Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 780 - New Gods Are Simple

Chapter 780 New Gods Are Simple

With a gurgle, the Divine Spark was swallowed into her stomach.

Under the surprise and timid stares of the crowd, Miranda suddenly screamed in agony and rolled on the floor, clutching her stomach.

Her face turned extremely pale as a mouthful of blood gushed out of her mouth, spilling everywhere as she rolled around.

The sacrificial women around her panicked and tried to rush over to help.

Before they could even get close, a strange force repelled them all, making them unable to advance even an inch.

And Miranda’s screams became even louder.

At the same time, her body changed. A lump of flesh grew like a soup vapor bubble on her body and then exploded, thick black blood spraying into the air like arrows and falling like rain.

Within a short while, a thick layer of black flesh and blood had piled up on the ground near her body.

Miranda was still alive at this point, and even her physical form hadn’t changed much… apart from the bloody tumors that kept popping up and exploding on her body.

Her screams hadn’t even stopped until now and her voice had become hoarse and weak.

As she kept rolling on the ground, she had long since deviated from her original position, a thick layer of blood staining wherever she passed. If a normal person had bled that much and lost that much flesh, they would have died at least a dozen times already, but Miranda was still alive.

However, she was becoming less and less human, tattered and bulging everywhere except for her face, which was still relatively intact.

And off to the side, the dozens of sacrificial women, each one in tears, tried desperately to get closer to Miranda, but they were blocked by an inexplicable force that prevented them from approaching They fell to their knees in the bloodstains, crying bitterly and berating themselves for their cowardice and powerlessness. Several hours had passed at this point, and the tragedy that took hold of Miranda was still escalating

On her back, there was a blood tumor that hadn’t exploded since it had appeared, and it had even gradually turned into a human face.

From the beginning, there was a vague shape of a face, with the outline of eyes, nose, and mouth. Now, the face was so clear that even the eyes were already moving around.

Miranda knelt on the ground. Her consciousness had begun to drift since the blood tumor had turned into a real human face, and even the pain in her body seemed to have lessened a lot.

But at this point, Miranda’s eyes had very little color left in them.

The human face behind her grew more and more alive, coming to life, and began to open its mouth to speak. “Hey, host, eat a few people. Just eat a few, taste their pain, and you won’t have to suffer so much.”

The voice was sharp and grim, with a strong incendiary edge.

Miranda shook her head. “I… have to protect them.”

“But you’re in pain now. Why should you be in so much pain?”

“I will protect them.”

“I can lend you my power, just take a bite and you won’t have to suffer-really, just eat.”

Miranda still shook her head.

Seeing that it couldn’t talk Miranda into it, the human face’s eyes looked over to the group of sacrifices kneeling and crying nearby. “Hey, your little princess is suffering greatly right now-her soul is dissipating. Don’t you want to save her? Hahaha.”

A grim, shrill laugh in Miranda’s voice, but with an extra chilling evil.

Hearing the sound made by the human face, all the sacrificial women looked at it.

The oldest woman stood up and asked, “What do we have to do to bear Miranda’s pain?”

“Sacrifice, sacrifice. Offer your bodies, and I’ll transfer the pain she’s suffering to you. This way, she’ll suffer a little less, hahaha. Will you do it or not?”

“Of course I will.” The old woman wiped away her tears. “It has always been Miranda who has protected us. Now it is our turn to protect her. What should I do?”

“You need only say: ‘I am willing to be a believer of the Maiden of Pain and to bear for her all the pains and sufferings of the world, and for this purpose, I am willing to give my body and soul.’”

The human face attached to Miranda’s back spoke in a demonic and seductive voice.

Miranda’s eyes were already dull to the point of near-death, but she shook her head slightly anyway. “No… don’t.”

The old woman knelt with joy and made the gesture of prayer. “I am willing to become a believer of the Maiden of Pain and to bear for her all the pains and sufferings of the world, and to offer my body and soul for this purpose.”

As soon as these words were said, the old woman’s entire body swelled up rapidly and exploded into a shower of blood without even a scream.

After a few seconds, the kneeling, bloody skeleton then slowly fell to the ground.

