Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 766 - Physical Destruction

Chapter 766 Physical Destruction

Cornucopia was quite wealthy. Charles acquired several adjacent lands and merged them into one large base.

It was a little bigger than the Association of Mages Roland established.

It was arguably the largest private property other than the mayor’s residence.

And there was a treasury of Cornucopia here.

This small fireball came down and the violent explosion seemed like a thunderbolt from the clear sky that could be heard through Wetland City.

One could even feel the faint vibration of the ground.

Then black smoke rose from Cornucopia’s base.

When the people nearby rushed over, they saw that the originally rather imposing Cornucopia base had become a ruin, clear smoke billowing skyward.

Then Roland’s figure turned bright red in the players’ field of vision, a sign of a player who had killed many others.

At the time of the explosion, Charles was holding a temporary guild meeting.

The blast took out almost all of the guild’s top brass in one fell swoop.

Except for a certain logistics head who was out shopping for merchandise with a few players. Roland flew back to the mayor’s residence, and Schuck looked at his red figure and laughed. “Awesome. Imposing.”

“It’s just PK. Anyway, the red name will be washed away with time.” Roland smiled unconcernedly. “What’s there to be afraid of?”

“Not afraid of being mobbed?”

“At worst, I’ll hide in the floating city and then ascend to the Astral Plane. Who can kill me then?” Roland put on an arrogant look! Using the toughest tone, he said the most cowardly words.

Schuck shook his head, rather amused. “I don’t know what’s wrong with that man Charles. Is he really thinking that influence in reality can completely penetrate into this game? There’s no one on the Internet who wants to side with him.”

“To be able to grow Cornucopia to its current size, he’s actually quite capable,” Roland commented fairly.

Schuck shook his head helplessly. “I’ll be staying here for a while, spending time with my uncle and teaching him some general knowledge about the game, so if you have anything to do, you can go ahead and do it. I’ll watch over Wetland City. Don’t worry.”

“If there’s anything, just contact me.” Roland did want to get back to the capital of Fareins and get the master builders back to work.

Without the infrastructure on the floating island in place, it wouldn’t be very convenient for him to construct magic arrays on it, and he wouldn’t be able to find a chance to put in the newly acquired fragment of Divine Spark.

Something as powerful as the Divine Spark fragment could easily react negatively with the Magic Grid Core if it wasn’t protected and suppressed by an adequate magic array.

“Don’t worry, there are a lot of light believers and light priests in Wetland City. If something really happens, I’ll command these forces, and Cornucopia will be directly crushed.”

Roland smiled.

Indeed, in terms of ability to gather forces, Schuck was probably the strongest of all the players.

The two chatted for a while longer. Roland was about to leave when Charles came over with a group of people.

Most of them were from Cornucopia, and a small number were the more famous content creators who specialized in earning a living by livestreaming a wide variety of gameplay.

Seeing the clattering crowd blocking the door, Roland’s and Schuck’s expressions turned odd, smiling with some contempt.

Charles saw Roland and came over with his legs stomping heavily on the ground. His face was tinged with anger as he bellowed, “Roland, what do you mean by this! How dare you destroy our entire base. You compensate…”

Roland reached out and snapped his fingers, and a bolt of lightning turned Charles directly into charcoal, not giving him any time to react.

At this time, Charles had already dropped from level ten to level nine, while Roland was level 16, and with the various titles and the attribute bonuses from the top-notch equipment, he had truly formed a suppression in terms of level.

A normal lightning bolt would have been overkill for Charles.

Looking at Charles’s charred corpse with bulging eyes on the ground, the imposing group of people all froze. Of course, several content creators who were in charge of the livestream recorded what had just happened, and then relayed it to the livestream.

There was an uproar in several livestreams.

Lots of shouts of approval.

Many people just shouted “Awesome!” and “What a decisive kill.”

Of course, there were a very small number of comments saying that Roland was too murderous, arrogant, and unreasonable. And then these people were rebutted.

The senior members of Cornucopia were silent for a while. In a desperate attempt to maintain morale, a deputy chairman stepped forward and shouted, “Roland, if you have the guts, kill us all.”

Roland twitched his eyebrows and raised his right hand at that moment, blue lightning clusters coalescing in his hand.

Most players were both unafraid and afraid of death.

After all, the higher the level, the more experience was lost upon death.

