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Chapter 779 - Killed

Chapter 779 Killed

The surfaces of both Mystra’s and Elyse’s divine realms were smooth and beautiful energy crystals, though different in color. But this divine realm in front of him, not to mention smaller in size than those of the two Lawful goddesses, was made of an uneven gray oily substance on the outside.

It was faintly bubbling and disgusting to look at.

Outside the divine realm of the two goddesses, massive void insects were surrounding them, absorbing the free divine energy.

But there were far fewer void insects here.

Only a handful of insects that looked like flat-headed earthworms drifted slowly around the vicinity of the gray divine realm.

“How do we get in?” asked Andonara with a disgusted expression when she saw the surface of this divine realm.

Regardless of the appearance of a divine realm, it was composed of the power of faith. This energy was powerful, incomparable with normal magical elements.

After some thought, Roland floated five meters off the ground, quickly coalesced a large blue fireball with a three-meter radius, and threw


The fireball caused an optical illusion due to its speed of flight, smashing into the surface of the divine realm like a blinding oval ball.

The explosion was accompanied by a slight flash and a semi-circular blast that just opened up to a radius of less than a hundred meters but inexplicably shrank abruptly and finally disappeared.

It was like turning back time, or like some force had swallowed it. Andonara looked up at Roland with a slightly puzzled gaze. “It should be a special protection mechanism that attracts foreign attacking forces for its own use.” Roland could tell at a glance why the large fireball had just exploded and inexplicably disappeared. “Wouldn’t that be problematic?”

“For the average person, it’s indeed troublesome. The divine realm is actually another version of a floating city, a home and shelter for the gods.” Roland smiled, and from his Backpack, he took out a small blue bullet. “But I also have props that are more powerful.”

A spatial bubble appeared next to him, and then the blue bullet was placed into the spatial bubble.

As the spatial bubble disappeared and immediately reappeared, the bullet jetted out at such a fast speed that even a powerful professional like Andonara, with her extremely high-frame dynamic vision, only caught a glimpse of a long blue shadow. Half a second later, a bright flashing explosion appeared on the surface of the gray divine realm, followed by a blue fire-colored mass taking shape with great speed. Because there was no air in the Astral Plane, the air in the floating city was absorbed next to it using magic, so the explosion of the nuclear blast on the surface of the gray divine realm didn’t form a mushroom cloud, just a violently expanding flame. This was accompanied by a large amount of blackened matter splashing around the Astral Plane, which was the gray surface layer of the divine realm. The nuclear explosion only lasted about five seconds, but it also tore a circular gap in the surface of the gray divine realm, with a radius of at least two kilometers or so. A large amount of air ejected from within the gray divine realm’s interior while the hole was slowly closing Roland flew in on his floating city.

The passageway wasn’t very long, and the walls were still glowing red and hot, with lots of red, lava-like things dripping down from above. But protected by the barrier, these were bounced off to the other side.

Once the floating city flew into this small divine kingdom, Andonara looked around and shook her head slightly.

“It really is the world of an Evil God. There are few signs of life, it’s dim everywhere, and it seems that even the air is filled with a foul smell.”

After seeing the Paradise of Life and how alive it was, Andonara couldn’t stand to look at such a place. Even if this was a small world that could be completely under her control, she would have no interest in it.

Roland looked around and said, “No one has come out to greet us, the Evil God seems to be hiding. He’s probably afraid. Can you find him?”

“Already found it,” Andonara said, finding her target after only a casual glance around.

Licking her luscious red lips, her eyes were fixed somewhere in the air with the excitement of a hunter.

Heroes were born with the ability to see through evil, and the stronger they were, the stronger this ability became. With her right hand, she drew out the Hero’s sword, and with her left hand, she carried the special enchanted spear she had just taken out of the mansion’s space, and at her whim, a blue Immortal Phoenix flame burned on the spear.

“Then proceed as planned.” Roland snapped his fingers repeatedly, casting all enhancement spells he knew on Andonara.

“Understood.” As soon as the words were out of her mouth,

and rushed off into the distance.

Roland, on the other hand, was glowing with a green mist all over, hanging far back. In combat, it never made sense for Mages to rush ahead.

The blue firebird flew incredibly fast, flying over a distance of a hundred and fourteen meters with each flap of its wings.

And that wasn’t even Andonara’s speed at full flight; if she flew at full speed, she could go about another twenty percent faster. With its long, lingering phoenix cry, the blue firebird burst through some transparent, invisible barrier in less than thirty seconds. As the pale gray shards of the barrier broke apart in layers, a huge black shadow let out a furious, pained scream. The firebird rushed through his body and left a huge, burning wound on his abdomen.

And this blue flame that was on the wound showed no signs of going out.

The dark figure quickly split his body into three, the burning part of his abdomen falling through the air.

It didn’t take long for it to smash to the ground and be burned to ashes by the blue flames.

