Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 778 - Forcing the Door Open

Chapter 778 Forcing the Door Open

After he finished speaking, the atmosphere was a bit stiff.

After all, his murderous aura was too heavy just now. Then, Ma Huajun took the initiative to ease the atmosphere. “But based on your performance in the game, I guess you’re also someone who will not be interested in the evil Divine Sparks.”

Roland smiled impassively. No one would feel comfortable after being threatened out of the blue.

This was still the case even if he’d been allowed to become super-powered.

Seeing this, Ma Huajun continued, “Now that you want to go further, the floating city is one factor, and purifying your soul is another factor.”

The other man was clearly showing goodwill, and Roland wasn’t all that angry, so he backed down and asked, “So, what’s your reason for going out of your way to destroy me and Schuck’s dreams and make us superhumans, and why did you throw people into that world?”

“Drill troops.”

“Drill troops?” Roland looked stunned, then his expression became serious. “Who is our enemy?”

Roland couldn’t imagine what kind of enemy required the mass production of superhumans to be able to fight them.

“With your current growth rate, you will soon find out.”

After Ma Huajun said this, he sank into the ground and disappeared.

The cement ground still showed no signs of disturbance, and this burrowing was honestly not much worse than Teleportation when used to escape.

Roland froze in place, contemplating.

Although the two talked for a short time, Ma Huajun still revealed a lot of information.

Trying to extrapolate could yield uncertain, frustrating information.

Just as Roland was lost in thought, a few security personnel suddenly came running up behind him. They were all relieved to see Roland.

“What’s wrong?” Roland turned around and couldn’t help but speak up when he saw them looking tense. “The cameras here were all blurred,” the leading security officer said, somewhat alarmed. “And as you were walking here at that time, we were really afraid that something had happened to you.” Roland smiled. “I tested a spell just now, and it might have been affected by this.”

Since Ma Huajun blurred the cameras when he came out, it was clear that he did not want other people to know that he had been here, so Roland naturally helped cover it up.

The security personnel finally put their minds completely at ease.

Roland then returned to his quarters and entered the virtual cabin to play.

On the next day, he returned to the western base in a special car.

When they saw him return, the researchers, led by Su Minluo, all sighed in relief.

Su Minluo even smiled, which she rarely did. “Director, you’re finally back. I thought you were over there having too much fun and forgot about us.” “It’s not like they’re going to arrange for pretty girls and singing and dancing for me over there, so how can I possibly be having too much fun.”

The crowd all burst out laughing in unison.

With Roland back, the researchers were very content as their previous research could resume.

Oftentimes, whether the research was productive or not didn’t mean much, but it was important to have research projects to do so one wouldn’t be so bored.

The researchers who made it to this base were the elite, all with a curious heart for all things in the world.

Roland continued on with a balanced and disciplined life of research.

Meanwhile, in the game, he rebuilt the “food” virtual Divine Spark.

He had to build it. Not to mention whether Andonara could access the mansion space, this affected her safety when fighting the Evil Gods.

More importantly, Andonara’s cooking wasn’t as delicious without a connection to the food Divine Spark.

Roland was spoiled and no longer really wanted to eat food that tasted average if not for a specific reason.

After the virtual Divine Spark was created, Andonara could borrow Roland’s magic power. Now that she also believed in the Goddess of Magic, many spells were available to her.

It was just that she suffered from her own low reserves of magic power. After all, she was a Warrior.

But after linking to Roland’s virtual Divine Spark, she could mobilize Roland’s magic power.

It was equivalent to an external magic power pack.

Theoretically, Roland’s magic power was infinite.

So her magic power was also infinite.

The next step was to build equipment. The Evil Gods were unholy, so the magic attributes of light and life attached to equipment would surely be a bonus in lethality against them. The armor was imbued with a Magic Shield, a passive type.

Then a large number of scrolls were stored in the mansion space, so that the two could easily access them for emergencies.

The two armed themselves to the teeth.

They couldn’t fight an Evil God without this kind of seriousness.

Nia saw how the two of them looked and knew what they were planning to do.

She wanted to follow them.