The group was then instantly frightened and backed up or quickly dodged.

Looking at their panicked looks, Roland laughed disdainfully.

Most of the players in Cornucopia were casual professions, and their current levels were all brought up by paying other elites.

So they didn’t have a strong will to fight.

And the panicked looks of these people were relayed to the livestream.

It made a lot of netizens snicker… “You can’t beat him. When he just raises his hand, you’re scared and act wimpy like this.”

Roland dropped his hand, shrugged, and then spread his hands in a rather mocking way.

The group, who had been scared and dodged, was also flushed with embarrassment.

They were so embarrassed and didn’t dare to rush up, so when Roland looked at them, he lost interest.

In contrast, although Silver Wings had done things unethically before, they had the courage to fight against him.

They died whilst charging.

He then shot a look at Schuck, meaning he was leaving the place to the other him.

Just as he was about to leave, Roland saw Charles approaching angrily from across the street.

Now Charles was so angry that his mentality had gone haywire. As a victim, he went to Roland to ask for compensation and an explanation, but Roland didn’t say a word and killed him silently yet again!

You can do whatever you want because you have power?

Is there any justice in this?

Are there still laws?

At this point, he had completely put himself in the position of the victim, the underdog. As he walked over, he pointed at Roland and shouted, “You son of a b***h, just because you think you’re impressive because you’re high-level-kill me back to level zero if you


The roar paired with the way he pointed at Roland while walking angrily over to him was quite imposing

Roland then blinked and teleported to him, grabbing him directly by the face with his right hand.

Thunder Palm was released… Charles instantly became toast again.

Then Roland walked toward the Church of Life not far away.

When the city was built, Betta had purposely built the Church of Life next to the mayor’s residence in order to make it easier for the players to surround and protect the mayor’s residence as well as the Wetland City.

So the city’s resurrection point was only about fifty meters from the mayor’s residence.

A group of content creators in charge of the livestreaming immediately followed, their keen reporter’s intuition telling that what was to come was definitely eye-catching and traffic-producing Although they were hired by Charles, what happened to the employer didn’t matter if there was traffic.

No one could stop them from making money.

That was probably their mindset.

Watching Roland’s back as he walked toward the Church of Life, Schuck smiled in relief.

He and Roland grew up together and he knew well Roland’s nature, which consisted of a strong desire for vengeance.

Since childhood, F6 had been in several group fights that were actually encouraged by Roland. It was only later, after reading more books, that Roland gradually came to understand a lot about ethics, which suppressed his nature. He became less argumentative.

But just because his nature was suppressed didn’t mean it went away.

Schuck inwardly wished Charles good luck before going into the mayor’s residence and continuing to talk to this uncle about the things he should be aware of in the game. Roland arrived at the entrance to the Church of Life just in time to bump into Charles, who was rushing out in his simple rebirth clothes.

Charles also saw him.


Charles rushed up, yelling with red eyes.

He was so full of humiliation that he was almost about to explode on the spot.

Teleportation, head grabbing, and Thunder Palm.

The movement was extremely fluid, and in less than a second, there was another charred corpse on the ground.

Roland stepped over the charred corpse and continued inside the Church of Life.

The content creators who were in charge of the livestreaming in the back were shaking all over with excitement, and each of them shouted “Holy sh*t!” as they continued to catch up.

Roland arrived at the altar of the Church of Life just in time to see Charles climbing up from it. Another flurry of blows pinned Charles directly to the altar, electrocuting him into a charred corpse.

Then Roland grabbed Charles’s head and flung his corpse to the side.

He continued to wait at the altar.

Resurrection took time, and there was usually a thirty-second confirmation period.

Thirty seconds later, a sleeping figure appeared on the altar.

Roland didn’t hesitate to press his hand on it, electrocuting the man to charcoal and tossing him aside.

Thirty seconds later, a familiar figure appeared on the altar again.

“Roland, you motherf**ker!”

Half a second later, he turned into toast and was flung aside.

“I **** your mother.” A scorched corpse and thrown aside.

“Roland, you…”

Roland continued to toss the charred corpse aside expressionlessly. “Ah, If you’ve got it in you, really…”

The corpse was thrown to the side again.

The content creators next to him, each with their mouths wide open, didn’t know how to interpret the situation in front of them.