“Hahahahaha… sure is interesting, sure is interesting.” The human face behind her kept rolling her eyes around and around, giving a rather chaotic and frightening feeling. Her voice was full of crazy neuroticism. “Die in pain, scream in agony, twist your souls, share the pain of your little princess, and then become my sustenance, hahahahaha.” Hardly had she said that when a translucent spirit of a young girl appeared above the skeleton, who looked very, very much like the old woman, only she was a little younger. Seeing this soul, the twisted human face froze, then she screamed, “How is it possible, how is it possible! Why is your soul not twisted? With all the terrible pain inflicted on your body and soul, why is your soul not twisted, not filled with hate? Why?!”

The scream was full of disbelief and twisted malice.

The soul of the young girl revealed a smile and walked toward Miranda.

That special power that kept outsiders away didn’t stop the soul. “Stay back, you damn thing, I’m telling you, stay back or I’ll kill this Maiden of Pain who you believe in now.”

The soul of the young girl smiled and continued, moving closer and holding Miranda warmly from the back before slowly surging into her body.


The human face on the back let out a miserable scream, and her voice echoed throughout the divine realm. “It hurts so much, it hurts so much, why does it hurt so much!”

In the corner of each of her eyes, a bloody tear ran down.

And Miranda’s eyes, regaining a bit of color, and her body, which had been about to stop moving, trembled slightly once more.

The offerings saw this and then recited the prayer in unison.

“I am willing to be a believer in the Maiden of Pain…”

“I am willing…”

“I am willing…”

The same prayer was recited and explosions sounded one after another.

Countless bodies of flesh and blood flew apart like beautiful red flowers scattering.

A transparent and exalted soul appeared in their places, then slowly walked toward Miranda.

Watching these souls approaching with a smile, the human face panicked and screamed in terror, “Don’t come over here, don’t come over here!”

Yet these souls turned a deaf ear, and one by one, they looked tenderly at Miranda and merged into her. With each soul that entered, the human face took on a smaller appearance, and by the time the last soul merged, the human face behind her had disappeared completely.

Miranda’s body became intact again, even healthy.

Her skin glowed a faint red, but it was warm and divine and didn’t carry any hint of evil.

The dimly-lit divine realm was also gradually becoming brighter.

There were even green sprouts, slowly burrowing out of the gray and black earth.

Miranda opened her eyes and looked around at the bloody bones that had fallen to the ground, teardrops falling one by one.

Tears filled with divine luster fell, turning into the rapid growth of green thorns.

The thorns wrapped around her smooth body and transformed into a long, pale green dress of lime thorns.

“From this day forward, I am Miranda, the Maiden of Pain, willing to bear all the spiritual pain for all the women in the world who grieve because of love, affection, and who are maliciously hurt by others. Those who believe in me, their physical pain will never touch their souls, and kind and gentle women will always have my protection. After death, their souls will come to live in my divine realm.”

She looked at the dozen or so bloody bones, and in a soft, gentle voice, spoke her conviction.

In an instant, the entire divine realm became completely bright.

Countless green grasses and fruit trees grew on the earth, and a river appeared out of nowhere and took shape.

The dozen or so skeletons turned into the most beautiful red maple trees, swaying slightly in the wind.

Miranda’s voice echoed not only in the divine realm but also throughout the world.

The gods listened attentively, some rejoicing, some surprised, and some with wicked smiles.

And all the intelligent beings of the world heard the gentle maiden voice, and many women who were suffering for various reasons found their harbor and knelt in ecstasy to offer devotional prayers.

Naturally, Roland heard the nice girlish voice.

He was a little surprised. “The Suffering Divine Spark was forcibly turned into a Lawful Divine Spark?”

As a Mage, he was all too aware of just how terrible the malice attached to the Evil Divine Spark was.

Even as a Legendary Mage, he didn’t dare touch that thing even if he still had a floating city outside. But now someone bent this thing straight?

Was it a god, or some other unknown powerhouse who had secretly stayed in the Divine Realm of Suffering and picked up the Divine Spark that he had thrown away?