But Roland shook his head. “I want you to protect Delpon. It’s hard to say how long I’ll be gone, and in case an enemy comes… I’ll have a hard time getting back quickly to save the day. So, someone I can trust has to stay here.” “Okay.” Nia patted her chest, two fat globes bouncing and bumping around like tethered balloons. “Since you believe in me so much, I’ll listen to you and stay here.”

She was an angel that was easy to coax.

But only those she trusted were good at coaxing her; she rarely spoke to strangers and appeared icy and condescending in front of them.

Preparing everything he could think of, Roland took Andonara aboard the floating city and then flew to the border between the main plane and the Astral Plane.

The two stood in the square, looking at the dark Astral Plane overhead and the stars that filled the sky, both slightly excited.

Andonara asked, “Who is the first target? What are their weaknesses?”

“The Evil God of Suffering,” Roland said after a moment’s thought. “According to the information given to me by the Goddess of Magic, this Evil God should be the easiest for the two of us to deal with when we join forces.”

“He’s weak?”

“Strong, actually. One that ranks at the top amongst the Evil Gods.” Roland smiled. “But he’s less resistant to fire magic. Keep in mind that both of us are good at playing with fire.”

“I think there is something in your words.” Andonara walked over, held Roland’s hand, and smiled charmingly. “Want to play with fire before the big battle?”

“Yes, it’s fine.” Roland thought about it and said, “But don’t let the Goddess of Magic possess you again, it’ll scare the hell out of


“Why do I feel like you are deliberately reminding me to let her possess me,” Andonara said jealously.

“No such thing,” Roland replied instantly.

In the Divine Realm of Suffering, the Evil God Nedsworth was refining the neutral Divine Spark fragment he had snatched: Whirlwind.

It was supposed to be the Goddess of Storms’ Divine Spark, but for some reason, a fragment had been left in the Astral Plane and was found and picked up by him.

Also because of this, the Goddess of Storms’ Divine Spark wasn’t complete, and her strength was middling among the Neutral Gods.

In contrast, the Water Goddess’s Divine Spark was not only complete, but also included four parts: ocean, river, rain, and ice.

However, the four Divine Sparks were incompatible with each other, resulting in a bit of a problem with her intelligence…

So she was obviously very strong, but she couldn’t completely unleash her strength.

She was sort of a disgrace and oddity amongst the Neutral Gods.

It was difficult for an Evil God to condense a Neutral Divine Spark.

But Nedsworth was not without a clue; in reality, in the hundred years or so since he got the Whirlwind Divine Spark, he had refined a third of the fragment.

This made his strength grow tremendously.

Even his own small divine realm had become much more solid.

Playing with the fragment of the Whirlwind Divine Spark in his hand, he was in a somewhat sour mood.

The Brutalization Divine Spark fragment that Roland had thrown out earlier had passed by and flew not far from him, and he had failed to

grab it.

A dozen Evil Gods chased and fought after it, and the fragment went missing somehow.

But all the Evil Gods knew that someone must have hidden that thing, because the Divine Spark fragment was not so easy to refine into their own Divine Sparks.

This was true even for powers of the Evil Gods.

Thinking about the fragment of the Divine Spark that had passed him by, he became more and more frustrated.

Then he reached out and grabbed as a young girl’s figure appeared in front of him.

This young girl looked beautiful, but her eyes were listless and she had obviously lost consciousness. Nedsworth didn’t care. He reached out and closed his hands in the air, and the young girl’s right hand suddenly snapped off, then flew into his palm and was lifted by him.

Then he chewed up this beautiful white arm.

The sounds of sharp teeth tearing flesh and skin rang out.

The young girl with the severed arm had no expression on her face. She had been bleeding profusely from the stump of her arm, and in less than ten seconds, the blood had soaked through half her body’s clothing, and even the ground was covered with a small pool of black and red blood.

The young girl’s eyes were still listless but her face was getting whiter and whiter and even her lips had lost their color.

Her body swayed more and more, as if she would collapse in the next second.

At this time, Nedsworth finally finished the whole arm, and then he pointed at the young girl.

An evil power sealed the stump of the young girl’s arm and even began to help her heal and regenerate the severed limb.

With one more casual wave of his hand, the young girl disappeared, and the puddle of blood on the ground did as well.