Many NPC priests in the Church of Life hurried over, and they all gulped in fear as they watched Roland throwing corpses aside one by one, as someone kept being resurrected on the altar.

“Kill me back to level zero if you can!”

He continued to turn into toast. “Keep going, come on.” The corpse was thrown aside.

“Don’t stop if you dare.”

Roland didn’t speak, still throwing corpses.

Seconds passed, and the entire sacred altar hall was filled with the smell of roasted meat and burned flesh.

In the corner next to it, there were black corpses piled as high as a small mountain.

The altar hall was usually relatively wide, but now these corpses stacked more than three meters high, and even took up most of the space.

How many charred corpses were there-seven hundred, or a thousand?

The content creators had already backed away uncontrollably. And the priests of life had even retreated completely outside, not daring to watch any further.

They didn’t want to get involved in the disputes of these undying monsters.

Tossing another charred corpse to the side, Roland took out a white hand towel from his Backpack and wiped his right hand.

At this time, Charles revived again and sat up.

His eyes were red and he was laughing madly while shouting, “Why don’t you kill me anymore, come on, go on, you don’t even dare to kill me when I’m just sitting here? Pui, you coward. If you are afraid, kneel down and call me father, do you hear me?”

“Already killed you back to level zero.” Roland grinned.

Charles froze.

Roland raised his left hand, and the white handkerchief just now covered Charles’s head, covering his entire face like a corpse-covering cloth.

Then he slowly walked out of the altar hall… Behind him, the crazy howls of Charles could be heard!

Like the twisted, unexplained roars of a psychopath before they had a fit.

And in the livestream, the comments became very odd.

There was little talk about the matter of Roland killing Charles back to level zero, only that some people were asking questions. “Roland now looks dark red, but does anyone really dare to go and kill him and steal his equipment? According to the principle that the chances of drops become higher with a red name, if Roland dies once, I reckon that the divine artifacts placed in his Backpack will fall out.”

“A wild boss is indeed a big temptation, but I don’t dare. I don’t want to be killed back to level zero.”

“I roughly calculated that if Roland were part of a dungeon, it’d probably be a nightmare level. What’s more, he has a floating city and can fly everywhere. The dungeon range would be the entire world, and once he uses guerrilla warfare, no one can kill him.”

“You guys are awesome, you actually want to kill Roland… like I wouldn’t do that, at most I would want to join the ranks of the Mages.”

“Oh, if you can’t beat them, join them. You, sir, are the finest fence-sitter.”

“I’m flattered.”

In any case, a video was made of Roland blocking the resurrection point to kill Charles back to level zero, and some people were even already planning to include it in the “chronicles” of the game. After all, it was a landmark event now.

It was a big deal, both for the game World of Falan itself and for the domestic gaming scene as a whole.

In games, killing someone back to level zero was all banter or bravado.

But Roland really killed someone back to level zero and was cold-faced, cool, and arrogant the whole time.

After exiting the Church of Life, Roland returned to the floating city and then flew over to the capital of Hollevin.

He found Antis. “What are you planning to do by flying the floating city over the capital?” said Antis with a look of difficulty and helplessness. “It is true that the king has now found a new lover, beautiful and capable of fighting. But please, will you leave him alone and stop stealing his women?” Roland curled his lips. “I need you to cut off your cooperation with Cornucopia, all of it, okay?”

“Okay, no problem.” Antis agreed without hesitation.

“No conditions?” Roland asked curiously.

“You don’t let that thing up there come down on us, that’s the best deal for all.” Antis pointed to the roof.

“I owe you one, then.” Roland smiled.

“Great deal.” Antis winked, raising the glass of fruit wine with excitement and taking a large sip.

After leaving Antis’s place, Roland went to the Association of Mages to get them involved in commercial competition against Cornucopia. He went to the Guild of Bards and asked them to launch a campaign against Cornucopia. Then he went to the Assassin’s Guild and offered 500 gold coins to assassinate all the senior members of Cornucopia.

At a price of one gold coin per head.

The task was over when they got the heads of 500 people from the top brass of Cornucopia.

The Assassins Guild excitedly took this big order on, while promising to give Roland, a great quality customer, a discount. They decided to cut off a hundred more heads.

Roland smiled. He didn’t believe that Cornucopia would be able to go on with this many deaths.

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