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Chapter 785 - The World Needs Balance

Chapter 785 The World Needs Balance

“We simply need to mind our interests,” said the World Tree.

Hearing that, both Roland and Schuck put on a smile.

They were too familiar with the trick.

Everything could be negotiated if they wanted to fulfill interests.

Besides, they had already speculated that the elves were here for certain interests, probably the Meteorite Minerals.

Roland drank a mouthful of tea and said casually, “I wonder what you want us to pay, World Tree. We can talk about it as long as it’s not too outrageous.”

The World Tree’s mood wasn’t as great as the humans’. She thought that her opponents might have learned her requirement.

She glanced at them and eventually fixed her eyes on Roland. “You don’t seem very interested in negotiating with us.” “Isn’t it normal?” Roland opened his hands and said, “Nobody likes to talk gently to an invader.”

The World Tree burst into fury and smashed the table, before she stood up quickly. “Who between us is the invader and the murderer?”

The heavy pressure of an expert spread out from her.

It was a little overwhelming to Uncle Liang, who clutched at his chest in discomfort.

“Wetland City certainly isn’t.” Roland churned the tea with the lid. “Yet you blame it on us. Do you think that’s fair?”

“Everybody is part of their race. They’re never independent,” said the World Tree coldly. “I know why you attacked the Elf Forest. It was the elven goddess’s forest, but you blamed it on all the elves, didn’t you?”

She made a good point.

Roland nodded. “Then, Ms. World Tree, what interests do you want to seek?”

“The elves’ citizenship and right to purchase minerals in Wetland City.”

Roland heaved a sigh. “You’re indeed here for the Meteorite Minerals.”

The World Tree smiled and didn’t say another word.

“I disagree!” Uncle Liang shouted.

His son had built Wetland City through hard work. How could he let an outsider take advantage of him? Roland put the lid back to the teacup and closed his hands under his nose, before he said casually, “That’s a harsh requirement. There’s no way that we’ll accept it!”

“We won’t give in either.” The World Tree put on a fascinating smile.

“Then is the negotiation over?” Roland stood up and stared at the World Tree.

“I’ll give you another three days.” The World Tree pointed at the sky. “Don’t count on the Lawful Goddesses. I won’t care even if they come.”

“Drop your delusions!” Uncle Liang shouted. “You won’t get a single brick from Wetland City!” The World Tree smiled in disdain and left.

After the World Tree disappeared from the door, Schuck, who had listened for a long time, couldn’t help but remark, “She seemed very confident. The alliance with the players couldn’t have assured her so much. She definitely has other trump cards.”

Roland thought that Schuck had a point. He considered for a moment and said, “I’ll circle above the Elf Forest on the floating city. Maybe I can force her to reveal her trump cards.”

Schuck nodded and said, “That’s indeed a great solution, but you must pay attention to your own safety.” Uncle Liang also asked Roland to be careful and not fall for any traps. Roland listened to their suggestions.

Then, he teleported himself to the floating city and flew it toward the Elf Forest.

About five hours later, he reached the sky above the Elf Forest.

He saw the highly-rising purple World Tree from quite a distance.

In terms of size, the World Tree was actually even bigger than the floating city.

Also, the quality of the World Tree’s energy was slightly higher than that of the floating city’s.

After all, the World Tree was a real demigod, whereas Roland was merely a fake one.

Roland was very confident.

He didn’t consider an immobile cannon a big deal at all.

Soon after Roland’s floating city appeared above the Elf Forest, he felt that he was locked onto by a strong mental power. He didn’t need to think to know that it was the World Tree’s.

A moment later, the World Tree’s consciousness flew in the floating city’s way.

Under the gentle breeze in the sky, the World Tree’s purple hair fluttered and made her seem even more beautiful.

Besides, her face was very cold, which added to her attractiveness.

“Roland, what’s the meaning of this?” Devastating brutality burst out of the World Tree’s eyes. “You fly the floating city to my territory in the middle of our negotiation. Do you have any sense of shame?”.

