Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 765 - Does It Need Your Recognition?

765 Does It Need Your Recognition?

If Roland’s floating city overseeing Wetland City could make people’s hearts fearful, but not yet make them lose their ability to resist…

Then Schuck’s appearance was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

The huge red dragon flew outside the city. Compared to before, Margret was more than a size larger and looked more intimidating.

It wasn’t much that there was a red dragon, but after this red dragon appeared, a silver dragon suddenly flew down from above the floating city.

It was much larger than the red dragon, and the two dragons hovered in the air and roared at each other for a long time, then separated again. The red dragon landed in the wild, while the silver dragon returned to the floating city above.

Almost everyone in the city saw the two dragons hovering.

The NPCs of the game world were naturally terrified. Since ancient times, both lawful metal dragons and five-colored dragons represented natural disasters for them.

Two dragons fighting each other and spitting random meteors down would be no different from world-ending fire for ordinary people.

They were dead if they touched it anyway.

So the NPCs looked at the two dragons roaring around in the air, afraid that they would fight.

The reaction of the players, on the other hand, was much more interesting.

Many restless people stopped certain thoughts, and in the forums, the discussion about the dragons had grown more and more.

Begging for Roland’s contact information, I want a dragon to ride too.

There were a lot of replies to the post. “Actually, I’d like to as well, but how do you know Roland’s silver dragon is also a female?”

“Look at the exterior form, that slim streamlined shape. At a glance, it’s a female. The male dragons are much bulkier.”

“Damn, why are all F6’s members becoming dragon riders? Do they have some kind of trick?”

“Schuck is simply handsome. He probably doesn’t have any tricks. I reckon Roland does.”

“Roland has, my a**. He’s just strong and has a floating city, and when converted into land, how much money do you think he has? Not to mention the dragons, even goddesses would be moved by Roland.”

“Oh sh**, I think you make a good point.”

“But we could try asking Roland and Schuck where else there are female dragons that can take human form, no matter how few there are.”

“You perverts, you can’t get enough of cat people, dog people, and succubi just around the corner, and now you’re hitting on dragons?”

“Then again, whether it’s the cat people, dog people, or a succubus, they all seem to be a perk that Roland brought us.” “Well… indeed. When I think of it that way, Roland is really a great guy. I’ve decided that as long as Roland doesn’t take things too far in the future, I’ll always support him.”

“That’s true… the equality contract was made by him. I love the succubus at home so much. It was Roland who gave me love. I’ve also decided to support him in the future. To hell with Cornucopia.”



The original post was to ask how to get Roland to teach people how to contact the dragon girls, but it turned out to be a big supporter party in the end.

Some people tried to change the narrative but couldn’t do so at all.

Seeing one floating city and two dragons, the vast majority of the players had given up the idea of toppling F6.

But in the end, some were still undeterred, and hired paid commenters to spam posts; however, O’Neal, the deputy chairman of the players’ Association of Mages then made a post.

Between Roland and Cornucopia, I’m on Roland’s side.

The post read something like this:

“Wetlands City was Betta’s, he was an F6 member himself, and his growth must have had a lot to do with everyone in F6 helping each other out. Maybe F6 had a lot to do with him getting Wetland City.

“That aside, I’d still prefer Roland, or someone from F6, to be the mayor of the city if we really want someone else to take over Wetland City.

“The reason is simple. From the start of the game until now, we Mages have been helped greatly by Roland, and Roland has also provided a lot of convenience and benefits to everyone, even the extremely convenient teleportation array right now, as far as I know, is actually Roland’s work, not to mention everyone’s nonhuman wife. “And what did Cornucopia do?

“Push up prices?

“Hoard materials?

“I still especially remember the ugly face Cornucopia showed when they monopolized a large number of magic materials in Hollevin a few years ago.

“At that time, how much did a basic Healing scroll cost? How many times did it go up?

“They also later tried to monopolize the equipment industry.

“All the same, Roland beat them down.

“Who can guarantee that these back-buying capitalists won’t take things too far when they become the rulers of Wetland City?

“We’ve all studied ideology and politics and know exactly what the capitalists will look like once they gain power!

“That’s why I support Roland.”

This post got a lot of people’s approval.

After all, Cornucopia did do some pretty disgraceful things in previous years. The Internet has a memory, not to mention that at that time, Cornucopia did slightly touch the wallets of most players. Although it wasn’t much pain, it would still leave a shallow scar on those ordinary players.