The remaining two parts, however, rejoined and, in a very short time, turned into a black ball and rapidly shrank, ending up as a young man who was all gray and about the size of a normal human.

Bare, he looked angrily at the blue firebird that was ascending in circles in preparation for a dive.

This man was the true form of the Evil God of Suffering. “Deceleration…” He looked grim and held out his hand at the flames.

If he could slow her down, it would be an easier fight.

Unfortunately, just then, a strange force suddenly came from behind him, and in less than a second, the magical elements around the Evil God of Suffering drained away. He turned back to see that it was a Mage with a misty red glow all over his body, pointing a finger at him.

Mage’s Disjunction? Nedsworth, the Evil God of Suffering, twisted his head to look at Roland.


Got to run.

This was the reason why the Evil God of Suffering tried to hide before. A Mage with a floating city was already powerful enough, and he was bound to know very powerful spells as well.

Although Mage’s Disjunction didn’t work on him this time, the Mage would surely cast it a second time and a third time.

Mage had almost unlimited magic power and he could cast Mage’s Disjunction countless times.

Although the success rate was low, if it worked once, then he would disintegrate.

He was, after all, essentially a higher being formed from energy. If he were affected by Mage’s Disjunction, he might even be killed outright in seconds.

He couldn’t stay any longer, so he gritted his teeth and prepared to teleport away, and for that reason, he had even decided to give up on this divine realm.

A Legendary Hero and a Mage who operated a floating city were attacking his home, and a low- to medium-level Evil God like him had no business fighting.

Although his strength would drop drastically after losing the divine realm, it was better than dying. But just as he tried to use Teleportation, he realized that the spell had failed.

Then from Roland’s side, great spatial oppression came. What’s going on?

The Evil God Nedsworth looked past Roland and saw a large number of transparent chains appearing around the floating city in the distance, reaching up to the sky and the ground, like veins connecting heaven and earth.

And the floating city was like a heart.

In reality, when Roland came in, he had secretly used the floating city as the axis to fix the entire space of the divine realm.

What god didn’t know spells to leap through


It was just the difference between specialization and non-specialization.

He had to guard against this.


Nedsworth felt as if he had fallen into a trap.

Damn, are all Mages this sinister? The fear grew in Nedsworth’s mind. In reality, Evil Gods were indeed unholy, but unholy didn’t mean bold and unafraid of death. The current Evil Gods were of a new generation and hadn’t been in many hard fights.

Those who had fought hard fights and dared to cause trouble on the main plane had been taken out by the four main Lawful Goddesses.

The new generation of Evil Gods then hid in the Astral Plane and took advantage of the Lawful Gods’ inability to leave their divine realms to languish in their own divine realms while finding ways to influence the humans of the main plane, harvesting more believers and strengthening themselves. But… now, someone was beating down the door and forcibly invading the divine realm. This was the first time in the history of the gods.

Previously, Mordenkainen and Melf also chased after the Evil Gods to kill them, but that was because the Evil Gods were outside of their divine realms and dared to appear on the main plane.

They didn’t have a record of fighting in the divine realms. In other words, Roland was much more powerful than Mordenkainen and Melf.

He had to find a way to escape.

He had to give up the divine realm.

Nedsworth wasn’t a very strong fighter, but he was quick-witted. He tried to turn and run, then he caught something from the corner of his eye. With great fear and alarm, he pressed forward with his hands, and a gray barrier was produced about ten centimeters in front of his palms.

The blue firebird turned into a streak of light and fell from the sky, as fast as lightning.


A soft, crisp sound rang out. The blue flaming bird’s front beak pecked at the gray barrier. Time seemed to stop for at this instant, and then a violent storm arose between the two.

The storm, which came out of the collision from the terrifying impact, traveled from the air to the ground, and then became a circular blast that swept away all the junk on the ground like a tsunami.

By this time, the blue flames on Andonara’s body had subsided considerably. Her form could now be seen in the flames, and the beak was the spear in her left hand. Because the collision with the barrier was too intense, the spear had broken completely.

After an illusory brief pause in time, Andonara dropped the spear in her left hand, raised the Hero’s sword in her right hand, turned her body, and slashed down heavily at the gray barrier.

It could no longer be described as a slash and was more of a knocking blow.

The tremendous power attached to the longsword caused the barrier to dissolve into pieces in an instant. The Evil God Nedsworth was hammered down as if he were a cannonball, hitting the ground.

There was a loud bang.

The impact formed a huge crater, while the ground around it rapidly collapsed, forming a dense spider web of about three kilometers or So.

Roland was amazed to see this.

Currently, Andonara was much stronger than she was last year.

Andonara then took out another enchanted spear from the mansion’s space and her entire body once again transformed into a firebird.

The Evil God Nedsworth stood up from the bottom of the tens of meters deep, meteorite-like crater and was about to escape when he saw a beautiful, divine firebird descend from the air once again.

Once again, he hurriedly faced the attack. From his spatial storage, he pulled out a black iron shield and put it above himself.