“Shame doesn’t matter. I’m only learning from you.” Roland couldn’t help but mock her. “You set up a great example for me by surrounding Wetland City with a thousand powerful elves for the negotiation.”

Roland was actually quite straightforward.

I’m just copying what you did. If you think your behavior was justified, then so is mine. If it isn’t, you’re as shameless as me.

Hearing that, the World Tree almost burst into fury.

In fact, everybody tended to have double standards. If they did it themselves, they could call themselves smart.

But if someone else played the same trick, they would think that he was cunning or immoral.

“Good! Very good!” Outraged, the World Tree suddenly sneered. “In fact, I was afraid that you might not come.” Then, she waved her hand, and countless transparent dimensional anchors locked down the Elf Forest.

Many people thought that the World Tree referred to the trunk of the enormous tree.

But in fact, the entire Elf Forest was the World Tree.

Looking at all the transparent chains, Roland thought that what goes around does indeed come aground.

Not long ago, he had killed two Evil Gods with the same trick that he was going to fall for.

However, he wasn’t too anxious.

The barrier made of the floating city’s enormous magic power couldn’t be broken through so quickly.

If they were really to fight, Roland wouldn’t be scared of the World Tree at all.

It wouldn’t matter even if Roland died, or if the floating city was blown up.

He could be resurrected.

If he could establish the first floating city, he could build a second one.

However, the elves might not be able to take the strikes of two floating cities.

“Is this a declaration of war?” Roland looked around with a smile on his face, but his eyes were already filled with coldness.

“What do you think?”

Hardly had the World Tree finished her sentence when she launched an attack.

After only an instant, countless green energy balls appeared around Roland’s floating city.

They crashed into the floating city one after another.

Every one of them caused dazzling green light when it hit the magic barrier.

In no more than two seconds, Roland heard drumming around him.

The drumming echoed nonstop.

The dazzling rays even hindered Roland’s eyesight and made it impossible for him to see the surroundings clearly.

Moreover, Roland couldn’t lock onto the World Tree with mental power either, mainly because the World Tree was too big and her mental power pervaded the entire Elf Forest.

The attacks lasted for a whole minute without stopping. “Are you trying to blind me so that I won’t see what’s around me?”

Roland mumbled, “This is just a petty trick!”

Then, the floating city’s magic barrier quickly expanded without caring about the cost.

Very soon, the magic barrier was so large that it almost filled the sky above the Elf Forest.

Then, the green balls of energy vanished.

Even the World Tree had been forced to lower altitudes by the magic barrier.

As a result, Roland’s vision was significantly improved.

Then, he saw dozens of green dragons around his floating city.

All of the dragons were adults and quite enormous.

At first, Roland thought that the World Tree had cooperated with the emerald dragons, one of the five-color dragons.

Under normal circumstances, most people would think that a green dragon was an emerald dragon.

However, those green dragons weren’t emerald dragons, because they didn’t feel evil.

Then, there was only one possibility: they were the primordial dragons among the bronze dragons. The bronze dragons were golden when they were young and just matured, but after they lived more than six hundred years, their scales would turn from golden to green.

Also, those bronze dragons were hovering in a fixed pattern.

They were emitting vague and subtle magic waves too.

Roland could easily tell that they were connecting a magic array. “This is indeed a trick.”

Without hesitation, Roland extracted the tritium bullet from his system Backpack and threw it out in the middle of a magic power tornado.

In fact, it would’ve been faster and more accurate if it were launched by a spatial bubble.

However, spatial magic had been forbidden by the World Tree.

So, he could only adopt the backup plan.

The magic power tornado, covering the blue bullet, fell on the top of the tree’s crown. After a short yet dazzling radiation of light, a gigantic explosion burst out.

Then, someone unusual appeared above the World Tree at the moment of the explosion.

A huge mountain appeared out of nowhere in the air.