Normally it would fade away, but when they unconsciously saw the scar, it would still bring things back to mind.

O’Neal had a pretty good reputation among players and his posts resonated with many.

Indeed, Roland at least knew how to help and give back to ordinary players, but what did Cornucopia do?

It turned out that on the forum, public opinion leaned toward Roland, and O’Neal’s heartfelt message pushed the players toward Roland’s side even more.

Charles was in his quarters and saw this post on the forum. He got so angry that he slapped the table so hard and furiously that the whole house snapped.

“F**k, what’s this son of a b**** O’Neal doing, getting involved? Have I ever offended him before?”

“You sold him magic materials he needed urgently at two or three times the market price a few times.” A man next to him recalled the matter for Charles.

“Holy sh**!” Charles couldn’t help but curse. “That’s a legitimate business practice, a free-market choice.”

A strange smile crossed the lips of almost everyone next to him.

Although the people in this room were all in cahoots, all of them understood the nature of things.

They were targeting Roland because they were on the same page, not because they were stupid—who didn’t know what Cornucopia truly looked like?

Looking around at the odd smiles of those around him, Charles knew he had just lost his temper.

He quickly calmed down and said, “O’Neal’s post did create some problems for us, but now I’ve got people spreading rumors about F6, so let’s hope it works.”

“I don’t think it’ll do much.” Someone shook his head and said, “F6 is a super small guild, and such a guild has an advantage that a large guild does not have, and that is they’re super cohesive. It’s hard and difficult to drive a wedge between the members.”

“It’s better than doing nothing, isn’t it?” said Charles, hatefully. “It is a matter of one’s effort, and as long as there’s a glimmer of hope, we should always put up a fight. Or are we just going to watch Roland take all the goodies?”

There was some silence from the crowd.

Wetland City was already a hen that could produce gold eggs. When the game was in open beta, and hundreds of thousands or even millions of players flooded in, everyone could imagine how huge the interest would be.

So, as long as there was a glimmer of hope, they’d want to pry a piece of meat out to eat.

“By the way, didn’t you say that you were going to contact the royal family of Hollevin and ask them to re-confer the ownership of Wetland City?” someone suddenly asked. “According to the close relationship between Cornucopia and the royal family, it should be possible, right?” Charles’s face darkened at once. “It didn’t work out. That Antis of the royal family actually said to have me get a floating city too, otherwise, they wouldn’t dare… Those cowards. No wonder they didn’t even dare to let out a fart when Roland snatched the queen. If I had known they were so wimpy, I would have gone to snatch the queen back then.” There were lamentations in the room.

They knew she was priceless.

Besides, just because Roland could pull it off didn’t mean Charles would be able to.

There was a big difference between people.

No one spoke again, but the group in the room was diverging in their thoughts. In the meanwhile, Roland saw Schuck and sighed in relief. “You’re finally here. Any ideas


Schuck pulled over a player who looked to be in a trance next to him, a newcomer to the game at a glance, and said, “Roland, this is my uncle’s account.”


Schuck came over and explained, “A while ago, I took some time to unbind my cousin’s virtual cabin and to carry out the inheritance of his belongings. Now Betta’s virtual cabin is used by my uncle.”

Roland understood and went over and politely called out, “Uncle Liang.”

Uncle Liang nodded to Roland as he looked slowly from side to side for a moment before asking, “This place, is it what that child Lidong spent a few years building?”

“Not only here,” said Schuck slowly, “the whole city is… Uncle, come with me.”

He led Uncle Liang toward the mayor’s mansion, and Roland followed behind.

The three arrived at the top observation deck of the mayor’s mansion where the entire Wetland City could be seen.

The huge Wetland City, with its staggered streets, thickly packed crowds, and the indistinctly visible city walls in the distance.

The whole city was full of energy.


“This city was built slowly by Betta, who spent almost five years, little by little, starting from nothing, toiling and begging for help everywhere.” Schuck had some tears in his eyes. “He put almost all his heart into this city. To Betta, this city is his child.” Uncle Liang looked at the huge city, its style so different from the real world that it was full of absurdity and unreality.

But the thought that the city was the brainchild that his only son had spent several years building, vaguely, a feeling of familiarity and closeness was born in his heart.