However, the firebird rushed down from the air with great speed, and the tip of the spear all but nudged his shield, but it landed softly and without any force.

The Evil God Nedsworth froze for a moment and then saw the firebird fly away at great speed after contact.

What’s going on?

What’s she doing?

Just as he was puzzled, he suddenly saw a blinding blue light in the air.

As soon as he looked up, he saw a huge fireball with a radius of at least a hundred meters or so pressing down from the sky. It was very, very close to him at this point. The terrible heat and magic vortex made it impossible for him to use his magic well at all, and while he could fly, he couldn’t get out of the range of this super-sized fireball. “Roland, you scumbag!” Nedsworth let out a sorrowful roar of anger. The huge fireball came down on his head.

It was as if the mini-nuke scene had played out again. When the glow of the explosion and the smoke cleared, there was a ring of red lava on the ground.

And right in the center, there was a dark shadow that was constantly reorganizing and disintegrating

All the while letting out a miserable wail.

Taking a shot head-on from the most powerful Self-Destructing Fireball Roland could cast right now was not good, even for a god.

Not to mention that Nedsworth’s fire magic resistance wasn’t quite good. He was in a state where he couldn’t fight right now.

Flying backward, dodging the explosion, the blue firebird did a cobra maneuver, soaring high into the air before swooping down fiercely once more.

This time she used the Hero’s sword.

With blue flames, the tip of the sword nailed through the Evil God’s head, which was so charred and black as to be unrecognizable, and pushed the entire man down heavily into the lava, into the bottom of the pit. The violent impact sent all the molten hot liquid in the lava pool outward, scattering everywhere like countless fireworks blooming in the air. It was dense like the stars in the sky, flying throughout the world and splashing in all directions.

And at the very bottom of the large pit, there was no longer any trace of lava. Nedsworth moved, blue flames searing his entire body, burning so brightly and vigorously that in a few moments he became a raging torch.

A lot of black air drifted out of the flames and finally turned into a ribbon of black mist that floated toward Andonara and entered her body. She felt no discomfort but rather a feeling of comfort. Heroes were all about slaying the forces of evil to grow effectively.

It didn’t take long for the black ribbons of mist to disappear. Andonara took the opportunity to take a dozen steps back, watching the human-shaped torch in silence. Finally, the blue flames followed suit and disappeared, and the Evil God turned into a handful of black ash that fell to the ground. She walked over and raked her longsword through the ashes a few times to find two small, smooth, transparent beads.

One was light gray and one was light cyan. It was like seeing two worlds. They also had an alluring power. Roland descended from the air. “The light cyan one is a fragment of the Whirlwind Divine Spark, let’s just take that one.”

Andonara turned back with a slight smile and said, “Roland, the Evil God is easier to kill than I thought.”

“Because this Evil God is not strong in his own right, and his weakness is too obvious.” Roland leaned down and picked up the light cyan bead. “Let’s go.” “What about this Suffering Divine Spark? You’re not destroying it?” asked Andonara, looking at the ground. “It’s useless. All Divine Sparks are a collection of the emotions of intelligent beings. They can disintegrate or be torn into several pieces, but they just can’t be destroyed. Leave it here. It will take a long time to rebirth a new Evil God of Suffering after this one, an estimated one or two hundred years.” Andonara sighed. “It’s a shame it can’t be dealt with once and for all.” Then the two left. Roland piloted the floating city and left while the large hole in the divine realm hadn’t recovered much. And about half an hour after they left the divine realm, a group of women appeared at the spot where the Evil God had died.

The environment was altered and a large amount of charred black land reeked of smoke and fire.

It all made them panic and walk coweringly.

The leader, Miranda, took a few steps and looked around. She soon saw the small, shiny gray bead on the ground.

Lips red as blood, she licked her lips, subconsciously walked over, and picked the thing up.

She could feel it; it was full of evil.

But it was also full of fatal temptation.

The women around her, all their eyes were on the small gray bead in her hand.

Some old woman among them kept her eyes on the bead and said with difficulty, “Miranda, something is wrong with this thing. We need to throw it away and get out of here.” “I know what it is,” Miranda said, holding it, looking confused. “It’s the Divine Spark of the Evil God. Someone killed it, but for some reason, they didn’t take this.” “Something from the Evil God! Why don’t you throw it away? Do it, Miranda.”

The old woman shifted her eyes away from the small bead with difficulty as she walked over and hugged Miranda, whispering, “Good girl, throw this away or you’ll be doomed. I have that feeling.”

Miranda shook her head. “With this, I’ll be able to send you all back to the main plane.” Everyone had been looking at the little bead, but at those words, everyone’s attention was taken away and they looked at Miranda. The old woman’s lips trembled in shock. “Wait, Miranda, are you trying to… become a god? But this is an Evil God!” “As long as I can send everyone back to the main plane, so what if I become an Evil God!” Miranda revealed a sweet smile at everyone before tossing the Suffering Divine Spark into her mouth.

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