It spanned a dozen kilometers and gradually turned from transparent into substantial.

At the same time, the huge mountain had a huge opening

The brilliant explosion suddenly turned a long silver streak of light that disappeared into the gap of the mountain.

The terrifying explosion was gone.

The real appearance of the mountain was revealed.

It was a dragon more than ten kilometers long, with scales glittering under the sunlight.

When his wings were unfolded, they were even bigger than the Elf Forest.

He didn’t even need to flap his wings to float in the sky with his enormous body.

He stared at Roland.

He was exactly a mythical creature and the legendary Dragon God, Bahamut.

So, this was the World Tree’s ultimate trump card?

The recruitment of players to start an internal conflict among the players was just a smoke grenade.

The green dragons were hovering simply to create a magic barrier that could conceal Bahamut’s body.

“It’s indeed a special power.” Bahamut didn’t open his mouth, but his voice echoed throughout the area. “One of his strikes could destroy a kingdom. He has truly affected the balance of the main plane. I didn’t expect that such a genius would emerge among human beings while I slept.”

The World Tree flew to Bahamut’s head.

She looked at Roland with a happy smile on her lips. At the same time, outside the Elf Forest, a lot of space portals appeared where the dimensional anchors didn’t exist.

A tremendous number of golden and black dragons flew out of the portals.

“The world needs balance. Although this human destroyed the balance of the main plane, he’s not a villain.” Bahamut slightly turned his head and looked at the World Tree’s consciousness. “I’ll drag him and his floating city to my plane and keep an eye on him. Sorry, but I can’t kill him.”

The World Tree slightly frowned. “But he just launched such a terrifying attack. Countless elves would’ve died if you weren’t here. Does that not make him a villain?”

“He was only defending himself.” Then, the dragon god focused his eyes on Roland. “Young human, don’t resist. Come with me. The main plane is no longer suitable for you. You’ll be a disaster here.”

Roland had no time to bother with him. He simply grabbed a handful of bullets from the system Backpack.

Then, he threw them at the enormous dragon.

“How can you…”

Bahamut was going to accuse Roland of ungratefulness, but when the bullets exploded, he had to stop talking and keep his mouthful open to absorb the explosions into his throat.

However, two of the bullets escaped his attention.

One of them exploded at his neck, and the other burst out at the center of his right wing.

Immediately, the brilliant explosions caused huge wounds on Bahamut’s neck.

Countless pieces of flesh were torn off. His right wing suffered even more. It was simply broken into halves.

Bahamut moaned in pain. He tumbled to the left and fell.

He was about to fall to the Elf Forest.

His body was so huge that it would be a catastrophe if he crashed. The Elf Forest would be gone. After Bahamut fell for a hundred meters, he was caught by a green magic power net. The World Tree seemed rather helpless.

“You don’t seem as powerful as I thought.”

The golden dragons and the black dragons, seeing that the dragon god was hurt, were silent with disbelief on their faces.

Then, their temporary shock was replaced by fury.

All the dragons were roaring, causing visible soundwaves around the Elf Forest. A lot of small animals died.

Then, the dragons crashed at the floating city like rabid dogs. Roland could heavily wound Bahamut, but faced with such a huge number of strong enemies who were launching suicide attacks, the floating city couldn’t last long. But at this moment, a wall of light appeared in front of the floating city and blocked many golden dragons.

Behind the floating city, a lot of portals appeared out of nowhere.

The black dragons that were flying toward the floating city, caught unprepared, dashed into the portals and disappeared. There was no telling where they were thrown to.

The wall of light in front of the floating city was gone, but the whole thing wasn’t over yet. In the middle of heavenly music, countless angels in white descended from the sky and surrounded the floating city. A pair of beautiful eyes appeared in the sky. They were usually very gentle, but they were filled with coldness at this moment.

She looked at Bahamut. “Dragon god, since when are you qualified to manage things in the main plane?”

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