Wait, how is this possible!”

“Are you all right?” Roland asked concernedly.

“I’m fine… This can’t be…” The mumbles of the voice of the Life Goddess faded, and then she disconnected from Roland.

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