Just as he was speculating wildly, the voice of Elyse, the Life Goddess, suddenly rang out in his head.

“Roland, go quickly near the Divine Realm of Suffering and protect the newborn Lawful Goddess. I reckon there will be Evil Gods who have thoughts about her. She shouldn’t have declared her existence in such a hurry.”

The equality contract on Roland’s chest was glowing faintly. This thing was made by Roland and conferred telepathy to the users, as long as both souls were on the same height.

Roland and Andonara also had an equality contract but they couldn’t do that yet either, as the two of them hadn’t had divine intercourse.

In this respect, the gods were more advantageous.

For they were a type of soul themselves and even counted as energy beings.

Roland didn’t hesitate to return to the main plane and then teleported near the Divine Realm of Suffering.

Then Roland was surprised to find that the appearance of the Divine Realm of Suffering had changed.

The surface of the planet, which had originally been a greasy gray mass, had turned a rather festive red, and the surface structure was the same smooth and beautiful crystalline as the Paradise of Life and the Divine Realm of Magic.

Many astral insects had gathered around it They were most sensitive to energy, and they could feel what kind of divine power was beneficial to them from a distance.

Roland looked at the red planet that was the divine realm and was a little troubled. How was he going to get in?

Teleportion? Impossible! The barrier of the divine realm itself possessed the effect of blocking teleportation spells.

Make a hole with a nuclear bomb?

Even less possible. He was here to protect the new goddess, not to make enemies.

Just as he was thinking about how to contact the new god, a young girl suddenly appeared in the sky above the floating city.

She had long dark red hair and wore a long green thorn dress, and also carried a long green thorn whip in her hand.

The young girl was in a vacuum, pointing a long whip that had been coiled several times at Roland. Her mouth did not move, but her cold voice carried, “I am Miranda, the Maiden of Pain. Who are you and what are you doing here?”

Andonara stood at Roland’s side to protect him.

“I am Roland, and the Life Goddess has sent me to protect you,” said Roland with a smile.

The young girl didn’t seem too convinced, but her expression eased a lot when she saw Andonara who was beside Roland.

She looked at Roland’s floating city and said, “Can you remove this outside layer? I’d like to go down and talk to you guys face to face.”

Did she not know about magic barriers?

Roland was a little surprised, but removed the barrier, waited for the red-haired girl to enter, and put it up again.

The young woman landed in front of both Roland and Andonara and smiled. “Thank you for being willing to come and protect me.” Her smile was full of tenderness and tolerance.

“You trust us so quickly?” asked Andonara, a little surprised.

“You smell of happiness, not a hint of pain or suffering.” The young girl pointed to Andonara’s heart. “I am the protector of women, and a man who can make a woman happy is definitely not a bad person in my opinion.”

Andonara smiled, as she was indeed happy now.

Roland scratched his head. This new god seemed a bit innocent?

Miranda turned to look around the floating city and said, “That’s an interesting thing you have, connecting with your soul and making you extremely strong. Could I learn it?”

“You don’t know about floating cities?” asked Roland, somewhat surprised.

“I used to be just the daughter of a small country’s noble, I haven’t seen much of the world.” Miranda looked embarrassed. “And I have very few followers now.”

The knowledge and power of the gods were directly related to the number of believers.

Just how did such a simple new god turn the Suffering Divine Spark into a lawful one?

Shouldn’t it be easy to fall prey to malicious temptations without a solid outlook?

Can’t figure it out! This psychology stuff is so complicated.

Roland muttered inwardly and said, “Ms. Miranda, we’ll talk about the matter of the floating city later. In reality, you shouldn’t leave the divine realm on your own accord.”


“The divine realm is the barrier that protects the gods, and only in the divine realm can your strength be complete,” Roland explained. “But the divine realm is to be inhabited later, and won’t a battle in it kill or injure my divine citizens?”

Roland was speechless.

“Oh right, my divine realm has no divine citizens right now.” Miranda once again showed an embarrassed expression. “I’ll open an entrance for you to drive this in. It just so happens that I have a lot of things that I want to ask you. Since you’re a friend of the Life Goddess, I’m sure you know how to be a good god.”

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