After eating some human flesh, the Evil God Nedsworth finally felt a little happier. He continued to refine the Whirlwind Divine Spark in his hands.

And the young girl was transported back to the ground of the divine realm.

The Divine Realm of Suffering was a desolate and extremely badly lit, cold world, without a single water source. The young girl walked numbly on this earth. She was surrounded by cracked lumps of dry ground.

It wasn’t until she walked to a large, black, dead tree that her eyes regained some life.

With one hand, she pushed aside a rock with difficulty, revealing a hole. She wormed in.

Soon, under the eerie white light in a large cellar, a group of people came into view

From old to young, people of all ages.

But all were women.

These women were the tributes that the followers of the Evil God on the main plane sacrificed to Nedsworth.

Hundreds of years of continuous accumulation, the number was at least in the ten thousands.

But most of them died of old age or committed suicide.

Only a few tough-minded or newly-sacrificed young girls continued to survive.

As soon as the young girl returned, many people immediately greeted her.

One of them was an old woman who looked at her hand heartily and said sadly, “That Evil God has eaten your flesh again. Does it hurt?”

The girl nodded.

“Thank you for taking on so much pain for us, Miranda.” Teary-eyed, the old woman stroked the stump of the young girl’s arm.

The others also sighed.

The Evil God was using these young girls as snacks.

But lately, Nedsworth was prone to eating the arm of this young girl after noticing that her meat was getting tastier.

He ate her slowly and didn’t kill her.

In the past, he would have allowed the offering to bleed to death.

No treatment would have been given at all.

“Send over the bucket and the ingredients, I still have to bathe myself and soak up some moss essence.” Miranda smiled weakly and said, “I’m weak now and need nourishment. It’s more efficient to soak it up this way and better for taste.”

“How about someone else?” the old woman said tearfully. “If you continue to be eaten like this, I’m afraid your mind won’t be able to bear it.”

“It’s okay. Coming to this place, I’ll die sooner or later anyway. I’ll use my body to give everyone more time; it’s worth it.”

This time it was only the arm that was eaten, but Nedsworth eventually switched to other parts.

Sometimes it was the leg, sometimes it was the belly, and sometimes it was the liver.

Sometimes it was even the heart.

The offering only had to be saved on the verge of death, and then regenerate their severed limbs or internal organs.

While not specializing in medical abilities, that was something that the Evil Gods could do.

It had been two years since Miranda was sacrificed to this world.

Before, she was just an ordinary lowly nobleman’s daughter, and because of her beauty, she was quietly taken away by the Evil God’s believers and sacrificed to the Divine Realm of Suffering.

Then she was put into this cellar.

This place was slowly chiseled out by the first few dozen sacrifices.

There was no water on the surface, but there was a little underground.

Besides, in the underground, they didn’t need to experience the biting cold winds that eroded the Divine Realm of Suffering.

And there was a moss that grew underground and glowed, which they used as a light source. There were also several mosses that could be eaten. Though they didn’t taste good, they filled the stomach.

This was why they could survive here.

Then she accidentally discovered that Nedsworth particularly favored eating women who ate a certain kind of moss.

So she ate this moss specifically, and surely… now the Evil God was only interested in her flesh alone.

The crowd escorted Miranda back into the depths of the cellar and gave her the largest and most comfortable bed covered with dried moss to sleep on. “When is this going to end.” The old woman sitting on the edge of the bed sighed. “I want to die so badly, but I’m afraid of death.”

“Hang in there. As long as you live, there is always hope.” Miranda, who was sleeping on the bed, took the old woman’s hand and said, “There is nothing wrong with this place except that it is cramped and we can’t eat well. We can still survive, and one day, the Heroes and the knights will charge to this evil place and finish off the Evil God, just like the legends in the books.”

“That’s all a lie,” the old woman said confusedly. “Heroes and knights will only save people in the main plane, and we are in a divine realm….”

Just then, the entire earth shook violently.

They thought at first that the Evil God was angry again. Every time the Evil God became angry, the world would shake chaotically for a while.

But then they realized that this time the shaking was different… The source of the tremor was outside, and more importantly, the shaking was so great that they couldn’t even stand up and all fell to the ground.

What’s going on?

All the offerings looked at each other in confusion.

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