It was as if by looking at the city, he could reconnect in blood with his deceased son.

Uncle Liang looked dazedly at the city for a while, then asked, “Where does Lidong usually rest? Can you show me?”

Schuck nodded.

Then Uncle Liang wandered around the backyard of this mayor’s residence, and he spent the longest time in Betta’s bedroom.

There were a lot of notes and warnings written down by Betta there, as well as some command letters.

They were all written in Chinese characters, and looking at the familiar handwriting, Uncle Liang burst into tears.

Reading through the notebooks one by one, it was as if he could see every trace of his son’s life here.

Finally, he wandered into the back garden and saw a new grave.

The headstone above read Lisa’s Tomb.

It was written in Hollevin’s language, and Uncle Liang couldn’t read it.

He couldn’t help but ask with curiosity, “Whose grave is this and why is it buried in the backyard of Betta’s house? And it’s a new grave at that.”

“She was a young girl who Betta saved not long after he first entered the game, and she has been following him and serving him since then, for seven or eight years,” Schuck said despondently. He also found out what happened in the city hall a few days ago through the livestream. “After learned that Betta passed away in reality, she was so sad that she killed herself.”

Uncle Liang froze for a while, then he walked over, gently stroked the tombstone, and sobbed, “Good child, you’ve worked hard. I’m sorry it’s my son who is not blessed and worthy of you.”

He was really relieved and sad that there was so much he didn’t know about his son in this game world.

There were people he loved, and people who loved him.

“Thank you, Little Peng.” Uncle Liang turned back around and looked at Schuck gratefully. “I’d like to come to this place more often in the future, is that okay?”.

“Theoretically yes, but now there’s a problem; someone wants to take the city,” Schuck said, scratching his head. “They know Betta is gone and they have thoughts of taking over.”

“How can this be! What kind of person does such a terrible thing.” Uncle Liang clenched his hands into fists. “This is my son’s heart and soul, can we not give it to them?”

“Yes. As long as you, Uncle, can take over Betta’s city and become the new mayor,” Schuck said slowly. “I believe that Betta’s spirit in heaven would approve of this.”

Uncle Liang froze. “But I’m just an ordinary person who doesn’t know how to run a city.”

“You can learn, Uncle. You’ve been to college anyhow, you can learn anything. Besides, college students of your time are the true geniuses.” Schuck persuaded him patiently. “What Betta can do, I think you can do too. Besides, can you bear to watch Betta’s heart and soul fall into someone else’s hands and then be ruined?”

Uncle Liang was silent for a while, and his face, which was originally filled with sorrow, gradually became resolute. “But, will the administrators of this city and my son’s former men acknowledge me?”

“Who dares to not acknowledge you?” Schuck put his arm around Roland’s shoulder and together they laughed at Uncle Liang. “We’ll get him killed.

“Wenwei is the strongest Mage in the whole server. That floating city above is his external equipment, able to throw nuclear bombs. Whoever dares to disagree, we’ll nuke their whole family.” With that said, Schuck pointed to himself. “One of the Saint Samurai of the Church of Light, and also the Holy Son, who can launch a holy war expedition at any timea hundred thousand cloaked holy knights sweeping ten small countries isn’t a problem. With the two of us together, who dares to not give you respect.”

Uncle Liang sighed in relief. “Thank you.”

An hour or so later, Roland started a new forum thread with a video.

The new Wetland City mayor has taken office.

The video introduced Uncle Liang’s identity while promising that there would be no change in the business taxes, household registration moving in and out, security measures, city construction, and other formulated guidelines of Wetland City.

In the post, the vast majority of people were sending their blessings or giving their condolences to the old man.

Almost everyone acknowledged Uncle Liang as the new mayor.

After all, it was perfectly normal for the father to take what belonged to the son. Charles and others, however, were reluctant, even bursting into a rage. This incident completely disrupted his plan.

He then made a post questioning whether Roland had found a random person who claimed to be Betta’s father, trying to get all of Wetland City for free.

At the end of the post, he also strongly requested Roland and others to show proof that Uncle Liang was Betta’s father, or they wouldn’t acknowledge his leadership.

Roland noticed Charles’s post and took to the skies to find the Cornucopia base.

A direct shot of a small blue fireball crashed down.

Warned you long ago, shame on you!

Does this matter need Cornucopia’s recognition?

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